Pointless Rambling – Shizuo x Izaya or Izaya x Shizuo?

Wait a tick...summin ain't right...

SHIZUO AND IZAYA ARE SECRETLY GAY FOR EACH OTHERLike NO WAY! lol I know it, you know it, we all know it.  Heck, the anime producers and the other characters know it – in fact, Shizuo and Izaya are so gay for each other, that said other characters are even wondering whether the two are having angry hot ‘hatesex’ backstage. This is the most popular couple the series has (go on pixiv or wteva, key in durarara, and i guarantee, more than half depicts the two being gay).   When did Durarara turn into some gay shit?  But then again, What be I complainin for? XD


The only person Shizuo ever thinks about is Izaya.  24/7 365, all that’s in his head is Izaya.  One minute, he’s completely chill, taking a drag, and the minute Izaya shows up and prances around in front of him, the dude gets all passionate and emotionally charged and screams “IIIIIIIIIZZZZZZZZZZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!”.  True, Shizuo wants to kill the guy, but when he spends all his time, free or occupied, thinking ONLY about Izaya, one really has to question whether he only thinks of the frolicking asshole as a dickwad he has to smush, or whether all that anger belies some much more homoerotic feelings.  Either way, I’m for the latter.

Izaya claims to love all human beings.  Every single one.  EXCEPT FOR SHIZUO. His stupid reason is that he’s too dumb to mess around with or summin.  Yeah right.  Izaya totally loves Shizuo and shows this by showing up everywhere, always stoppin to goad the bartender and doing shit to deliberately become the focus of Shizuo’s crazy fury.  If that’s not love, gad I don’t know what is then lol.

...and then Shizuo bashes his head in with a sign post.

Though I can certainly see these two as a Foe Yay Ho Yay shounen ai pairing, I can’t fantasize them going any further than the ‘chasing each other killing each thing’ the two currently have – yeah it doesn’t even work in my sickass mind.  I mean, picture Shizuo confessing to Izaya or the other way round.  Or Shizuo suddenly snogging Izaya and the two then romp around in the hay .  Or Izaya topping Shizuo.  Can’t do it?  Yeah neither can I.  Okay, maybe it’s just me but whenever I try to see the two even kissin, the moment is effectively ruined when Shizuo then grabs a vending machine and chucks it at Izaya, or Izaya flicks out his knife and jacks it into Shizu chan’s gut.  So yeah.  Not very kinky unless you’re going for the guro thing but I eagerly anticipate someone coming up with a scenario that’d somehow work with the two havin buttsecks ;)

So now that we’ve ‘established’  that these two are gay for each other, there’s the problem of seme and uke: who’s top and who’s bottom?  I’m guessin most would immediately go for Shizuo as seme as he’s a good 2, 3 sizes bigger than Izaya and the seme is generally bigger than the uke, but consider their personalities.  Shizuo’s goes nuts when it comes to Izaya, seems hellbent on incarcerating the fellow into the deepest shit filled pits of Satan’s condo , and is too ‘simple minded’ to see the whole picture of anything, much less ‘realize his feelings’ for Izaya (given that they exist and said feelings  prolly don’t cuz this is all for laughs) – in short, he’d be pretty fail as a seme in my POV.  Now take a gander at Izaya.  Personality-wise, I’d say he’s pretty seme, smug, all knowing, and is able to get under Shizuo’s skin just by showing up in front of him.  He ain’t scared of the guy, always calm, and always goes out of his way to piss Shizuo off.  I can see the two finally professing their ‘love’ for each other and the scene happens to go like this:


Izaya: Lalalala Shizu chan!!*dodges blow*

Shizuo: I told you to never show up in front of me again you buttfuck!!  Why the hell you always around when I be around??!! *chucks vending machine at Izaya’s head*

Izaya: Aaaah Shizu chan, you’re so dense lar!  *steps onto flying vending machine, hops off it and flies towards Shizuo*

Shizuo: HAH?!?!*can only watch as Izaya saunters towards him*

Izaya: *pushes him down onto the ground* You really wanna know?

Shizuo: …?!?! The FUCK, get OFF ME-

Izaya: it’s cuz I like you ;)

Yeah.  And Izaya is the one who lets the cat outta the bag.  Izaya is the one who does the standard push onto the ground thing.  Cuz it just doesn’t work with Shizuo.  Shizuo wouldn’t know that he ‘likes’ Izaya and if he tried to push Izaya against summin, the poor guy dead due to the impact of his head smashing the gravel at 34578394759834 miles per hour.  And I’m betting that Shizuo doesn’t even know what bum sex is.  Though I guess he could still be seme – just an extremely dumb, crazy tsundere one  – but it’s still easier to see Izaya doing all the shit.

I’m alright with this going either way, with Izaya being more likely to be the top in my POV, but wot you guys be thinking?


yes Izaya x Masaomi

Gah Izaya XD

mikado looks SOOO much btr as a girl.

Kasuka x Izaya = WIN


Tom x Shizuo

ORE WA SHIZU-CHAN GA DAI KIRAI DA. DAI KIRAI!!!! <---I hate Shizu-chan. HATE HIM. <---Yeah right.

straight couple: Masaomi x Saki.  Cute.


just cuz he can.


14 Responses to “Pointless Rambling – Shizuo x Izaya or Izaya x Shizuo?”

  1. It would be cooool to see Izaya confess his “love” to Shizuo like u said

  2. Yumi Says:

    I see Izaya being seme too. I don’t necessarily see Izaya confessing to Shizuo, but more like messing with him and teasing him (of course in the seme way) and just screwing with Shizuo’s head. I don’t know why, but even though Shizuo is a violent guy, I can’t help but imagine him kind of innocent about these things, or at lest ignorant. And Izaya being the manipulative man that he is, I can see him taking advantage of that.

  3. Hana Says:

    Finally~! Someone who actually thinks the way I think on seem/uke positioning. Seriously, I agree that despite having monstrous strength, Shizu-chan probably wouldn’t initiate anything. Okay, I started off as an innocent (or maybe not so innocent) Shizaya fan because of a certain picture but after reading the manga and watching the anime, I have to say that IzaIza makes the better seme. Uke IzaIza has its charm but I feel that an uke Shizu-chan is more powerful. I mean, Shizu-chan just seems to give off this image of being a powerful fighter that is still innocent (Well it seems so to my twisted mind). IzaIza definitely seems is the one that will initiate everything. Take my favorite scene from a fanfiction (Same one that transformed me into an Izuo fan):
    “…SHIZU-CHAN! FORGIVE ME! I CANNOT WAIT ANY LONGER!” Izaya suddenly exclaimed passionately, taking Shizuo’s hand once more and dropping down on one knee. “MARRY ME SO I CAN MAKE LOVE TO YOU AND FEED YOU MILK AND OOTORO CAKE AT OUR WEDDING!”
    I highly doubt Shizu-chan would go that far. But this scene was funny.

  4. Anaru Sodomizer Says:

    Izaya is 100% seme
    his temper *_*

  5. Claireee Says:

    Haha, I also prefer as Izaya as the seme. xD But really it would be really fun to see them take turns. LOL

    What’s funny is that the author of DRRR! did a short story about this pairing. I found it quite hilarious. C:


    He wrote it as an April Fools joke. LOLOL
    I’m not sure if he prefers Shizuo on top. xD

  6. Rokuro006 Says:

    i think izaya has the seme personality, but likes butt sex to much so he makes himself the uke. :3

  7. Rokuro006 Says:

    I think shizuo has the uke mind but when it comes down to the actual sex…. he would never allow Izaya to… *cough cough* ;)

  8. rokuro006 Says:

    i need to post this comment so i can check the follow boxes :D

  9. Milky-chan~ Says:

    Shizuo belongs as a Uke,point blank. Thinkl about it, why would you want the average set up for a yaoi? I don’t know about you guys but I love Drrr fics that use Shizuo as the uke. It is unexpected and insane, but that is what makes it hot! Since Shizuo has unlimited strength, don’t you find it freaking hot when he can be put under submission by Izaya? I mean come on people, Shizuo is the definite choice as the uke. People who choose Izaya use the easy way for fan fics! Give me the different ones! That is why my fic on fan fiction website is going to be Izuo. Take a look it is called “One too many puddings” It is worth the read with eventual Izuo!~

  10. Kyoko :3 Says:

    Well, I actually see Izaya as a dominant uke. Like maybe he would drug Shizuo and when he’s too weak to fight back (if that ever happens, lol), tie him up and…you know… *coughcoughsexhappenscough* ^///^ And with lots of teasing and stuff involved. *_*

    *Ahem*, so yes, Izaya as dominant uke. X3

  11. Coco Says:

    I like them reversible… When I started watching/reading Durarara I liked Shizuo as an uke. Right now, I like Izaya as a bottom… XD So it really doesn’t matter for me.

  12. I think that there are two types of semes. Physical and Mental. Physical semes, like Shizuo, are usually toppers cuz of they’re brute strength and stuff like that. Not to mention his fucking PRIDE, man. A guy like Shizuo would probably try to ump off a building if he got done by a shrimp (or flea, in this case).
    Izaya, a Mental seme, usually outwits the other by a lot. They’re usually pretty skillful, and otherwords are pretty hard to describe. He definately doesn’t strike me as a bottom, though. He’d probably be the one to confess, to take the lead, be top and all that. But would not be shoving his **** up someone unless he knows he can make them obey. Otherwise, what’s the point?

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