Otome Game Review – Kurayami no Hate de Kimi wo Matsu

Alternative Names: 暗闇の果てで君を待つ

Company: D3 Publisher

Release Date: 22.10.09

Official Site: http://www.d3p.co.jp


Platform: DS

Genre: Otome, romance, mystery, everybody’s a sinner

Summary: Heroine, Hasekura Miyuki (default name, changeable, this time I wasn’t bothered to change) gets trapped in an old school with a bunch of pretty boys thanks to a crazy masked killer.  All of them have supposedly sinned and are now paying the price, and if they can’t get out by the next day, they’re all fucked.  Just to drop some more shit bombs on em, turns out one of em is the killer – guess who *rolls eyes*.

Aoi Mio

MOE MOE KYUN XD  Sadly, this ain’t the Mio from moe blob anime K-ON!  and instead, looks like his character design was ripped off Asakura Ryou from Genderbent Haruhi.  Which ain’t a bad thing at all, seeing as ‘manlynized’ Asakura is A+++ grade, and of course, Aoi is no different.  A year older than the heroine, he’s the kaichou of the school and also the heir to the filthy rich Aoi group.  Appears to be a calm, mature and reliable all round perfect guy, but is actually pretty airheaded, naive and the type, as the heroine puts it, that one just can’t leave alone.

The bus the heroine and the rest of the guys are on a school bus (for some reason that I forgot), with two teachers, Mikamoto Naoki and Kousaka Takahiko.  Suddenly, Mikamoto, the driver, loses control, and the bus takes a plunge and all goes black.  When the heroine wakes up, she finds herself in an unknown classroom, no lights on, with Mikamoto and her childhood friend, Sakuraba Katsumi.  The doors are locked and it’s dark out.  Mikamoto offers to climb down the window and check out what’s up, but the minute he reaches the ground, there are a couple of gunshots, and he doesn’t come back.  The heroine and Sakuraba manage to unlock the door, and they head out the classroom to find everyone else.

After everyone gets out of their rooms, they gather at some ‘presentation room’ and there, a projection of a young woman shows, and she turns out to be the sister of Sakuraba.  When asked why she is doing this to everyone, she laughs and says it’s cuz they’re all sinners, and Aoi is linked to pride.  She gives em a hint and tells em that they got a time limit to get out or else she nukes the school and they all end up like Mikamoto earlier – shot and hung – , and she disappears.  The group split into pairs and in Aoi’s path, the heroine partners with him.

The heroine manages unlock the path to the 2nd floor and that’s when Aoi nervously reveals that this school was built by his group and he knows it inside out.  Everyone flips out and locks him into a room cuz they think he’s the culprit now, and though the heroine tries to help, it’s no use, and when she visits Aoi, instead of finding him brooding in a corner, he’s chilling and sipping a cup of tea – apparently, he carries tea packets and cups with him wherever he goes lol.  The heroine finds reporter, Watanuki Akira, who gatecrashed and came looking for big scoops but got shot when he entered the school, and she helps him out.

However, the group lets Aoi back into their ranks when they realize they need his extensive knowledge of the school so he pairs with the heroine again.  He lets her in one a secret – he’s the nephew of the other, still alive teacher, Kousaka Takahiko, and the teacher’s gonna fake his death in a mo in an attempt to mess up the killer’s plans.  And indeed, there is suddenly a gunshot from within the now locked surveillance room and blood starts seeping out from under the door.  One in the group, Kazano Tarou, knows that the teacher ain’t dead and in fact, uses this as blackmail to get money from Aoi to pay for his lil sis’s medical fees.

Shit happens after that when everyone starts getting attacked by a strange masked man, and the projection of the sister appears again, giving em both clues as to how everyone is gonna die: Sakura Katsumi, burning with anger, will be unable to control said negative emotions anymore and will be crushed by the enormous pressure; Honami Yousuke, with his sin being sloth, will be incarcerated in a place just as cold and dark as his heart; Akiyama Tomo, will be smothered by his jealousy in a windowless room; Aoi Moi, who knows not the meaning of sacrifice, will have his prideful mask washed away; and Kazano Tarou, being strangled by his greed.

Successfully saving everyone, Aoi goes to the garden of the school and sees the teacher’s pen lying in a deep ditch in the ground.  He heads down to retrieve it, and water suddenly floods the ditch and he immediately starts panicking, as he has a phobia of water. The heroine rescues him and brings him to the infirmary to warm him (OMG his death CG is pretty).

At this point, Aoi breaks down crying cuz he knows the only person who could have done this to him was his own uncle, the teacher, and they hurriedly head to the surveillance room, only to find the teacher’s body on the ground, a gunshot wound in his abdomen and a piece of paper  lying around.

The paper appears to be a confession of the teacher, that he did everything alone and decided to take his own life, but Aoi knows straight away that it’s a fake, as his uncle was right handed and not left, and they realize that the body is not his uncle’s.

With little time left, the two rush to the one place they haven’t opened – the chapel.  Aoi devises a risky plan with the rest of the group, and he and the heroine head inside.

Inside the chapel, the teacher stands and laughs, saying that he never thought they’d come so far.  He explains that he was the culprit, and the dead body in the surveillance room is his twin brother’s.  Both of them have a sick obsession with killing people that runs back to the first time Aoi met him, and the reason that Aoi is scared of water is because of the teacher himself – he was the one who kept pushing Aoi into deep lakes and whatnot and that instilled his phobia.  The teacher says he’s doing this all for fun and wants to kill everyone, but before he can do anything, torrents of water surge forth into the chapel and the heroine and Aoi run, leaving the teacher trapped inside, and he drowns- turns out this was Aoi’s plan.

Soon, the cops arrive thanks to Watanuki, and a month later, Aoi spends his afterschool with the heroine.  They discuss some mundane topic like commoner’s food or some shit and the heroine shows him the wonder of instant foods.  While he goes on about how awesome it is, he thanks her for saving his ass back then, and confesses to her while eating cup noodles.  Heroine likes him too and smoogy woogy wips ;)

Sakuraba Katsumi

The osananajimi of the heroine, who has wavy orange hair and a pair of goggles around his neck.  Totally adorable in the sense that he’s totally for the heroine and is obviously in love with her.  Somewhat badmouthed and outgoing, he’s protective of the heroine and gets jealous whenever any of the other guys get too close to her.  His sis went missing 7 years ago, and he continually brings up his and the heroine’s childhood memories of being together which is pretty damn funny cuz he seems to be the only one who holds said memories in great importance.  Totally won me over when I found out that he’s a bakery guy – dude, who doesn’t have bakeries at the top of their fave place list?  Sin is Wrath.

More than wanting to get out alive, Sakuraba is intent on finding out what the hell’s up with his sister: is the voice really that of his sister’s and is she really tryna nuke em all?  It’s quickly made apparent near the start that he likes Miyuki, as he’s the only one who looks remotely happy when getting paired with her.  They talk about their past, and she called him the nickname she used to as a kid, “Kacchan”, and he splutters and looks embarrassed, turned on the way a guy would if a cute girl calls em “oniichan” – confused, the heroine asks why he’s so red, and tells him to call her by her kiddy nickname too but he goes even redder and has a “st-stupid!  lo way i can do dat >///<” XD

Prior to everyone getting attacked by the masked dude, the heroine gets hungry and Sakuraba magically pulls out some of his Sakuraba Bakery bread from nowhere and shares it with her.  He reminisces the past again, and recalls how the heroine once said that she wanted to marry him so she could get free bread every day lol.  When the heroine goes “yeah I remember that”, he’s crestfallen at her completely casual answer, and tells her that.  She goes “wot” and blushing, he clears his throat and tells her that it’s like when she uses heartmarks at the end of her text messages and acts so neutral to potentially embarrassing things like that.  Still, Miyuki’s all “…hah??”, and in the end, he gives up and they find everyone dying blablabla.

They find a chained cabinet and suspect summin important is inside.  So what dey do?  If it don’t open, set it on fire.  They grab some  flamethrower that just happens to be lying around, and burn it down, finding a video tape inside.  Sakuraba’s sister calls for him again, but they can’t get into the projection room cuz its still locked.  So they head into the room next to it, make a pinhole camera and peer inside.  A no brainer here, when we find that his sister wasn’t real, and that it’s just the masked man using some voice changing thing to imitate her.  Before they can do anything though, the two get meleed from behind.

The heroine comes to in the electricity room of the second floor and to her absolute horror, finds Sakuraba’s head lodged between two gears, unable to get out.  However, instead of worrying about himself, he’s relieved that she’s alright and tells her to scram before the masked dude gets her again.  The heroine tells him to stop being so anal and rushes off to save him.  She assumes that the control button roll the gears in reverse, but the suspense is killing them, so she holds his hands, and he tells her that though it’s assholey, he’s happy to see that she’s getting so worked up over him.  Duh he gets out all right, and they burn down another door, a tv and vid player inside, and they pop the cassette in.

A deluge of shit rains down on Sakuraba when he sees none other than his own sister, tied to a chair, with two masked men around her.  The men tell her that they’d release her if she gives up Sakuraba, but Sakuraba nee is one badass sister and tells em all to stuff it cuz she’d die for Sakuraba, and the tape stops when one of the men raises his knives and presumably, guts her.

In rage/emo mode, Sakuraba charges over to the last locked place, the chapel, and finds Kousaka.  Kousaka explains that Sakuraba nee was the one victim that refused to give him the pleasure of hearing her scream and beg for mercy as he killed her, so he resolved to kill the lil bro to rub it in her dead face that she died for nutin.  He approaches the two with a blade, but what’s a puny dagger gonna do against a flamethrower?  So Sakuraba sets the fire bitches loose, turns the chapel into a burning hellhole, and everyone gets out good.

In the epilogue, the two have lunch together on top of a hill, Sakuraba of course, being the one who makes the lunch (my lord he makes a good looking bento).  Finally, after a moment of silence, he tells her he really wants to make out with her and he’s always been in love with her.  Their kissing scene is pretty cute, with the heroine going “dang dats sour” and Sakuraba going “wot, you tasted sweet!  …do it again?” lol.

Honami Yousuke

Half white, with blonde hair and green eyes.  Is best friends with Akiyama Tomo and always spends his time teasing and ridiculing him.  Personality wise, he’s straightforward and the complete opposite of Akiyama: witty though short tempered and proud.  Actually has a pretty effed up past and is crazy scared of bugs.

The one guy who doesn’t treat the heroine all that nicely just cuz she’s a girl and has his guard pretty high up.  When Akiyama shows him a bug, he completely flips out and runs away screaming like a little girl and the heroine has to go comfort him, and he ends up being embarrassed silly cuz she saw how totally uncool he is XD

Later on, he tells her about his past – his dad was a famous scientist but was effed in the head and experimented on Honami or summin, which is why he’s blonde with green eyes instead of being more ‘asian’ (recessive dominant gene crap).  He hates his dad and his own weirdo body cuz of that, and his dad ditches him right after and ran off.  Nobody else knows this cuz it was never broadcasted and he never told anyone, but Watanuki has been snooping around him cuz he suspects all of this, and Honami thinks that’s why he’s here.

After saving everyone, the masked killer knocks Honami and the heroine out.  When Miyuki wakes up, she finds herself in the school kitchen, and looking over at the meat locker, sees Honami trapped inside.  When she rescues him, the first thing he does is hug her and tell her how warm and soft she is and is glad to have met her.

Same thing happens, they find Kousaka’s dead body with the will and Watanuki drives off to get the cops.  Thing is, Honami suspects that’s not what Watanuki did and thinks that he’s still lurking around.  He’s right, and it turns out Watanuki heard about the data hidden in the school and knows that something about Honami is in there.  Honami tries to get Watanuki to trash the data, but before he can, masked killer shows up and beats em all up.  He’s about to close in on Honami but Watanuki picks up something that I couldn’t quite catch and bashes the dude’s head in.  In the end, Watanuki gives up on Honami’s case and everyone gets out good.

A couple of weeks later, Honami brings the heroine to his ‘secret place’ and wows her with the great scenery that they don’t show us lol.  After some chitchat about the hellish incident a month or so back, he hugs her from the back, tells her he loff her velly much, and that ends with a kiss.

Akiyama Tomo

Dude, fucking rad strength.  Is tall, buff and resorts to brawn with everything, punching his way through walls and doors – bloody juggernaut.  Doesn’t talk much and initially seems kinda aloof, but is always the butt of Honami’s jokes, with the latter giving him the nickname “Luna” cuz the kanji for Tomo is two moons.  Obviously, he can’t be strong and a genius so he’s also a tad on the dumb side and is pretty honest and tolerates Honami’s shit.  His sin is envy as he’s jealous of Honami or summin, he plays tennis with Honami, and is the ‘manly save the girl’ chara.

Totally reminded me of Asato because of how easy he is to read, and how he beats himself up over everything with Honami  (like Asato with Konoe), especially after he ran away after he showed him a bug.

Though he seems kinda ‘meh’ to the heroine, he cheers her up by catching a firefly and showing it to her (lol what is with Akiyama and showing people bugs??).  Then Honami comes in to try and apologize to Akiyama for slippin out at the bug earlier, but sees the firefly and runs off baaawing like a sissy girl again XD

His path is roughly the same as the others for the most part, with the teacher staging his death etc, and he’s so manly, when Aoi falls into the ditch, Akiyama strips and saves him with his shirt.  However, he gets owned as well by the masked killer and gets cuffed to the storage room, toxic gas filling up the room.

Once again, his crazy strong manliness shows again when he breaks through his handcuffs with nothing but sheer GAR and raw macho.  The antagonist ere is Kazama Tarou who collects the camera data to blackmail Aoi and Honami, but just once more for the record, Akiyama is so badass he just breaks the chips with his fingers and they all get out safe.

Back at school, Akiyama goes home with the heroine, with Honami having enough tact to give them some alone time, and there, Akiyama thanks the heroine and having a “screw the complicated flowery words” moment, confesses to her and says that he doesn’t know how to get across how much he likes her.  Then, seeing the heroine shivering in the cold, Akiyama opens his trenchcoat (HAHA i couldn’t help but picture a pervy hobo flashing his rotten dong at an innocent passer by loli), lets the heroine in, and they snog.

Kazano Tarou

A year younger than the heroine, he’s a tad on the delinquent side, comes from another school and has a siscon.   He hates Aoi right from the start and tries to blackmail him for money to cure his little sister.  Appearance wise, he’s got short grey hair, ‘bad boy jewelery and a red parka’ .  Unlike the other guys, he’s cunning, damn smart, and acts as though the whole thing ain’t a big deal, but is actually pretty scared underneath and gets all tripped up once he starts liking the heroine.

Throughout his route, the heroine finds out that he hates rich people, especially the Aoi group as his dad works for them and they’re dirt poor while the Aoi group are having a good time with their lives.  His little sister has always had a weak constitution and thus always hospitalized, but his family just don’t got the dough for her operations and his parents are lazy god fanatics who aren’t really trying and push everything onto God.  Which is why he’s taken it upon himself to help his little sister, having a part time job and doing computer shiz, but it still ain’t enough.  As he can’t depend on his parents for anything and realizing that the heroine’s been a hell lot more reliable than anyone else in his life, he asks her to never betray him and they pinky promise.

lol gangsta face

So instead of just trying to get out alive, Kazano plans something bigger when he finds some camera data inside the surveillance cameras which apparently switched back on or summin wen the electricity came back, which he hides from the heroine and everyone else.  When the teacher stages his death, Kazano is the one person smart enough to realize that the whole thing’s fake and uses this to unsuccessfully blackmail Aoi.

After savin everyone, the two get owned from the back and the heroine gets up in the art room, unharmed.  On the other hand, Kazano is now stuck in an iron maiden.  Heroine uses a screwdriver to get him free and blablabla.

When they do get the doors open at the projection room, they find two dead bodies, a masked man and the Kousaka’s, with the same letter,  and Kazano tries to access the data within the card by jacking it into the old PC at the school, but the minute he does that, he finds another remote pc in the area trashing his data.  Knowing that it had to be Aoi (summin abt Aoi wanting to protect the Aoi group or shiz), he and the heroine go to the chapel and indeed, Aoi is there.

Kazano tells him it’s too late and he’s already somehow uploaded the vids onto an american broadcasting site, and the vids turn out to be those showing the teacher’s berserk killings and the person who set the school on fire in the past.  Kazano tries to get mula out of Aoi again, but Aoi says that he ain’t worth that much in his family as he has other siblings to be heirs and that he’s expendable.  Kazano gives up and decides to buy out the Aoi group or summin instead and the cops come and everyone gets out.  Before he and the heroine leave however, he confesses to her and kisses her before chickening out and running away lol.

When the heroine gets out, the news of the crazy Aoi group is everywhere and Kazano becomes filthy rich and has gone to the US to cure his sis.  Some time after, Kazano shows up at her school and it turns out he’s transferred and is back in jp.  After awkwardly telling her some adorable shit, he pulls out a diamond ring, puts it on her finger, and tells the heroine he loves her.

Kousaka Takahiko

Wow.  His route is simply, WOW, but more about that down dea.  Er, he lookslike a cheap, blue haired version of Aizen but dats alright cuz his path is WOW.  He’s appears to be a strict teacher who’s all prim and proper, but as the story progresses, his good teacher act starts slippin, and the heroine sees the sadistic, twisted him underneath.  His sin is lust, and he’s most definitely whack in a completely awesome way.

Right from the beginning of his route, he already acts pretty suspicious in the sense that he tries to reject the heroine’s request to partner up, and only relents after she keeps askin him more, but it’s obvious he’s not too happy.

He walks around badgering the other guys, trying to convince Akiyama that Honami could very well be the mastermind, and why Sakuraba suspects him – not very innocent actions.  The heroine gets more and more suspicious when Kousaka makes inappropriate death jokes and appears to make pleasure in doing so and watching her reactions, and she has a wtf moment when Kousaka licks her wounds after she cuts herself on a glass beaker.

Just prior to getting the electricity back on, the teacher takes the heroine to the library and asks who she thinks is the killer.  The heroine straight out says she suspects him, gives him reasons ie the un teacher like actions etc, and impressed, Kousaka admits he is, but the heroine don’t got no proof.  Much to his surprise and my delight/wtf, the heroine says she doesn’t plan on exposing him, and instead, wants to HELP HIM.  At this point, the teacher thinks she’s plain mad (totally is) and attempts to kill her, but finds that he can’t for some reason, so enlists her help and says she has to be the one survivor in the place amongst all the other guys ie kill everyone else.  More wtfuckery when I realize that the heroine isn’t doing it go undercover and expose Kousaka and shiz, but is cuz she really is into him.  With that, they head out, get the lights back up in the 2nd floor, and he stages his death.

Here, is where the epic win begins.  When she finds Watanuki, she pulls out his improvised IV drip, effectively killing him, and the projection of Sakuraba’s sister shows and tells her she has 5 more to go.  Feeling sickened by her own actions, the heroine plods on and finds Sakuraba.  She finds the tool that’ll save him cuz it’ll reach the stop button and tries to toss it out of the window, but Honami shows up and asks wt the hell she’s doing.  She hurriedly lies that she’s releasing a bug so he flips and dashes out, and as she contemplates whether to give up Sakuraba or not, she thinks of him, remembers his kindness and how he told her he’d give himself up to save her, but her demented love for the teacher prevails and she ditches the tool in the end.

Heading out, she sees that Honami is gone and realizes that she must be the next one that she has to kill.  She finds him in the meat locker and plans to just act helpless and wait till Honami freezes his ass off, but Akiyama shows up, sees Honami and tries to save him.  Still, Miyuki doesn’t give up and hides the icepick which is needed to save Honami cuz it brings the temp down in the meat locker or summin, and by the time Akiyama manages to open the meat locker, Honami’s ass is frozen. Pissed, Akiyama hunts for the killer but gets knocked out and back into the storage room in cuffs.  The heroine pretends to help but just plain ditches him and Akiyama gets gassed.

Next one up is Aoi, and knowing that Kazama will sooner or later hear Aoi’s cries for help, she pushes a statue down so that Kazama can’t use it as support to drag Aoi up.  Miyuki leaves and watches as Kazama tries to save the pres, but can’t cuz he’s runty and titchier than Aoi.

In the end, Kazama finds the heroine and confronts her.  He’s pretty damn sure she’s the culprit now, but the heroine is a fab actress and manages to weasel her way out of suspicion.  Kazama believes her and suggests they try to make it out of here together now, but Kousaka flies in from the window and strangles him with his own pendant.  The teacher praises her for her good work but says he has to finish off his younger bro, and tells her to meet him at the chapel.

At the chapel, the heroine is greeted with not one Kousaka, but two.  The younger twin takes the heroine captive and holds a knife to her neck.  He knows the teacher has been trying to kill him and knows that Miyuki is the reason for this.  More complete insanity from Kousaka nii, when he starts singing about how the one person he’s always wanted to kill was himself, but before he can do that, he has to kill his other self, Kousaka junior.  But he can’t cuz he’s holding Miyuki, so the heroine, either tells Kousaka junior to kill her, or in a display of utter “HUH?!?!” and bravery, tells Kousaka nii to kill her cuz she’d love to be killed by him and wants to die knowing that she gave Kousaka nii some satisfaction from cutting her up.

In the “stab me preash junior” path, Kousaka junior deems her boring upon hearing her say that, and Kousaka nii decides to continue being a serial killer with junior as long as he can keep Miyuki as his pet prisoner.  So Kousaka nii holds the heroine prisoner (pretty odd as she completely LOVES it) while the whole world is looking for her.

That ain’t the true ending obviously, and if she tells Kousaka nii to kill her, he goes “dude she’s more effed than i am” but touched, stabs his lil bro.  Kousaka nii tells Miyuki that he doesn’t know love and that he’s effed in the head real bad, but he loves her and if she’s not ok with that, she can walk away now.  The heroine tells him she’s fucking mad too and hugs him.

The two run away to some remote cottage in the middle of nowhere and spend their days, sharing their twisted love with each other as wanted criminals.  The last scenes show the two lying together, presumably after sex or summin, and the teacher talks to the heroine.  He stops after he realizes she isn’t listening, and the heroin says it’s cuz she was so hot for him she couldn’t concentrate.  He laughs hornily and the two share a kiss.

Afterthoughts and Conclusion

Still wowed by the teacher’s route *shakes head*.

Firstly, the characters.  My fave chara…can’t choose between Kazano, Kousaka nii or Sakuraba.  Wait, who am I kidding?  The HEROINE was definitely the most awesome character in Kurayami.  She was completely calm the whole game, wasn’t scared of bugs, and was the one who saved everyone’s asses (apart from Kousaka route).  She was strong mentally and not in the Kaichou wa Maid sama way where she just resorts to violence and shit for the most part (ur still cute Misaki ^^), and was actually resourceful and a logical thinker, yet still managing to remain dense and somewhat sarcastic the whole game through.  And she totally blew my mind in Kousaka’s route – wtf.  Like seriously.  I don’t know whether she’s completely insane or not, cuz are you really insane if you know what you’re doing is effed, but I do know she’s completely fucked up, and in my opinion, in a completely AWESOME way.  It was a really nice change of pace, having a homicidal heroine in an otome game.  What to say for Kousaka…he’s a sadistic bastard who should really go burn i hell, but what the heck, i love him.

Soundtrack was brill in the sense that it was chilling, and it was the thing that had me tensed throughout the whole thing more than anything else.  Art was alright – it’s odd how the character’s look pretty blargh most of the time, but in the CG, they’re suddenly beautified like 234723846832768 times.  I vote Akiyama for having the best CG, and the best thing was when you view the cg afterwards, clicking on the cg will give you a random line from the character, and I shat bricks at Aoi’s drowning pic line: “…S-SYNCHRONIZED SWIMMING!!  …uh no that’s not it…”

The plot was so so.  I found the mystery element in Kurayami to be lacking, and the climax of the story was a complete flop as they brought up a magical twin that so conveniently explained everything – I was unpleasantly reminded of Code Geass R2 when I had totally loved the first season, but the second season just got wtf with the god shit that they pulled out of nowhere, and Anya who also magically explained everything (peace man, to all Geass lovers – just one man and his two cents worth).  All in all, this is a game not to be missed, as it breaks a hell lot of standard otome conventions, has a brill heroine, and a brill soundtrack =D

8 Responses to “Otome Game Review – Kurayami no Hate de Kimi wo Matsu”

  1. sharakael Says:

    Thank you very much for this review… although strangely the golden sentence of the whole review, for me, was this: Once again, his crazy strong manliness shows again when he breaks through his handcuffs with nothing but sheer GAR and raw macho.
    There’s something really, really entertaining about that sentence *ROFL*

    Really enjoys reading your reviews :D hoping I can write reviews as entertaining as this one…

  2. Wow. That’s impressively fucked up. :)

  3. ch3ndo Says:

    I need help!. I cant unlock the CGs!… I want all of them..

  4. kyoka Says:

    So I just started playing this game and I am raging at not being able to go for killer sensei first (ノД`)・゜・。
    Is there no skip function, by the way?

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