Vocaloid Vids

As I don’t think that I can finish the game that im currently playing that quickly and knowing me, I think I will post a review on it by the weekend, I decided to blog about my other hobby right now which is surfing Nico-nico douga and watching Vocaloid (fan-made, I guess) music. Although Vocaloid’s are voice-synthesising robots, I simply listen to the otaku’s real people who cover the songs.

You might have heard of Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Ren/Rin etc and those are examples of Vocaloid.

I have at least 200 vocaloid (or covered) songs on my iPod so I can proudly (?) say that I am a fan of vocaloid. One thing that I like about Vocaloid is that people who have no time make a lot of songs and there are a wide genre so its quite expected that you’ll find at least one song that you will like.

I found this song, which seemed to match the blog. Also got other ones too. (click more)


Kiyoteru x Kagamine Ren x KAITO x Gackpo : ユアハイネス☆マイプリンセス [Your Highness ☆ My Princess]

By しゃむおん [Shamuon]  コニー [Konii]  少年T [ShounenT] そらる [Soraru]

The closest thing to a otome game by Vocaloid.


Hatsune Miku : モノクロアクト [Monochroact]

ピコ [Piko] is a GUY!! Its amazing what kind of people upload vids on Nico-nico. This guy recently became a professional singer or something as he was amazingly popular.


Kagamine Ren : soundless voice

バルシェ [Valshe] is a WOMAN.. Having a shota voice seems to be popular on Nico nico. Im a fan of her that I even bought her cd. The artists of the PV is from Piapuro which is something like devian art but mainly for Vocaloid.



Megurine Luka : Just Be Friends

ちょうちょ [Chouchou]…. Its amazing why just be friends is so popular. Its good but I like the piano ver better.


Hatsune Miku : ロミオとシンデレラ [Romeo and Cinderella]

のど飴 [Nodoame] the guy singing it has a great voice and the songs good too. The person who created the song is the same as Monochroact.


Hatsune Miku : 二息歩行 [Nisoku Hokou]

ヲタみん [Wotamin] I guess my fav female singer that sings with a female voice. Valshe doesn’t.


Gackpo x Kagamine Ren x KAITO : IMITATION BLACK

Uhh. Cross-dressing. Does that explain enough?

蛇足 [Dasoku] バルシェ [Valshe] clear


Man, there are loads of songs but I guess this is enough for now.

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  1. sylubia Says:


  2. i Love Kagamine Len Song ^///^

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