BL Game Review – Lamento -BEYOND THE VOID-

Alternative Names: Lamento, ラメント ビヨンド ザ ヴォイド

Company: Nitro+Chiral

Release Date: 27.10.06

Official Site:

Platform: PC

Genre: 18+ BL, fantasy, drama, romance, rape, kitty boys, fucking long

Plot: In Sisa, 2 diseases plague the Ribika, conveniently killing off the majority of the kitty girls, leaving only kitty boys.  The whole land in chaos, everybody resorting to cannibalism as their main source of food, Konoe wakes up one day, following his weird nightmares, to find strange tattoos wrapped around his arms, his ears and tail now black.  Konoe runs to escape the wrath of his village for being ‘unlucky’ and wtnot, and whilst searching for a means to cure himself, he meets 3 other hot kitty boys along the way.

My god this game was FUCKING LONG AND DRAGGY with stupid key words that I didn’t understand SQUAT of, along with a buhmillion extra side story thingies and endings that just served to confuse the shit outta me over and over and over again.  I’ve got the basic shit down, but my knowledge of the game’s like a moth eaten blanket – holes everywhere.

The game begins with a short intro of the land and how the land is beautiful because everything is a lie; everything is about to end.  Utsuro, one of the two diseases, causes nature to reject the Ribika – a task as simple as gathering herbs is made impossible, as the vegetation slices up the gatherer’s hands.  The Ribika are unable to touch anything living, and therefore have to resort to cannabilism, the village as a whole, sacrificing kitty boys to eat. The second disease, Shikku, causes body parts to literally vanish and has killed off most of the girl kitties.

For 4 nights in a row, Konoe has the same dream of 4 fires, green, yellow, blue and red.  He is drawn to a different fire each night and under pain, is asked by a snake what they are to him.  He answers joy, pleasure, grief and anger respectively, and waking after the 4th night, he finds badass looking tatts over his limbs,  and realizes his ears and tail have gone black.  Knowing that he’s prolly gonna get killed for food or black magic, he packs his stuff and escapes at night.

In the forest he meets the lute playing, red haired cat, Shui, and the cat points Konoe into one direction, but before Konoe can ask wtf he’s up to, the cat vanishes, and Konoe continues through the undergrowth.  Konoe suddenly sees pretty colours inside his head, and a joker looking non kitty boy shows up, introducing himself as Firi.  He tells Konoe what he saw was some guy’s memories, and Konoe’s sees some more pretty colours.  Too bad Firi leaves Konoe hanging and disappears.  Konoe then gets attacked by some cats and finally meets Rai who saves his ass, but tells Konoe to run away and Konoe ends up in some dark rocky place.

Konoe meets Asato, a black cat, but gets chased out of his village and in the morn, Konoe gets attacked by Rai who then gets attacked by other cats and Konoe saves his ass by powering him up with wordless song – turns out Konoe’s a sanga.  Rai wants Konoe as a sanga cuz they’re like super rare pokemon, and Konoe just goes with the flow after Rai tells him he knows the way to Ransen, and is going there too.

Rai goes with Konoe to see the magic dude next day and the witch doc tells Konoe that he can’t heal him but tells them about a place linked to the demons.  The two head to the place, finding Asato along the way and having an encounter with Firi’s master, Leeks, some crazy pumped up black magician who’s behind all the shit happening in kitty boy land.  Leeks mentions something about Konoe being the downfall of the ones close to him and summin about a song, before disappearing with Firi.

Reaching the ‘pretty 4 colour land’, Rai notices that on the 4 pillars of stone there, there are markings on each of them identical to the tatts of Konoe.  Konoe suddenly feels nauseous, blacks out and sees the 4 fires again.  This time, he sees their humanoid forms, Razel, the demon of wrath, Frau, the demon of joy, Kaltz, the demon of grief, and Verg, the demon of pleasure, and they each approach him and ask him what he feels from them or summin again.  Answering correctly, Konoe regains consciousness and finds that he’s back to normal.

Leeks then appears, causing the demons to manifest and they realise that Leeks stole their powers and was manipulating them for something that I didn’t get, and after zappin the demons, Leeks vanishes again.  All seems alright for the time being in Ransen till the demons show up again and it’s revealed that they were never on Leeks side and Konoe is essentially cow fodder to them as they eat souls and prefer ones with strong emotions and the yar.  Since they’re looking for Leeks as well, the two parties join forces and find out about an old song that predicts the doom of the Ribika.


Rai x Konoe = true pairing in Lamento.  Extremely hot, with long white hair, an eyepatch and skintight clothing, Rai’s a bounty hunter and is pretty aloof and sarcastic most of the time, calling Konoe baka neko 24/7 and like everyone else in the game, has an effed up past.  True he’s hot, but I found him pretty hard to like as he was a mouldy tool most of the time and he didn’t really become any more likable till waaaaay later in the game – and Lamento is seriously, fucking long.

As mentioned above, Rai tags along with Konoe cuz he wants him as his sanga.  Much of the time, he’s cold, condescending and Konoe doesn’t get him, but like any standard hero of porno games, Konoe just can’t stop nosing about and leave Rai alone.  He finds out that Rai was an unloved child and his parents were strict bitches and Bardo was his teacher.  His parents were murdered by some cats one day, and when he touched their mutilated bodies, felt their love and warmth for the first time in his life (like wtf man).  Yeah, from then on, he’s had a sick obsession with killing people cuz every time he feels their blood, he’s reminded of his parents’ love.

Because Konoe is way too compassionate and empathizes with everyone and thing, he starts falling for Rai and during the mating season, they have blindfolded sex lol.  The closer the two get, the more Rai starts to lose control of himself, and in the end, he gets the same tatts that Konoe has.  However, Konoe is still unable to leave him alone and Rai, knowing that Konoe won’t eff off, tells Konoe to kill him if he ever loses control.

Here, Fraud, the demon of joy, offers to help Rai or summin in return for Konoe’s soul, and if Konoe says yes, Frau’s ending takes place, where Frau eats Konoe’s left eye and ear and rapes him in front of Rai.  Apparently, Rai has a past with Frau, with Rai taking out both of Frau’s eyes, and Frau taking out Rai’s right one.  Pick no, and we go on with Rai’s route.

Shui appears in Konoe’s dreams, and tells him that he must go back to Karou to retrieve a ring.  Konoe and Rai head back to Karou, only to find that his village is now a multicoloured shit hole, but gets the ring and sees memories of his dad’s, and finds out he was connected to Leeks.  It begins to snow, as the lyrics in the song stated it would, and as Konoe grieves the loss of his village, Rai sits next to him, awkward and not knowing what to do.

Returning to the village, Shikku has hit Ransen and the demons tell the two that they have located Leeks.  Konoe confesses his feelings for Rai and say he’ll be there for him before they have more sexy time and go to sleep.

Next morn, there’s an eclipse with the two moons, zombie cats raise from the dead in Ransen, and all hell breaks loose.  The poet, Shui tries to stop Leeks and desperately tells him that he never betrayed him and shit, but Leeks tells him to stfu, and says Konoe is a special sanga just like Shui, his own father, and he wants to toy around with him.

The gang head to Toride, some rock building and Konoe dashes inside to find Leeks.  Leeks tells him about how he threw away his emotions after being betrayed, and dumped them into a vessel, a baby kitty boy.  With the emotions of 2 people, that kitty boy affects the emotions of those all around him thanks to his emotion overload, and is able to see the memory shit cuz some of Leeks magic is in him.  To end his speech, Leeks whips off his mask to reveal a face identical to Konoe’s – the vessel is Konoe.  To test Konoe’s theory that emotions and bonds aren’t stupid useless shit, Leeks messes around with Rai’s head, to which Konoe responds that no matter what, he wants to be Rai, triggering a meeting Shui.

Shui apologizes for all the shit happening and telling Konoe to take out the ring, teaches him a song that will defeat Leeks as long as Konoe has someone important to him.  Konoe returns to the scene, and  Leeks orders Firi to sing, and as Firi does, his blood surges out and everything starts going crazy.

As Firi continues to sing, he begins to die and before Firi can eff things up any more with his song, Konoe closes his eyes and sings the song Shui taught him.  Shui and Leeks past is shown, with Shui being Leeks only friend.  Shui was the only one who would speak to Leeks, as Leeks lived in a secluded area that none knew about, and the two prolly became more than just good pals later on.  However, some Ribika burnt down Leeks’s condo when they found out about him practicing black magic, and as Shui was the only one who knew where he lived, Leeks concluded that Shui must have betrayed him.  Crazy pissed and hurt, Leeks decided to bin his emotions so the same thing would never happen again, and striking a contract with the demons, he sealed his emotions into Shui’s baby son, Konoe.

Konoe suddenly finds himself outside of Toride and with Shui.  Shui comments on how he looks just like his mother – dem eyes – before disappearing, cuz he’s already dead and he’s just lingered on till now.  Konoe wakes up and feels only Leek’s memories within him, as Leeks is dead.  He then finally realizes that Shui was his father.  The demons appear and tell Konoe that they no longer want to eat him as that’d mean eating Leeks as well, and that’s a no go for them.  Well, Rai and Konoe become bounty hunters, with the former wanting to screw Konoe 24/7 365, and the two live happily ever after.


A kitty boy from Kira, a village reknowned for it’s unusually black, big and stupid cats; Asato is no exception.  He first appears antisocial and cold, but that’s only because he’s socially challenged and doesn’t know how to talk to others well.  A black haired, tanned cat who, with a somewhat childlike innocence and naivete to him, takes an instant liking to Konoe.

In the beginning, Asato takes Konoe to his village after Konoe flashes him his badass tatts.  The leader doesn’t know how to help Konoe, but suggests he stay the night with Asato.  Asato’s pretty damn funny, not getting anything when Konoe hints that he, himself, being a bother, and whether he’s getting in the way, and instead of answering his questions, Asato tells Konoe he has pretty eyes and a pretty crooked tail, spurring on a whole “no ur tail is prettier” thing between them and leading Konoe to conclude that Asato is just a big dumb kid.

That night, the whole village, Kira, is out for blood – Konoe’s blood, as his black ears = bad news.  Asato tells Konoe to run while he holds em off, but the village leader orders Asato to kill Konoe or hei’ll kick him outta the village.  Meeting up with Konoe, Asato tries to kill Konoe but stops when he realizes he likes him too much, and instead, follows Konoe.

But the Kira kitty are a persistent bunch, and they continue to pursue Asato, and at a flower patch, they warn him that if he has anything worth protecting, he should hurry up and kill himself.  Konoe catches up later on, Asato taking a flower petal out of his hair and blushing, mumbles that it’s probably the mating season.


In comes crazy embarrassed Konoe who practically dies blushing when Asato smiles and tells him he smells nice before leaning in to kiss Konoe.  Whilst jerking each other off, Asato asks whether Konoe has done this with other kitty boys before and is unconvinced when Konoe says no, which leads to Konoe asking him the same, to which Asato replies that Konoe is his first XD

However, Konoe realizes that Asato isn’t the big ball of cute and dumb he seems to be as he begins to nose around in Asato’s past.  Turns out Asato has Meigi blood in him – Meigi cats were black magic practitioners who consorted with demons, and breeding other cats with em results in unpredictable offspring messes.  Kagari, Asato’s caretaker, tells Konoe that when Asato was born, he had the form of a baby demon and not that of a kitty’s, but still, she couldn’t let the cats kill a newborn so she took care of him.  Still, she says Kira won’t give up until they’ve killed Asato.

Konoe gets the dream thing with Shui and goes to get his ring back.  As it snows, Asato hugs Konoe and tells him not to cry.

Same thing happens when they get back, demons found Leeks, and Asato goes to the flower patch again, only to find Kaltz there.  Asato asks why the hell Kaltz keeps stalking him and shiet, and Kaltz merely responds that Asato looks a lot like Kaya, Asato’s mom.  Kaltz says that he used to be a Meigi kitty, and tells Asato “I am your father”.  Lol cue in Luke Skywalker esque reactions and Kaltz explains that he tried to lead the Kira assassins away from his mother, but some realized what he was trying to do, and in the end, Kaltz died, and his regret and sadness turned him into the demon of drief.  Kaltz tells him that Konoe is effing him up cuz of the emotion overload thingy, and wants Asato to live on cuz he’s his darling son, but Asato’s brain short circuits at this point and he goes into rage mode and tries to maim Kaltz.  He comes to his senses, realises what just happened and runs away.

In the morn, Konoe hops up to the roof to find Asato.  Asato immediately tries to leave, saying that he can’t be near Konoe any more and that Kaltz fucked up his mom’s life etc.  Konoe pulls a petal off Asato and sees Kaya’s memories.  He tells Asato that though his mom was scared, was in pain and all, in her last moments, she loved both him and Kaltz, and was glad that the two were still alive.  Konoe then says the same, that Asato being with him was great, leading to Asato asking whether Konoe would still stay with even if he changed into a monster.  Konoe tells him “no shit sherlock”, and the two head back into their room. After fumbling with his words as he tries to tell Konoe ‘something’, Asato goes “ah screw the talking, lets just get down to it” and makes out with Konoe.  He tells Konoe that he wants to be his only, with Konoe responding, “then you’re mine.”



The two romp around in the hay and at the end, just to embarrass Konoe some more, Asato goes “teehee I see the many faces of Konoe ;)” and the two sleep.

Next day, big battle with Leeks takes place, and Leeks offers Asato the chance to change his birth, but Asato says that a world without Konoe is the same as death to him, and becomes a totally awesome looking skull demon with nekomimi x) Leeks taunts Konoe that Asato is gonna lose his memories soon and become consumed by his demon side, but Konoe don’t give no shit cuz he promised Asato, that no matter what he becomes, he’ll still be there for him.  Konoe can choose to give up on Asato here, and if he does, Asato remains an effed monster and tentacle rapes Konoe.

However, Asato really has lost his mind and takes a swing at Konoe, messing up his right hand for good.  Kaltz appears and tries to stop Asato, but merely becomes a chew toy for his son, and Konoe gets up, cuts his now useless right hand off, and Shui teaches him the song blar.

Konoe opens his eyes to find Asato, still a monster but sane again, licking his wounds.  Relieved that Asato is half back, he owns Leeks ass, Asato returns to normal, and after making up with the Kira cats, the two get their happily ever after.


Heeeeh…kinda like a kitty uncle Motomi from True Blood, in terms of personality anyway.  Well at any rate, he’s better looking and a hell lot funnier.  Owns an inn, Rai seems to hold some sort of grudge against him, and is relaxed, mature, with black hair, a goatee and tiger markings.

After Konoe gets rid of his tatts the first time round, he returns to the inn with Rai and finds himself drawn to Bardo for no particular reason, with Bardo noticing right off the bat and making use of it to tease Konoe.  Bardo’s pretty damn nice to Konoe and once after stepping on his tail, apologizes by brushing it for him.

Mating season scene with Bardo was lol – Bardo was so matter of fact with everything and Konoe was all “STFU YOU EMBARRASSING PIECE OF SHIT” and the former thought it’d be fun to smear Konoe’s dong and bum with honey XD

However, nobody is normal here, and of course, this includes Bardo.  He was Rai’s old teacher and taught him how to fight, but when he saw how Rai got turned on by blood, he got jealous and ran away because blood didn’t give him a hard on lol.  Like seriously man?

Konoe meets up with Verg, the demon of pleasure to find a way to cure Bardo, with Verg telling him that if Konoe gives his soul to him, he’ll heal Bardo.  If Konoe is dumb enough to believe Verg, then we get Verg’s ending, where Konoe ends up as Vergs sex slave.

On with Bardo’s path, Konoe ain’t no retard, rejects his offer and goes back to the inn.  Konoe touches Bardo’s short sword and suddenly sees flashes of his memories, and when Bardo comes back, Konoe tells him this, prompting Bardo to tell Konoe about his past.  He was jealous that he couldn’t go into berserker mode like Rai and was jealous that he couldn’t toss out all logic and fear like Rai when fighting.  So he summoned Verg and tried to strike a contract with him, but turns out Rai was there too, and contract rules state that only the contractor and his client are allowed to be present whilst striking a contract, and thus, the contract, only half done, was canceled, and Bardo was left with his wound, a mark of his sin, Which is also why Rai hates him so much.

Bardo gets the same tatts on his right shoulder and Konoe gets the dream with Shui.  He gets the ring back blablabla and as it snows, Bardo hugs Konoe, who begins to cry as the impact of losing his entire village hits him, and Bardo tilts his chin up and kisses him.

They go back,  Konoe thanks Bardo for comforting him the night before, and Bardo asks him why he’s willing to go so far for a cursed cat like him.  Konoe replies that it’s cuz he just can’t leave Bardo alone, and Bardo gets all horny on Konoe, saying that he doesn’t really care that Konoe is a guy cuz he swings both ways lol.  Konoe obviously ain’t too pleased with that and punches him before going back to his room.

Bardo goes into Konoe’s room the same night, asking about Rai and telling Konoe not to go to Leeks before catching Konoe off guard and pushing him down and making out with him.  Konoe replies that he can’t and has to face Leeks to continue living on.  With that said, Bardo confesses that he’s in love with Konoe, with the Konoe telling Bardo that there’s no way in hell that he likes him, and the two have sexy time together.

Konoe VS Leeks the next day, and after Konoe returns to the scene from Shui teaching him the god song, Leeks asks Bardo whether he’ll go back to change his past or leave it as it is, and Bardo rejects his offer cuz it’d mean forgetting Konoe. Firi sings and Bardo’s hand starts acting up again. He stabs his cursed hand and attacks Leeks, Rai showing up to join the fray.

Leeks got KO-ed, Rai makes up with Bardo, and years later, Konoe are Bardo are both handling the inn, Bardo still as horny as ever and Konoe, totally tsundere.  Konoe finds a letter addressed to a ‘Sheryl’, with a picture of a kiddy cat that looks like Bardo, and Konoe immediately assumes that Sheryl is Bardo’s wife and the picture, his kid.  Bardo laughs and says it’s him, and that Sheryl is his real name XD

Afterthoughts and Conclusion

Like I said, crazy fucking long.  I don’t know how many times I’ve had to tell myself to keep going and finish the game, but hell it was a lot of times.

Retardedly long game play aside, the good points.  The character designs were bliddy brilliant, as expected from the genius who came up with Shiki from True Blood, and even Asato’s ‘ugly monster’ looked awesome.  I know most hate Fraud’s chara design cuz they say he looks like a weirdo green bug, but personally, I think that’s it looks fab, particularly when he takes off the helmet thing.  It was interesting to see how different Konoe was with each of the cats – with Rai, he was really loving and put up with all of his tosh; with Asato, he was more of an exasperated, easily embarrassed caretaker, and with Bardo, he was just good tsundere fun =D

My fave out of the main 3 is definitely Asato, who is completely adorable with how clueless he is, and was like a dumber version of Keisuke from True Blood, as it didn’t seem as though he was smart enough to even feel embarrassment.  How straightforward he is with Konoe, about how Konoe is his first and all that was really cute and Konoe’s reactions made it all that more amusing to watch.  I didn’t really like Rai until the end cuz he spent most of his time being an ice queen bitch who just wanted Konoe cuz he was a sanga, but he did lighten up, and had some pretty sweet scenes with Konoe.  Bardo > Motomi by like 2394873289 times and was a hilarious tease with Konoe, and managed to bring out the great tsundere side of our protagonist. The demons were pretty damn funny, especially Verg who was vulgar and horny at the same time, and Kaltz’s fatherly love for Asato was rather touching in the end.

Obviously, the soundtrack was brill seeing as it came from Nitro+Chiral, and Itou Kanako has once again become my god by singing the OP (which actually sounds better in japanese to me for some reason lol), and the OST really manages to bring out the fantasy theme of Lamento.

Voicewise, Konoe didn’t sound all too uke-ish to me but was good, Rai’s voice had that deep-hot thing, anything Asato said sounded dumb and cute at the same time, and Bardo made me go “d’aaaaaw” cuz he was so nice to Konoe when he was banging  and comforting him.  The demons sound good too but that’s about it.

It’s only really the length that bothers me.  I don’t know why every route was so long, when the story could be shortened by so much.  Lamento’s actually kinda fun, if you can tolerate the stupid long plot, but True Blood was better, and Sweet Pool totally tops Lamento.

25 Responses to “BL Game Review – Lamento -BEYOND THE VOID-”

  1. sharakael Says:

    Otsukare-sama~~ :D
    Thank you for reviewing this! I finally understand the story…

    …found it strange though… I thought with only 3 possible pairings the game woudln’t be that long… ah well, at least they put a lot of effort into the plot (…right?)

    • domshiki Says:

      heh, one would THINK it’d be short no? but heck, they drag everything out so it took forever to get through…
      but play it for asato – he’s adorable >w<

  2. Xhielle Says:

    XD i like you’re review and I’ve been enjoying reading Asato’s part.. thanks for the review.

  3. Shay Says:

    This is the best review I’ve ever read.
    I laugh my butt cheeks off every time. ;D

  4. Metapham Says:

    Okay, so I don’t play any BL novel games but shit man, I’m glad I found your blog ’cause you’re just fucking hilarious.

  5. 生き生き Says:

    Thanks so much for this review~

    I have been thinking about buying some BL games and I have had my eye on Lamento after reading the scanlations.

  6. zoze Says:

    also, how do u make lamento to full screen?

  7. koinz99 Says:

    Hello, love your reviews!!! First found out about this from you, this was hilarious!
    I actually started playing this. I played until the 15 % patch, and when the Japanes started, I thought that i would start translating myself (i dont use AGTH and ATLUS). Depending on how it goes, i may even contact the original translator and see if we can advance on the english version- i really want more people to see this game, as i feel it is more overshadowed by TNC…
    ..but man, u were right, this game is looonggg!! I opened up the script in microsoft word…6000 pages in total… The actual game text is actually around 4000 pages, but yeah, i’ll probably only translate it halfway by the end of the summer(the remaining %85 that is untranslated). However, i actually like the tedious process of translating alot. I dont actually mind long games ( rather i prefer it- my video games of choice are mostly 40-60 hour rpgs lol) I just mind when i’m the one actually trying to translate it. lol I think i’ll like this more than awesome TNC

    • domshiki Says:

      that’d be so awesome if you guys really did translate it! Just so everyone can enjoy super adorable ASATO <3 Good luck though, cuz you're right, this game is hellishly long!

      • Does anyone know a website to buy Lamento -BEYOND THE VOID- game because i’m trying to find but so far NONE. ‘-_-

      • domshiki Says:

        Doesn’t have the game?

        Haha same ere that’s what I think. I find myself wondering what most BL games would be like had the MC been a girl lol

  8. Alica Says:

    GAAAAH!!!! stuipid picture POP UP!!!!! I like Rai so far and what’s guys do you like on this game?

    • It would be interesting if the MC was a girl to I mean about it almost all the girls are gone so because of a disease so why is she living it would make a good story. But would difinely be going after Rai because the bad boy types are sometimes a turn off for when it comes to games that is.

  9. Jessicuhh Says:

    I swear theres more than one konoe ending? isn’t there one where they both have horns and demon tails? and another where konoe and rai kill each other? (just saw the pics on good ol google) :S

    • domshiki Says:

      I think the game was so bloody long that I wasn’t assed enough to play any more endings lol

  10. Thank you for posting this. I can’t remember how I learned of Lamento several years ago, bbut I thought of it recently because I’m buying Hakuoki (I know, that one’s otome but whatever).
    It was nice seeing images and reading your no-nonsense review. I’d been wondering what it was about, lol. I had no idea the story was so crazy.

    • domshiki Says:

      lol same here i thought it’d be some straightforward gay porno game too but it went kinda nuts

  11. Sweetie you are awesome. I absolutely agree with everything you said/typed – game too long but awesome characters.
    I couldn’t play the game for some darn reason (computer hates me) and I can only watch from Youtube
    The game is insanely long and I was on the verge to give up even though I was very interested in the whole story. you saved me there hon.
    Thanks for sharing and keep up the awesomeness!

    • domshiki Says:

      Thanks! I don’t really rmb much about the game but yeah INSANELY long. The story was pretty engrossing though that’s true :D Wow someone actually uploaded their playthroughs of the game that’s dedication right there lol

  12. Well, I just started playing the game. Literally. Just about an hour ago. Reminds me of a text based RPG. I believe Utsuro is the word for Void, isn’t it? Dictionary has like three or more meanings. I’m just gonna guess it’s void since that’s in the title of the game. / : Is it a curse or is it some encroaching force? So far I get the idea that it’s some land eating empty space. Set up for the story is nice. I hope it doesn’t get too draggy for my taste. Oh, and dose kanji…. もう、全く! is the best kanji tool EVA!! \。A。/

    • domshiki Says:

      I can’t really rmb but yes, utsuro in this case is the void. I got the feeling that it was a curse of sorts but then again, I don’t rly rmb anymore haha. It does get a bit draggy but Asato is worth it <3 haha funny enough I don't have probs with kanji and I struggle most with the grammar and stuff in twisty plots

  13. อยากเล่น

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