BL Game Review – Miracle Noton

Alternative Names: みらくるのーとん

Company: Tennenouji

Release Date:26.12.06

Official Site:

Platform: PC

Genre: 18+ BL, ‘romance’, PWP, sex, sex, and more sex.

Plot Summary: PWP very effectively sums this up.  How to write the summary when there ain’t even a substantial plot or anything?  *sigh* Well from the dredges of what little story there is in this game, the synopsis would go like this: Protagonist Ogata Akira finds a magical living notebook that can grant any wish he writes in it.  But there’s a catch: only horny wishes work.  So begins Akira’s days of homoerotic wish writing….

Ogata Kouki

YES INCEST.  Akira’s older brother who’s already in uni.  Complete opposite of Akira – whereas the lil bro is a brainless loser, bad tempered and oh so flawed, this Ogata is Albert Einstein, Michael Phelps, and Mother Theresa rolled into one: the perfect human specimen, being a genius, an athlete and a saint at the same time.  Haha yeah right.  Forget the saint part, this guy’s a total rapist sadist in bed, has a bro con, and oh yeah, he’s BI. Which makes him like, totally awesome.

Akira tries to use his horny wishes on girls, but Noton tells him that he can only use em on someone close first.  So he writes that he wants his bro to lick his legs.  Which the guy does the next morning as a wake up call lol.  And then when Akira tries to get a girl with the next wish, Noton snidely tells him that he has to stick with the gender he started with – HOT SWEATY MEN.  I tell you, this game is really weird in the sense that, one can find sex toys anywhere and the most wtf thing is, is that Akira decides to pick up all of them despite going “EW LIKE GROSS” and stashes em all away in his room.  So when Kouki finds one of them and uses it on Akira despite the latter’s protests, Akira really is asking for it.

The two mess around a bit more and one day, Akira catches his bro doing his girlfriend.  He’s too dumb to realize it himself but he gets jealous and shit, and jacks off to his brother later on.  Whoops, turns out Kouki was standing riiiiiiiight next to him when he was doin it and Akira didn’t notice.  Kouki’s all “ho…shit…” cuz Akira called out his name when he came, and then Akira flips out.  All that pent up frustration and jealousy breaks loose and he screams at Kouki, sayin that the guy’s always messing around with his head even though they’re brothers and he has a fiance.  He’s pissed that he’s always had to live in Kouki’s shadow and says that Kouki molested him and all that shit just to pass time cuz he was bored and Akira runs off.

When Akira returns, Kouki’s gone and doesn’t come back that night.  Noton suggests that Akira wishes for his aniki to rape him to confirm whether Kouki likes him or hates him (cuz the person Akira uses the wishes on has to have some degree of affection for him and the scenarios Akira puts them in must be summin that the person could actually want to do or sum shit like dat) so Akira does.  Kouki comes back and after getting ‘piss drunk’, he confesses that he likes Akira in an incestuous manner and bang bang.  Yeah you get the gist of things.

Turns out Kouki got engaged in a desperate attempt to forget about Akira, the little brother he’s had the hots for since god knows when.  There was some other stuff as well with the engagement that made it a tad difficult to break off but it doesn’t matter cuz Kouki ditches the girl for Akira and the two live together after junior Ogata graduates.  That’s not the end of things cuz there’s 7 other endings with Kouki – all excuses for extra porny scenes or to add some more ‘depth’ into the game:

– Akira gets gang raped, causing him to go into rage seme mode and turn Kouki into his sex slave.

-Akira still gets gang raped, comes across the same dudes gang raping his brother the next night in a park but runs away and when he goes back to the park the next morn, his brother’s dead.  Wow good fucking job man, all you had to do was call the cops or some shit Akira.

-Akira still gets gang raped but goes on with his life as usual, and doesn’t get together with Kouki.

– Kouki doesn’t reveal his feelings to Akira, gets married, has two kids and gets over his brother.

– Akira gets forced into Kouki’s exhibitionist games and the two spend their nights flashing innocent bystanders and sexing each other up in public.

-Kouki confesses his feelings for Akira but still gets married anyway cuz Akira takes another 4 years to realize his feelings for Kouki, and once every 2 months or so, Kouki pops over to have sexy time with his bro.

-Akira doesn’t get Kouki and lives normally.

Shimomura Seiji

Akira’s childhood buddy who, unlike him, is a cheerful little bugger and has been in love with Akira since forever.  Likes screwing around and acts like a Naruto for the most part so nobody knows that he gets abused at home by his disgusting pig of a stepfather.

Akira’s first wish for Seiji is for them to get nude together.  Hmmm the boy aint very creative is he.  So they do.  lol turns out that on top of being mindless, Akira’s also pretty wussy and is terrified of horror movies, so Seiji brings some over along with some porn and Akira gets scared shitless as well as turned on at the same time XD

SOMETHING finally happens when Akira hops over to Seiji’s place and finds his friend getting beaten up by his stepdaddy.  Before I continue, let me say, that Seiji’s stepdad is one FAT BITCH.  Fuck, hands down the fugliest bastard I ever be seein so far this week, and god, it’s like Yura took a page outta Kentarou Miura’s book, only that Berserk art is FUCKING AWESOME in an ew way and Seiji’s stepshit is just butt fugly without the awesome.  *ahem* Yeah so the minute Akira sees Seiji getting knocked around, he charges in and punches the fat bitch, not knowing that said fat bitch is Seiji’s step dad.  Woteva, Akira finds out but doesn’t give a shit and runs off with Seiji.

Seiji says that they gotta go back cuz the fat bitch is still his ‘dad’ but Akira refuses to let him go.  Then Akira drops some aphrodisiac that he just happens to be carrying.  Great timing, and Seiji takes some and the two have sexy time in the woods, with Seiji confessing that he has liked Akira long time.

In the end, Seiji’s mom kicks the fat bitch out, and after graduation, Seiji suggests that Akira gets married to him and dey live happily ever after.  Other endings include:

– Akira gets gang raped and after getting rescued by Seiji, the same gang rape dudes go after Seiji and rape him senseless in the park where Akira FINDS him and not runs away from.  Seiji goes brain dead.

– Akira gets raped and kicks Seiji around to vent his anger and almost rapes him, but stops and the two unbecome bff.

– Seiji and Akira become SM buddies.

– Seiji and Akira become vibrator buddies.

– Seiji moves in with his uncle to escape getting fattened up by his fat bitch stepfather.  He and Akira still visit each other to do horny shit.

– Seiji dresses up in a bunny girl costume.  That’s it.

Saitou Masaomi

Akira’s other BFF.  Delinquent who spends his life bunking school and doing ‘bad boy shit’.  Isn’t very bad boy personality wise except in his other weirdo endings – has an odd sense of humor, is relaxed and is pretty reliable a friend all things considered.  Also dying to get into Akira’s pants.

First wish is to have Masaomi lick Akira’s ear.  Honest to god, Akira has no imagination.  You can make the guy do anything and he picks ear licking.

Same thing with sexing around for a bit and then Akira sees Masaomi skivin school, hand in hand with a bunch of geezers.  Curious, Akira follows Masaomi and ends up in a gay red light district.  Akira’s pretty weirded out by now and is thinking “dude too much information” and tries to go home, but ends up getting lost and mistaken for a customer by a gigolo.  Before he can get away from the guy, Masaomi shows up and tells the gigolo (Jun) to eff off his friend.  Akira wants to know what Masaomi is doing (dur hur pretty obvious doncha think?) but Masaomi tells him to go home

Jun tells Akira that Masaomi needs the dough and gets it by being a porn star.  Akira’s disgusted that his bff has to do shit like that to get money so Jun suggests that he makes on with him to get Masaomi the money.  Being a retard/good friend, Akira agrees as long as they censor his face and the two get into a room.  They’re about to do it but a crazy pissed Masaomi barges in, kicks Jun out and does Akira after confessin.  Happy end.  Other endings are:

Akira’s totally enjoying this.

– Akira goes ahead and screws Jun instead, causing Jun to fall in love with Akira and the latter spends his days being fought over by Masaomi and Jun – 5 years later and nothing has changed.

– Akira becomes a porn star with Masaomi being the camera man.

– Akira pisses his pants during a horror movie and after that, gets horny after watching anything ‘scary’ and Masaomi jerks him off.

– Masaomi wears a nurse outfit.  Nothing more.

– Akira gets raped, Akira rapes Masaomi and blablabla.

– Akira gets raped, Masoami mass rapes the guys who raped Akira and gets sent to jail.

– Akira and Masaomi become sex toy buddies.

Afterthoughts and Conclusion


That’s basically what this whole game is built on.  Porn and more porn.  It’s like, Ijiwaru my rapist all over again, just genderbended.  But then again, it’s not that I didn’t like it ;)

Characters.  Akira’s pretty cute a protagonist, being a complete tsundere uke, but was also fuck weird cuz of his mysterious habit of picking up all things that gross him out eg a used vibrator.  Well that’s not really important and that one trait of his does help further the uh ‘plot’, and he’s pretty damn badass when he turns seme.  Kouki is prolly ma fave cuz of the huge contrast in his character between when he’s sexing Akira and just being brotherly.  Sadistic bastards are always welcome and Kouki goes all the way with this, not stopping even when Akira cries and starts screaming –> WIN.  Seiji, like I said, cuter version of Naruto.  Masaomi is hot.  Period. And Noton was hilarious – he honestly never thought of anything other than sex and more sex so he was good comic relief.  He disappears after Akira gets with a guy so it’s nice to see that it signifies that Akira has er ‘grown up’ in many ways.

The art is obviously good cuz it’s Yura and you can’t go wrong with Yura *cough cough* ENZAI ANYONE o.O;;. I personally like the bright palette that she uses, and it looked a tad odd initially cuz I’m also on Lucky Dog1 and she uses a different style there, but both are good.

Voice wise, Akira’s VA is…wow >w<  I mean, everyone else was good but Akira was ho shit in bed *nosebleeds* XD  Music was ok.  Nothing memorable.

Story?  Wot story?  Srsly, like I said, “fucking like rabbits” is the whole premise of the game, and though that’d normally irk me somewot cuz it’s nice to have something other than “aah harder faster” to read, it actually worked out pretty well here for some reason.  I wonder why. Oh right, Akira’s sexy sounds were teehee so yeah.  I liked Kouki’s path the best cuz Kouki totally liked Akira and seeing him try to give him up provided some good drama.  Masaomi’s route sucked for the most part cuz i never got to see him being a porn star lol.

In short, I liked this game.  It had a lot of unnecessary sex and rape in it but hey, it’s all in good fun and Akira having an instant nosebleed causing voice was awesome.   The game was short and the skip button was fast so it wasn’t a pain to go through like Lamento (god u were long).  It’s a shame Noton disappeared at the end when he was actually real concerned about Akira’s wellbeing all the time so I’ll be getting into the add on soon, in which Noton is a fuckable character =D

16 Responses to “BL Game Review – Miracle Noton”

  1. sharakael Says:

    …what’s with the gangrape in the other routes… makes you think that that town had a bunch of hooligans waiting on every corner to jump a cute-looking boy.

  2. domshiki Says:

    though i can understand why they’d want to screw Akira lol XD

  3. U r soooooooo funny whit yours review I really like it… Keep working hard >_<

  4. Is there an english version?

  5. Evachan2010 Says:

    Akira = hot. Masaomi = hot. Seiji = adorable. Kouki = hot. Noton (notebook) = adorable and funny. Noton (human) = holy shiznit hot.
    PWP? I can work with that~. I adore this game.

  6. Nigel Mustafa Says:

    A used vibrator that he found?


  7. xD LOL Awesome review! You`re seriously hilarious. I was laughing the whole time I was reading this. I downloaded the game but since I can`t read Japanese, this gave me a good outline.

  8. Nekokratik Says:

    Wow, if Akira’s voice is as awesomely hot as you say it is, then I’ll defenitely have to check it out XDDD

    And thanx LOTS for the review! Found out a lot about this game.

  9. Eryn Says:

    What about noton herd that there a route for him…. btw love the review!

  10. yaoidaisuki Says:

    did you get all CGs?
    I’m played this one but I couldn’t get all and in ?????のリスト part, you know.
    thanks for the review XD

  11. Oh god I need to play this game but I can’t speak nor read japanese. This sucks so many dicks urgh. I hope that someone will translate this masterpiece. I’ve heard some “drama CDs” and they were priceless. Love Akira’s voice, dude’s just so fucking cute. But the story and the endings are pretty weird. Like why are they all dead because of no reason? xD Whatever, your review was fun to read and I’m so keen on playing this right now!

  12. Oh god I really want to play this right now but I can’t speak nor read japanese. This sucks so many dicks urgh. I hope that someone will translate this masterpiece someday. I’ve heard some “Drama CDs” ans they were priceless, love Akira’s voice, dude’s just so fucking cute. But the story is pretty weird and the endings are a bit too weird?! Like why are they all dead because of no reason? XD Whatever your review was fun to read and I’m so keen on playing this right now… but it’s been 5 years since you’ve posted this. WELL I still have some hopes left lol

    • domshiki Says:

      OH MY GOD THE DRAMA CDS YES. They were fantastic. And yeah I had no idea why the makers shoved in those random death scenes, I guess they tryna say “RAEP IS BAD”? Awfully weird message for a game that is 99% porn lol and because it’s pretty much all porn, you’re really not missing out on anything. I hope you have fun playing this game if you haven’t finished – I know i had a lot of fun hurdeehurrhurhur

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