As the image says…


Our blog seemed to have reached 10,000 views sometime on 27.05.10. It’s quite amazing figuring that we only started the blog in March or something.

So here’s Chizuru x Hijikata in SSL form!!

You know, the popularity of Hakuouki is crazy even with the anime currently airing. It has hot samurai dudes that turn into something like a demon/vampire, and if you combine those themes with Kazuki Yone, you get a hit. Oh ya. It has the best heroine that I’ve had in my otome gaming era (not that long though) and I can’t wait for the fandisk to come out on PSP this year. Good going, Otomate!!

Bonus* Anyway, same artist but this picture is hilarious so might as well put it up!

Well, I’ve finished the fan-disk of Hakuouki on PSP and the review of the game should be coming as soon as I understand how to take screenshots in game.

Thanks again!

Sandeian + Domshiki

*thanks to artist on Pixiv as well.

2 Responses to “As the image says…”

  1. Congratulations on hitting a milestone!

    Chizuru really looks cute in that last pic.

    Also can you tell me what SSL means? THX.

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