Pointless Rambling – Hinata→Otonashi←Naoi

I expected Angel Beats to be a straight harem show like every other Key anime produced.  I thought Otonashi would immediately hook up with either Yurippe or Tenshi.  Instead, Angel Beats is gay.  Fabulously campy homosexual gay gay.  Since episode one.  What a nice surprise.

Haha  hook up with a chick?  Not till like 10 eps later, Otononashi.  Right off the bat, the guy has Hinata ‘hitting on him’ in a very GriffithxGuts way in Berserk and honestly, Otonashi prolly has more screen time with the guy than with anyone else.  The two are almost never seen without each other, always very touchy feely, and the whole series is filled with no so subtle gay hints of these guys romping around in the hay backstage.

While it seems as though Otonashi ain’t interested, with Hinata doing most of the gay shit, eps 4 and 6 say otherwise.  Otonashi flips out when Hinata could potentially ‘move on’ and disappear by catching the baseball, and runs like crazy to stop him, thinking the whole time that he doesn’t want the guy to leave him.

Otonashi: However did you know? XD

In ep 6, when Naoi beat the whole SSS up, guess who Otonashi runs to first?  Yeah, a no brainer, Hinata.  Not Yurippe or another GIRL, but a GUY.  Even Hinata raises eyebrows at this and lols about how Otonashi totally swings that way.  Otonashi ain’t appreciating the gay jokes at his expense, being fuck worried and all,  and tells the former to STFU though – my my ;)  I thought Otonashi would be more of a Kyon type and I’ve never seen Kyon dash toward Itsuki before he does anyone else (actually, I’ve never seen him throw himself over Itsuki) but heck, I’m not complainin.

At the same time, Hinata x Otonashi becomes Hinata –>Otonashi<–Naoi.  Yes, the hug scene.  Wow.  That was definitely the most ‘passionate’ moment of Angel Beats, and once again, Otonashi shares it with a GUY.  His lines were awe inspiring, desperate, and it was heartwarming when Naoi melted in the end.

Whereas Hinata is prolly gay in a “haha just fuckin with you” way,  Naoi is totally horny for Otonashi via ep 8.  Getting off all the gayness, another noteworthy couple in the series is Otonashi x Tenshi.  Realistically speaking, this is prolly gonna be the official couple, given that Angel Beats later on places its focus on the romance aspect on things, and I love this couple.  Ma Gad is Tenshi cute.  Honestly, Otonashi is like a nicer version of Kyon, going out of his way to help someone they’re supposed to killing and the two are already on first name terms.  Woteva about Yurippe, cuz its really not about her, and she’s essentially a less annoying Haruhi.  Hinata→Otonashi←Naoi FTW.



If you watched it, you'd get this x)

8 Responses to “Pointless Rambling – Hinata→Otonashi←Naoi”

  1. la-fille-arc-en-ciel Says:

    I totally agree with you about angel beat !
    This is nearly like shonen ai. But I think it’s great because it’s more spicy this way. It’s too bad that Key do not have the gut’s to make it more openely ( Naoi could stole a kiss from Otanashi kyaa ! ) . On the other hand, tenshi is kawaii and adorable ( even more with wings :D). I hope otanashi will not end with Yurippe, this would suck ! Yurripe is interresting but she is too blunt and cold and she has got scary eyes.
    I’m really looking forward next episode !

    • domshiki Says:

      YES I hope Naoi kisses Otonashi XD Yeah too bad Angel Beats! isn’t straightly homoerotic or anything *sigh*
      Same. Yurippe’s just like a much less annoying haruhi with an angsty past. Tenshi FTW.

  2. None Says:

    well. i think none of them are gay. hinata and otonashi are betfriends so whats wrong with that? naoi.. okay,he’s kinda yaoi but i believe,he just loves otonashi as much he loves his brother. plus,dont u see most of SSS members are abnormal? i meant,yurippe is like haruhi,she likes to yelling and being too much wicked. the ooyama is too gentle and loves to cry. the purple hair (i dont remmber his name) is over-active.he likes to aim his weapon to people.the pink hair girl with her tail is .. crazy,OVER act. and only few are normal,like hinata otonashi the ramen guy and naoi. even tenshi looks so stupid.

    at 1st,i thought she was a cool girl.she doesnt talk too much but she knows everything. but it wasnt true.yes she doesnt talk too much,but she knows nothing.so i dont think its strange for otonashi to has a hinata as his best friend.plus,its kinda funny when hinata said like that to him. its just to make things funny.

    but i agree with u,this anime is lacked with a love from a girl. they said “i love u” only at the end of the episode ==”

  3. Aliee Says:

    I would fall in love with this show even more if Naoi was together with Otonashi-san *_* I ADORE Naoi-kun <3 <3 <3 Lol well, knowing the creator, that'd probably never happen. I always had a feeling that Hinata-san was gay or something just from the way he acted XD I still like Tenshi though so it's okay :D

  4. DOUJINSHI Angel Beats! YAOI Says:

    OMG! I love all about angel beats naoi x otonashi or hinata x otonashi ^^ So i love your blog ~kyaa! ^,^

  5. LOL. Angel Beats! has almost as many yaoi hints as Code Geass.

    • unluckyXIII Says:

      Angel beats has so many hints of yaoi same as code geass its true but the ones who its pointed at are super dense which is super sad they should just have them go up and say “You dont seem to get the message so here it is I love you ***.” that would be so awsome ^_^

  6. Kattryna Says:

    Haha everyone loves Otonashi. Some of those pix made me think “WTF?!”

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