Cuz Pixiv is Awesome – cuteg

Cuz cuteg is awesome.  Just look at dat.

From what I can gather, cuteg’s a pretty well known Korean artist, having released a couple of doujins focusing mainly on meganekko (YES), lolita fashion (DOUBLE YES) and porn (YES YES YES XD).  Most of her stuff is pretty clean, neat colouring and lines, with a very appealing cute style that is distinctly not your standard moe huge eyes and shiet and also has a tendency to veer into the ecchi NSFW region (all the better).  Image spam:

I don't how much more I can love Tenshi

Sawakooooo ~~

Kyonko >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Haruhi

Yuki is the god in Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu

do want ;)

Mikhail T.T

Luka x Miku FTW

The heroine has a face! *gasp

omg if only she looked like this in the game ><

Teru tan <3


Trappity trap trap

hamuko >w<

d'aaaw hinayui

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