Himehibi Portable – Hayami Naohito

The main reason why I didnt do it like domshiki was that it was the first post and I hadn’t done any other route at that time.

Hayami Naohito

Okay, he is basically a tennen and I guess thats what TAKUYO wanted to base it around for girls to pick his route. He’s nice and the kindest as he actually knew you before and the only bad part would be that he can’t cook (although I don’t care about that as much domshiki who likes guys who can cook).

He helps you around with your fanclub activities and helps you study in the evenings.  In his story the main point would be his relationship with Masaya. It takes on a much more serious view than Masaya’s so i was kind of put off, since TAKUYO likes to have tragedies and I don’t feel that they succeed in making anything emotional.

He goes with you to help with your fanclub and is extremely kind to you. You go with him to cheer for Masaya at his event but one of team mates asks Naohito to go away as otherwise Masaya can’t concentrate. And the heroine doesn’t realise that Masaya doesn’t like his own brother. Wow. She is retarded. Anyway, once you do realise, you go to Naohito to ask why and then… TAKUYO WASTED A WHOLE CG ON SOMETHING USELESS!! Its Naohito sitting on the edge of the school roof looking emotional. Well, sorry TAKUYO, you kinda failed. You only made him seem like he was about to suicide. And the sound effects of him leaving the roof didn’t help. It sound like something fell off the roof. I had to re-read to make sure that Naohito was alive. (sigh*)

I thought I went into the wrong route as it follows the same path as Masaya’s route with the only difference being the last choice. You get bullied once again and Masaya catches Naohito consoling you and they get into a argument which follows with Naohito confessing to you. The only difference is that Masaya doesn’t confess and as you make up your mind to tell Naohito your feelings, he says that he cant take them and that he is going oversees to study piano. So both you and Masaya chase him and then the person threatening you comes along and Naohito says something like ‘I don’t care about myself but don’t hurt her’. Wow. It’s really ironic that the one that saved her wasn’t Naohito or even Masaya. Poor them..

The epilogue was a proposal and im quite disappointed. It wasn’t actually worth playing. Though I did rush it.


I do not think that I would post any other routes as I’m not that interested in this game. I might as well have introduce the other characters if anybody reading this wants to have a route reviewed. Sorry guys.

Natsuragi Hikaru:

The shota in this game, also your body guard and classmate. Although he’s younger than you he’s also smarter than you. Man, I pity Hikaru as he has to protect the heroine.

Takashiro Yamato:

The megane in this game, the school council president and classmate. Doesn’t want to change traditions and wants to keep it a guys school. No comment. I don’t like megane.

Tsukimoto Shinobu:

The mukuchi (silent) in the game, the main security guard, the principal’s secretary + butler and also the cook for the dormitory. Doesn’t talk when he has sunglasses on (security guard mode), speaks like a woman when he has a apron on (dorm cook mode) and normal mode. He doesn’t look bad, but his existence is a bit too small in both Masaya and Naohito’s routes. Mainly as I didn’t go for him.

Kashiwagi Rinto:

The pervert in the game, your teacher. Uhh, also a megane. Doesn’t act like a teacher. Makes light jokes. Was going to do his route but ya, the proposal from Naohito put me away from the game. Blame Naohito…


uhhh… Sorry? Its too predictable and I think TAKUYO rushed it. The characters are based on moe so not unique. Might go back to it. MIGHT… if they remove the heroine and add somebody like Chizuru (from Hakuouki <—- the only Heroine I absolutely love)

Oh ya, voice actors. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE RINTO’s VOICE ACTOR!! He’s Katsura from Gintama (anime), and even Persona 3’s main character (though not sure the main character actually talks…) Well, i love Ishida Akira anyway!

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