Zetsubou Shita!!!

Well, I always knew that Fullmetal Alchemist would be ending soon and last months issue even said that officially…

So, while it was obvious that it would be a ‘defeat final boss and live happily ever after’ chapter, I was quite surprised that the final fight was so short compared to the after effects of the fight. I mean, Father who seemed to be this immortal god (he even wanted to become one) suddenly turns out to be beaten up by Ed without the use of alchemy.  no surprise that Ed beats him as Ed is the main character and its it won’t be called a shonen manga if the hero can’t even defeat the last boss. I mean, even in all RPG games, the hero loses to those crap villains but for some reason powers up so that he can beat the final boss. I also almost forgot that the manga is meant to be about alchemy. The only alchemy we saw in that final chapter was practically the part where Ed loses his powers (is alchemy a power) and the rest is simply all hand-to-hand combat. I mean, Ed can fricking punch a hole into Father.

So ya... Where's the alchemy? Even Father is surprised.

Then Father goes crazy and something happens to him. I’m not sure if I can explain it. Well, he implodes (?) and then he goes to that door (is it called truth?) and he actually meets God.


Man, I think God was the thing that made me laugh most in this chapter (though it wasn’t meant to be funny). How can they make God look so cute? I know that japanese people have a weird sense of cuteness, but God was fricking cute. Man, I want a cushion of him. The best part is the before and after for God. He/She/It looks like this floating ball of light and suddenly he looks so god-damn cute.

After. Man, how can he be so cute!

But Father’s not too bad either. It’s similar to Freezer from Dragonball’s transformations. Manga’s have to have transformations. Take Luffy from One Piece, with his Gear 2nd and 3rd (wait, One Piece is full of transformations), Naruto with… Uhh, Oiroke no Jutsu. Bleach with Ichigo into Hollow form. It’s a favourite for artists if they run out of idea’s.

Anyway, God defeats (?) Father in the end and that’s about it. So now we have a problem with what to do with Al. He sacrificed his life so

Oh come on, I've seen that loads of times...

that Ed can have his arm back. The easiest solution is to just use the philosophers stone, but no, they had to go and make a promise not to use it. Sigh, these shonen hero’s. They always have to take the long way in solving things. But I guess any manga would be boring if that didn’t happen. So…. Hohenheim offers to give up his life so that Al can return but obviously not, it’s bad to use other people’s as sacrifices. Sigh. So Ed goes to the door of truth and tells that guy (is it God? I don’t think it ever told us) that he will use his alchemy as payment to get Al back. So Ed’s loses his alchemy and so he’s not the Fullmetal Alchemist anymore. I’m not surprised that it ended like this because if it continued, the title of the series wouldn’t make sense. Ya, in shonen manga its all about Nakama, Nakama and once more, Nakama. He has his friends so he will be fine, all he needs is his friends, they’re my friends so I will protect them. I wonder how many manga’s DON’T have that story line. Most likely very few.


So Al returns (skinny and a Deidara hairstyle) and everybody is happy to see him and then the fight’s over. Two years is amazing. Look at the change!

!Σ( ̄□ ̄;

... Not interesting enough. I like Armour Al better

Well, I guess all readers wanted to know what would happen to Roy Mustang.

... and that's about it

As it would be sad if he was the only one without a happy ending, his blindness goes away. It was obvious that that would happen considering how popular he is and I’m surprised at how the manga artist managed to bring Marcoh back into the story. I had practically forgotten about it. Well, Marcoh tells Mustang that he will give him the philosophers stone to heal his eyes as long he lets the Ishval people be free. So that’s the end to the discrimination that took a large part of Fullmetal Alchemist’s plot. How easy it ended.

Am i weird to think that Greed also looks cute?

Greed disappears but he’s happy because he has friends now. Lin is unhappy ’cause Greed’s gone and that Grandad died. I don’t know why, but Lin looks so manly now that I keep one thinking that it’s Greed instead. I liked Lin since he came out but now he’s too serious for me. Sigh.

seppuku: stabbing yourself in your stomach to commit suicide

Hohenheim dies at last in front of his wife’s grave. I guess that’s a happy ending for him. It was a nice ending and the only comment I can say is that it looks like he commited seppuku. I guess not.

Scar remains alive because Armstrong (the sister, not the shiny one) saved him so he can work for her. So now his job is to help Mustang bring peace to Ishval. Yup, that’s all. I found that the scene where Ed tries to use Alchemy as he failed to use a hammer and then notices the view was nice as it actually seemed to bring the story properly to an end. I think that the ending would probably have been the same even if there was another arc or any other character changes.


Okay, the Couplings. I thought at first that there won’t because Winry was forgotten for over 80 pages of the chapter, but then she has to cone back. Also, there was no development between Hawkeye and Mustang so that’s a shame. I know, and I think all


Winry haters knew that Ed x Winry is something that has to happen and although we’ve spent the whole series hating her, we have to admit that its happened. Ahh. Shit. I hate Winry. She is different from most heroines (that she practically never comes out) but she has more hate than the others because of how ANNOYING she is. Look at what happened with Scar. That already got me head-banging.

even if she shot, I bet it would've missed.


So Ed confesses to her before leaving west (forgot why, not bothered) and he talks about ‘I give you 50% of my life you give me 50%’. … I didn’t get it at first. So Winry say’s I give you all my life. Nice Expression by Ed! So either way they ended up together. NO!!

Well, too bad for me I guess.

So the final page has… Ed and Winry have KIDS!! NO F*CKING WAY. Also Al and Mei end up together and she’s tall. This is just scary. Lin looks like.. I’m not sure actually. Like an emperor (well he is one, i guess).

Final Comment: I liked the series and I had been following every chapter even if domshiki doesn’t and I can say that it does deserve it’s popularity but I think it would get better if Winry doesn’t exist…

Fav Chara: Hawkeye. I mean, compared to Riza, Winry is just pathetic. And obviously Hughes. Man, he was such a great guy but had to go and die so quickly. And if I would more, I would say Greed and Lin. More like, I like all the characters except for Winry.

One of the biggest surprises I had was how tall Ed became. Look at him with Winry!

It’s worth a read really. Even with Winry there.

3 Responses to “Zetsubou Shita!!!”

  1. hairband Says:

    Yeah you are weird. Greed does not look cute.

    • NO! He does. I mean, look at him.
      He looks like that pokemon, the one before gengar or something. Don’t know the english name.
      I find him cute. Well, at least more charming than Winry!

  2. domshiki Says:

    crap man, way to go spoil it for me lol.
    so wanted al to end up with ed (haha just fantasizin) but you kno…winry *sigh*

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