Otome Games Intro and HimeHibi Portable – Tenjyouji Masaya Route

For those of you who don’t know, it’s a dating simulation for girls. Otome means girl in japanese so literally it’s basically girl game.

I’ve played quite a couple on the PC but right now i’m more into playing them on my PSP, mainly as i can still play at night and won’t get caught by my parents. =3

As I want to keep my ‘innocent’ mind, i won’t be reviewing 18+ games but I think my friend will. Although, the fact that I actually play dating sims kind of doesn’t make me innocent….


I might as well start blogging one route that I just finished yesterday on the PSP.

English Title: Himehibi -Princess Days-  Portable

Japanese: ひめひび -Princess Days- ぽーたぶる


Release Date: 17/07/08

*Has been released on PS2 as well

Official Site: http://www.takuyo.co.jp/products/himehibi/index.html  (in Jap)

Genre: All Ages – Adventure – School Life Comedy Adventure


One Summers evening, the main character, Aizaki Koi (name can be changed) meets two men dressed in suits who tell her that they were told to come and bring her to her grandfather. She doesn’t trust them until her first-love, Hayami Naohito, who happened to have transferred schools, comes by and asks her to come with them. She willingly does. She gets taken to Tenjyouji Gakuen, an elite school with years from primary to college. It ends up that her grandfather is the principal and that he wants her to come and transfer into this school. However it is an all boys school, and she will be the only girl there and the vice-principal is against breaking traditions. Koi ends up declaring that she will stay and make them see that she will change the school.


Okay, basically Koi has to get more people on her side to make the school a mixed gender one. So with the suggestion of a classmate, she decides to make her own fanclub. I guess thats where the Princess part comes from in the title. She does activities which are two mini games and you choose to do it with whichever guy your aiming for.  The mini games don’t put up much of a challenge but I personally didn’t find them that bad compared to other mini games from Otome Games. One of them is where you have to give people walking by leaflets and you gain or lose points depending on who wants a mixed school or not and the other seems to be a show where you do as the audience/fans tell you to.

The first part has a lot of comedy and i guess the main part I found funny (?)  would be the arguments between Koi and Tenjyouji Masaya (your cousin who stays at the school and also happens to be your fiance). Although the attitude of the main girl is a bit too strong, the ridiculousness kind of makes up for it. You can’t help thinking that you know somebody like them. Although the first part is quite long and is full of comedy, I was suprised that once you get into the routes it’s quite serious and i ended up waiting for some humour.

The story is a little too predictable as how there ends up some people threatening you and telling you to leave the school. Some of the scenes you feel like you’ve seen them before and it’s quite easy for you to want to stop playing it. I managed to continue as i had no other game to play, but thats only my opinion.

So the first route i took was Masaya’s. I think that he’s supposed to be the main guy. He’s smart and is very good at sports that he has his own club in which he helps other clubs with their events. His personality is not exactly a tsundere but more like someone who’s not honest. He is your fiancé and that is one of the reasons that the two of you argue about. He becomes your bodyguard as you are the only girl in the school and as your grandfather makes him.

Your grandfather also tells you that Hayami Naohito is actually Masaya’s brother and that makes him your cousin! It feels like a stupid question but is marriage between cousins allowed? I guess it must be or this situation wouldn’t have happened but its still quite confusing. Well, Masaya seems to hate his brother while his brother wants to be on good terms with them. Their parents divorced and Masaya is kind of becoming emotional and saying that Naohito left him. I hate these kind of guys or girls in otome games and for some reason I wanted to slap Masaya as to me it looks like hes whining like a little girl. You can find these kinds of plots in a lot of games so that must be why I didn’t especially like it.

Just after you two stopped arguing every time you met and there were obvious signs that Masaya liked you (although as its so typical, you don’t get it), Naohito and Masaya decide to take you out to town after you are having a trauma with the threatening. Naohito invites your best friend as well so she can cheer you up. The best friend is a typical girl who is addicted to  hot guys, and she is a little annoying. Most Otome Game friends are but im still keeping my hopes high for a good friend route! :3

You guys go to the amusement park, and as the last ride your friend chooses the ferris wheel. Typical. She knows that you used to like Naohito and makes you two go together while she takes care of Masaya. You have a nice mood but as expected nothing much happens. Once you get off you see Masaya is in a bad mood and although both you and Naohito apologise, he won’t talk to any of you guys. He also starts avoiding you at school.

As expected, your best friend told him how you like Naohito and was stupid enough to ask for Masaya’s help in bringing you two together. You start to get really upset and when Naohito is comforting you in his arms (awww?), Masaya walks in… (This part got me shouting how easy it is to read whats going to happen.) Anyway, as expected Masaya gets the wrong impression but instead of running off he actually confronts Naohito who then replies something like ‘do you only think about yourself? Have you ever thought about how Aisaki-san (you) might feel with what you’re doing? If you don’t do anything i’ll take her myself!’. or something like that.

You then realise that Naohito actually likes you and he confesses to you. Meanwhile, Masaya continues to avoid you like a whining girl. You faint from having too much stress with the threatening and miss a day of school where everybody comes to pay you a visit except Masaya.  However he does turn up at night and tells you of how for some reason he always thinks of you and that he was extremely pissed when you relied on other guys other than him or even talked to them. I kinda wanted to point out that this is a boys school so who the hell is she meant to talk to then? but what was more ridiculous was HE DOESNT KNOW WHY HE THINKS ABOUT YOU ALL THE TIME!!! WOW! IS HE RETARDED!  is what I thought but never mind!

After this talk you realise that you actually like Masaya and in the morning you get a message from him calling you out to a place. You go but ITS A TRAP!!! The villain (exagerated but i won’t say as he doesn’t have much of a role anyway) talks about how everything would have been fine if you weren’t there and just as he tells his underlings to attack you, you shout ‘MASAYA!’ and wow he appears and beats everybody up!! YAY!! (scarcasm). You also faint once everything is fine.

You wake up in your bedroom and also tell him your feelings and you kiss and its finished.

Epilogue: You’re on a date with Masaya and end up taking pictures with him. (not only that but i wasn’t that interested in the epilogue so kinda shortened)


The only reason I ended up playing this game would be because i cannot find any PSP Otome games to play and I just happened to see it. TAKUYO makes a lot of cliche otome games and i have played a couple already. I think this is more for younger audiences as it didnt get me fan-girling as much as i have for other games. The story is a bit too predictable but if you don’t those kind of games then i guess it’s fine. The soundtrack isn’t bad and the opening movie was a normal TAKUYO one.

The CG wasn’t bad but in some scenes where i thought they should have one they missed out. Only suprise is that Masaya has a nice six pack! ヽ( ´ー)ノ The kiss was boring and plain but i’ll keep that short. (to the right, you and Masaya and a fight)

NEGATIVE: I ABSOLUTELY HATE THE HEROINE!!!! She even beats Kasuga Tamaki from Hiiro no Kakera. She’s too strong willed and a bitch and the only good part of her personality would be when she’s arguing with Masaya. I don’t understand why any guys like her but thats the magic of otome games. I would beat her up if she happened to exist in the 3D world.

But leaving that behind, i’m not sure if i would do any other routes. My most suprising moment would be when one of the two suited men suddenly had an apron on and talked like a woman… The smile in the CG was cute though.

Play if you’re actually intrested and you think you can stand strong willed b*tches girls as main characters.

(reminder to self, do not listen to music while writing post or i will end up writing too much \(゜ロ゜)

Sorry…  ●~~~* (・0・;))

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