How interesting Pixiv can turn out to be…

Okay, I used to be a piapro fan. No wait, I was obsessed with it.

So, my need for some Gintama fanart (perfectly straight… I’m not a fujoshi) brought me into Pixiv.

This post is really random. My road into Pixiv.

Step 1. I got from Nico Nico to Pixiv through this video…

so I became a fan of this guys SD gintama… and stepped into the world of Pixiv. ‘

Step 2.

Man, it’s a unique art style but I find the SD’s cute…


Step 3. I started surfing around for more Gintama.

and found some serious ones…

and others.

Someone please tell me the point of this picture.


Step 4. I then got into Reborn!. Only shame is that it’s almost all gay.

I’ve never seen this pairing but decided to put it up because its pretty.

It’s Hibari x Yuni by the way. Seem more like siblings than a proper pairing…

Isn’t this basically the official art?? Wow.


Step 6. Well, there’s also a lot of Hetalia… And a lot of them are gay… (_´ω`)

Forgot where I got them from. orz. How can Russia be so pretty. He looks like a girl!!

I’m using this as my PSP background now… (・-・*)


Step 5. There was more Reborn and Hetalia but by then I got sick of seeing so many gay pairings that I went on to Durarara!!!

… Made a mistake. The trend right now is basically Izaya x Shizuo.

Sigh. Anyway. I like Masaomi!

Uhh. It’s kinda Iza X Shizu but ya… Note the shoes Izaya has on.

So ya… It’s quite normal  I guess…

Wait. Uhh… What am I supposed to say to this?

So the artist must like Durarara and Pokemon… I see. Well, I like both of the pokemon anyway.


Step 6 … Nope. I’m already taken in by Pixiv.

Well, the truth is…


Sorry. Uhh, fangirl scream.

I mean, can you say that he is NOT hot.

Look. This is Red.

Although the artist is like

… … しっているか

こう すると ちょう温い

which means

“…… Did you know

If you do this it’s very warm”

(I think you’re supposed to look at Pikachu)

Well, the image of Green that I got makes him simply depressing.

You know that you can change the gender of the main character? Well, the pairings are with her…

I hated her character design as she looks like a kid but as long as the guys hot I’m fine!!!

So from here on!! My hobby that was created (influenced, I already was a fan of Red with Nico Nico) by Pixiv!!!




This happens. It says ‘Green is my life’ on her cheek. Don’t you think she looks like Mario? I mean, her clothes. The pokemon look adorable here. Wish they existed…


Man, I love this artist’s pokemon images.

The tags on this picture are hilarious:

  • ヒノアラシ「解せぬ。」 – Hinoarashi… Don’t know the eng name as I played it in Jap. Its the yellow one in the right hand side of image. The tag says “I don’t understand”
  • ライバルがひんしな件 – The case in which the rival (red haired dude) is half dead
  • ルージュラが素敵 – Lujyula (the purple pokemon on the book cover) is lovely
  • 嫉妬する嫁イーブイ – Iivy (the brown fur ball by the girl) the bride who is jealous
  • 帽子=レッドの親心 – Hat= the parental side of Red

The others aren’t that funny

Well, last pic

You’d think this is a serious pic yeah?

Well, the artist wrote.


レッド「ウソだ、サンタなんて雪山のどこにもそんなものは居なかった」  グリーン「お前っ…言っていい事と悪い事があるんだ!」

Translated as:

You Idiot! Santa exists!

Red: That’s a lie. I’ve seen Santa anywhere in the snowy mountains (this is where you can meet him in the game)

Green: You… There are some things that you can’t say!


If there’s any fan-pics of pairings / anime you want to see, tell me and I will try to find nice ones (as I have a lot of time…. after my exams coming up)

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