Otome Game Review – Arcobaleno

Alternative Titles: アルコバレーノ!ポータブル

Company: Otomate

Release Date: 14.05.09

Platform: PS2, PSP

Genre: AVG, simulation, restaurant

Official Site: http://www.otomate.jp/arcobaleno_psp/

Plot Summary: Kayana Yuuna (Name change Possible) is a student learning Italian cooking at a cooking school. She cant forget the taste of a Italian dish she had 10 years ago and is still looking for the boy who cooked it. A cook visits her school called Nasu Haruto and she finds that the taste of his cooking is extremely similar. As part of her course in school, she has to study at a restaurant and she decides to go to Arcobaleno where Haruto works, her two loyal dogs Kaname and Fuuta at her heels.

[domshiki helped me change the plot… so ya.. I normally don’t write like that]

Okay, some of the pictures I simply dumped in so it might not match the text and it makes it look so messy. orz


Murota Kaname

(CV: Fukuyama Jun)

The main guy (I think at least). He’s voiced by Leleouch but his role is a bit different. He is classmate A who doesn’t do the cooking course but does the managing (not sure) course. Not suprising as he cant cook. There are bonus 4 – koma manga’s and even Fuuta thought that it was food for his dog. He is the son of an owner of large Italian restaurant, Venice Garden but as he doesn’t want to have life the easy way, he wants to make his own Italian restaurant. He found Yuuna to be his cook as there was no one else taking the Italian cooking course and he keeps on saying,


which unless you know what he actually means, may be suggesting some things. There’s also a event where Yuuna, Kaname and Fuuta, stay up late studying for their exams and when Yuuna wakes up there’s only 30 mins until the exam starts, so as she tries to wake Kaname up, he says

う、うう〜ん……夕菜……。ダメだ…… そんなとこ、触るなよ……

O.o … touch what?

He grows his own Italian tomatoes and he uses them as a way of bribing getting Nikichi (the shop manager)to allow him see more of the business numbers of Arcobaleno.

The CG’s are nice including having dinner together in Venice Garden and a picnic scene. There’s also a event where he cosplays as a Venetian at Venice Garden and he goes on his knees in front of Yuuna. It’s cute but if I saw this guy dressed in Venetian clothes in the middle of the street Iwould think that he made a bad choice at cosplaying or that there’s something wrong with him. ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ

Anyway, Kaname isn’t brave enough to say anything to Yuuna about his feelings as when he hugs her from behind and its definitely a confession chance, he backs out and simply says bye to Yuuna leaving her confused. His grandmother, the owner of the cooking school tells Kaname to get a new restaurant and that he’s simply wasting his time at Arcobaleno. Kaname shouts back at her that he hasn’t learnt anything, forcing the staff to think of a idea that the granny will allow. Yuuna is the only one who thought of something SENSIBLE compared to Ryu and the granny thank s her for giving her the opportunity of talking to her grand-son. I’m not surprised he would avoid her as I found her annoying too. Well, on the way home, Yuuna ends up alone with Kaname (with the help of Nikichi dragging the others away) and Kaname finally confesses.

要:夕菜。あ、あのさ…… 聞いて欲しい話があるんだけど。

夕菜:え!?う、うん…… 何?

要:俺…… ずっと前から、お前にいいたかったことが……


Or not. So why does he suddenly shut up? Where is his manliness?! These things in Otome Games, makes the player want to shout at the screen which simply makes you look like a idiot. Then, he’s like ‘I couldn’t tell you properly as I had no guts even when I know what I feel about you’


お前以上の女なんて、他にいない。 お前以外、考えれない……


Took him long enough. It was quite cute how pathetic he looked when Yuuna said that she likes him too. She ended up laughing as well. (* ̄∇ ̄*)

There’s a event at Christmas with a kiss scene and its later revealed in the bonus feature for PSP, the Q and A meetings of the Arcobaleno staff that Haruto and co saw then and it has a ignorant Fuuta and a blushing Haruto talking about it. I liked Kaname’s face.  !Σ( ̄ロ ̄lll)

His email pic isnt that good… In my opinion anyway. So this is a image of the first time Yuuna met Kaname.

Never mind, just realised that I had a email pic for all the rest so ya…. enjoy. Fuuta sends this to Yuuna saying that it’s food or something. Nice Fuuta.


Nasu Haruto

(CV: Tachibana Shinnosuke)

Okay, he is the other main guy, I think. I’m really not sure who is the main guy in the game. Well, he’s the guy who Yuuna had met 10 years ago and had made the amazing food. He was the second one that I went for, mainly because he was better than the characters that I was left with. It seemed like the reason why Yuuna couldn’t meet him again was because his father had died and he had moved to Italy to learn how to cook. The way he got a job is crazy amazing. He said that he would work for no pay. Wow, not sure if anyone would do that in this world all about money.

Seems like food is the only thing that Haruto thinks about and he has a never-ending appetite. Nikichi’sworried that they are spending too much money on the staff’s dinner as they have to pay for three more mouths and so he decides to enter Haruto in a competition at Venice Garden in which Basilio, a student in the same restaurant in Italy as Haruto, is the main chef in.Well, Basilio knows about Haruto’s appetite, and cheats by giving his contestant a smaller portion but still Haruto wins and still says that he’s hungry. Haruto gets a small portion from the prize money as most of its taken by Nikichi and with it he buys Yuuna a espresso cup as a present as he saw her looking at it. He gets attention from the media as the hot chef that has a black hole eats a lot.  Also Yuuna walks in on Haruto getting changed which gives you a CG of a very slim Haruto. (I think most girls want that ability. Eat a lot and don’t get fat). Shame that he didn’t notice her. Kinda curious about his reaction.

Anyway Haruto sprains his right hand when a heavy pot falls on it. Seems like he couldn’t concentrate properly for some reason. This means that he can’t cook for 2 weeks and so Yuuna and Fuuta have to do it instead. However, after 2 weeks and Haruto’s arm is fine, when he thanks Yuuna for all she’s done, she faints from fatigue. … and wakes up in Haruto’s bedroom. She finds the marble/stone that she had given to Haruto ten years ago and when she asks him about it he’s like

春斗:お前の言う通り、これ (the  marble/stone) を持っていたおかげで、俺にも…… いいことがあった


春斗:ああ…… お前と、出会えたことだ。

Seems like, to be a pro cook you need to know how to love somebody so that’s what was missing in Haruto’s food. … Huh? Wait. Then he got depressed.




Wow, they’re both the same. She tells him that she also likes him and he kinda asks her if he can kiss her and this kinda looks like he’s pushing her down on the bed. ( ̄ ̄ロ ̄ ̄;;)

And Ryu walks in.

In the Q and A corner, he mentions that he wants to say ‘I’m full’ at least once. Also, Yuuna created her own post in which it says that ‘I think I’m going fat if all the dates that I go to are at ‘EAT AS MUCH AS YOU WANT’ places’. It has the staff trying to avoid letting Haruto seeing it and he ends up chasing Fuuta’s dog after the dog runs away with it. The staff are like, I feel sorry for both Yuuna and the dog.
AWW.. shit, how can Haruto look so adorable?


Saotome Nikichi

(CV: Mizushima Takahiro)

The Shop Manager of Arcobaleno. He’s extremely popular by the female customers that Kaname notes that he should change jobs and work at a host club. Carries around a harisen (giant paper fan) and regularly hits Ryu with it as he is always fooling around. He doesn’t look his age (28, the oldest guy in the game. Yuuna is only 18) which is shown when after he takes Yuuna homes, he gets caught by the police and they say to him ‘what is a secondary school student doing at midnight’ and the police don’t believe that Nikichi is 28 even when he shows them his driving license. In the end, he gets Ryu and Haruto to explain it for him. Man, Poor him. く( ̄△ ̄)ノ

At the summer festival, Yuuna and Nikichi go on the dare of courage together and when Yuuna agrees to Nikichi’s offer to hold her hand, he suddenly pulls her close saying that ‘You should never trust a guy’. (≧∇≦*)Lol, the great moment got spoiled when they realise that the rest of the staff were stalking them as they were ‘worried for Yuuna’. So Nikichi hit them all with a harisen. More like, does he carry it around everywhere?

The CG’s are okay but not my taste as one of them has him with megane on. I hate megane. There’s also one where Nikichi and Yuuna are making cards for the customers together and another one where Nikichi draws the kanji 肉 (meat) onto Yuuna’s forehead when he catches her sleeping. He also teases her if she would rather have a kiss instead.

Kaname’s granny is also the bad (?) chara again in this route as she comes over to Nikichi and says that he should move out of Arcobaleno and go to Venice Garden as he is too good for Arcobaleno and that he does too much and makes the whole staff depend on him too much. Yuuna tells him that its fine for him to depend on others and that he shouldn’t work too much. Well, Nikichi says that he’s fine but he gets ill from overworking (… what a idiot), and when Ryu orders him to rest, granny enters and the staff find out that Nikichi had been hiding things from them. Ryu goes angry and tells Nikichi to leave if he can’t trust them and so Nikichi leaves. … And Ryu is like Nikichi-sempai and starts getting teary. What the hell?! Ryu is sometimes extremely pathetic.

Well, the staff get worried about Nikichi’s illness and as he wasn’t at Venice Garden they run around looking for him. Yuuna finds Nikichi at the sea and confesses to him and he does too and thanks her for letting him rely on someone. … All together now.

Well, everybody goes together to the hot springs and they’re all wearing yukata. Once everyone’s gone and they’re alone, Nikichi pushes Yuuna to the wall and kisses her.

仁吉:… …ふふ。びっくりした?

夕菜:さ、早乙女さん… …!ま、待って下さい。こんな場所で… …っ!


夕菜:っ… …



… !( ̄∇ ̄ ;) If only the other characters were that bold.  Kaname would be too shy and I can’t imagine Haruto doing that.

Nikichi also gives Yuuna a ring as a present for becoming an official staff member of Arcobaleno but.

本当は左手にはめたいけど、まだちょっと早いから… … 今は右手でゴメンね

ここも (the left hand) 、誰にも渡す気はないから… … 俺のために、空けといてね。

So isn’t he manly?

His Q and A was okay but I found Haruto and Ryu funnier than Nikichi in it. When Haruto saves Ryu from getting hit by Nikichi, Ryu is like

竜:は、春斗くんーーー!! 女神様!天女様!!女王様!!

Which are all feminine. [Goddess, Heavenly Woman (Direct translation, don’t know how to say… orz), Queen]

Sorry, had to put this in… (*´▽`*)


Komatsu Ryunosuke

(CV: Hino Satoru)

The owner of Arcobaleno, absolutely useless and simply an idiot. He wastes too much money on gundam models (?) and destroys food rather than create it. I didn’t like Ryu mainly cause of how stupid he is but I guess the route isn’t too bad.

Seems like, Ryu paid for Aika’s (Nikichi’s niece) hospital fees even when he practically didn’t know Nikichi. The reason why Nikichi’s working at Arcobaleno and not a host club is because he has to pay him back. He’s too good of a person. I mean, he used the money he inherited from his grandfather on a complete stranger. He doesn’t have any relatives so thinks the staff are his family… Aww? Or is he a pathetic adult? Actually, Ryu knows that he’s pathetic and that’s why he tries to be useful.

Well, Yagi comes along with an offer for an article on Yuuna but Ryu disagrees and tells  him to go away… by pouring ice water on him… He’s like

はぁ…… 最近の俺、やっぱりちょっと変だよね…… 君のことが絡むと、つい頭に血が上がって。

!Σ( ̄□ ̄;)Yagi was like writing made up articles and that pissed Ryu off. Yuuna thanks him for thinking about her but on the way down the stairs she trips and is saved by Ryu. Nice CG. Yuuna falls around a lot in his route. At the dare of courage, she trips and lands on Ryu. Reminded me of Okita and Chizuru. Looks like this is something that happens in all Otome games. If only the girl actually pushed him down.

… Anyway, back to the Yagi’s article, Basilio comes in and says that Ryu is taking away Yuuna’s future and that she should leave such a shop. Well Yuuna tells him to f*ck off  stop insulting Arcobaleno which makes Ryu start crying. HAHHH!?

His events aren’t bad except… he can’t even swim so he’s grabbing onto Yuuna’s arm when they’re on a date on a gondola (Venice boats). A scene that he doesn’t look too pathetic is where he’s looking after birds… Random, but ya. ( ̄-  ̄ )

Well, Aika goes missing after overhearing that she’s the reason why Arcobaleno is in debt and why Nikichi has to work so much. She thinks that she’s just causing everybody trouble but when Yuuna and Ryu find her, the latter tells her about how worried they were and etc and they all go home together.

For once, Ryu gets a good idea and he says that Arcobaleno should have a wedding service and for the pamphlet they need a photo as an example. Ryu tells Yuuna to get dressed into a wedding dress and he kinda proposes to her while taking the photo. Nice Ryu, the way he did it was stupid but GOOD JOB!!

After the first successful wedding party a month later, Yuuna goes to get Ryu and finds him sleeping and so she kisses him on the cheek when suddenly Ryu pulls her onto him (?) and kisses her saying


So Yuuna does kiss him but he’s like.


She tries to move away but he kisses her again. Lol. Just get over with it.

Well, it was better than expected but he’s still pathetic to me if you see the other routes. In the Arcobaleno meeting, the staff are having an argument over who gets to model along Yuuna for the next wedding photo.





Wow!!! I’m all for Haruto! (=´∇`=)

More Idiot Ryu… and what’s with the old man?


Katsura Fuuta

(CV: Naruse Makoto)

Okay, I’m sorry to say but he is my least favourite character. Even worse than megane. His voice is annoying. His personality is annoying. I don’t know what else to say but he’s annoying. He’s the other guy that comes to work at Arcobaleno with Yuuna and post of his route is about pizza (or pizua or something in jap). I think that Otomate was aiming for a lovable idiot as

うん!あ、あれ…… なんか、熱が出てきたみたい。顔が熱いんじゃ。

Well, an example of how stupid he is. Another is that Kiyo (Kaname’s grandmother) tells him to give an example of how to use a food processor but being a country guy, he doesn’t know how to use it and ends up crying and saying that he wants to go home to his island. His brother comes along to drag him back after hearing that Fuuta is studying Italian and not Japanese. Fuuta cries again and says ‘I hate you brother’ to which Takumi (the bro) is like Σ( ̄ロ ̄lll). Yuuna tells Takumi to come over to Arcobaleno to see Fuuta cook. Man I fricking cracked up when Takumi came to the shop…


v(≧∇≦)v  TSUNDERE!! WOW! Anyway, Takumi likes the food and lets Fuuta continue cooking. He thanks Yuuna for making Fuuta manlier. The latter hears from Takumi about what Yuuna had done and calls her out at night and shouts


Wow. Embarrassing.

His summer festival is cute and he hugs Yuuna who is extremely scared and another CG is of him showing her fireflies.

After tasting Fuuta’s pizza, Basilio suggests that he should enter a pizza competition to which Kiyo is a judge of. The night before, Fuuta asks Yuuna to make him hamburgers and asks her to draw a heart with ketchup on it. You have a choice of, A. Blushing or B. Start laughing. Man, I wish I chose B. Anyway, he doesn’t win but the staff decide to go to eat Yakiniku (with a cute scene of Haruto fantasizing about food). To which Kiyo walks up to Fuuta and is like, ‘Can’t you hear me calling you?’. Fuuta’s like.


Nice..! ( ̄▽ ̄)ノBeing stupid means he can make everyone else laugh.

He won a special prize or something and starts swinging Yuuna around and confesses to her in front of everybody and that it was because of her that he had got this far. Later in the evening, he apologises for embarrassing her like that to which she kisses him to show him her feelings.  Aww. Nice Yuuna. The ending has them at his island and Fuuta practically proposes but he doesn’t realise it himself.

… I still don’t like Fuuta. Such an annoying voice. It’s like Heisuke’s voice but I got used to his (of course, I mean it’s Hakuouki). I wanted to strangle him … Maybe not. His scene for Arcobaleno meeting shows more of Fuuta’s stupidity.

仁吉:はいはい。バカップルは置いといて…… 次の質問に移るよ

風汰:ばかっぷる……? なんじゃそれ?パイナップルの仲間?

Sorry, I don’t like idiots.

But, he looks cute here.



(CV: Sugiyama Noriaki)

This italien dude who works at Kaname’s dad restaurant in Venice Garden. He used to study alongside Haruto in Italy but he doesn’t seem to like Haruto. Seems like he has this cute, adorable, amazing little sister and she fell in love with Haruto at first sight and although Basilio didn’t want to give his adorable (sister complex much?) to Haruto  seems like Haruto had rejected her by saying ‘Not interested’. (*´▽`*)

Anyway, Basilio is the first guy to realise Yuuna’s talent at cooking and he wants her to study at Venice Garden but he got rejected as Yuuna was already working at Arcobaleno. He’s a playboy (?) and he has more fangirls than Nikichi (considering that Basilio is a celebrity). Some actress thought that Basilio was going out with her but that was just her imagining things. She goes on a rampage and punches him in the stomach  \(▼0▼)/ and even tried to throw a sign post at him (how scary woman can be). Well, Yuuna pushes Basilio out of the way and she lectures the actress on not damaging property… What about Basilio?

She meets him again and when they’re talking he suddenly hugs her saying,

料理人として君が欲しいだけだと思い込もうとしたけど…… どうやらそれは、違うらしい。

ボクはきっと…… キミを1人の女性として、愛したいんだ。 料理人として側にいられないのなら、せめて恋人として…… ボクの存在を認めてくれないか。

Yuuna is really confused and he hugged her in public to make things worse and Haruto comes by and Yuuna runs away. (≧∇≦) HAHAHAHA was my reaction but I guess poor Basilio. At least Yuuna apologised later.

Basilio asks her on a date at his house and when he asks her why she thinks its at his house she’s like.


Not really what it suggests though. He’s just jealous that Haruto gets to cook alongside Yuuna everyday and that he doesn’t. Nice cooking CG. On the way home, Yuuna confesses to Basilio and his reaction is like ‘Yay, now we’re officially going out’. Man was it disappointing.

Back at Arcobaleno, when she’s about to tell the staff that she’s going out with Basilio, the staff see a newspaper with a photo of Basilio hugging Yuuna (the scene where she ran away from him). When she tells the staff, Yagi (reporter dude) overhears it and asks for a interview but with the help of Haruto and Kaname glaring at him, he leaves. Basilio then tells Yuuna that he already told the media that they’re going out as he was too happy when Yuuna told him her feelings. Well, now the media stalks her 24/7. (><。)。。

Anyway, when Basilio comes to Arcobaleno the next day, Haruto tells him to stop causing trouble for Yuuna but she interrupts him saying that she wants to talk to Basilio alone. She’s not sure if she regrets accepting Basilio’s feelings as the media have not only her but the staff and the customers as well. Seems like Basilio thought that Yuuna likes Haruto as she ran away when she was seen with Basilio in front of Haruto and he had heard about how she was looking for Haruto for ten years. So the only way to make Yuuna his was to tell the public about it. He apologises for the trouble and the next day there’s no media.

Haruto is such a nice guy as he tells Yuuna about how Basilio is leaving for Italy and tells her to hurry up and go meet him. She finds him and he tells her that he wasn’t sure if she liked him enough to follow him to Italy when she had found Haruto after looking for him for 10 years. She runs after him saying

夕菜:今は行けません。でもいつか…… あなたを追って、私もイタリアに行きます……!


だけどもし、もう一度会うことが出来たら、その時は…… あなたを、好きになっても、いいですか……?

バジリオ:夕菜、約束だよ。もう一度出会えたら、その時は…… やり直そう、最初から……

The epilogue. I laughed at how shocking it was. 2 years have past and Yuuna is in Italy to find Basilio and the first thing he does is kiss her in the middle of the street. An embarrassed Yuuna tells him to only do that when they’re alone and he’s like.


Okay, to tell the truth, I kept on thinking that this would be the kind of route where the guy leaves her after they start going out. I couldn’t think that Basilio actually liked her and I don’t see when he started liking her. His CV is good (he’s England in Hetalia) but the voice simply made me think it was all a trick because of how he sounds like)


Yagi Shougo

(CV: Toriumi Katsumi)

That annoying reporter guy. Well, he wasn’t too bad despite the fact Tthat he’s a megane and a bonus character. I mean, he’s stupid enough to walk face first into a lamp post and when he sees Yuuna looking at him, he’s like ‘I was sleep-walking. Just don’t tell anyone about it…’ |(-∇-)| I wonder what Yuuna’s face was like when she was looking at him.

Yuuna runs into him a couple times in Venice Garden and once he tells her of how he can’t see what’s so special about Yuuna that both Basilio and Haruto are interested in… Isn’t that basically a insult? Anyway, she walks off and kinda gets shoved around by pedestrians and gets pushed towards the water. … Yagi catches her and then… he falls in along with her.  ( ;; ̄3 ̄) Man, he’s so pathetic that it’s quite cute.

Yuuna sees him in Venice Garden again but with Basilio and he leaves his stuff behind so she decides to take care of it so she can give it to him later. The staff in Arcobaleno open the bag and find an article insulting the shop and Yagi claims that it’s something that Basilio told him to do so that Yuuna will leave and come to Basilio’s shop instead. When they go and ask Basilio about it, he says that that wasn’t the real article and he gives them the real one… which praises Arcobaleno like shit, especially Yuuna (amazing young female chef with a bright future ahead) – or something like that. Wow, the difference. Anyway, Yuuna calls Yagi out and tells him that he should write more articles about what he really feels and not just for money and that if no-one wants to read them (what is she implying? that no-one would read them anyway?) she will read them instead. So he hugs her. \(^ ^)/ aww.

Well, he finally realises his feelings and at Arcobaleno tells Yuuna that he wants to write an article on her and



仁吉:そうだねえ…… デートなら、そろそろ紅葉も見所だよ。



春斗:……次の水曜日か…… 確か、天気はよかったはずだな。弁当でも作るか



竜:ふっふっふ…… 俺たちを差し置いて、彼女をデートに誘おうなんて、甘い甘い!


Man, the staff at Arcobaleno are so cute. I liked how Yagi seemed to be so pathetic compared to how he is in the other characters routes. Although, being pathetic isn’t really something I would want personally. It’s the gap between his normal self and in front of main chara that makes you fangirl.

Well, there’s a Arcobaleno meeting once you finished both Basilio and Yagi and its basically… not sure really. I think that all the characters like her in this one.

Basilio’s question: すぃにょりーなの好きなトコロを1人1個まで答えるんだ

竜:優しくてあったかくて…… (要:1人1個までですって) え〜だっていっぱいあるんだもん。星の数ほどあるもん



春斗:どこが好きなのかはわかりませんが…… 彼女のことを考えると心が満たされて、ただ側にいたいと感じるんです

Kaname is like, even I can say that but all the rest of the staff says that if he says it, it will be too heavy and its too much for Yuuna to take. Fuuta is like, Heavy guys (?) will be hated so be careful, Kaname. I dont get whats so heavy myself though.


Yagi’s question: 茅野の情報を何でもいいので教えてほしい。連絡先はこちらまで。八木省吾

and no one answers. man, poor him.

Well, the last post is by Yuuna and is like ‘アルコバレーノと出会えて本当によかったです。みんなが大好き。

Wow, nice way to end the meeting. But this reminds all of them that tomorrow is a holiday so they each start to send a text message to Yuuna for a date. Poor them because Nikichi had already asked her out.


Kaname V.S. Haruto

You have to raise both Kaname and Haruto’s affection so you actually have to play a whole route for only one scene which was quite tiring and disappointing if you think about how short the event is.

Well, Yuuna only has one doughnut left from what she made at school and she wonders whether she should give it to someone or eat it herself. Enter Haruto and Kaname and when she explains that she doesn’t know what to do with it, they start a argument over who should be allowed to eat it.





春斗:室田…… お前には、年長者への敬意はないのか


Wow, poor / lucky Yuuna.  ( ̄□ ̄;)

Anyway, once she tries to say something, they’re both like.


(^v^) It was a good scene but I still think it wasn’t worth the 2 hours just to get to it.


Kaname V.S. Fuuta

Yuuna realises that she likes Kaname but on the way home she overhears Kiyo lecturing Kaname about how he should leave Arcobaleno and how she knows that it’s because of Yuuna that he doesn’t want to leave for Italy to study. Kaname’s like ‘I have no time for a relationship and Yuuna is just a friend’… So Yuuna runs off and bumps into Fuuta who asks her why she’s crying. He hugs her as he doesn’t want to see her sad and then reveals that the ‘大好き!’ from before wasn’t as a friend but as a guy. And Kaname walks by and is like ‘since when are you guys in such a relationship’ and as Yuuna is just a friend he wishes them luck. As Yuuna knows that Kaname doesn’t like her, she decides to forget about him and at Arcobaleno, Fuuta shows off to the staff about how he’s going out with Yuuna. This causes Kaname to suddenly go


And he runs off.

Kaname Route:

Well, Yuuna decides to follow him as she’s worried at why he would shout like that. So… Kaname kisses her..

こんなにお前が好きなのに…… この想いを、どうやって諦めろって言うんだよ……!

Man, Kaname is manlier than the characters I guess (esp. Fuuta). He avoids Yuuna for the next few days but Yuuna learns of how he’s going to Italy to study and only in a few days time. On the day that he’s leaving, he left early so she couldn’t meet him but Fuuta’s there who tells her that both Kaname and Yuuna are his friends and he know that he was being a brat. So as usual, the loser tells her to go and confess to the other. Sigh. It’s getting too annoying for me.

Anyway, she does see Kaname and she tells him that she also likes him and …





Yuuna simply looks like retard in this CG and he’s like ‘Wait 4 years for me and I will marry you if our feelings haven’t changed’. Okay, nice proposal but WAIT 4 YEARS!!! Who does he think he is? I mean, he does have Lulu’s voice but you know, would Yuuna be that patient? Man, the wonder of Otome Games.

Fuuta Route:

This time, she doesn’t follow Kaname and lets Nikichi do that instead. (^▽^)  On a date that Fuuta was bragging about (that was why Kaname shouted at him), Yuuna invites him to her room and cooks for him. Fuuta there kisses her because

あ、あのな。エプロン姿、すごく可愛いかったから…… つい、したくなったんじゃ

Oho. I see…. Not much of a response from me. It was boring and a pathetic attempt to get someone fangirling. I fast-forwarded this part.

Well, Kaname later tells Yuuna that he used to like her but he let it go because Fuuta was his best friend and he didn’t want to take his first love away from him. …

The route was boring.


Yuuna decides to tell Fuuta that she likes Kaname instead of forgetting about him which leads to their routes. So Fuuta tells Yuuna to tell Kaname as well. When she does he’s like, ‘give us half a year and then decide who you like’ … Why? What’s the point? I mean, I thought Kaname likes Yuuna… Why not use this chance.

The CG is basically them graduating and Kaname got top grades along side with Fuuta (wow, I thought the latter was meant to be the idiot chara).

Not bad, but disappointing for all routes except for Kaname and they failed at ending that. I mean, she has to wait for so long. Fuuta was simply annoying (as usual) for being so stupid and the V.S. didn’t have them fighting over her and wasn’t as funny as Haruto V.S. Basilio so ya…


Nikichi V.S. Ryu

Nikichi gets sick so Yuuna decides to make him some food but when she brings it to him, he says that he doesn’t want to cause anyone trouble.. Well, at least he thanked her for it, I guess. Ryu knows that Yuuna likes Nikichi and when he hears from Yuuna that Nikichi regected her he suggest a way of getting to know the latter’s feelings: by pretending to be a couple.

She agrees to Ryu’s plan and the next holiday he invites her t0 Arcobaleno (their room is on 2F) for a date and they spend their time watching DVD’s on Italy. (that’s what a date is?) And later, Ryu uses Yuuna’s lap as a pillow and in walks Nikichi and tells them to get some space. Ryu tellsNikichi that the reason why he’s so angry is because he’s jealous and Nikichi realizes that Ryu was testing his feelings and so he gets pissed off and they have a argument.

仁吉:俺は…… 彼女のことなんて、なんとも思ってない。嫉妬なんてする訳がない!


So seems like Ryu knew that Nikichi liked Yuuna and that the reason why she got rejected was because Nikichi knew that Ryu also liked her. And, Nikichi unable to handle anything, runs off. Hahh… This is getting confusing. I feel sorry for Yuuna. I mean, here two guys are having a fight over who doesnt like her or something. So they both like her… Okay… This means that to Nikichi, Ryu is more important than Yuuna who he likes.

Nikichi Route:

Yuuna follows Nikichi as Ryu told her to and she chases him to Venice Garden (almost the other side of town – that’s basically a stalker). She loses sight of him and she gets surrounded by those … (dunno how to explain. You know, those typical strangers that call out to girls and asks if they’re free to hang-out or something). Well, Nikichi comes to the rescue and he confesses about how he realized that Ryu needs Yuuna more than him etc. Same old bull-shit. She tells him that it has to be Nikichi and no-one else and so he kisses her…



That’s about it… Ryu congratulates them both later on…

Ryu Route:

Well, she doesn’t chase Nikichi but tells Ryu that she wants to stay by his side as when she was with him she realized that she had forgotten about Nikichi… By watching DVD’s on Italy? Wow, to her Italy is more important than Nikichi… Their rankings of importance is starting to get amusing.. Anyway, she says that if she had chased Nikichi, he would simply reject her again. Ryu forcefully kisses her



他の誰かの物だったとしても、奪いたいと思うくらい…… 君が…… 欲しい

Quite similar (more like extremely similar) to Nikichi’s route only thing is that Nikichi was polite enough to ask if he can kiss her and Ryu wasn’t.


Yuuna feels bad for making Ryu pretend to be a couple with her so she says that she won’t do it and that she will get over it anyway (so no argument or fake date for this route). Few months past and it’s Christmas and Ryu + Nikichi have an argument over who is going to work with Yuuna. Nikichi wants her to help him decorate the store with ornaments and Ryu wants her to taste his Christmas dessert (a snow man made out of red bean manjyu and strawberry daifuku – mochi) no way. ヽ(°◇° )ノ


竜:嫌だ嫌だっ!俺は、彼女に 試食して欲しいのっ!


夕菜:あ、あの…… 落ち着いて下さい……!




Okay, except for the V.S. route, this is way too serious. I mean, the mood is usually light for the normal part of the game but at the endings it got so heavy that just playing it tired me. Well, Ryu is usually so annoying because of his cheerful personality and his lines (above) makes him sound like Kazama from Hakuouki. No, not Kazama, I dunno. The pervert kind of dude. … Wait, actually I’m quite curious of seeing a cheerful Kazama.


Basilio V.S. Haruto

Basilio goes over to Yuuna’s room to give her a present which turns out to be a espresso cup that looks exactly the same to the one that Haruto gave her. He tells her that he wants her to decide whether she likes him or not. Only problem is that Yuuna’s not sure if she likes Haruto or if she simply admires him. Anyway, a pot almost falls on Haruto (what’s with him and raining pots?) and Yuuna pushes him out of the way which leaves her with a injured foot. Haruto takes her home and when they’re in her room, Haruto sees Basilio but he thinks that it’s the one that he gave her.

Haruto Route:

Yuuna truthfully tells him that that cup is the one that Basilio gave her and that makes Haruto realise that Basilio wants Yuuna as a woman and not as a cook. At Arcobaleno, he overhears Yuuna talking to Basilio on the phone and she tells him that Basilio wants to tell her something. Haruto is like, ‘if I told you not to go, what would you do?’. Well, Yuuna goes to meet Basilio anyway but she tells him that she likes Haruto. Seems like Basilio knew that but he still hugs her. And then Haruto, who had been called out by Basilio, sees them. Well, Basilio’s like, ‘Me and Yuuna are now officially going out and I wanted you to be the first one to know’. Haruto walks away and Basilio tells Yuuna to go chase after him to hear his feelings. What a nice guy!!

Yuuna manages to clear the misunderstanding and she starts crying and says ‘please forgive Basilio’ (Dunno why?). Haruto’s like, ‘it was my fault for not trying to be friends with him’ and

お前とバジリオが抱き合っているのを見た時も… … アイツに殴りかかろうとする腕を押さえるのに必死だった。

お前に触れているアイツが、許せなかった… …

Well, he confesses and after that Haruto decides to try and get on better terms with Basilio. Well, Basilio tells him to apologise about ‘that’ first but,

春斗:… …すまない。俺には、なんのことだが… …

バジリオ:ボクの世界一可愛い妹を、振ったことだっ… …!!


(^v^) Poor Basilio. He gets Yuuna taken away from him and Haruto doesn’t even know his adorable sister. So Haruto goes over to Yuuna about how he doesn’t know what he said wrong and Yuuna’s reply is ‘Good Luck!’. Nice Yuuna, that helps. Haruto also tells her to keep the cup that she was given from Basilio as


But, Yuuna being an otome game heroine doesn’t get it. (* ̄∇ ̄*)

Basilio Route:

Yuuna doesn’t tell Haruto about how its from Basilio but Haruto realises that its not the one that he gave her. He gets annoyed at how she didn’t tell him and asks Yuuna if he’s being a bother to her leaving Yuuna regretting not telling him the truth. Haruto continues to be antisocial at Arcobaleno and Yuuna gets a text from Basilio asking if he can come over to visit her. She tells Basilio everything about how she lied but Basilio is jealous of Haruto for making Yuuna so sad. He tells her that he doesn’t mind waiting for Yuuna to get over Haruto to which Yuuna says that she wants to be by his side. Basilio kisses her on the cheek and


Yuuna tells everything to Haruto and apologises for being an asshole to which Haruto wishes her luck with Basilio. Seems like, since then, Basilio has been frequently going to Arcobaleno and that Nikichi suggests that he might as well become part of the staff to which Haruto says that he will quit if that happens.


Well, Yuuna doesn’t choose to go with Basilio either saying that she will only think about love once she’s a proper woman and has finished school. She apologizes to both Basilio and Haruto. Couple of months later, Haruto tries to ask her if she’s free the next week-end when Basilio comes along and asks her too. They both try to get her with food or something. Basilio with Yamcha and Haruto with cakes. It’s cute how her thought-bubbles are of food and the guys are both telling each other to stop catching her with food.


Harem Route

Exactly as the title says. Every single guy in the staff like Yuuna. The scene is basically at the swimming pool and they are arguing over who gets to do each of their activities with Yuuna. … I’m not sure what to say about it. I feel so sorry for Yuuna. Fuuta wants to play volleyball, Kaname wants to play with a frisbee, Ryu wants her to put sun-oil on him so he will get asbrown as Fuuta, Haruto wants to do suika-wari and Nikichi wants to swim… sigh.

There’s a special meeting scene for Harem and its got the students v.s. the elders or something like that. The students (mainly Kaname) brag about how they eat Yuuna’s handmade food almost every day and so the elders want her to move over to Arcobaleno. Man, then Kaname is like I will never allow that or something. I like the Arcobaleno meetings ’cause they are normally funnier than the real game.


Okay, this game took me quite a while to play even if I did have a couple of exams along the way. It’s quite short for a route and the stories not too bad.

Fav Chara: Haruto all the way. He’s just hilarious and his CG’s are cute too.

Least Fav: … do I even need to bother saying this? Of course it’s Fuuta. Why would anyone like him. He’s a retard and he speaks weird, he’s childish and his route is just embarrassing.

My favourite scene in the whole game would be the ending for Basilio. The kiss was so cute and I didn’t see it coming. I mean, they gave you such a bad impression of him by having him cause so much trouble for her. AND THEY ENDED THE WHOLE ROUTE WITH THAT!! wow

The music was good but it got really annoying considering how many times I played this game, normal routes and V.S. ones. One surprise I got was that the CV for Haruto wrote the lyrics for both the opening and ending songs. Wow. Unusual.

The bonus features are really good. I mean, the meetings are fricking hilarious.

Overall, good game, but I can’t be bothered to play so many routes. Don’t regret it though. Just too time consuming.

*Many thanks to http://anna8212001.pixnet.net/blog for the images*

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  1. WOW! Did you get ALL their endings!? Awesome! I LOVE HARUTO TOOO <3

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  3. jojo Says:

    i like Takahiro the most he´s so cute and lovely >w<

  4. Misaki22 Says:

    Very beatifull boy! *Q*

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