Anime Movie Review: Suzumiya Haruhi no Shoushitsu

Alternative Names: 涼宮ハルヒの消失, 涼宮春日的消失, The Vanishment of Haruhi Suzumiya, The Disappearance of Suzumiya Haruhi

Studio: Kyoto Animation

Release Date: 06.02.10

Running Length: 162 mins according to eng wiki, 2 hours, 42 minutes and 53 seconds according to jap wiki and 2 hours 50 minutes according to my ticket.

Plot Summary: Haruhi disappears.  Shit happens.

Put simply, as above, that’s the basic premise of this movie: 17th of December, Haruhi is still here.  18th of December, she disappears.  At a whopping 2 hours and up, this was a hella long movie but one that doesn’t disappoint.  No screenshots either sadly.  Spoilers below.

All begins on the 17th of December.  Everything is relatively normal (point: it’s Haruhi.  Nothing can be ‘normal normal’) and Haruhi plans a Christmas party with the SOSDan, with nabe and said party being held in the club room.  Kyon goes along with it grudgingly and invites Taniguchi along, only to have him snidely say that he has a date and can’t go.  Kyon goes home and sleeps.  Everything is still normal.

Shit starts to happen the next day.  First sign of anything wrong begins with Taniguchi.  Unlike the day before, he’s got the flu, and it turns out he hasn’t been at school for the past week or so.  Then Haruhi is absent.  Still, this isn’t enough to arouse Kyon’s suspicions entirely, but  that all changes when Asakura Ryoko shows up and Kyon finds out that Haruhi’s seat is now hers.

Immediately he flips out and is extremely hostile to her, causing all to doubt his sanity, and when he screams about Haruhi, Kunikida shows him the class register and it turns out that she isn’t in his class, and nobody knows her.  He charges out of the room, flips out some more when he sees that Itsuki’s 1-9 class is gone, and ends up being punched by Mikuru when he asks her to show him the star shaped mole on her boob to confirm her identity.

Finally, he remembers Yuki and is relieved to see her at the club room.  However, she has glasses, and though she claims to know Kyon, she goes into a state of wtf when Kyon talks about her being an alien and shit.  Cue in the ‘Kyon rapes Nagato’ scene which sold for god knows how much (and I understand completely why), and when Yuki tearfully goes “やめて”, Kyon backs off and realizes that she really isn’t the Yuki he knows, and leaves after Yuki hands him an application form for the Literature Club.

He finds a lead the next day in the book Yuki lent him, and the message on the bookmark has changed to something about gathering keys to activate a program.  Though it is indeed Yuki’s writing, she has no recollection of ever writing it.  Pretty obvious that disappearance Yuki fancies Kyon, and she invites him over to her house at night (lol some things just don’t change, Kyon, regardless of the world you’re in ;)).  While walking home, she tells him they met at the library one day which turns out to be the day Haruhi told him to get a book or summin.

She allows him to check out the room he and Mikuru slept in, in the other ep (which I can’t remember) and Asakura shows up with a pot of food for Yuki.  Turns out Yuki and her are bff in this world much to Kyon’s dismay, and unwilling to be anywhere mere inches within her reach, he attempts to leave but Yuki catches his sleeve, and finding himself unable to resist the moe overload of her, he stays and eats >w<

While on the lift, Asakura asks whether he likes Yuki or not.  Kyon ponders this, mentally admitting that there’s no way he hates her because she’s his saviour, but trailing off after that.  Unfazed by his lack of a proper answer, Asakura tells him it’s alright to go for Yuki, but if he ever hurts her, she won’t forgive him.  Going home, Kyon realizes along the way that he doesn’t want a world without Haruhi and wants to see her.

Next day, Kyon finally gets another lead when Taniguchi shows up and says that he knows a Suzumiya Haruhi.  After forcing her whereabouts out of him, Kyon skives and runs to Haruhi’s school, waiting for her.  Haruhi shows up with long hair and Itsuki but kicks Kyon when he starts acting too ‘friendly’.  The guard restrains him and Haruhi walks off, but stops when Kyon mentions the tanabata night.  Still, Haruhi snaps that everyone knows about that, but Kyon goes on to say that she met a guy there who helped her out.  This gets a reaction out of her and she goes “howthefutyoulodatinvrtoldanyoneomfgyoumustbe”, demands to know his name is, and Kyon answers “John Smith”.  Haruhi feels faint and says that she’s always wanted to meet John Smith again (I think – no subs in movie).  Though the John Smith she met went summin like “I’M THE  POWER RANGER OF JUSTICE JOHN SMITH!!!” lol.

They pop into a cafe where Kyon explains it all to Haruhi who, much to Kyon’s disbelief and to Itsuki’s chagrin, belives it all, stating that things would simply be more interesting that way.  Kyon tells her that her original self never believed him, to which Haruhi responds with “then she’s an idiot”.  Itsuki brushes off his distaste for Kyon’s theory (before, he went summin like “So…you want us to believe all this esper, time traveller, alien, and god shit?”) before presenting two problems: 1. Why is Kyon in ‘our world’, and 2. Where is the Kyon from ‘our world’?  Coming up with zilch, Haruhi suggests that they go over to Kyon’s school to find clues and dashes off before the other two can protest.  While waiting for the taxi, Itsuki says some stuff about how he likes Haruhi, finds that she’s extremely charismatic, but knows that she only hangs out with him because he’s a transfer student and nothing more.  He goes on to say something more about the SOSdan seeming fun and that it if were him that Haruhi chose, he’d be honoured, but the train comes by and drowns out his finishing words (not for Kyon though).

At Kyon’s school, Haruhi and Itsuki change into gym uniforms to blend in.  Too bad for Kyon, Haruhi wears a shirt underneath in this world, but he manages to get her to tie up a ponytail for him :P  While Haruhi feels fine in short sleeves and all, Itsuki freezes but no one cares so they go get Mikuru.  Unlike the original Haruhi, disappearance Haruhi isn’t as selfish and doesn’t do everything her way, so prior to nabbing Mikuru, she has  to recall how original Haruhi did it to ‘stay in character’ and then barges in and kidnaps Mikuru.

They go to the clubroom but still, Kyon doesn’t know what to do, until the computer flashes.  Dashing to the computer, he finds a message from original Yuki, starting off with “If this message appears, then you, me, Suzumiya Haruhi, Asahina Mikuru and Itsuki Koizumi are here.”  Kyon is relieved, and the next lines go summin like “You have found the key.  Press enter to activate the emergency program or any other key to exit.  The emergency program will repair space, but this is not guaranteed, and neither is your returning.  You can only activate this program once.  After you activate the program, it will delete itself.  Not activating the program will also delete it.  Ready?”

Haruhi bombards Kyon with questions, demanding to know what’s going on (in a relatively non-annoying, non -bitchy haruhi way) but falls silent after Kyon tells her to STFU.  He then hands the application form for the literature club back to Yuki who, hurt, shakily accepts it (DAMN YOU KYON DON’T YOU DARE MAKE HER CRY).  He explains that it’s because he’s part of the SOSDan already, therefore he can’t join her club, and this time, with no trace of his previous reluctance, he hits the enter button.

All goes black and when he opens his eyes, he’s still in the clubroom but he’s alone and it’s dark out.  He then realizes that it’s frikin’ hot where he is and that’s when he goes “oh shit not winter no more!”.  Running to the nearest 7 Eleven or wt, he grabs a newspaper, and finds out that it’s the Tanabata night 3 years ago where he met loli Haruhi.

He goes to the park, sees his past self sleeping on Mikuru’s lap, sees large version Mikuru talking to past self, then decides to stalk LV Mikuru to talk to her.  However, Kyon’s stealth mode is fail and LV Mikuru already knows he’s there (well she does have the advantage of time travelling), and says that it’s been long time no see.

Taking a stroll, she spews some Time Plane crap that I couldn’t really get, but it was summin like the Time Plane suddenly effing up 2 days ago on the 18th and everything changed apart from Kyon’s memories.  Bottom line: Haruhi is not the culprit.  Refusing to tell a shocked Kyon who the true culprit is, she says that it’s not because it’s confidential, but rather, she’d like him to figure it out himself.  However she does tell him that it is someone extremely close to him.

Before heading to Yuki’s place, the two hide in the bushes and wait for loli Haruhi to run up to the school to do the vandalizing school crap.  When she shows up, Kyon yells “I’M THE POWER RANGER JOHN SMITH!!” (not literally XD summin about peace and the universe though power ranger sums it up quite well) then thinks to himself “please remember the name John Smith, Haruhi” before leaving.

Yuki lets them up and she still wears glasses.  This time, she doesn’t let Kyon open the room past Kyon and Mikuru are sleeping in and accesses data to gain knowledge of what’s going on.  She says she knows who did it and manifests an injection needle in her hand, saying that it is the uninstall program and that he needs to jab it into the person who caused all this.  Kyon obviously isn’t very pleased with the form the program has taken on, and requests a less painful way of administering it, so Yuki changes it into a gun lol.  Genius.  Before he goes, he asks her who did it, but just like with Itsuki, her words are muted, but it doesn’t really matter anymore seeing as LV Mikuru voiced her suspicions earlier on, and there is pretty much only one person apart from Haruhi who could have done it.

Before they set off, Yuki tells them that there’s a good chance that they’ll be swept away while Time Plane is repairing itself.  To stop that from happening, she asks for Kyon’s hand.  Confused, he gives it to her, and whoop dee doo, she bites down on the inside ;))  Kyon yelps in surprise but Yuki is unaffected as usual and does it to LV Mikuru as well, saying that it’ll stop them from getting affected by the repairs.

3b50a8c20f6163160fc374791f18672f.jpgMikuru and Kyon time travel back to the 18th of December, minutes before the world changes, and hide in the bushes again along a road and wait.  Despite knowing who did it, Kyon is still shocked when he sees none other than his own Yuki walking down the road.  She stops and then points a finger up to the sky. The skies turn stormy and into a swirl of grey clouds for a mo, with LV Mikuru commenting on the tremendous amount of power she has but then said skies stop and still.   LV Mikuru then tells Kyon the change is over, and that it is his turn to do summin.  So he does.

He steps out of the bushes and in front of the now ‘disappearanced’ Yuki.  Stuttering, she asks why he’s here but he turns this question back onto her, and with the air of someone who’s just awoken from a long dream, she quietly says that she’s taking a walk.

No, that isn’t right Nagoto.

Starting off with that thought, Kyon launches into a mental explanation of what’s going on.  Prior to leaving Yuki’s place, it turns out that she told him something was wrong with her.  Apparently, an unknown bug was affecting her actions and thoughts and she had no idea what it was.

But I understand.

Kyon explains.

The chances were, Yuki simply wanted.  She couldn’t understand and wanted to understand.  Something like that most would, but she wasn’t human and therefore couldn’t.

I wanted to shout at her, “This is emotion!”

A flashback of the clubroom on the 17th with everyone in the SOSDan doing party preparations shows.  Only Yuki is sitting at the back of the room not decorating.  For once, she isn’t reading and is observing her club members.  Everyone appears to be having fun working yet she isn’t and can’t.  When they leave, she sees the party hat left on the table.  Wordlessly approaching it, she picks it up and puts it on her head.  But still, she cannot understand.

This is what she wanted.

What Yuki wanted was a normal world. One like this.  Only leaving Kyon untouched, everyone else, including herself, is changed.

But why leave only me?

Because Yuki wanted to leave the choice to Kyon: This world, or the one before?

Kyon now stands in some pretty looking pastelly blue space with two of those thingies that you put tickets in at the station and push the bars to get in or out.  There is the bookmark Yuki gave him, and the application form disappearance Yuki gave him.

He contemplates his next move. True, there is no SOSDan in this world.  All is normal, a life that he has always wanted.  Haruhi isn’t some berserk, unhinged God, Mikuru’s just a cute sempai, Itsuki’s not a gay esper anymore, and Yuki is a normal, albeit shy and completely adorable girl. Would this be better?  Is this better?

Before he can do anything, another Kyon appears. He shouts at Kyon and tells him to man up.  Give him an answer, yes or no.  Pick now.  His indecisiveness and refusal to admit the truth is pissing him off.

He goes on to say, that though Kyon is always complaining about Haruhi being fucking annoying and he wants her to STFU and leave him alone and take all her alien shit with her, it isn’t true.  He enjoys being around her and the club.  Why else would he have pressed enter.  But now that he has, why is he hesitating?  Didn’t he say he was ready?

Still Kyon doesn’t answer.  He is now sitting at his desk, staring blankly.  Other Kyon suddenly puts a foot on his head, standing on the table behind, and pushes his face lower and lower until it slams onto the desk, all the while shouting at him to bloody make up his mind and answer him.  Slowly, Kyon gets up.  “Of course I’m having fun!” he says.  He likes being with Haruhi and all, and he flings other Kyon off him, takes the bookmark and puts it through the thing.

He pushes the bars and walks through but just like at disappearance Yuki’s place, disappearance Yuki grabs onto his sleeve and stops him.  However, this time, he doesn’t look back, and only stops for a brief moment, before walking on and disappearance Yuki lets go.  The sounds of a train are heard, and a single word is uttered from Itsuki, from back when they were waiting for a taxi: “羨ましい”.

FINALLY, we get out of Kyon’s head and back to disappearance world.  Kyon tells disappearance Yuki that this isn’t the world for him, and that she isn’t the Yuki he likes and he likes the other one.  More confused than ever, disappearance Yuki asks what he’s going on about but before she can go any further, he pulls out the gun and aims it at her.  Then he apologizes and shoots.  Well, he would have if not for the most wtf moment in the movie.

Higurashi all over again =D

ASAKURA RYOUKO pops out and stabs Kyon from the back.  Kyon collapses to the ground and starts going “shit man that hurt” and is terrified to see Asakura looming over him, with that creepy serene smile on her face and a bloody knife in hand.  Both disappearance Yuki and LV Mikuru fall to their knees in shock and can only stare at the blood and Asakura.  Smile still on her face, she calmly reiterates, that she won’t forgive Kyon if he ever hurt Yuki.  Walking over to Yuki, she flicks her blade, sending drops of Kyon’s blood flying all over her glasses and says something about protecting her and that it’s alright once Kyon is dead.  She goes back to Kyon and hits his wound with the hilt of the blade, saying “it hurts doesn’t it?  But this is nothing compared to Yuki’s pain” or summin of the like, and raises her blade to kill him,

Kyon’s head begins to spin with the pain and fear but at the last moment a hand reaches out and catches Asakura’s hand but unable to hold out any longer, Kyon feels ann odd sense of

deja vu, sees LV Mikuru, Mikuru and another of himself who apologizes for being late, before blacking out.

When he wakes up, he finds himself in a hospital with Itsuki sitting next to him, peeling apples for him (totally gay ;)).  He groggily asks how many days it’s been and what’s happened, and Itsuki tells him that he tripped down the stairs, hit his head and it’s been 3 days, now being the 21st.  Kyon asks what the club members were like and Itsuki says, that Mikuru kept crying and going “KYOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON”, Haruhi looked like she wanted to die, and Yuki was the only calm one who immediately called an ambulance.  He comments that he’s never seen Haruhi with an expression like that, and goes “羨ましい” again.  Itsuki goes on to say, that he and Haruhi were extremely worried, along with everyone else, and when Kyon asks where she is, Itsuki points to the other side of the bed, and with Kyon thinking “oh fut no way” he turns and looks next to the bed, and there, Haruhi is sleeping on the floor in a sleeping bag XD

Though somewhat exasperated at Haruhi’s actions, Kyon smiles slightly, then reaches out a hand to brush her hair from her, then lightly touches her lips.  At this, Haruhi stirs, sees Kyon awake and instantly gets up onto her feet, but falling face first onto the bed as she hasn’t unzipped her sleeping bag lol.  she gets up and hops around like an idiot and yells at Kyon to wake her up if he’s okay.  Then going dere, she says that he’d better not have played around with her face while she was sleeping, and Kyon reassures her that he didn’t (liar x).  Their moment is then RUINED however, when Mikuru comes and starts crying the minute she sees Kyon (wow he’s that ugly xP).  The scene closes with Kyon saying summin about his club members being there, but not everyone was.

During the night, Kyon hops up to the roof and stares at the skies.  Yuki shows up behind him and tells him that she has to take responsibility and that the higher ups are going to terminate her data.  Kyon responds by telling her that though he’s normal and powerless, he’ll tell Haruhi he’s John Smith and then she’ll blow all the data dudes up.  He then gets down on one knee (no seriously, he did), takes hold of Yuki’s hands and says that she’s part of the SOSdan and won’t let her go so easily.  After a long nakama speech, he gets up and Yuki thanks him.  They stand together, silent for a while, with Yuki staring down, and then Kyon goes “Yuki”.  She promptly looks up at Kyon, and he’s staring up too, and snow starts falling, and he goes “wow tis snowing”.  Yuki holds out her hands as the snow falls, and when that’s over, Kyon brushes the snow off her head, puts his jacket around her, and they stand together for a tad longer.

Next day has Kyon going to school, and the last thing he does is grab the knob of the SOSDan door and open it before the credits start rolling.  On a finishing note, the movie shows Yuki watching some kids in a library, reading a book herself.

We all know this is what Asakura wanted to do to Yuki.

GODDAMNIT NO SUBS.  I HAD TO WATCH THE MOVIE WITH NO BLIDDY SUBS.  True I expected it but still, I base most of my shitty understanding on kanji and it didn’t help that Kyon kept giving those FUCKING LONG MONOLOGUES of his that I could only catch a couple of sentences of.  Well, my translations have always been pretty inaccurate and I tend to take the liberty of adding creative shit in it (unintentionally – I THINK that’s what happened)  :@:@:@:@:@:@:@

As usual from KyoAni, the production quality was top notch, with everything being pretty damn smooth and the snow at the end was beautiful.  I love the way they executed the scene where he had to choose between the two worlds because aside from it being pwetty, it showed how Kyon really felt about the SOSDan, seeing as he’s normally a sarcastic horny little boy, and the scene with him and Yuki near the end was real sweet as well, especially the part where he called her name.  Well he was prolly talking about the snow but I guess that was the whole point.  Yuki was adorable, Kyon finally manned up, Haruhi was less annoying, Itsuki peeled oranges for Kyon and Mikuru was uh…there.

Now that the good parts are done, onto really, the one bad thing.  WAY.TOO.FLIPPING.LONG.  No seriously, way too long.  Each day started off with Kyon opening his eyes and that took forever already and was completely unnecessary.

In the end, this turned out to be more Kyon x Haruhi than Kyon x Yuki.  If one disregards all the ‘moe scenes’ with Yuki in it, one will be left with the fact that Kyon, in a sense, chose Haruhi over Yuki.  Playing around with someones face while they’re sleeping <– that screams “COUPLE” to me (well no shit, they are the official couple ish), but whatever, I quite like this pairing anyway =D  I’ll give Shoushitsu an 8 or maybe 9 out of 10 – marks off for crazy length.  One of the best points about this movie is the wtfuckery level – just with Asakura Ryouko.  She only shows up during the start and then disappears for the entire movie so I didn’t even think she’d pop up again but stabbing Kyon?  *sigh* Some things really don’t change XD

5 Responses to “Anime Movie Review: Suzumiya Haruhi no Shoushitsu”

  1. 口水湯 Says:

    i kinda wanna watch it,
    i dont follow haruhi, but kyoani’s always awesome with the animation quality, so its prolly worth watching.
    i wonder if it’ll get screened in HK, but it might, cuz its gotten a tad bit popular here… but i dunno
    i think it look better on the big screen, but hey, i could just go to some insanly rich person’s house when the DVD comes out and watch it on one hell of a huge TV
    i suppose its good tht yuuki got quite a lot of time on the screen, rather than having an assholey haruhi hog the screen(and kyon) for herself.


    update soon~~

  2. Anonymous Coward Says:

    This being me, I absolutely had to save that 6th picture (Higurashi-esque).
    Guess who I am.
    Look at the email.

    • domshiki Says:

      wendy =D
      momo tell u abt dis?

      • Anonymous Coward Says:

        I happened to sit next to her in a world maths day session. We were both too bored to do any work. ;) So she showed me this.
        And now this site is in my bookmarks, because of course I need more things to distract myself with on the Internet.

        If this movie doesn’t turn up in HK I’m getting it off the ‘net. Serves them right.

  3. just watched this movie today in 1080p xD~ ah greatttt!

    maybe they’ll make another movie about yuki getting captured ;D and then kyon and the rest of the SOS squad goes f*ck sh*t up and saves her!
    mwuaahaah! disappearance of Yuki Nagato?
    mmm <3

    please answer my wish this Christmas oh great anime producers of japan!

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