Otome Game Review – Garnet Cradle

Alternative Titles: ガーネット・クレイドル

Company: SPICA

Release Date: 01.05.09

Platform: PC, PSP

Artist(s): 雲屋ゆきお – Kumoya Yukio

Genre: AVG, Dream World, Multiple Worlds, Princess-heroine

Official Site: http://www.spica-space.com/products/GarnetCradle/

Plot Summary: Amahashi Miku (name change possible) has been chosen as the Amira Miftarf  (like Miss Contest of her school) of the school and is going to participate in a annual drama which both the Amira and Amiru are going to be the main lovers. While she has other things to worry about, she wakes up in this magical world where she is taken as the Azura Sayaraan, the princess priestess (wow long name), who is said to choose the next king. She meets the 5 princes but for some reason they are extremely similar as to 5 guys in her own school. “The beautiful story of how a girl who didn’t know love awoke into a much more deeper love than anybody” <– says on official site, but my translation kinda sucks and I’d rather not use google translate.


Teshigawara Touya

(CV: Kondou Riku)

He is the one chosen as the Amiru Miftarf of your school along side you, and is a tsundere who should try to keep his voice down. I played the game with headphones as I didn’t want my brothers to hear what I play and kinda put the volume up and I actually thought I might go deaf. Well, as long as having to play the role of the lover in the play, your mother reveals that he’s your fiance. In the dream world, he is the only prince who says that he doesn’t want to be king and acts coldly towards you at the beginning. You try to get on better terms with him as your acting is pitiful and the scene where it gets more obvious that he has feelings for you is where Touya overhears some random guy confessing to you and you reply that you already have someone you like. Tsundere mode on. Poor Miku. More like poor me for having to listen to it. In the meantime, Miku feels that she might be in love with the Touya in the dream world and there’s this cute scene where you guys are looking at stars and he holds your hand to keep it warm. Then Miku has to go and take it away and Touya’s like ‘(´Д`)’. As shes about to stand up she falls and lands on Touya. He kisses her and her response to that is, ‘I think I like you..?’. Uhh why ask the person in question?

The two end up fighting as Touya was being an asshole towards Miku’s friend and Miku ends up saying ‘I hate you!’ to Touya, so I hope Touya learnt his lesson about being a tsundere. Well, Rihito does some crap as he knows that there is no chance of  him becoming King. Touya gets captured and once he returns he becomes a yandere and kinda assaults Miku. Once hes back to his senses, he believes all that Rihito said that Miku is forcing Touya to become something he isn’t.  So he disappears… And the dream world goes crazy with the black priestess or something trying to kill you. So you have to go and find your prince and stop the God of the dream world. So you go into this forest and meet this magician who ends up being your dad. He treats your wounds and tells you to go after Touya (what a great dad, better looking than Kiichi at least). However the Touya you find is Yandere Touya. The reason why Touya became a Yandere is because you said ‘I hate you!’ to him. Wow, what a pussy. Well, Miku doesn’t do much better ’cause shes like ‘Please say that you didn’t mean it when you said the mean things to my friend’. And Touya shouts at her saying ‘who you think is the real Touya then, the pathetic one who likes stars or the yandere one’. Wow, identity crisis. As Miku uses the final weapon a woman has (tears), Touya starts getting a panic and runs away. Talk about being scared of tears.

Then theres this past scene where Miku + Touya are both tiny and its revealed that the reason why Touya likes stars is because he met Miku and she asked him to tell her which stars are which and he doesn’t know. So Miku and Touya both realise their feelings and off they go to the mentally disturbed god of the dream world. Yay. You win (with the help of Saarya). Another past scene, but this time 1 year ago from now. Miku is wearing a kimono and meet Touya for the first time and you get on well until its revealed that he’s her fiance. Sigh. Ear plugs. Epilogue is the most dissapointing of all routes, not special.


Shirato Sou

(CV: Terajima Takuma)

I found Sou’s route quite confusing though that doesn’t mean its crap. He has a different name in the dream land and he’s called Nasuru (great naming sense). He’s your childhood friend and with his twin sister, he’s kinda like Miku’s bodyguard. Well, his first appearance was him protecting her from the media (that is, the schools newspaper club, nothing big). I don’t remember much of his route except the ending with him going yandere (I write -dere mainly as I’m trying to look at the bright side of life, Sou didn’t have much dere moments) and growing wings. I guess it wasn’t that important if I didn’t remember it so will jog onto the second part of his route. Miku goes once more into the forest and meet her dad who tells her once again to go after her prince. But this Sou is extremely crazy and pushes Miku down and the CG didn’t help with anything. As you start thinking that its about to get interesting, Sou comes back to his senses and is like “OMG! What am I doing?’ (・ロ・)”

And once again you fight with the God of the dream world and its revealed that Sou is actually the inhabitant of the dream world and the real childhood friend Sou had died as a kid, and Miku was so upset saying ‘When’s Sou-chan coming back’ that Nasuru and his sister came and took the real Sou’s place to keep Miku happy. The epilogue’s cute but it might be a 3P onewith the twin sister.


Sakurazawa Kiichirou (called Kiichi)

(CV: Hirakawa Daisuke)

Okay, Sawayaka football player. Extremely like Kazehaya + the crap laugh. But Kazehaya’s hair style is better. He is a normal senpai and I’m not actually sure why he’s even there as he doesn’t actually have much connection with Miku. He calls Miku ‘hime-san’ (princess), and I actually enjoyed his route at least more than Sou’s. It has typical plot where at first he says that if he wins a football match, he has something to tell to Miku and he loses pitifully so he also goes emo. Well, in this route Rihito acts like an asshole and asks for a sword fight in the real world. While Miku is watching, his eye gets injured and he now has an eye patch. I wonder if there actually is such thing as a eye patch fetish but I’ll simply ignore that (in the Garnet Cradle fandisk thats coming out, Kiichi is wearing a pirate costume, with eye patch and all). The Kiichi in dream world also has a eye patch too. Wow.

Well, once again Miku goes into the forest to find him and this time you see his past about where he got abanandoned by his mother. Coincidently, the mother is a teacher from Miku’s school and its revealed that she came from the dream world. Now that Miku tells Kiichi that his mum still loves him, you go to the God and beat him up again. The epilogue is cute. No other way to describe it.


Sairenji Rihito (<– I think I’ve seen ‘Sairenji’ in a manga but can’t remember)

(CV: Kakihara Tetsuya)

Blond student Council president. Scary. I don’t like him. SPICA made it so that you have to play all other routes to get the Saarya happy ending. AHHH!! Well, I did play it and he still scared me. He is the only one that actually remembers what goes on in the dream world as well as Miku. Well, he is the one who’s the most desperate (?) to get Miku to like him and I guess that’s why I don’t like him. More like I don’t like how he looks, typical prince image. Except he pushes Miku to the wall and doesn’t act prince like at times. Uhh, scenes that Iremember would be where they were having a pic-nic, and for some reason Miku falls asleep (the text hints that he used a drug), and Rihito is like ‘my own princess…’. \( ̄ –  ̄ ). In his route it seems like he met Miku when they where still small and he was like ‘Let me be your only prince’ and soon she left and he got ditched. So the chase in the forest is more like, ‘I want to be your only prince, but you have other guys..’ kinda thing. So Miku tells him her feelings, Rihito gets happy, they beat up the god, and the in the epilogue, all they do is hug. Problem is, the hug looks retarded but that’s only because I absolutely hate how he looks and he pisses me off.



(CV: Tachibana Shinnichirou)

Man, I even played Rihito just to get his route. I guess it was worth it. I’ve forgotten to mention but all four other princes are students in the real world but Saarya is the only one who doesn’t come into the real world. Instead, he’s a cat with different eye colours. Oh Shit, I also forgot to say that Saarya has two different coloured eyes!! He is said to be the son of the Goddess, and so Rihito hates him and Rihito is much more annoying in this route than in others. In dream world, Miku can’t get back to reality so she tries to swim into the fountain that she first came with but Saarya ends up coming too. When Saarya comes to Miku’s world as a human (wearing Butlers clothes, once Miku says that his clothes are servants clothes, hestarts stripping inside school), he meets Rihito who then makes Saarya have a match of fencing with him. Rihito wins. Shame. Playing his route and knowing his ‘be my princess’ didn’t change my opinion of him. Saarya makes Miku leave the dream world even when she doesn’t want to and Miku is heartbroken (well, bad end, the end you get if you don’t finish all routes).

Instead of having the past thing with Miku its more like how Saarya has a sin for being the son of the god and goddess (the god is the one you have to defeat in the end of all routes). Depressing and still it was quite good considering how boring some parts of the other routes were (Kiichi and his mum etc).  Instead of the guy going crazy it’s more like Saarya himself decides to defeat his dad as the dream world is going to be destroyed. Miku and Saarya meet one of Miku’s teachers of the real world and he asks why Saarya would even kill his parents. To this, Saarya is like ‘I won’t let anyone else have my princess’. This game focuses too much on Miku being a princess. Well, you reach the god, and then Saarya goes crazy and sprouts wings. You think he’s gone crazy as he starts fighting himself, but it seems like something is trying to take over Saarya. You think you’ve destroyed the diamond, but instead another Saarya (a.k.a. Black Saarya) pops out. And real Saarya has white wings. Well, Black Saarya is his dad (the God) and he pwns real Saarya. When all hope is lost, Saarya’s mum helps Miku in defeating the black Saarya.. Uhhh. This is confusing. Just call it a happy ending will ya? In the epilogue, Miku is sadly single and all lonely but Saarya appears in the real world in a suit and yay. Happy ending. Although the suit didn’t fit him.


Okay, my least favourite characters would be Rihito and maybe Miku. I think she is meant to be this rich polite girl but she’s still annoying. When will the makers create a heroine that I actually and is like Chizuru from Hakuouki. I hope the heroine of Storm Lovers (PSP game coming in the Summer) is going to be good. At least there wasn’t a megane except for some scenes of Touya.  I didn’t like the fact that most characters went either emo or yan but Touya’s yandere was a suprise compared to his tsundere side. I liked the game but suprisingly the route that I remember and liked the most would be Kiichi’s one. Wow, maybe I simply don’t remember but I do like it a little more than Touya and Saarya’s. Rihito. I’m sorry.

Well, Loli Miku is too cute so I will add image. Her dad’s simply a guy version of her but still hot.


uhhh… Just realised that I don’t have a single ‘cool’ Rihito pic. Most of them are where he’s either killing off the other guys or where he’s assualting Miku. Sorry. So put this in below.

7 Responses to “Otome Game Review – Garnet Cradle”

  1. 口水湯 Says:

    not much of a gamer, but i can see y this is interesting…
    just cant spend the hrs of my spare time on this when i have a ginormus pile of hmk waiting lol

    ah well

    i may even buy a PSP or some better gaming device than the current color losing NDS i have by the way..my DS is white XD.

    i’ll just keep reading i suppose~~


  2. Nalmanac Says:

    Hm, interesting feedback! A HUGE thanks for putting up all the endings. This was probably the most helpful review I’ve ever read for “Garnet Cradle” ^_^.

    I was already conflicted whether to get it since..I guess you can’t play if you don’t read Japanese (guilty as charged…*sigh*). Once you said that you can’t get Saariya’s good ending w/o pursuing all other routes I was like, *toilet flush* “There goes that.”
    If I’m gonna have Saariya, I’m gonna have SAARIYA, not every single other guy. Including Rihito (I hated Tamaki already, he just ruins my entire view of princely characters now).

    Still, it makes for great eye-candy.

    • your only going to play this game for saariya? same thought as me when i started this game. …. … and then i had to face reality of going through all the routes. It sucks when the company saves the best for last.
      yea, the art is pretty good for this. not surprising. … hope they do another game :)

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  4. I think that everything wrote made a bunch of sense. However, what about this?
    what if you added a little content? I mean, I
    don’t wish to tell you how to run your blog, but suppose you added a title that grabbed a person’s attention?
    I mean Otome Game Review – Garnet Cradle | 4 Shiki is
    kinda plain. You ought to peek at Yahoo’s home page and see how they create post titles to grab people interested. You might add a related video or a pic or two to get readers excited about everything’ve
    written. Just my opinion, it would make your posts a little livelier.

    • domshiki Says:

      I get what you’re saying and I totally agree that a lively title would capture more attention definitely. However, otome gaming is a pretty niche market and readers come here exactly for that – I don’t really think I need any lively titles to get them to read because everything here falls under the same category and they probably know what they’re looking for. I want the readers to be able to find what they want quickly in a no bs, concise title. Judging from the comments anyway, the content of the posts is more than “lively” enough and there’s also always a picture of the titular game right underneath the title. Thanks though, I agree for sure but I just don’t think it’s needed for this blog

  5. Mariah Says:

    Would it be possible if you made this available on app store and play store for devices like I phones, iPods, iPads, kindle, and tablets? Because that would be awesome! Ever since I saw this game I’ve always wanted to play it and it would mean a lot if you could do this:)

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