Otome Game Review – Hoshiiro no Okurimono

Alternative Names: 星色のおくりもの

Company: Takuyo

Release Date:27.11.08

Official Site: http://www.takuyo.co.jp/pr


Platform: PSP, PS2

Genre: Otome, romance, drama, stars

Plot Summary:Heroine Yoshimoto Ai (changeable – as usual, I chose something stupid, this time being “unchi”) is in love with stars and meets a guy one night while stargazing at her secret hill.  They have a short convo, he leaves and she never sees him again, but a transfer student joins her class and *gasp*!  It’s him!…seriously, Takuyo?  They recognize each other, make an astronomy club and the story starts there.

Akito Shin

One of the heroine’s childhood friends, he’s normally grinning and insulting unchi, but turns out to be pretty tsundere and gets embarrassed easily when his stupidity is brought up.  Is into photography, has divorced parents and a siscon.

I went for him first cuz I found his dere thing cute but OM MA GAD BORING.  His whole story was him not telling unchi that his dad was going to die and then her finding out.  It would have been completely fine if his story was short and all, but it was draggy, I didn’t give a shit about his dad primarily because Akito keeps badmouthing him and you never see the dad, and it completely failed to elicit any emotion or feeling in me other than big fat flipping BOREDOM. Doesn’t really help that there was pretty much nothing between him and the heroine.  In fact, Seigo confessed to the heroine in this route – the best part in Akito’s story and IT HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH HIM.

When new guy Inafuna comes, Akito hates him, is rude to him, gives him the cold shoulder, blablabla.  Inafuna tries to become friends but Akito is still a dick and doesn’t change until the heroine tells him to grow up and then he finds out that Inafuna is into some photographer he likes so then he changes.  I couldn’t care less about this bit of ‘character development’ simply because Akito didn’t have a reason to hate except for “he makes our group of 3 a 4”.  There was a ‘deeper reason’ of how the group has always been a 3 and Akito is scared of losing that and all, but honestly, he didn’t have to be such a twat about it and it’s not as though Inafuna was gonna blow Seigo and Unchi up with a bazooka or anything -.-“

Then he loses his sister.  Whoops.  Then finds her.  Didn’t care either cuz the sister was ugly, had a weird voice, and had an even creepier obsession with her brother than he did her (“Shin kun is my dad, brother and lover at the same time hurrdurr”).

After that, we go into his emo phase that spans like 3 fucking months.  Gets a phone call that his dad’s dying, heroine sees it but she doesn’t have the guts to ask directly, and he keeps acting as though nothing’s wrong, only his acting is so shit even the stupid dense Inafuna senses something’s wrong.  Finally, lil sis tells unchi about the dad dying and the heroine runs to get Akito.  After going on about how stupid and unreliable she is, Akito finally caves, they go see his dad, and they go out and the end. Some of the scenes were pretty cute, but the ratio of ‘boring’ and ‘aw’ was 10:1 so they don’t mean much.  Havin said that, I don’t dislike Akito.  He was pretty funny every time he imitated the heroine and all, but man, his story SUCKED BALLS.

Narutaki Seigo

The other osananajimi.  Calm, cool and mature, he’s always on the heroine’s side whenever Akito’s being annoying, and has been in love with her since they were kids.

His story starts with the heroine finding out that he’s secretly training for a high jump competition.  He leaves school for a week to practice ‘officially’ or summin, and after a week, the group come to watch and they find out that he has a buhmillion fangirls and one who follows him around everywhere called Yamada (though not in the crazy sakura/ino from naruto sense).  Lol, when the heroine makes a joke about which fan he’s going after, he gets annoyed and says he has no interest in shit like that, and when the heroine gets confused about why he’s getting so worked up (cuz she’s so dense), he goes “…I’m going to ask you once.  Are you serious?” XD

Seigo buys Unchi a crazy expensive fluorite pendant – he did this in Inafuna’s and Akito’s route as well>w<

Now I start to forget some shit here.  I can’t remember whether the heroine finds out that Seigo’s gonna go to a uni far away here or later on but i’ll go with the former right now.  Unchi finds out that Seigo plans on going to a uni that’s on the other side of earth or summin.  She freaks and runs to Seigo, demanding to know why he’s done that, and after some “i can go where I want, it’s just studying, not like we never gonna see each other again” crap, he snaps, forces a kiss on her and confesses to her.  She freaks some more and runs away, tells Yamada san (who Seigo rejected a while back) who becomes hes bff and things are awkward between them until they finally work up the nerve to talk to each other properly again.  Seigo apologizes for snogging her and tells her to pretend that it never happened, and he’ll go back to the way he was.  The heroine agrees and things return to normal but she soon realizes that she can’t forget about the confession and finds being in Seigo’s presence embarrassing, and is overly self conscious when around him.  She then remembers their childhood together when Seigo did some promise thingy that she forgot about the fluorite and stars.

She gets a phone call one night from Seigo with him telling her that he just wanted to hear her voice, and then he tells her “Sayonara”.  Seigo leaves school the next day and finally unchi cottons on that he’s leavin’ and after talking to Yamada,  the heroine runs to the city again, looks for Seigo and in the end, he finds her and hugs her from behind, causing the heroine to start blubbering and confessing her feelings.  In the end, they go out but he still has to go and the heroine doesn’t do the stupid clingy shoujo shit.  However, when Seigo leaves, she breaks down crying and wants him to come back and hoorayz!  He hops off the bus and runs back to her, shouting that he can’t live without her and they live happily ever after =D

Inafuna Takashi

He’s a total pushover, a romanticist, and a dreamer – a combo that irritates the hell out of me as it generally crafts a weak, naive and airheaded character , which is exactly what Inafuna is.  That along with his blonde hair,kind demeanor and  somewhat girly sounding voice heightened my initial dislike for him, but he grew on me and his story turned out to be decent.

Nothing big really happens in his story till the later half.  He becomes the pres of the astronomy club, patches things up with Akito, and has some sweet moments with the heroine including her sleeping on his lap.

Though he acts as though he’s happy and shiet, he gets hospitalized one day after he collapses cuz summin was wrong with his eyes.  He reassures all that he’s gonna be alright and coming back to school the following week, but he doesn’t, and the heroine visits him again at night.  She sees Inafuna crying about not being able to see again and that’s when she gets that he’s gonna go blind.  Shocked, she makes some noise but before Inafuna can do anything, she runs away and back home.  She continues to try and visit but Inafuna’s dad won’t let her but she stays outside for god knows how long and in the end, they finally meet, with Inafuna blindish already and they confess and share a kiss.  Epilogue shows Inafuna sleeping on the heroine’s lap, presumably still blind ><

Narutaki Souya

The complete opposite of his younger brother Seigo, he’s lighthearted, relaxed, and enjoys teasing the heroine.  He’s another childhood friend and is the form tutor for the group.

I didn’t like this Narutaki as much as I did the other one – there wasn’t much development in his relationship with unchi as the route was focused on his past and all, and his story seemed shorter than the others.

The heroine accompanies Narutaki to go shopping in the city one day, and all’s going well till some crazy bitch named Ryouko pops up and bitchslaps Narutaki for being a dirty lolicon.

Ever since then, Narutaki changes and becomes a grouchy dick to the class instead of his usual happy smiling self.  Everyone questions this complete 180, and Seigo realizes what’s going on when the heroine tells him about Ryouko.  However, Seigo refuses to tell the heroine anything and over the next couple of days, Narutaki doesn’t come to school.  When the heroine asks Narutaki about this, he snaps and pushes her to the wall and tells her to STFU cuz she’s a kid and doesn’t know anything.  This happens about twice or so, and still, unchi knows nothing, until Narutaki disappears and she finds Ryouko.  Ryouko says she’ll bring her to Narutaki and the heroine hops on board the car.

They arrive near a lake at night, and Ryouko tells her to stay in the car while she goes and chats up Narutaki.  That way, unchi can find out everything.  Narutaki tells Ryouko that he can’t be with her anymore (no shit she’s messed up) which causes Ryouko to slip out and say that he has the responsibility to be with her.  The heroine finds out here from Ryouko incessant shrieking that Narutaki killed off her brother in a car crash and having been overcome with survivor’s guilt, has never forgiven himself and neither has Ryouko, though she manipulates Narutaki’s desperation for forgiveness and redemption to make him stay with her (as she’s in love with him).  He’s about to give in, but notices the heroine at the last moment and after WTFing at her presence, rejects Ryouko and confesses that it’s cuz he’s in love with unchi.

Ryouko rages and being the unhinged bitch she is, drives the car off the bank and into the lake.  Of course, no one dies (sadly – would have made a fab ending if Narutaki drowned trying to save unchi or all 3 drown) and Narutaki saves unchi.  Ryouko gets half her marbles back and realizes what she just did was completely retarded and tearfully apologizes.  Well, with that over, the heroine and Narutaki have their happily ever after.

Conclusion and Afterthoughts

Hmm, this game was alright.  The art was decent (though i personally think Touma Rei draws better in her manga), the soundtrack not very memorable except for one piano piece which played during the ‘touching moments’.  Though the plot was standard otome fare in my opinion, Seigo’s route was extremely sweet and Inafuna’s had me going “oh the poor bastard” several times after finding out he was going blind.  Obviously, I wasn’t happy with Akito’s as I believe that Takuyo could have done better despite others saying it was great and it did LEFT a lot to be desired.  Narutaki’s one was simply “-_-” – I wasn’t very interested in him from the beginning and playing his route didn’t change that.  In fact, Ryouko was a much more entertaining, albeit batshit insane character in Narutaki’s route.  Character – wise, Seigo definitely gets top place, with Inafuna coming in 2nd, Akito 3rd, and Narutaki being my least favourite.  The heroine wasn’t as difficult or rude as, say, Alice from Heart no Kuni no Alice, and not a doormat like Kurumi from Ijiwaru my Master ie she was a decent heroine but not one I particularly like, as she still had the air of a stupid shoujo heroine.  A decent game overall, but that’s about it.

3 Responses to “Otome Game Review – Hoshiiro no Okurimono”

  1. crystalhikari Says:

    hoshi-iro was the very first otome game i played so i do remember it as a good game having no other games to compare it with.
    i think that toma rei does draw better in her mangas. and that out of all the routes, it is simply seigo who i really liked. Seigo is definitely the one in the game.

  2. Mizuki Says:

    I kept dying of laughter every time I saw Unchi.

  3. Good, game (owo)

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