BL Game Review – Miracle No-ton Tadaima Zouryou Chuu!!

Alternative Titles: みらくるのーとん ただいま増量中!!

Company: Tennenouji

Release Date:28.09.07

Official Site:

Platform: PC

Genre: 18+ BL, ‘romance’, SEX SEX SEX

Plot Summary:Much the same as the original game, PWP, but to a lesser extent.  This is an add on to Miracle Noton, and Akira magically warps over to the planet of horny notebooks, with 3 new characters.   Noton is now a fuckable guy cuz having 3 dudes screwing him apparently ain’t enough for our sexually depraved protagonist.  Go figure.


Why the mass of 'pubic hair'? cuz we've opted to keep this child friendly and certain editing was required to conceal the organ beneath

Mmmm…my my is Noton…nice looking.  Totally helps that he struts around naked half the time.  Hotness level x 2394879823 aside, Noton’s pretty much the same as before, silly, horny 24/7 ie completely lovable.  They should have included him as a playable character in the first game really, though it’s a pretty smart way of milking things.

This time, Akira uses his first wish to get Noton naked.  Fail cuz he’s a notebook and notebooks don’t wear clothes durr hurr.  So he tries to make Noton manifest as a human but that fails too, cuz Noton says he gotta be back at notebook land to be human.

So the two go to the portal – a scruffy 3rd rate carpet.  Turns out notebook planet is more of a parallel universe than anything, inhabited solely by horny notebooks but cept for that, it’s deserted for the most part.  There, Noton takes on a human form and Akira totally freaks and beats the shit out of the guy cuz he thinks Noton’s one of those old men if you get my drift.

Soon, they meet one of Noton’s notebook ‘friends’, Hibiki, who’s pretty dicking and makes fun of how Noton is useless cuz all he has power over is smex (I for one, think it’s an awesome ability – wot I wouldn’t give for that heheh) before he saunters off.  The two head home, pissed at Hibiki, and in a sudden surge of immense horniness, Noton snogs Akira and gives the latter a handjob.  When Akira asks whether he does this to everyone else, Noton says he’s got a strict policy of not getting too involved with his contract dudes cuz in the end, when all wishes are granted, he has to leave em and he’d be left all alone >w<

Next day, they see Hibiki again who suggests Akira strike up a one time contract with him cuz unlike ‘useless Noton’, he’s in charge of studies.  Akira decides to give it a swing, resulting in a piss jealous Noton (though he’s subtle enough to try and hide it) and Akira pops over to Hibiki’s place.  Only that nothing ever goes right in games and Hibiki starts molesting Akira halfway, revealing that it ain’t as simple as writing a wish and actually requires hard work and some jizz, and then proceedin on to feel up Akira’s bum bum.  Akira comes too early and the contract fails so they gotta do it again after.  Akira doesn’t get why Hibiki is so intent on touching him but realizes that it’s all his own fault because of the wish he made on Hibiki earlier cuz he was vexed – do sexy things to me.

Noton shows up at Hibiki’s condo later to fetch Akira but Akira tells him to eff off after Hibiki threatens to tell Noton what fun games they’ve been gettin up to.  After some more fingering, Akira sees someone standing outside in the crazy rain, realizes it’s Noton and runs out to get him.  Turns out the guy’s been standing there since forever cuz he missed Akira – D’aaaw.  He then collapses, turning into an ordinary notebook and Akira takes him home.

Akira tries to get Noton to ‘wake up’ with various methods ie punch punch kick kick until he remembers something about having to write his name to finish the contract and realizes that the rain washed off the contract so he can’t see Noton cuz only contract dudes can see notebooks.  He hurriedly scrawls his name back on and when Noton wakes up, Akira breaks down in happy tears, leading to Noton confessing and sexy time.

Pressured by Noton, Akira tells him about Hibiki feeling him up and Noton runs off, beats Hibiki up and forces him to break the contract, not caring about the penalty that comes with doing so (the notebook contractor gets to do what they want with the contract dude such as making him lose his penis etc).  Akira chooses to stay with Noton in his world, returning occasionally to his family and the two live happily ever after :D

Other endings:

– Akira rejects Hibiki’s offer so the whole shit doesn’t happen with the guy and he and Noton have happy sex together.

– Akira gets all his wishes granted so Noton graduates and the two stay as heterosexual life partners I take.

– Akira and Noton become partners in crime in using the wishes to mess around with people.

– Akira and Noton meet the 3rd new chara, Nono who doesn’t really play any significant role in the game other than being a trap and that’s about it.

– Akira and Noton become fuck buddies but nothing beyond that.

– Akira goes to Hibiki for help and the guy agrees in a OOC moment of kindness.  Different sexy time pic with Noton.



I thought Noton was yum but man HIBIKI.  Smug, arrogant and a total asshole for the most part, he takes an interest in Noton and Akira’s rather cosy relationship before taking an interest in Akira himself.  Though he cockblocks a hell lot and does some nasty shit to Akira, I really can’t hate the guy just cuz I like asshole guys and he’s just really a jerk with a golden heart who doesn’t get Akira in the end.

His path is pretty much the same as Noton’s good ending till the part where Noton collapses in the rain.  Instead of bringing Noton home and working out how to ‘resurrect’ the dude, Akira flips out, is too scared that Noton might die and runs to the nearest person/notebook for help – Hibiki.  Of course Hibiki knows wot to do, just that the guy’s a snide bastard who says he wants summin in exchange – Akira himself.  Which means Akira has to break his contract with Noton and form a real one with Hibiki.  When asked why Hibiki wants him, he says it’s cuz he envies the relationship he has with Akira and wants a contract dude like him.  Akira says yes and Hibiki tells him all he gotta he is write his own name back in Noton and he does.

Noton gets back up and he shares a nice reunion moment with Akira, only to have that completely ruined when Hibiki goes “yo we be forgettin summin ere >;)”, leading to Akira telling Noton that he’s gonna break it off with him and that he’s choosing Hibiki.  Noton is hurt obviously but wishes Akira the best and says that he won’t penalize him or anything before leaving.  Round about now, Akira starts half crying cuz he lost Noton and couldn’t tell him the real reason to why he’s going with Hibiki.  He screams at Hibiki and doesn’t get why he has to go to such lengths to torment him cuz he hasn’t really done anything to merit all this shit, but Hibiki say he wouldn’t be doing this if he hated Akira.  No time to process wot the dude meant before Hibiki starts touching Akira again. Soooo…from then on, Akira becomes bound to Hibiki who spends all his time playing with his butthole.


Noton’s other gay buddy – go for him and you don’t get Hibiki.  Blonde, acts fabulous and is totally gay for Noton.   Noton hates the guy and tries to avoid him whenever possible cuz Goi’s always tryna take a stab at the guy – with his penis. The guy’s prolly just messin around with Noton but Noton is surprisingly anti homo when it doesn’t involve sexy time with Akira.  His notebook thing is games or something like that (tournaments?).


Goi starts popping over to Akira’s place everyday, much to Noton’s chagrin, and such feelings turn to disgust and despair when Goi takes Noton’s first kiss.  Akira’s alright with Goi cuz the latter doesn’t touch him so he lets Goi over.  The three play strip poker or summin of the like, Akira gets his ass whooped, and the two decide that it be fun if they both played with his dong with their tongues.  Then the 3 crash together and become a happy 3some.  Yeah seriously, that’s about it.  Goi essentially becomes another punching bag for Akira like Noton cuz he says and does horny shit all the time and the end.

The main 3 from the first game don’t really play any major role in here apart from having sexy time with Akira:

Seiji – dresses up in a bunny costume and gives Akira a blowjob.

Masaomi – dresses up as  a nurse and gives Akira a handjob.

Kouki – goes nude apron and fingers Akira’s bum.

Rape route – the same guys show up but fail to gang rape Akira cuz all 3 guys bust in and kick their asses.

There was some other shit but it was all pointless smut so just picture Akira having hot sex XD

Afterthoughts and Conclusion

Goddamnit NOT ENOUGH HIBIKI.  Definitely my favourite character now despite how anal he is most of the time – gad i love how he acts so cocky and all dat when all he wanted was Akira as his contract dude.  DAMN THAT HE DIDN’T HAVE A GOOD ENDING (well unless you count him making Akira into his sex toy a good ending).  I mean, i’m sure things would have worked out fine and dandy if he just told Akira that he liked him but no, tennenouji decided that he was gonna be too badass for words and that he’d express his feelings through sexy slavery ==

*ahem* other characters.  Noton was just flippin hilarious – him in human form switching between his dumbass notebook voice and hot normal voice made me shat bricks and it was pretty funny how he’d ruin a touching moment deliberately by going “omg akira u hugged me!  totally…EEEEEWWWW!!!  IIIIIIYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA XD” instead of “omg akira u hugged me!  totally…CUTE GOD ILYSFM!!!”.  Can’t say much about Goi cuz his route took me like 5 minutes to complete and it was shared with Noton – it was amusin to watch someone make Noton squirm in a GTFO way.  Srsly, i have no idea why Nono was in the game cuz he/she/it didn’t get an ending so was just kinda there as a ‘bonus’ of sorts.

Listening to the BGM more closely this time, I must say it was pretty good for building up the atmosphere – but still nothing compared to Sweet Pool =P  And of course, voicewise, Akira was hot and good job to Noton’s dude for being able to sound retarded and seme at the same time.  Hibiki had that smooth bastard thing so win.

Tennenouji actually added some story this time round, so I had full words to read instead of “Aaah” and “Hya”.  Noton’s route was really sweet and I’m glad there’s one time that Akira didn’t get done in by 2384723 dicks. They still kept it short and to the point so that’s an added plus.

Same as the original, I enjoyed this game a hell lot.  It was quick, hilarious, and dirty –  makes for a great lighthearted and fun porno game.  Man this is really HQ for a doujin work but STILL.  IF ONLY THEY HAD MORE HIBIKI :@:@:@:@

8 Responses to “BL Game Review – Miracle No-ton Tadaima Zouryou Chuu!!”

  1. Evachan2010 Says:

    I didn’t like Hibiki much at all. The kinda guy Noton is, that’s my ideal. God, the ending with him, and the collapsing, I was actually in tears. I was like “NUUUU!! NOTON DON’T DIE!!” because he’s just too loveable. I recorded video of gameplay just because I LOVED watching Noton interact with Akira. ^w^ I love his voice, he usually seems a bit ADHD, it’s sorta totes adorable~.

  2. Nekokratik Says:

    Hmm, pretty interesting game … *GROAN* I wish I could get all this games and understand japanese …. TT^TT

  3. I wonder if you plan to play the 3rd Miracle game, Miracle No-ton ~Negai wo Buchikonde!~, seeing you busy and all that. ^^;;

    • domshiki Says:

      I never really thought of playing the 3rd game cuz I heard it was all mini games? If so, then I’m afraid not because I have a huge backlog of other games I’d rather be playing + I’m an idiot and I’m taking summer semester lol sry about that

  4. azure Says:

    heehee I loved this game to death. Though I guess Hibiki’s ‘good’ end would be the one where he crashes over at Akira’s and they have ‘happy’ 3p forever after? (Not really, akira and noton kinda going GEEEEH at poor hibiki, but that actually is my legit favourite ending in this game)

    I actually came across this cause I was looking for the year that noton was made sense Akira’s VA is finally in a anime as a ‘main support character’ and was wondering how long since poor akira had been in Noton. I fcking loved his voice too *SWOON* so was super happy to see him actually in something now (Yowamushi Pedal anime).

    Made me relive such an epic awesome game -wwww- I am super happy. Now i want to find it again and replay it… it may be all pointless smex but why is this game just… so… captivating!?

    • domshiki Says:

      Omg I know what u mean! This game was really just a lot of pointless sexing 24/7 but I really enjoyed it *coughcuzimadirtyoldmanobv*.

      I think they really did a good job with the characters: akira just had fantastic chemistry with them all (mb not so much seiji) and they each brought out a different side of him (how he’s basically a love martyr with hibiki for example while being totally tsundere with noton). The drama cds really fleshed out the relationships, in particular noton ‘s and hibiki’ s ones where you get to see how much akira really loves noton and that hibiki and akira finally seal the deal >:p

      Oh and akira was sexy as hell Lolol glad to see his va is getting some work

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