Otome Game Review – Hakuouki

Alternative Titles: 薄桜鬼

Company: Otomate

Platform: PS2, PSP, DS, PS3, 3DS

Artist: カズキヨネ – Kazuki Yone

Genre: History, ADV, Shinsengumi, Demons

Official Site: http://www.otomate.jp/hakuoki_psp/

Plot Summary: Yukimura Chizuru (name change possible but only the ‘Chizuru’ part) goes to Kyoto dressed as a guy, in search of her father who has gone missing. There, she accidently sees someShinsengumi (something like Police, but these ones are hated from the citizens) going berserk. As she had witnessed something she wasn’t supposed to, she is taken by the Shinsengumi to their headquarters (<- lol, not sure what to call it).

WE ALL LOVE CHIZURU!!  ヘ(^∇^ヘ)ヘ(^∇^ヘ)

(well, at least I do)

–   looking back at this post … … i have to say, I don’t really find Chizuru that awesome anymore. I dunno. Don’t see the charm in her. Well, compared to recent game heroines she’s not that good. How time flies. XD (08.08.2011)


Anyway, the Shinsengumi are about to kill her where she ends up telling them who her father is. It ends up that even the Shinsengumi are after him so they decide to ‘help’ her and she is forced to stay with them. After a few months with the Shinsengumi, there is still no news of her father and she learns of the Shinsengumi’s secriet. It seems that they were ordered by the government to stage some experiments with this potion (called Ochimizu) that turns people beserk (state called ‘Rasetsu’). Not only does it make people go crazy for blood, it gives them super-human strength but leads to them unable to go under the sun (Vampire much?). And to make matters worse, it was Chizuru’s father who created the Ochimizu. Yay. Congrats on making your daughters life miserable. Poor Chizuru. Some enemies of Shinsengumi calling themselves ‘Oni’ (demon) come up to her calling Chizuru their comrade.

… Thats a long plot.


Hijikata Toshizou

(CV: Miki Shinnichirou)

The main and longest route. He is the second in command (fukuchou) for Shinsengumi and is called the demon fukuchou because of how scary he  is to almost everyone. To avoid the suspicions of people who don’t know her situation, Chizuru is made to become the servant of Hijikata. Not that she does anything for him. Kazama, (the main guy of the 3 demons) tries to kidnap Chizuru (who is revealed to also be a demon) but then Hijikata comes and just when he is about to pwn Kazama , Kazama transforms into demon mode (simply has white hair and white horns growing out of his head) and then takes the lead. Hijikata is extremely injured but he takes the Ochimizu turning himself into Rasetsu. Chizuru feels that its her own fault that Hijikata became a Rasetsu and takes extra care for him including giving him her blood when the Rasetsu takes over and he goes berserk. Hijikata gets to suck Chizuru’s neck as he is the main guy.

The Shinsengumi slowly gets smaller as one by one the people either die or leave. However the one in command (Kondou, Hijikata’s best friend) keeps dragging the Shinsengumi into helpless situations and soon on of the Shinsengumi betrays them (he was crazy anyway. I feel sorry for Sannan as he usually never gets any good portrayals) and gives them up to the enemy. Kondou feels bad for what he ad caused and he tells Hijikata to run away with Chizuru while he acts as bait. Hijikata has no other choice and once he hears that Kondou has been sentenced to death, there’s this emotional (?) scene where Hijikata is depressed at how useless he is and Chizuru hugs him from behind.

To keep Shinsengumi up, Hijikata goes further north (with Chizuru following him like a…. like a… stalker dog (?)) and he gets hired as a strategist. Hijikata tells Chizuru to leave him as he can’t do anything for her and following him will simply kill her. He leaves without her but Chizuru makes herown way to the battlefield and there Hijikata reveals ‘How he realized how much he was being held up by her’ and hugs her. It’s cute but Hijikata’s route is way too serious and there aren’t that many ‘AWW’ moments…

Before the final battle, Hijikata tells Chizuru once more to leave (sigh, its kind of typical). Well, Chizuru says no and this all leads to a kiss scene. The final battle has Kazama V.S. Hijikata and now Hijikata has Chizuru he can beat Kazama up. I wonder why it’s always with the help of the heroine that the guy can do impossible feats. Well, it’s a otome game so never mind. Just before Kazama dies, he achknowledges Hijikata as a demon as well and calls him a Hakuouki. (<- that’s where the titles from).

The epilogue has Chizuru (in girls clothes) and Hijikata looking at sakura.

Hijikata: おまえ、そんなに桜が好きなのか? [Do you like Sakura that much?]

Chizuru: はい。だって、桜は土方さんに似ていますから [Yes, as its very similar to Hijikata-san]

Hijikata: ……俺も好きだよ。おまえに似合うからな。 [… I like them too as it suits you]

Aww. One of the few moments that Hijikata is honest(*^^*) .


Okita Souji

(CV: Morikubo Shoutarou)

Uhh. A sadist and his fav words to Chizuru : Or I will kill you. He has almost no part in any of the routes as he basically dies off.

Chizuru is quite afraid of Okita in the beginning with all the ‘I kill you, I kill you’ thing but she still has to find out about her father so she goes with him on a patrol around Edo. Okita saves a girl called Kaoru as she was being assaulted by some weird guys. However, Kaoru looks too alike to Chizuru and it’s as if she’s seeing a mirror reflection of herself. Only difference is that Kaoru is wearing a nice kimono and Chizuru is cross-dressing. Chizuru later hears from Sano that a girl who looked exactly like her had gotten in the way of one of Shinsengumi’s missions and Okita once again goes like ‘I’ll kill her’. Sigh. Well, Okita does protect Chizuru when he’s losing against Kazama but this leads to a bad injury all because of Chizuru. A long time passes, but Okita still doesn’t seem to be joining any patrols or battles and Chizuru overhears that Okita has lung cancer. Of course Okita knew that she was listening and says ‘If you tell anyone , I will kill you’. In one scene where Kazama comes to kidnap Chizuru, she is shoved into a room where she  lands on Okita and there’s a lot of blushing from her. Man, she is so cute.

There’s another attack on the Shinsengumi and for some reason Kaoru appears with her hair cut and in mens dress and says to Okita ‘protect my little sister and drink Ochimizu’. Okita takes it and theres this nice image of a blood-stained Okita. Kaoru starts laughing and says that is was a trap and that he hates Chizuru so much as because of her he was harassed for not being a female demon which was more valuable. So he decided to make Okita into a Rasetsu as he is the one that Chizuru cares for. Congratulations Chizuru, once again its your fault that somebody became a Rasetsu. Still, Okita tells Chizuru not to misunderstand and that the reason he took the Ochimizu was to heal his cancer and it had nothing to do with her.

Okita goes beserk after he hears that Kondou got shot and ends up killing any enemy he sees on sight. Well, Chizuru stops him and he’s like ‘Get out of the way or I will kill you’. … … Yeah… How much does Okita love Kondou. If they had made Kondou hot I would understand but he’s simply an oldman. Well, Kaoru sets up a new trap and tells his men to take care of the weaker one first which is Chizuru. Well, Okita takes the bullets instead but his wounds don’t get healed as they were using silver bullets… (vampires?) So, as every one else is fighting, only Okita has to stay at the doctors but at least he has Chizuru looking after him. Well, including getting blood from her. Yup, his blood sucking position is her hand. Interesting. How the hell do you cut there? Okita gets better because of her blood and on the way to meet up with Kondou and Hijikata, Kaoru comes along and forces Ochimizu down Chizuru’s throat. The CG simply looked odd as I didn’t get what the hell Kaoru was doing to her. Well, both Chizuru and Okita are now happily on the way to becoming berserk,

They miss Hijikata and Kondou but Okita hears that Kondou had gotten captured by the enemy and he’s blaming it all on Hijikata. Chizuru is worried that Okita might try to kill him but after hearing his past she says its fine and that she can trust him. This makes Okita hug her and he says,

突然、ごめん。[Sorry, suddenly]

自分でもよくわからないんだけど、今は君を抱きしめたくてたまらない。[I don’t know why myself, but I really want to embrace you right now]

…  ( ̄△ ̄) !!Wow. I don’t know what to say. I didn’t expect that.

Once they actually reach Hijikata, its basically a scene showing Okita’s love for Kondou. Boring (well, to me).

It’s revealed that Chizuru’s dad is actually on Kaoru’s side and Okita goes with Chizuru to settle things. But not before having a kiss scene. Man, I love Kazuki Yone’s kisses. … That sounds weird. Well, once again Kaoru goes for the easier target and Okita can’t make and in comes her dad who takes the blow instead. A nice emotional scene and Okita pwns Kaoru and then happy ending?

??? <- –  Was my reaction when I finished the epilogue. It was cute at first but then (;° ロ°) . It says Okita fell asleep and the conversation doesn’t help..

Okita: ……どうか忘れないで。僕は、いつだって君の幸せを願ってる。[… Please don’t forget. I am always hoping for your happiness]

だから信じて。たとえ、いつか離れるときが来ても。……僕の心は、永遠に君のものだ。[So believe me. Even if I have to leave you, my heart is your’s forever]

Chizuru: ……総司さん? [Souji-san?]

He slept!!! Did he die??? Uhh, it says officially that he fell asleep and that he isn’t dead. Thank god. He has some CG for bad ends too including a double blood sucking with Chizuru and she has hornsヽ(*^。^*)ノ. As for the bad end, he’s about to die. The bad end is also good so worth playing. 。・°°・(>_<)・°°・。


Saitou Hajime

(CV: Toriumi Kousuke)

Silent and doesn’t usually talk. But not a mukuchi which is a good thing. Only shame is that he’s short. He has the second longest route but it’s mostly about his feelings on what a bushi is. The scenario writer mentioned that he was aiming to make Saitou’s route into something like a shounen manga as Saitou has the coolest personality compared to how ‘hot’ Heisuke is. I remember many of the most random moments in his route as it I don’t think it had a lot of fangirling scenes. Not that Hakuouki has a lot. It really focuses on the history I guess. Well, one scene I remember would be they change all their costumes into western style and cut their hair, Chizuru points out to Saitou that he had buttoned his jacket wrong. Saitou takes a moment to silently check it and then blushes and says ‘ill fix it later’.. lol. So cute. Well, I cant help thinking that some of Saitou’s CG aren’t worth explaining so I decided that I wont.

Saitou also takes Ochimizu because he gets pwned and he still has Chizuru to look after. His excuse (?) for taking it, ‘ I was ordered to protect you, its not that I chose to’. But that doesn’t prevent Chizuru from feeling bad. However being the workaholic that Saitou is, he continues working during the day even when the Rasetsu aren’t able to move around at that time. He finally collapses and Chizuru gives him her blood. The place that he sucks from? Her ear lobe. Wow. Weird. On the third blood sucking scene it was extremely cute as Chizuru realises that Saitou doesn’t stop sucking on her ear lobe even when the cut she made has already closed. She calls out his names and Saitou suddenly pushes her away, red in the face. She asks him if he wants more blood and he mumbles

いや、別に、飲み足りなかったわけではない。[Uhh, it wasn’t that I didn’t get enough]

The only bad thing is that Chizuru’s reaction to that wasn’t that special. I mean Saitou was so cute and Chizuru still didn’t get it. Well, Chizuru gets a choice of staying with Saitou who still wants to know what a bushi is or go away with Hijikata and the rest of the Shinsengumi up north. Obviously Chizuru stays with Saitou and he is surprised at why she did that. She says something like Saitou is Saitou and that he has no need to try to become some kind of perfect bushi and this leads to Saitou kissing her.. HAH? How come? Man, Saitou is such an easily embarrassed character.

Well, he pwns Kazama and Chizuru’s dad in the end and I was actually surprised that there would be a bad guy in the end as it was so focused on Saitou and his bushidou. The ending was cute with Chizuru going to look for Saitou who is late and its snowing. She finds him but when she calls his name he doesn’t seem to face her. Chizuru then calls him by his first name and he faces her and says ‘I’m home’. I guess his epilogue was my favourite.


Toudou Heisuke

(CV: Yoshino Hiroyuki)

Heisuke is the youngest one that you can go for while all the others are old. So Hijikata is as old as Kondou. AHHH. NO WAY. Kondou’s just old. Never mind anyway. Okay back to Heisuke, he’s about as old as Chizuru and the CV matches his image except it’s extremely annoying until you get used to it. AND IT IS ANNOYING!! Heisuke was one of the first to become Rasetsu but that was because there was no other way to keep him alive as he got fully pwned by Kazama and co.

Well, he keeps on getting injured by Kazama and his friends and most of his CG’s are him looking extremely depressed. During the story before theroutes, he is so happy that its quite annoying. In his route, the evil dude at the end is Sannan who is part of the Rasetsu group in Shinsengumi. He is a little mentally unstable in almost all the routes. Chizuru has a friends who is the demon princess called Senhime and it looks like Sannan kinda assaulted her.

Heisuke also starts to get emotional unstable as he starts thinking that he will also go crazy like Sannan because he is also a Rasetsu. So Chizuru slaps some sense into him. Literally. Nice Chizuru, stop Heisuke from whining. On the kiss scene, Heisuke starts taking about how much of a monster he now is after witnessing a Rasetsu turn into ash (gee. So cliché). Well, Heisuke, Chizuru’s not even human. She’s a demon with white hair and horns. Anyway, Chizuru tries to stop him from calling himself a monster and he says.

Heisuke: ……いいんだよ。呪われた身でも化け物でも、この命、この身体、おまえのために使えるなら、悪くないと思ってるから。[It doesn’t matter. Even if I’m a monster or I’m cursed. As long as I can use this life, this body for you, I don’t think it’s that bad.]

オレは、羅刹(らせつ)。この身は確かに、さっきまで斬り伏せた敵と同じものなんだ。あいつらと違うのはたった一つだけ。 [I am rasetsu. This body is the same as the enemy that I had just been slaying. There’s only one difference between me and those guys]

Chizuru: …ひとつ?[One difference?]

Heisuke: ――おまえがいるかいないかだけだ。[Whether you’re here or not]

Wow. Nice Heisuke. You’re not as pathetic as I thought you were. So Heisuke along with Chizuru and Kazama and Senhime’s ninja servant go along to defeat Sannan. There’s this CG with Heisuke looking down at Sannan which was pretty cool for how annoying he sometimes is.

The epilogue has a EXTREMELY mature looking Heisuke and it has Chizuru sleeping on his lap. I have to say his short hair suits him much better than his long hair which looks weird (to me.. I mean, how do you have such a high pony tail and his hair must be over 1m long). Heisuke is one of the most popular characters in Hakuouki for some reason. Is it because he’s a shota?


Harada Sanosuke

(CV: Yusa Kouji)

The husband + wife route. The only on that goes through all of ABCD in otome games (hug, kiss, XX, marriage). He leaves Shinsengumi in all the routes with Shinpachi so in this one Chizuru leaves with him too.

One of the funny scenes, according to domshiki, is where he shows off his scar from when he tried to commit suicide. It looks like the cut that woman get when their pregnant. Well, Shinpachi draws a face onto it. Man, I love Shinpachi. Too bad that you can’t go after him. After Kazama and co. come to take Chizuru away, there’s this scene where Chizuru takes a bullet for Sano which makes Sano quite pathetic. Well, Chizuru was cute as usual.

Chizuru realises that she’s only casuing trouble for everyone at the Shinsengumi and tries to leave quietly but she gets caught by Sano. She cries and begs him to let her go and Sano kisses her ‘cause that was the only way he knows how to shut up calm a crying woman’. There are quite a lot of Chizuru trying to leave and Sano stopping her scenes. After Chizuru finds out that her dad is behind all the crazy things she wants to leave again and Sano stops her. She ends up crying and bowing down to him, and asking why he won’t understand when Sano says.

惚れた女が死んじまうかも知れねえってのに、黙って見過ごせるかよ。[How can let the woman I’ve fallen in love with die without doing anything]

And Chizuru doesn’t get it. Sigh. Why are Otome game heroines so naïve? I guess it’s the fact that the gamer knows while the character doesn’t that’s meant to be the point but still…

Well they make their way to defeat Chizuru’s dad and they meet up with Shinpachi and so Chizuru says that she will leave Sano for ‘a while’ as she doesn’t want Sano to give up his friend for her. However, he’s like, I know what I’m supposed to choose. And pushesChizuru to the ground. Uhhh. The fact that the CG gets continued by  another one of a close up on their hands suggests something. Right?

Ok, anyway. Shinpachi understands and Sano pwns Chizuru’s dad and the end. (Man, I’m really rushing this after how long Okita’s route became).

So in the epilogue, it has Sano holding his son with Chizuru and it’s a husband and wife ending no matter how you look. I think it’s the happiest ending of all Shinsengumi routes as only Sano doesn’t  become Rasetsu and that shortens their life span. So all the others leave Chizuru by herself with the exception of Okita as they both die anyway.


Kazama Chikage

(CV: Tsuda Kenjirou)

He is the extra one you can go for and the leader of the three demons who are always after Chizuru. In this route, Chizuru is a tsundere and its quite funny. You kind of get used to seeing Kazama as a villain so I was really curious in how its going to be. They made a great choice for a CV for Kazama although his other roles are completely different. Tsuda Kenjirou played Inui of Prince of Tennis and that’s a completely different type of role. Well, Kazama talks extremely slowly and I guess he’s my favourite character along with Okita. It’s a shame that his route was so short and the only otome game part of it was the end.

Well, after a couple of failed attempts to kidnap Chizuru from the Shinsengumi, then Shinsengumi get attacked seriously and they force Chizuru to run away. She getds caught by some random enemy and Kazama walks by and saves her. Well, Chizuru decides to stay with Kazama for the time being so she can meet up with Shinsengumi once more. They meet her dad on the way whose gone crazy and Kazama kills him but theres this scene where hes kind of consoling her.

Until the last chapter, its more of the two stalking Shinsengumi and Kazama curious of them being real bushi. So they reach the place where Hijikata and the rest and fought their last battle and died and theres this scene with Chizuru hugging a flag that once belonged to the Shinsengumi. See, not much to do with Otome Games.  Until, Kazama suddenly kisses Chizuru and says.

おまえが気に入った。[I’ve taken interest to you]

今の口づけは俺とおまえが他人ではない証しだ。心の整理がついたら俺の所にこい。[That kiss is proof that you and I are not unrelated. Once you’ve finished sorting yourself out, come over to my place]

いや、来なければ迎えに来る。[No, if you don’t come, I will come and pick you up]

Wahhh. Oresama. Nice ending. There wasn’t a epilogue but Kazama is great anyway.


Final Thoughts:

As the art is by Kazuki Yone, this was one of the main reasons that I even got into gaming. Her art is amazing and I have most of the guide/art books for all the otome games that she did the CG for.

I only played this game because it came on PSP and Kazuki Yone was the artist. Well, I liked it a lot but I’m not sure if someone who isn’t patient enough to finish all the historical bits would be. It takes some time to get to the Otome Gaming part but once you get in, its worth it.

Okay. Comments.

What was wrong with the blood sucking positions? I mean, what the hell is Heisuke doing. I heard Kazuki wanted to have a leg sucking one but that’s simply unhygienic. I liked all the characters except for Itou who is simply annoying. Really annoying. I cheered when they decided to kill him off. The first route I played was Okita (so that’s why his is so long) but that’s not because I liked Okita from the beginning. I was more interested in Kaoru. Yup. Talking about Kaoru, there’s something wrong with those siblings. They are both cross-dressers… Does it run in their blood or something.

Well, I loved the game and the art and the music. And the heroine of course. I find it obvious that it’s a girl, and one of my favorite scenes would be the reactions of each guy in Shinsengumi when they realise that Chizuru is a girl. Shinpachi is like ‘where’s the proof’ and Sano says ‘Well, theres only one way to find out. Make her take her clothes off’ and Kondou shouts ‘No way. I will not allow anybody to see bare skin off any girl under this roof’. Man, it’s so funny.

Too long again. ヽ( ̄ー ̄ )ノ


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    I never know! Thanks!

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    omg-thanks a lot! XD i loved ur summeries, they were quite interestin’~
    anyway i just hope that the anime is different as of from seeing parts from the otome game screenshots and manga-they all had quite different endings, though still a bit confusin’~

    BUT ANYWAY, overall you did a good job and it was very interesting-makes me want to see the game in english~ *>_<*

  3. skygirl Says:

    oh and btw, i love Sano’s endin’ with chizuru! XD love it! and the others i also like (but not as much as sano’s endin’) but one thing i expected was Hijikata and chizuru to be together! >_<* lol

    • domshiki Says:

      SANO X CHIZURU FTW XD lucky bastard knocks chizuru up lol – cutest ending in hakuouki

      – eheh not sandeian but sano’s ending was >w<

  4. skygirl Says:

    yup!~ sandeian??~ whos that?

    • I’m sandeian and I wrote the Hakuouki post. domshiki is my friend who’s also doing post.
      Well, thanks for commenting on my post. I still like Chikage the best though but Sano is cool too. Especially when he’s with Shinpachi.

      Just wondering but do you understand the japanese quotes from the game? If not, I will translate. (most of the searches are about, What does OOO mean? or something)

      • skygirl Says:

        actually that would be a bit more helpful if i could see the translations? ^_^” sorry but from what i “read” of the phrases that were in japanese, i didn’t understand squat, lol! ^_^”

      • Okay, I’ve translated it. May be a bit weird ’cause its my crap translation.

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    no-its enough for me to understand; i pretty much get the gist of it then~ thanks a lot for me!!!~ XD XD ^_^ i’m really gratefull for it! and my conversations with ya were interesting~

    say, do u have a gaian account or deviant account?

    • Your welcome!!
      I hope its good enough though. Translating sometimes makes the lines sound extremely cheesy..
      nope, i don’t have a gaian or devian account.

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        awe…u should get either one(though if u prefer drawing more, then u might want to get a deviant but if u don’t then u should get a gaian)

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    homg~ thepics..are awesome.. arigatou! *nosebleeding*

  8. My favorite pairing would be Saito and Chizuru forever and ever. Souji is mine, so of course she can’t be with him. hahahahaha =x

  9. 愚かな牛 Says:

    Ah, thank you so much. I’m really glad I found this. Btw, do you think they will show some of these in the anime? I hope they will. I’m still waiting for Episode 7, though. ヽ(≧ ▽ ≦)ノ

    • Well, with the appearance of Kaoru in episode 6, most likely something from Okita route will come out!!
      Hopefully we can see Rasetsu Chizuru and more of her Yandere brother.
      Shame that the anime will be Hijikata route though. Chizuru isnt much of a tsundere unless its Kazama…

      • 愚かな牛 Says:

        Eh, really? I already read the manga but there was only 2 chapters. ; u;

        Oh, I just remembered something. I was browsing some pictures and I saw Souji lying on the floor with Chizuru. The best thing about it was they were both naked. I doubt that it’s fanmade. Here, I’m talking about this:

      • This is fan-made. I can say for sure as I have all the artbooks of Hakuouki and I don’t think that the artist (Kazuki Yone) has drawn this.
        Where did you get it from? ヽ(*^。^*)ノ

  10. 愚かな牛 Says:

    D’aww, is that so? I really wanted it to be real. = u=;
    I got it from this link:


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    loljk. xD

    Thanks a lot for this! Though, I’m still looking for an entire walkthrough of the game in english. Does anyone know where to find one? I’ve never played the game, but I’m watching the anime right now.

      uhh, about the walkthrough, hakuouki is a kind of game where all you have to do is select the right things to say and the rest of its like a novel.
      it’s a japanese site but on the left it has the routes for: Hijikata, Okita, Saitou, Heisuke, Sano, Kazama & Normal Route
      in that order.
      It says ‘SAVE 01’ or something, it means you should save there, keep playing and go back to it if you want to get full CG sets.
      Hope it helps

      • BrokenGlassDolls Says:


        Though, I’m looking for one that’s for the Nintendo DS.

        Are they generally the same thing?

      • The NDS one should have the same story line so I think you can still use the walkthrough. Only difference should be that the DS one has minigames or something.

  12. Azure Says:

    Omg~~~ Thanks so much for this excellent summary XD
    Now i wish that I have this game >.<

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    kyaaa~~~ i love your summaries!!! if only i can play the game.. whaaa~~ but it’s a good thing that they make an anime.. i just have to wait and see what will happen. i’m already excited!

    I ♥ ♥ ♥ Souji Okita!!!!!


  14. chanela Says:

    just wanted to tell you that your summary was fantastic, it really makes me want to play the game (if I cud)… I’m watching the anime and waiting to see who Chizuru will end up with, i get the vibe that it will be Hijikata, (on a side note i hope that they don’t cut off this hair, i think it lovely ;) ) .. I personally feel that in the anime Chizuru and okita have a good connection.. I read a manga called HAKUOUKI JUNRENKA it had a okita x chizuru view point, but it the ending was just awful!

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    Thanks for posting. I really enjoyed reading it (I found your comments quite humorous as to make me laugh XD)!

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    Thanks for posting this review :). My Japanese isn’t great enough to capture the historical parts or anything and so your summaries of the important parts helped me understand what the heck was going on (they also made me laugh).

    I just have a quick question though. Is Kazama a hidden character? Like do you need to go through everyone else’s path before you can do his? Or can you go for him straight off the bat?

    • Um, you can only go for Kazama after you finish the game once so I guess you can consider him a hidden character.
      As shown in the review, his route is really short and I think the only fan-girling part would be the ending.

      Still, KAZAMA IS MY BRIDE with his hot voice and all. (cant believe he was Inui in prince of tennis)

      • Ilinox Says:

        Ahh, thank you very much for your quick reply :).

        And I agree with your 1000% about Kazama’s hot voice. I can’t believe he was Seto Kaiba from Yu-Gi-Oh… LOL

  17. Yukishiro Says:

    Thank you for your summery makes me want to buy the game!! I love the graphics and Okita ,he’s mine (bwahaha)!

  18. noiroux Says:

    Lol. Awesomest plot summary ever. I could help but laugh at the little comments that you put. xD

  19. tingxx Says:

    Woah! Thanks 4 the summary! I had fun laughing at the parts where it seems kind of weird. I’m currently watching the anime too and can’t wait t
    4 season 2!! ur review makes me wanna play that game… pity i can’t though… :( Thanks anyway! :)

  20. Pansa Says:

    THANKS!! I like the okita ending the best ….even tho its so sad TT^TT. Okita is just awesome. I hope he doesn’t die in season 2…!!!
    i like how Chizuru is really helpful in Heisuke’s route; its like she helps him mature.
    i don’t know how they’re going end Hakuouki…but all of these routes are pretty awesome…..it’d be cool if they make several different versions of season 2 and you could choose which version you want to watch ><

  21. crystalhikari Says:

    i really like your summaries! i recently finished playing this game and i totally like okit and saitou. and the game is really long but i did finish everything, all of the routes though kanji and the old terms did kill me quite a bit.
    i also like chizuru in a way since she is really cute. i like kaoru as well.

    anyway, hakuouki is a really good game and i totally like yone’s art <3

  22. Nana Says:

    I loved your summary. ^-^
    I really want to play the game, but my japanese is VERY VERY little, bad luck for me I guess. :/

    I love Souji. ;___; I hope Chizuru will end up with him, but it doesn’t seem so. >.> I really can’t stand Hijikata! xD
    well, if Chizuru goes for Hijikata, then we fangirls can have him. >D

    am i the only one who finds chizu highly annoying? seriously, she annoys the reck out of me. >.>
    all (at least in the anime) she does is going to the battlefield, without a weapon, crying “INSERTNAME-SAN” and in the end she is going to be rescued by one of the guys. =_= such a helpless character

  23. hideyoshl (Damee) Says:

    Thanks for the summaries xD

  24. Damee Says:

    thanks for putting summaries :)

  25. Haruhi Says:

    This game is so HNNNGH worthy xDD
    Man I was desperate for the summaries for Hakuoki until I found this, which is awesome-sauce-with-a-side-of-awesome-steak.
    BUT. I decide not to get the game but the artbook or I will go emo when my favorite characters dies, ESPECIALLY FRIGGIN KAZAMA’S ROUTE, MY GOD PFFFFFFTTTTT…. *sobs* Well I still love the anime which, still does make me emo.. But.. Still.. Obsess.. With it xD

  26. ameanah Says:

    are they sucking her blood like a vampire?

  27. whitephant0m Says:

    is there an english pc version of this game? i just finished watching the 2 seasons from the anime and would love to try the game. it there a site where i can download?

    • domshiki Says:

      nay there aint an english version of the game, prolly won’t ever be localised sadly ^^;;

    • KPop4eva Says:

      There isn’t a PC ver. yet, but if u wanna an English ver., you may can play (?) in NDS (or emulator) and Nimue Translation is translating it one by one, and now the prologue chapter is done :)
      You can find the info : http://hakuouki.wordpress.com/

  28. KPop4eva Says:

    Where I can find a walkthrough of Kazama-san good ending?
    I always get a normal ending or bad ending ==”

    • http://www5e.biglobe.ne.jp/~peche/game/hakuoki/kazama.htm

      – this is a jap site with all the walkthroughs. its already on kazama’s page so just follow what they say. right at the bottom under the subheading ‘六章’ there are two choices. Choose the one on the left ‘最後まで見届けて欲しい’ for kazama end. the other one is for the normal end.

      Just in case, there is only one ending for Kazama so the only way to know that you have his ending is when you get the kiss CG. That’s the ending.
      Hope it helps

  29. Mishi Says:


    … Well, at least in the anime XDDD. I haven’t played the game. TT-TT really cried on episode 19, really loved Saitou… Also Okita and Harada.

    Thanks for the review xP.

  30. Miammiam Says:

    If Heisuke is shota then Chizuru is a loli since they should b the same age…..making the other bishies………ped0s.
    Anyway….Heisuke is my fav *___* he’s a hottie.
    Cannot stand the protagonist Mary Sue,she makes my eys bleed.

  31. iCooky Says:

    Thanks for the summaries! Btw, I tried to go on the site: http://www5e.biglobe.ne.jp/~peche/game/hakuoki/kazama.htm, to read the walkthroughs but it says error and some Japanese mojo when I open the link. Any ideas? Thanks!

  32. rhod Says:

    on saitou’s part what do you mean the only shame was he’s short?

    what short?

    • He’s short in height.
      Although its a good thing when it comes to fanart.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Bwahaha :))) Love this ;)

      • Aerumnous Says:

        I know this comment comes rather late after the original one, but I wanted to say thanks for posting the review, and thanks for posting this fancomic. It’s the single funniest fanart comic strip I’ve seen. I like that the whole thing works without any dialogue or captions. :)

  33. skygirl Says:

    hi there, i was wondering if there was a way no to get anymore notifies from this website?~ :\

  34. Hello, does anybody know the song titles that are played throughout the whole game? I am looking for a song, I think it is called hisui by MAD ideafactory…I once found it on youtube but the people who owned it were not talkactive at all…and now it is not there anymore and the other one is set to private…>< :(

    I would be very happy if somebody could please tell me all the songs (in case I wrote the song name or the artist wrong) thank you very much in advance!! Any help is appreciated endlessly*thank you*!!!!

  35. Ever since I found your blog i’ve loved your reviews! Sadly since i’m not awesomely asian, I can’t play any of these games ;__; But they recently announced that Hakuoki will be realeased in the US in 2012! So because of reading this review i’m totally buying it and I cna’t waiiitttt! I hoep more otome games are brought to the US!


    • Oh god, I hope that Hakuouki will be done well at least! :)
      Though i never thought that it can be translated as ‘demon of the fleeting blossom’ lol
      Hope it comes out soon and that this will mean a start of more english otome games. … (and hopefully good english voices)

  36. Fayora Says:

    I’m so excited for the English release of Hakuouki (and really any other otome games companies are willing to bring to the west…Even if it’s Starry Sky…).

    However, I was just wondering if anyone who has played this game could tell me how emotionally draining it is. I’ve heard that even the good endings are sad and I don’t want to spend most of my playtime crying :(

    • how emotionally draining… hmmm, i guess it depends. Heisuke’s route isn’t THAT sad and I guess Sano is a happy ending.
      considering that every character except for Sano and Kazama are going to die early after the route because they took the ochimizu, i guess the happy endings can’t really be considered happy.
      also … most characters get killed off if your not going for them, e.g. Okita – completely forgotten and killed off because of his illness and Heisuke – takes Ochimizu early on, usually the first to die?

      I’m not sure if its a good thing but, the routes are pretty long when you think about it so in my case i wasn’t that attached to the story. I love this game for Kazama, Chizuru and Kazuki Yone. XD

      • Fayora Says:

        Awww :( It’s a little unfortunate that many of the happy endings are sad and end in deaths.

        Thanks for the info, though. I’ll just have to suck it up and brace myself during the playthroughs.

  37. Happy!! Says:

    Darn. Not on DS. Yet… If it is this will be the first otome game I ever played. I was this close to get Princess Debut, but I forgot to bring my wallet T_T and I was looking for it everywhere

  38. dreamingskies Says:

    Lol, I love all of your reviews–they’re informative and amusing at the same time.
    My favorites are Okita and Saitou. Heisuke is kinda, I don’t know, impulsive? He’s cute I suppose, but like you, not my favorite.
    Kazama! Whoo hoo! I was kinda ticked off that there wasn’t much to do for his route–hmph. -_-;;
    Anyways, fantastic post again! Looking forward to your next one!
    (P.S. What’s CV stand for? I know VA, but…)

    • ohh! sorry. CV is the same as VA.
      VA – voice actor
      CV – character voice.

      thanks for passing by! Will try to get the newest post done soon! XD

  39. Sadako Says:

    I want to see the picture of Chizu sleeping on Heisuke’s lap!!! I can’t find that pic anywhere TT^TT

  40. Crystal Says:

    Haha your review made me laugh, don’t ask me why, I have no idea xD anyway, I was wondering if you can understand Japanese, because I don’t and I kinda need some help over here~~~
    I’ve been YouTube-ing Hakuouki videos recently and I came across this: http://m.youtube.com/index?desktop_uri=%2F&gl=SG&rdm=4our2tzmw&reload=3#/watch?v=Xzdis3sYEug
    I have to warn you though, although it’s a voice recording of Saito, its really sexy! I’m not very sure, but he sounds like he was having ‘that one'(if you get wat I mean) with the protagonist, dear this is making me blush so much!0///0. So if you are not 16 and above I would suggest you to not watch and you can just forget about this comment of mine:)
    There’s another one, this one is Harada’s:
    This one’s clearer that he is having that one…you know…well, I may be wrong, since I don’t understand a single word he said in the voice recording but all the pants and moans>~<!~~~

    I google translate the title of the two videos and the translation is' last voice  recording of Saito/Harada' so I was wondering if these voice recording come from the hakuouki game?
    Due to this two vids, I'm kinda confused, does the game you play have 'these scenes'?
    Or if not, do you have any idea where does these voice recording come from?:D 
    I'm so longwinded, I'm sry, can't help t~~~the boys are too irresistible! 
    Please reply to my email if you have time! I would really really really appreciate your help!!!
    LoveXOXO, Crystal^^

    • Okay, first off … THIS IS DEFINITELY NOT SOMETHING FROM HAKUOUKI! Otomate only makes non 18+ games.
      The video’s (the link you posted didn’t work but I somehow managed to find them) are basically called ‘Hakuouki. Collection of Voices that are impossible to listen to the end’
      They’re created by using the same voice actor, but from a different game

      Saito – Toriumi Kousuke
      Sano – Yusa Kouji

      Original Source :
      Saito – Kuro to Kin no Akanai Kagi (review by us) character Sudou Yukio
      Sano – Probably Under the Moon character Seiju. PROBABLY! the uploader simply said an 18+ otome game and since Yusa’s 18+ games are basically all BL with one otome game, I’m guessing it’s UTM through elimination.

      Hope it helps XD
      (more like my ears have gone crazy o(;>△<)O)

    • marsha Says:

      i can’t find the video… how long are the duration??

  41. Miki230 Says:

    OMG this is an absolutely wonderful page! The CGs are stunning, thank you so much for posting this! (Kazama X Chizuru FTW!)

    Quick question though: Do you happen to know where I can get the DS game in english? I REALLY want to play this but I don’t own a PSP and I don’t have my PS2 anymore x.x

    • Hmmm, I would suggest the closest gaming shop but then again, I dunno where you live. The only reason I get my otome games is because I live close to japan.

      You could always order online (?) or perhaps there are shops that sell japanese gaming stuff. orz T.T

  42. /casually crept thru your awesome blog like it’s no big deal.

    but seriously, nbd! ;3 so i finally got the hakuouki game, got a bad end for souji’s route and successfully fumbled my way through sano’s route. but no matter how hard i try, i can’t do kazama’s route. i went to the sites that you recommended, and google translated them, but GT sucks butt, and I’m still very lost. can you please drop some tips? thanks. :)

  43. Kay54 Says:

    What Platform did you play Hakuouki on?

    I recently ordered the PSP version and love it. The only problem is that I don’t know how to save. I use quick save, but that doesn’t work I once try only using quick save before going back to the menu, but it only made me start over from the beginning.

    Can you help me?

    • I played the japanese version on the psp. I really have no idea what the problem might be but:

      1. Make sure you have a system file for the game on your ms disk
      2. … Check wether you still have space on the ms disk.
      3. maybe choose the ‘install’ version. It takes up extra space for the game but guarantees you having a save file. (also supposed to make loading faster)

      Hope it helps but then again, I’m not really that smart with psp’s either T.T

      • Kay54 Says:

        After playing with the buttons for awhile I finally got it. Sorry for bothering you with it.

        Now one question about the game:
        I finish the ‘bad’ ending route towards the end where Chizuru gets separated from the Shinsengumi and travels around with Kazama until the end. I started again to try to end up with one of the guys (mostly Okita), but I wonded up at the part where Chizuru gets separated from the Shinsengumi again even though i chose different options.

        Can you tell me what options did you choose so that Chizuru can go along with the Shinsengumi instead of being left behind?

        -I hope you understand what I am trying to say. I am not good at explaining things.

      • Don’t worry, I get what you’re trying to say :)
        Okay, these are the selections required for Okita’s route:
        (roughly translated to english from japanese. Just choose the selection that seems to have a similar meaning. Hope I’m right to assume you have the english ver? If not just follow the link at the bottom)

        Chapter 1:

        Try and run away
        Stay there
        Try and Ask Someone
        Go outside to look for your dad
        Look for Okita
        Catch the enemy’s attention
        I’ll stay home
        Go to the inner garden

        Chapter 2:

        Investigate about the medicine
        Invesitigate the Maegawa house
        Raise your voice
        Return to HQ
        Worried about Okita
        Chase after
        About Rasetsu

        Chapter 3:

        About the group members
        About the Neutral Person
        There is
        Escape from his arms
        Stay at home
        Worried about OKita
        I don’t want that
        Remain calm

        Chapter 4:

        I want you to walk the right path

        Chapter 5:

        Give Him blood Give him Medicine
        Give him blood Make him Endure -> CGx1 Give Him Medicine
        Calm Okita down Calm Okita down

        Chapter 6:

        Don’t kill him Don’t kill him
        Give him Blood Make him Endure -> CGx1

        Chapter 7:

        – Endure -> Love End
        – I want blood -> After selection + at GAME OVER, there are CG’s

        The End

        Link (choose the 沖田総司 from the left)

        Hope it helps,

        btw, if you’re playing the eng ver, how is it? Jap voices? Eng Voices? Anything Special?


  44. Smudjy Says:

    Can you tell me how to get Sano’s good ending please ^^

  45. Hiseki Koi Says:

    Omg I love your blog so much. All my loves for Hakuoki ~^////<

  46. Saiyuri25 Says:

    does anyone know what song is played during the good ending epilogue i cant find it anywhere

  47. Wait a minute when the guys take that vampire potion thing when they become Rasetsu there life span is shorten or i’m wrong?

  48. […] The Otome game review blog 2 (same as the above) […]

  49. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks dude :) Man I wanted to find out all the other endings & I found out your blog so well this made it easier :)))

  50. […] Heisuke: ――おまえがいるかいないかだけだ。[Whether you're here or not] Translation by sandeian Shooting mit der lieben Papierflieger und  Shiina im dunklen, düsteren Wald. Natürlich […]

  51. nyan Says:

    NYAN! Its so cute to see other point of view of this game! Srsl so fun to read too!

    Actually english version of Hakuouki: Demon of Fleeting Blossom is out for IOS/Android version! The free version is just prologue, the standard version you must buy each chapter. BUT! There is Premium Version, its roughly about $30. And DUDE its just worth it. They used the Japanese voice actor and used english sub!! MAN the subs is properly written toooo!! And then there is special gift just for the IOS/Android, which is Tea Time party(if you buy standard you must completed the character story first but the premium it already unlocked from the start!!) You playing as Chizuru and took one guy to acompanny you to tea partay. GWAD its so cute and puffy-puffy (especially Heisuke, Kazama and Sanosuke) and then you get the Character Episode. Its telling a story from the pov of character. I like Heisuke episode cause it gives you suprised element and D’AWWW feeling :D

    I seriously recommend if you guys want to know xD
    Well I’m hoping zuisouroku and other Hakuouki series(especially SSL) comes in english vers and on IOS/android!

    I hope this news help any of you that asked for english version! :3

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