Proof that Japanese Otaku are amazing. ② – Bad Apple!!

Once again, it’s about how amazing the japanese otaku’s can be. If they like something enough, they can do anything.

This post is all about Bad Apple!!

If you are a Nico Videoer, then most likely you’ve heard of Touhou. I myself don’t know much about it except that it’s this doujin shooting game and that it’s popular enough to get a whole category on Nico Vid called ‘Touhou’.

Well, there are loads of video’s online and one of the most famous ones would be ‘Bad Apple!!’. This is actually a song from the 4th Touhou game and is normally associated with the boss of that level called エリー [Elly] (the one on the left). Well, the PV for Bad Apple is absolutely amazing. Oh ya, the song is called Bad Apple!! and it says that it’s based off the line ‘One bad apple spoils the barrel’ or something. The song is nice too.

See how amazing this is?

And this is made from (original material on the bottom right)

Some fan went and had actually managed to make one of the most popular videos on Nico Nico out of that messy video called ‘A PV of Bad Apple!! that the uploader wants to see’… Would you normally make that? Well, the messy video managed to get 2nd in the Touhou Category Ranking once but I think that’s mainly because of the better version.


Oh ya, some guy combined a hand-drawn Bad Apple!! PV with the shadow image one.


Whoever thought that was crazy is going to be suprised. This dude on Pixiv had been taken the word ‘Apple’ directly and had actually used apples to recreate the PV.

For those of you who are curious, he used 25 apples. I guess he actually ate them later or it would be a waste. I think that Aomori (area in Japan) apples are quite expensive ’cause of the size. They taste good though!


Oh ya, as expected of Nico Vid, someone also covered the song. The guy is called あさまる [Asamaru] and I’m actually a fan of his covers but he’s not my fav. Listening to it with a male voice isn’t too bad either.

Soo… If someone sings it normally, obviously someone sings it in a unusual way. This guy けn [Ken] uploaded quite a lot of 全部俺 [Zenbu Ore] Videos, in other words ‘All me’. I’m don’t actually like his voice but what he did is amazing. He sang (?) all the parts of the song, normal vocals + background music.


Okay, if people have drawn a PV and also sang it, next would be to dance it.

It’s amazing but on Nico, loads of the comments are one the old man and the boat that moves around in the background. lol.


Well, see how amazing Otaku’s Nico Videoers are?

I think I added too many video’s today. orz Well, next time I think it’s going to be about Rennai Circulation!

\\( ⌒▽⌒ )//

If your interested in Touhou go to wikipedia:

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