Cuz Pixiv is awesome – もっちりオヤジ@ツイタ

Cuz  もっちりオヤジ@ツイタ is awesome.  Just look at dat.

Mocchirioyaji@Tsuita (Twitter?).  Obviously a fan of Hakuouki and shows her (prolly a girl) appreciation of the series through fanart.  Thank god for that cuz the stuff she draws is fucktabulous.  Image spam from here on or you won’t be able to grasp the awesomeness of her skills.

god chizuru is cute.

She’s also into Vocaloid.


i wish i could do that with my fingers XD

she apparently based this off a friend - do want that friend.

That’s it for today.  More image spams l8erz =D

2 Responses to “Cuz Pixiv is awesome – もっちりオヤジ@ツイタ”

  1. wow, i think ive seen this person on pixiv…
    more like, this person did the art for a quite well known song of vocaloid (the second one from vocaloid)…
    sigh, maybe I’ll get some Hakuouki manga up that I got from Pixiv. Though it’s going to have my crap translations… =.=”

  2. That long picture is really cool. I wish I was that talented. :jealous:

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