Pointless Rambling – Satou x Yachiyo


If only this happened. And more.

Those who have watched ep 7 know what I’m shitting about. After seeing that, SatoYachi is my OTP for Working now.

Initially, I was all for Souma x Satou cuz well, you know, gay buttsecks is win, but hellz man, in comes Yachiyo and since the series started hinting at Satou, I’ve been coming to appreciate this couple and as of ep 7 as i said above, I fully support Satou x Yachiyo.

For those who don’t know or haven’t watched ep 7, Yachiyo finally takes a hint and when Yamada tell er she’s the one Satou likes, she nervously approaches said guy with the matter.  Satou notices that she appears unnerved and somewhat ill, so he goes over to check her temp only to have the poor girl flinch and cower back: Satou takes a blow and gets negative 5000000HP lol.

Yachiyo tells him what Yamada told her, and though thinking “SHIT FUCK SHIT SHIT” the entire time, Satou gets increasingly frustrated when Yachiyo kept going on about how it’s “not possible” and there was absolutely “no way” that he liked her.


In the end, the guy snaps and pissed, he turns around and hisses that he’ll tell her who he likes.  Cue in a totally awesome silent finger point confession to which Yachiyo rapidly looks behind her in hopes that the person Satou likes is magically standing behind her – heh, no such luck.  Embarrassed, Satou orders her to shut up and not look back before dashing out of the room, with a  fully fledged flushed face.

i shat bricks when i saw this.

Next day, the two are totally awkward around each other and can’t work properly so Popura (so cute) sits em down on the same table and demands that they work it all out.  Satou is presumably on the verge of confessing again but sees Yachiyo’s terrified form and changes what he was going to say to something completely retarded.

However, Yachiyo is a dumb turd too so she falls for it all and apologizes for being insensitive.  Before she leaves, she tells Satou that she likes him the most, that is, OUT OF MEN.  Ouch.  Nothing’s resolved XD

I can’t wait for the next ep to come out and I eagerly anticipate more Satou x Yachiyo, but ep 8 seems to be focused on Mahiru x Takanashi T.T  Pretty cute a couple as well I guess, but I honestly fear for Takanashi’s well being if he ever becomes dumb enough to really go out with the manphobic girl.


Gah so cute.


why i liked this couple in the first place - Shizuo x Izaya FTW

Souma as the top? Mmmmm ;)

Popura when she grows up XDXD

4 Responses to “Pointless Rambling – Satou x Yachiyo”

  1. norbert Says:

    \o/ yay satou x yachiyo supporter!

  2. I love satou x yachiyo!!! They don’t get enough love from fans, I reckon!
    But hell yeah, that was pretty much up there on my list of all-time heart-stopping confessions~

  3. Dude, you make the story of Satou and Yachiyo sound so much clearer and cooler(despite the constant swearing that is)
    this blog is totally off the hook man,
    I salute to you may you make
    more awesome blogs <(= w =)

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