Otome Game Review – Tsuki no Hikari Taiyou no Kage

Alternative Titles: 月ノ光 太陽ノ影

Company: aromarie

Release Date: 21.04.06

Official Site: http://aromarie.com/


Platform: PC

Genre: 18+ Otome, romance, ‘rape’, drama, semi seme heroine =P

Plot Summary: Pretty odd that there’s arranged marriage shit in modern JP no?  Well our heroine ere, Miki, has been betrothed to a Kai Akira since they were kids and surprisingly, both parties ain’t got no complaint and actually like each other.  Seems pretty straightforward cuz wot else can you, as a player do when our protagonist already has someone she loves who loves her back? Apparently shitloads.  Akira suddenly goes to England as a transfer student for a year, and during that period, they lose contact and Miki begins to question whether he really likes her or not and whether she should keep up with the marriage crap.  Honestly, with a bunch of other nice looking guys around her and Akira so far away, why not go for someone else? ;)

Kai Akira

Miki’s fiancee.  Depending on your choice, he can be the gentle, somewot tennen type of guy, with Miki being totally seme and doing all that teehee shit to him, or he can be the yandere seme, possessive to the point of being pretty damn creepy and a total control freak.  Either way, he’s pretty cute a guy.  Miki’s sempai and fell in love with her when he saw her picture as a kid.

Honestly, Miki’s obsession with Akira is a tad disconcerting and she spends most of the route just fawning over him in a really “…ok…yeah…o.O;;” way.  Like seriously, non stop.  It takes Akira half the route to come back and that first half is all her crazy old fantasies and memories of being with the guy and she masturbates to the first time they had sex, in which Miki was pretty damn seme and went like:

Miki: Hey, you’re aneamia’s alright already right? *moves in closer*

Akira: Yeah I feel completely fine.

Miki:Let’s have sex then.

Akira:Okay =D

*5 secs later*

Akira:…?! wait what?!

Miki: too late *grabs his crotch* My my…you’re hard already >;)

You get the idea. In fact, she fantasizes so much that I had trouble figuring out whether the thing was really happening at the mo or whether it was all in her head lol.

Much to her hurt, when Akira comes back, he suggests that they breaks off the engagement cuz though he still likes her, he needs time to sort things out.  Miki tells him to fuck off but apologizes the next day and lets him explain himself. He says that there’s something up with the relationship they’re having, and how he feels insecure and worried all the time.

Just as he’s about to say summin that’s presumably pretty important, Miki’s childhood friend Tomoya shows up to ruin the moment.  There, Akira goes into some subtle jealousy where he smiles at Tomoya and comments on how friendly he is with Miki but pulls her in close to him.  Tomoya sees this and being a nice guy with tact, he runs off and leaves the two alone.  Akira continues and says that he wants her all for himself even though he knows it’s a childish desire and leaves after givin her a good bye kiss.

Next day, he tells Miki that he has summin to show her at in his room but obviously that’s a lie and it turns out that the guy was just feeling horny lol.

Miki’s the same as usual, seme to the max and getting all turned on when Akira goes “itai” (i had a BL moment there went he went itai but Miki prolly just grabbed his dong too hard) and he tells her to wait a tick but seme can’t possibly wait rite, so she goes ahead and starts giving head.  Man uke Akira was hot ;)

All seems good but then she hears from Ryouko, her bff, that Akira’s gonna go back to England again.  Miki screams at Akira, locks herself inside her room and gets a fever from uh, being pissed.  Akira comes visit her and admits that he never planned on coming back cuz he was gonna have to leave again, but when he received the text from her her, he couldn’t help but return and that having to go again for the second year was the reason to why he wanted to cancel their engagement.  He asks for her forgiveness, Miki forgives him n after telling her that he didn’t send any mails cuz it was always him sending them first and being insecure, he wanted to test her see whether she’d send first, they have some 69 fun.

Shit happens again when their engagement isn’t renewed or anything and Miki sees that her Akira is potentially yandere after he tears up the art pieces he drew in England cuz he hates the stuff he drew without Miki by his side, his usual tranquil smile still on his face.  In fact, Miki thinks to herself that she actually felt some killing intent directed towards her herself from Akira when he says that they have to be together no matter what and that she must not ever hate him.

They fiiiiiiiiiii~naly resolve their problems when he fixes his head and decides that the best thing to do was just bring Miki over with him.  There he gets her all to himself and they don’t gotta worry about the engagement shit so the two get married in June.

Alright, time for the bad ending.  In short, instead of being the gentle uke he is in the gd ending, Akira becomes a jealous yandere hubby who has sex with Miki everywhere, all the time, gets her pregnant and imprisons her within their house so he can have her all to himself.

Takami Tomoya

Miki’s childhood buddy.  A big guy basketball player, he’s been in love with Miki since god knows when, only that Miki’s too dense and into Akira to notice.  He’s pretty happy a guy, your average Joe and dislikes Akira cuz he thinks he aint good enough for Miki.  Characterwise, he’s easy to understand, would go burn in hell if it’s for Miki’s sake, but at the same time, can’t express his feelings well enough and is always bickering with her – a very osananajimi feel really so I like.

Tomoya confesses pretty damn fast in the beginning of the game.  Miki sees him hanging with another girl and decides to ask him about it the next day.  He tells her that the girl was just his cousin before he finally mans up, grabs her hand and tells her that he wont ever get a girlfriend cuz he’s in love with her.  Miki’s all SHOKKU and says that’s she’s already got a fiancee so you know, but Tomoya says he doesn’t care so that’s that.

Next day, Miki hears that Akira’s coming back fast but is unable to feel wholeheartedly happy cuz she’s scared of Akira dumping her and also cuz the news obviously ain’t sitting well with Tomoya.  When she tells Tomoya that she’s afraid of getting ditched, he tells her that it’s alright cuz she has him.  Miki’s all SHOKKU again and says not to joke about shit like that but Tomoya says he ain’t joking and asks if she’d like him if she didn’t have a fiancee.  Miki answers that she probably would like Tomoya but she has a fiancee so that’s not gonna happen.  Woteva, Tomoya doesn’t give a fuck about that, being crazy happy to just hear her say that and pushes her against the wall and makes out with her anyway.

Later on, Miki pops over to Tomoya’s place.  Noticing that she’s acting as though nothing happened between them, Tomoya hugs her from behind and tells her how happy he was when she said that she could have liked him.  He tells her that he doesn’t know wot to do with his feelings but if she says to, he’ll give up on her.  Miki can’t cuz it’s obvious that she likes him ish but is too thick to realize so Tomoya says it’s alright even if he’s being Akira’s stand in so long as he can have her once and he bangs her.  Dang, poor guy man, when Miki screamed Akira’s name instead of his o.O;;

They stay together for a tad more, with Tomoya lamenting that he can’t have her but still likes her and Miki leaves after that, hating herself for being a cheating low bitch.  Akira then comes back to confirm the breaking off cuz though he still likes Miki, he needs some time to think about some stupid shit.

Miki goes emo, Tomoya asks her wots up and when she tells him, Tomoya goes piss mad and gets into a bitch fight with Akira.  He shouts at the bastard for being an inconsiderate buttfuck who doesn’t treasure Miki at all, but Miki steps in and stops Tomoya.  Tomoya apologizes for being right a busybody and goes home.  Akira realises that there’s summin between Tomoya and Miki (see? it takes normal people 5 seconds to see that Tomoya has the hots for Miki) and tells Miki to go after her man.

Miki goes over to Tomoya’s place and apologizes for not seeing that Tomoya was going rage mode for her sake.  The two take a stroll in a park where the two met and were always hanging around after that.  After they reminisce their childhood, Miki tells Tomoya that he’s always been her “knight” and thanks him for helping her all the time.

Tomoya then asks Miki out after and Miki finally says yeah cuz she and Akira have both agreed to cancelling the engagement.  Then in the midst of their snogging, Miki’s dad comes out so whoops, they’re screwed.

Her dad doesn’t know that Akira’s broken off the engagement so he’s just crazy pissed off, so Tomoya comes over after and tells him that the engagement is canceled so there’s nothing wrong with them being together.  Of course, there always has to be a bitchy obtuse jack annoying parent (think korean dramas man) so the dad tells Tomoya to bugger off and outs Miki under house arrest.  Well actually, the reason to why the dad was so ticked off was cuz there are certain ‘catches’ to the engagement – Miki’s real dad is actually her dad’s little bro but her real parents died in a car crash so her now dad took her in.  However, prior to that, Akira’s dad (Miki’s real dad’s bff) wanted to adopt Miki cuz he promised the real dad he would if anything ever happened.  So to resolve the problem of who’s gonna take in Miki, Miki’s now dad would raise her and she’d then marry into Akira’s family.  Some shit like that anyway.

Akira shows up later on to confirm the canceling and came just to say that he still likes Miki and actually wants to marry her, but is doing this so she can be with Tomoya.

After school next day, Tomoya tells Miki that he heard that her insane dad is planning to move so Miki can never see him again.  He proposes that they run away together (oh lord not this crap) and Miki says yes and they have sexy time in the classroom.  The two then run away together a week later or summin, but are stopped by Akira and Ryouko and told not to be fucking retards so they go back, talk to the dad and finally he lets the two be.  Happy end =D

Yusa Takumi

Sempai of Tomoya with whom he works with at a restuarant as a part time job.  Is 26 and has that playboy look to him.  Relaxed, mature and pretty easy going and nice a guy cept for in the 3P ending in which he’s pretty dicking in an awesome way.  First meeting when he saves Miki from a buttfugly chikan groping her ass.  Turns out to be pretty childish at times.

Miki agrees to try and work at the same place Tomoya does, but who would have known that Yusa is also working there?  What a coincidence! XD  Like any other normal non stupid person, Yusa immediately picks up that Tomoya likes Miki but messes around with him by constantly taking her out after work just for kicks.

However, the messing around soon turns into interest as Yusa finds Miki’s unguarded, straightforward nature endearing.  He teaches her that the whole world is full of dickfucks and that he ain’t that good of a guy either, but Miki trusts him anyway so he shows her ‘his world’ – he’s actually a bartender, owns a bar called uh Kafka *sniggers* in a shady street and his restaurant job is just temporary to help a friend.

When Akira ‘dumps’ Miki, she goes over to Yusa for advice, but upon hearing Akira’s name, he drugs her and screws her.  Next day, Miki wakes up, flips but Yusa’s all woteva about it and goes “hey it ain’t my fault.  I TOLD you I was a bad guy” and she goes back to school.  After some chit chat with Akira, she realizes that she kinda likes Yusa, looks for him, and after telling him that she likes him, he takes her to his place.

He shows her a pic he painted and explains that he’s heard of Akira before – famous genius perfect kid painter woteva – and he just felt like taking something away from someone who “walks under the sun” and pulling Miki “into the darkness” with him.  He says he was born in the red light district, the son of a hoe so like mother like son, he’s a pretty big manwhore himself and uses his body to screw around and to get what he wants – “Yup thats the kind of guy I am”.

Much to Yusa’s chagrin, Miki still says he likes him.  Yusa keeps telling her wot a cock he is but then lol, Miki laughs and just says “you’re so cute” XD  Yusa goes “wtf” (same ere Yusa, I went wtf, just in a HAHA way) and asks whether she hit her head or shit, and Miki replies that it’s so cute how desperate he is to push her away.  She says she won’t run from him and finally, Yusa confesses that he reciprocates her feelings and more smex.

When they wake up, Yusa’s still pretty emo about himself being scum and lying to Miki and all that emo shit but Miki says she’ll stay with him forever so he can STFU, stop whining, and be a man.

In the epilogue, the engagement is broken off, Akira goes back to England, and Miki’s family is piss mad at her.  She’s still with Yusa and asks whether she can move in with him afterwards and Yusa suggests that they might as well get married.  The end.

Yusa x Miki x Tomoya 3P Ending

Aaaah it’s been so long since I’ve had a 3P ending, whether it’s 2 guys a girl, 2 girls a guy etc.  I guess I should’ve hated this route cuz all 3 charas were pretty big pricks but it came as a pleasant surprise for me lol.

So in here, Tomoya gets totally wasted with Yusa cuz he gets depressed after hearing that Akira’s coming back the next day.  Yusa calls Miki out to help drag his sorry ass back home, but the guy’s so inebriated that he can’t even walk by himself so Yusa takes the two to his condo and Miki says she’ll wait till Tomoya’s awake and then she’ll bring him back.

Lol if Yusa was manwhorey and without morals in his original route, gad I wonder wot he is here.  He chats with Miki for a tad before the convo is finally directed towards her and Tomoya.  He tells her that Tomoya has liked her long time and that he understands why cuz he himself is pretty taken in with her naive, defenseless nature.  Miki firmly believes that he won’t do anything but after he runs her through a series of “things he could do to her right now”, she gets pissed and pours her drink over his head and tells him to stop making creepy jokes.

Too bad it ain’t a joke.  Yusa then proceeds to molest the living daylights out of Miki.  When Miki calls for Tomoya’s help, Yusa laughs and says that he won’t help her cuz Tomoya’s a guy as well and he won’t be able to hold his horny urges back when he’s piss drunk and in despair.  Yusa turns out to be completely right and when Tomoya comes to and sees the two, he tells Yusa to get off Miki and rapes  Miki himself after saying “gomen”.

When Miki wakes up, she’s all numb instead of screaming bitch and after Akira delivers the final blow of annulling their marriage, she decides to quit her job.  Tomoya apologizes profusely and says he’ll do woteva she says and the two go to quite their jobs.  However, Yusa is sharp enough to figure that Akira is back, implies that he could tell Akira and has Miki at his porny mercy.

Despite several efforts from Tomoya and Miki to stop the relationship, the two fall deeper and deeper into that forbidden relationship sex pleasure and in the end, Miki finds herself to be completely slave to the 3p thing and in the end, figures that it’s not as though she has anything else to live for and that Yusa and Tomoya do treat her good so they stay a happy triangle.  Like wtf?  Seriously Miki?

Ryouko Ending

Her route goes down the 3P ending.  She notices immediately that summins up with Miki but doesn’t force it out of her.  In the end, Miki is unable to take the 3some shit anymore, breaks down and tells Ryouko everything.  She hugs Miki and says that she won’t let this madness go on, tells Tomoya to leave Miki the fuck alone (to which he doesn cuz Tomoya actually does feel like a turd for doing all that to Miki).

Years later, the two are still together and become lesbian buddies.  Okay, it’s not stated outright, but one can gather that much when Miki says that she’s lost all interest in men and everything cept for Ryouko and that she thinks she has one nice ass.  Ryouko tells Miki that she’ll never leave Miki, not out of pity but because she wants to be with her, and well, hellz yeah lezbo end!

Sudou Nobihiko

Okay, I know I said I like glasses and shiet but this guy was totally ew.  Like I never had anything against teacher student relationships but playing his route finally made me understand just why society finds it unacceptable and plain gross.  Well actually no, cuz i don’t really get why I found him to be so squicky, but bottom line is, I don’t like this guy.  The strict teacher type but cares about his students enough to fuck them talk to them about their problems.  I guess his redeeming points is that he looks alright in CG and uh…nope that’s about it.

He calls out to Miki and stops her cuz he notices that she’s been stoning a lot in his classes.  She tells him a bit about Akira and from then on, he’s been giving her advice on the fiancee thing.  Miki then one day asks him about the ring mark on his finger cuz of rumours but that pisses him off and he tells er to bugger off.

She goes home with him one day and there, she says that she wants to know more about him.  Sudou’s weirded out by her ‘confession’ but she says it’s cuz it’s natural to be curious about your own teacher and to care about him like how teachers are supposed to for their students.  He gives her his number and drives off.

They get pretty friendly later on and Miki picks up that she likes the guy and confesses to Sudou.  Kudos to him for attempting to be a responsible teacher and saying no to her.  Akira comes home, ditches her, and once again, Miki goes to Sudou for advice.  She tells him that she likes him again but still he rejects her, and she hugs him from the back to stop him from leaving.

Finally seeing that she’s not fucking around, he warns her that he gets jealous real easily, hates sharing and keeps people all to himself, and once that he has her, he won’t ever let go – “you still want me?”.  He then kisses her and thus begins their student teacher relationship.

First date, they go for a drive and all of a sudden, Sudou feels horny and makes out with Miki.  He has the grace to not go any further with her yet when she sees that she’s shaking and she admits that it feels as though he’s a completely different person, but guess what, she’s lovin’ it x)

He then invites her to kip over at his house (yeah we all know what that means) and after some nice couple talk about how their lives are going and balls liek that, Sudou decides it’d be fun to sit in front of a mirror and have mirror sex, much to Miki’s embarrassment/joy.

A new teacher then shows up, a hot red head called Akase who’s totally got the hots for Sudou and also turns out to be his ex wife.  Obviously Akase is still in love with Sudou and also a complete skanky bitch and tries to separate Sudou from Miki.

Sudou finds Miki half in tears cuz of Akase and he tells her to leave his students alone after announcing that Miki is his lover.  Akase gets owned, effs off and Sudou and Miki have some more sexy time at his condo.  Akase bitchfights with Miki once more before effing off for good.

Several years pass and Miki’s still with Sudou. She returns to the old school to say hi to him after school ends, and there, he proposes to her and slips a ring onto her finger.  Whew thank god his route is over ==”

Fujiwara Kazuki

SO CUTE >w< He’s Miki’s little tsundere brother who acts kinda like a real life little brother – annoying and constantly argues with his older sister, but the difference is, is that he has a sis con and is dying to get into Miki’s pants ;)  Cuz he gets all dere real easy, Miki enjoys raining hell on him just for the heck of it.

Akira comes back and tells er it’s over so Miki talks to Kazuki about it.  Kazuki’s not very sympathetic about it and says that he told her the minute that Akira stopped mailing her that he was a smelly shithead and totally not serious about her.  Miki gets a tad irked and snaps that Kazuki doesn’t know anything about falling in love and Kazuki replies, forlorn, that’s cuz he can’t have a relationship and says to just forget about Akira.  Miki starts crying cuz life stinks and exasperated, Kazuki hugs her to stop her crying whilst telling her not to cry for a dung beetle like Akira.

When she stops crying, Miki sees that Kabuki’s all red in the face and starts teasing him cuz it’s absolutely adorable to see Kazuki’s reactions lol.  She jokingly goes on about Kazuki having a secret crush on her and that’s why he’s always so tsundere about everything she does and says to him.  Right after she laughs it off and tells him she’s joking, Kazuki suddenly tells her that she’s right and that he’s known that they weren’t siblings ages ago (DAMMIT I WANTED THE BRO SIS INCEST ERE).  Before Miki can say anything, Kazuki tells her to leave him alone cuz he needs to calm down.

Next day, the two talk and Miki tells Kazuki to go get a gf.  Kazuki says hell no cuz he likes her and Miki finds out that Kazuki’s always liked her when Tomoya says that he’s always been liking one person but he doesn’t know who it is.  Again, when Kazuki tells her he likes her, Miki says to get another girl but still Kazuki’s in love with her and cries when Miki says he’s just feeling horny and doesn’t really like her.  She apologizes and starts to see him as a dude from there on.

Their parents go on a business trip or summin later on and Miki offers to scrub Kazuki’s back (quick question: do they really do this in JP?).  Miki goes all seme here, gives Kazuki a handjob just to see him squirm and the two have sex in the bathroom.

She wakes up and seeing Kazuki next to her, remembers that they slept together the night before.  Kazuki asks whether she was playing around yesterday and she answers that it was the real thing and that she’ll only do it with him from now on.

Then comes the question with telling their parents.  Picking to tell goes down the good route.  You don’t actually see wot happens cuz it goes straight to the epilogue, but given the dad’s reaction to Tomoya, it’s a safe bet that he went went kablooie.  3 years later, Kazuki and Miki move out into their own apartment and Miki wakes Kazuki up to tell him that their parents have finally forgiven them or summin and that they’re to go home and say hi.

Bad ending is that Miki refuses to tell the parents.  Kazuki’s not all to happy about it cuz he hates having to be all secretive, but if his darling sister says so, oh wellz.  Couple of years later, Miki’s become an OL and Kazuki’s still at school.  Their relationship is still kept secret and Kazuki’s just badgering Miki to get an apartment so the two can live together.

Afterthoughts and Conclusion

SO.MUCH.DRAMA.  Like man, this game was like going through a 4 hour long soap opera.  Not a complaint though – I loved this game =D

Hands down Kazuki, Tomoya and yandere Akira for fave charas.  Kazuki was just bliddy adorable with the little brother sis con thing, and man I felt for Tomoya cuz he liked Miki so much but had to deal with her thing for Akira.  Akira’s crazy hubby thing was awesome just cuz yandere charas are a win for me.  Sudou = EW *237428348236487236482368.  Srsly, I don’t know why but the guy was just o.O;; the whole time for me.  Yusa was alright.  Ryouko = awesome GF.  Miki was pretty awesome a heroine, a tad bitchy at times but the seme thing totally won me over *thumbs up*

Music was good esp Yusa’s theme and the creepy music during his raep shit.  OP and ED were meh.  Akira’s uke voice…holy shit man *nosebleeds*.  And omg Tomoya = Asato from Lamento.  Made me raise my eyebrows cuz as Youji and Asato, he didn’t really make too many ‘sounds’ but as Tomoya, dang was he one loud muthafucka XD

I liked the art.  Pretty distinct style and fave chara design goes to Tomoya and Yusa.  Miki looks so much prettier in Kazuki’s bad end in my POV and the one thing that irked me was how square the fingers looked in some scenes ^^;;

Story wise, it was interesting and enjoyable.  Akira’s yandere route got me going “rape dat bitch lolololol” in a haha way but I felt bad for Miki cuz her princely Akira turned out to be some psycho control freak.  Tomoya’s route was ma fave and Sudou’s was just 7SFGSITVNIEGTSCSDF.  EW.

In short, this is one of the better otome games that I’ve played, albeit it being a bit short on anything light hearted.  Good that it was pretty short and not butt long so I wasn’t going “oh fuck when is this over” cept for Sudou’s route cuz I didn’t want to play it anyway from the start.  EEEEEEEEWWWWW SUDOU Kazuki and Tomoya <3

月ノ光 太陽ノ影

6 Responses to “Otome Game Review – Tsuki no Hikari Taiyou no Kage”

  1. Strange… from your description, Sudou actually doesn’t sound that bad. I like megane characters, and at least, from your description, he’s not a kichiku/rapist megane… the very type which started destroying the stereotype for me.

    I admit when I played it I only did Akira’s route, and couldn’t continue with the other routes as I couldn’t stomach the drama anymore XD

    • domshiki Says:

      i totally get wot u mean – there’s nothing WRONG with sudou. it’s just…i dunno. there’s summin that made me go “EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEW” wen i saw him lol.
      yeah so much drama =.=”

  2. nyanta Says:

    nice review, could you make one of riddle garden?
    I would like to know the plot, playing this game was nice, I agree,
    I think is the best game ever, there’s a sequel or something I believe,
    havent play it.
    did u play this other game from Aromarie, the one where the girl is married?

    • domshiki Says:

      oops totally forgot about riddle garden. will get round to it…someday XD
      the ‘sequel’s like extra porn scenes lol.
      im thinking whether to play it cuz seems like its nowhere as good as this one ^^;;

      • CocoBanana Says:

        Wait there’s a sequel really?!?! Does anyone know what the name of it is lololol!? XD

  3. lol seems like a nice game. i always love ur review… thinking to try out the game too, was wondering though is there an english patch for it or something? my JP knowledge is decent but not close as i would say perfect. Would be better if there is a translation somewhere =\

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