Proof that Japanese Otaku are amazing… ③ – 恋愛サーキュレーション [Rennai Circulation]


Anybody who followed Bakemonogatari must know what I’m talking about.

Rennai Circulation was the opening song for episode 10 and is the image song for Sengoku Nadeko (the heroine of Nadeko Snake).

The impact that the opening had on the audience (including me for some part) was extremely devastating (?).

Quote Nico Nico Dictionary:


‘The one singing it is Hanazawa Kana, the CV for Sengoku Nadeko. The cute opening sequence added with the singing, created a massive impact and created many onnichan fans.

( ̄ー ̄) I wonder why….

Well, I might start with the most popular Rennai Circulation parody… I even downloaded it for my ipod! (*’‐’*)

It’s リモーネ先生 [Rimone Sensei] doing Uzaya Circulation… Uzaya is  play on words as the character is called Izaya and Uzai means to be annoying.


Uhhh.. Let’s try singing it with Snake from Metal Gear Solid (a game).

The guy who sang is called ニナフロム [Ninafurom] and when he’s not singing as Snake he sounds completely different. Scary.


I think this was one of the first parodies that came out and I think its what started the boom to sing parodies of the OP… It’s somebody singing it in doraemon’s voice.

For people who don’t know doraemon, how about you listen to Donald Duck… (°_°;)

I feel sorry for the person who had to sing this. It sounds so painful.


Konata from Lucky Star. I think she changed the lyrics a bit.



So this is parody of Sugita Tomokazu for those of you who don’t Gintama. Sugita = Kyon from Haruhi


One Piece. There’s this thing called Nico Nico Pirate gang and they kinda sing songs in the characters voice. The person who sang it is doing a Luffy imitation and you’ll get the lyrics if you follow the series. Man, One Piece is definitely the best manga out there.

The same person sang it again, but this time without the Luffy voice… Hahahaha…..=.=


Pokemon. Not the Human Characters. The pokemon…

Pikachu. And it’s not the 1 min 30 one, it’s the whole song.. Hahahaha…

Bulbasor (?) not sure how you call it in english as Ive only played the japanese version of the game.


Okay. Everybody ready to go Kugyuuuuuuuuuu? (symptom of Kugimiya Illness)

Mash up between Rennai and Maru Kaite Chikyuu ver. Lichtenstein


I guess I’ll end it with dance. She’s called Makoto and she managed to make a dance for Rennai. This one’s not the full version and she has danced it but I find this one better.


Uhhh Other Stuff!

Man, I love Shinchan. R.I.P Usui-san...

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