BL Game Review – STEAL!

Alternative Titles: スティール

Company: Spray

Release Date: 27.11.09

Official Site:

Platform: PC

Genre: 18+ BL, romance, National Treasure, dense protagonist, mystery

Plot Summary: Think Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne x National Treasure x Nijuu Mensou no Musume for this.  Ish.  Okay, not really.  *ahem* So protagonist Kobayashi Asuka enrolls into Manuspica, a sleezy school that is self proclaimed to protect all beauty and art but really, teaches its kids to run amok and steal priceless art pieces from museums and auctions just for kicks.  Whereas everybody on his team has some normal human specialty like hacking and driving,  Asuka’s one lil freak who has magical eyes of Geass truth, creatively named “True Eyes” that can be used to profile inanimate objects and tell whether they’re genuine legit or cheap replicas.  Thus begins Asuka’s days of plundering and thievery archiving all things beautiful.

Fujigaya Kei

My god was this guy an emo fag.  He was Asuka’s only childhood friend who was awesome to him whereas everybody shunned Asuka for his sparkling purple eyes of crap.  However, after Asuka moved to the US, he lost contact with Asuka and Asuka’s always been tryna find him.  Now Kei’s a cold ice bitch who isolates himself from everyone and thing.  He constantly tells Asuka to fuck the hell off, but it’s pretty obvious he’s got the hots for our protagonist.

I thought I’d like him a lot more cuz he’s the angsty potential rapist character and he’s voiced by Midorikawa Hikaru, but shit he was so emo that he made me wanna cut myself too for sucking enough to play his route.

*glances at left hand* I saw what you did there Kei...

Right off the bat, he’s a cold sunnava bitch to Asuka and claims not to remember him.  When Asuka still pursues him cuz Kei’s pretty important to him, Kei tells him to get outta this school before he gets hurt and not to get close to him before kissing him (kinda having the opposite effect here…).

One day, Asuka nearly gets kidnapped by some guys in black cuz of his True Eyes but Kei comes to save him.  For a mo, he seems like the old Kei again, but the other team members come and the guy walks off.  The principal then tells Asuka that Kei is his adopted son and Asuka then realizes why Kei was so pissy when he talked about how awesome his parents were.

Asuka then remembers how True Eyes fucked up his life as a kid.  He couldn’t turn his Geass off no matter what so he profiled everything and freaked out everyone around him.  Only Kei was there and he managed to help Asuka learn to control his power so he’s really thankful for Kei being there for him.

He goes to say thank you and sorry to Kei, but Kei just rage modes cuz he didn’t want Asuka to find out.  He says to not nose around anymore but Asuka says he can’t do that cuz Kei’s his bff and there’s no way he can leave someone so important alone.  Kei snaps here and rapes Asuka, but Asuka sees that Kei’s in some crazy pain so he tells Kei that it’s ok to rape him as long as Kei feels good (…that’s taking friendship a tad far but alrite *shrugs*) and that stops Kei and he apologises.

One the 3rd mission, the guys go on some art auction to steal another work of art.  There, Asuka sees the same old man he’s been seeing every mission and finds out that he’s the bad guy Gregory Hawk.  Kei goes nuts when he sees him but their team, Team Griff,  get attacked by Hawk’s men cuz they’re both after the same shit.  Kei saves Asuka by grabbing him and diving into the sea to avoid the bullets and then brings him back up and gives him CPR.  Still, mission fail.

Kei disappears one night carrying a pew pew lazzor and fearing that Kei’s gonna do summin fucking stupid, Asuka runs out to find him.  Dude, Kei’s so emo that the makers even set up rain specially for him here to emphasise his pain and suffering *rolls eyes*.  Kei says he’s gonna go kill Hawk cuz the guy killed his parents soon after Asuka left for the US.  His parents were famous artists and died trying to protect Kei and their art.  Hawk gunned the two down then tore up their art and would’ve killed Kei too had Manuspica not come and saved him.  Now that he’s seen Hawk, he’s gonna blow the guy’s brains out but Asuka manages to convince him not to be another Sarsgay Sasuke after a long ‘confession’ about how he wants to be with Kei and wants to shoulder his shit so he doesn’t have to do this alone.

The guys get their next mission, a ring being their hint and after analysing it, find out that it’s linked to this legendary treasure trove city called “Fuitona” but the place got nuked ages ago and no one’s been able to find it again.  It says in a bk that only someone with True Eyes can open the door.  They then connect this with Hawk and realize why the guy’s been everywhere they have – cuz he wants the gold shit too.

In the funny Arabic land of Jodayji or summin, the principal kidnaps Asuka and tells him that he wants him to assassinate Hawks cuz the guy betrayed Manuspica and cud leak info out.  The principal took Kei in cuz he realized that Kei could become his ninja dude due to his physical prowess and hatred for Hawk.  So now, he wants to use Asuka as bait or summin to lure Hawk out then get Kei to smush the guy’s head in.  Asuka refuses cuz killing’s fucked up and the principal says that if he won’t he’ll wipe Asuka’s memories of Kei for the past month and turn him into his puppet.  Asuka says hell no to both, principal tries to force the meds into Asuka’s mouth but Kei to the rescue and more wtf when Asuka’s daddy pops up.  His dad’s Manuspica as well and the principal’s dad, head Manuspica guy, gave out orders to capture his son for doing unnecessary shit.

「。。。お前が、ずっと昔から好きだった」 <-- took Kei long enough.

Now that the two are alone, Kei hugs Asuka and thanks god that he’s alright.  Asuka tells him he was scared shitless at the thought of losing his memories of Kei and asks why Kei’s here when he’s supposed to have gone off with the team to get Hawk. D’aaw when Kei says that he noticed that Asuka wasn’t with him, felt as if someone ripped Asuka away from him, and that in the entire world, there is nothing more important than Asuka, even his stupid revenge shiet.  Asuka asks wot that all means in short, and Kei confesses that he’s been gay for Asuka since they were kiddies.  After a super long, super fluffy confession from Kei, the two go on to almost smex but team Griff pop in and ruin dat so, fail Kei =P

The group get ready to get Hawk and the El Dorado and Asuka sees the acronym for Kei’s codename – BBJ – and rmbs that it’s Big Blow Job Blue Black Jaguar, suddenly finding the guy super sexy lol.  They infiltrate Hawk’s place where he’s holding another art exhibition.  They take out the guards but turns out Hawk’s escaped and has put up an ambush team who start shooting and team Griff.  They manage to escape to the roof but Kei gets shot by Hawk there.  However, Kei’s alrite cuz he’s got the brains to wear a bulletproof vest so they take down Hawk who gets taken away by daddy Kobayashi.  The two go back and have sex (holy shit these guys are so fucking mushy with their “i love you” x 23847892374)

Best Ending 共に刻む未来: Asuka manages to open the door to Fuitona and Manuspica takes the loot and run.  Back at school, everybody’s even more irritated with Kei now cuz he keeps hogging Asuka and won’t let anyone near him (lol Dio – “I don’t give a fuck whether you below to some other guy or not, Asuka.  In fact, that just turns me on even more”).  Asuka doesn’t get why Kei goes super saiyan whenever anyone else touches him, and Kei tells him cuz he’s his so obviously he hates it, and he gives Akira a hug to show that he belongs to him or summin.  GAD I CAN’T TAKE ANY MORE OF THIS FLUFF 92847IWAGV5NIAS

Ending no.2: Though horny for Asuka, Kei doesn’t make a move and the two remain BFF.

Ending no. 2 他愛ない日常:Despite liking Asuka in a homoerotic way, Kei and Asuka stay BFF and Dio spends his time messing around with Asuka just to piss Kei off.

Ending no.3 慟哭:They fail their mission.  That’s it.

Ending no.4 復讐の果て: Asuka picks Dio over Kei and the end.

Ending no. 5: Asuka becomes the principal’s hoe.

Claudio T. Lotti Dio

Stupid sexy Lockon Italian. The epitome of the Italian stereotype, this guy spends all his time hitting on Asuka and everything that comes out of his mouth sounds like an invitation for hot steamy sex.  Seriously, everything he said had me cracking up cuz stuff like “hey our mission’s starting” sounded more like “let me make hot sweet love to you baby” and it totally didn’t help that Asuka was blushing 24/7 with Dio – he must think Dio sounds like some sweaty manwhore as well lol.  Horny Italian aside, he’s a good guy, relaxed and takes care of Asuka.  Specializes in sweet talking and persuasion (durr hurr who would’ve known).

The opposite of Asuka who’s serious and a good student, Dio’s always messing around but still manages to be the top of the class.  He thinks that Asuka’s being to much of a kill joy and working himself to death in class so he brings the guy out for a game of snooker and teases him by kissing him on the forehead just for the heck of it.

After a couple of pointless kaitou missions, Asuka finds Dio in standing around outside his room looking depressed about summin.  He asks what Dio is doing at this ungodly hour, but Dio says it’s nothing and sleeps (no really, just sleeping) with Asuka and giving the latter a handjob in the morning as thanks.

Asuka tells Dio that he wants to be BFF with him like how he is like Kei.  However, this just pisses Dio off cuz he likes Asuka but the guy’s still yakking on about “friendship”.  Dio frenches Asuka, tells him he wants him and despite Asuka not knowing whether he likes him back or not, he knows Asuka wants him, at least in a physical sense *glances at obvious boner*.  Asuka can’t deny that Dio is one nice piece of meat so the two get it on in his room.

The two go to some Arabian country or summin for the next mission where the two get betrayed by Dio’s Arabic friend and are prisoners of Gregory Hawk.  While alone in the cell, Asuka uses his Troo Eyes on Dio, realizes that it works on humans too, to some extent, and sees a young Dio with a bloody knife.  Dio tells Asuka that his dad’s mafia so he got kidnapped often by enemy gangs and that his dad worked under Gregory Hawk.  However, his dad figured shit out about Hawk and betrayed him so Hawk grabbed Dio, blindfolded and tied him up and left in a dark room all alone for god knows how long.  Everytime, Hawk would come in and tell Dio that if he killed his dad, he’d let him go and after several times, Dio couldn’t take it anymore, took up the offer and stabbed his daddy (pretty funny how Asuka thought stabbed as in killed, but Dio’s just “wtf i was just a kid! XD”)

Then Hawk comes over, takes Asuka to some weird tomb and tells him to open it cuz only his True Eyes can do it.  As Asuka’s about to do it to save Dio or summin, Dio’s Arabic friend shows up, guns Hawk’s men down and team Griff follows with police and shiz to arrest Hawk.  Turns out this was the plan from the start and only Asuka didn’t know about it.  Piss mad, Asuka punches Dio and screams at him for not telling him and Dio then picks the guy up bridal style and tells the whole team they’re gonna have some ‘alone time’ *wink wink*

Asuka’s still pissed but on top of that, doesn’t get why Dio’s tryna sex him up. Dio goes “oh god is there no limit to how dense you can be?” and tells him that it’s cuz he loves him before weeheehee sexy time.

Best Ending マーキング: Everyone gets back happy and safe.  Somewhere in some classroom, Asuka’s getting done from the back by Dio despite the former’s protests that classrooms are a place for LEARNING and not FUCKING.  Lol Dio claims this is a way of marking territory so that whenever students come to class, they’ll think “ah this is where the two had sex!” and says that he wants to do it everywhere so people will smell their jizz or some funny shit like that XDXD

Ending no.2 – L’AMANTE:Asuka gives himself up for Dio but before Asuka can open the tomb or anything, he’s knocked out and brought back to Manuspica.  Days later, Hawk has been captured but still, no sign of Dio.  Asuka decides to quit Manuspica and instead, take their normal schooling choice and so, all his memories of Team Griff and shit are erased.  One day, he’s walking the path he and DIo always used to walk and wonders why he always come here.  Dio suddenly returns, hugs him and apologises for making him wait.  Asuka feels an overwhelming surge of emotion but still can’t recall Dio, and as he starts crying from not being able to remember, he asks who Dio is and realising that Asuka doesn’t remember him, all Dio says him “I’m your lover”, and that’s the end.  GODDAMMIT WOT HAPPENS NEXT?!?!??!

Ending no.3 最強のマニュスピカ:Dio and Asuka become best buds and Team Griff owns.

Kiryuu Takayuki

Woohoo, the kichiku megane of the game.  Genius hacker and programmer. .    Molesting asshole is a given for his type of character and needless to say, his rapist glasses make Asuka quiver in his spaceboots presence, and all Kiryuu needs now is a new bushy pedophile beard to make Asuka shit his pants outright.  Hobbies include feeling up and ravaging our protagonist.

So after Asuka nearly gets kidnapped by the MIB, Kiryuu restrains him in a classroom and proceeds on to touch the guy.  Kiryuu says that Asuka’s way too defenseless which is why the MIB guys yesterday were almost able to do this *above*.  He says he’s gonna strip Asuka down and force his inner slut to come out, and well, needless to say, the guy was pretty damn successful.

Since then, whenever Asuka gets near Kiryuu, he starts getting scared, pissed and horny all at once.  Still he’s pretty irked about what Kiryuu did so he seeks the guy out and asks why the hell did all that shit.  Kiryuu’s all “what shit?” and Asuka’s too mortified to say anything and Kiryuu goes on to say “oh you mean the time where I **** your ****** and etc?” and Asuka’s like STFU but Kiryuu says that it’s all true – you’re a slut.  Before Asuka can escape, Kiryuu grabs the guy, ties him up and begins feeling him up again.

On the last mission, Asuka decides to choose Kiryuu as his partner cuz he wants to get raped more information on how Kiryuu seems to know about everything round ere beforehand.  Asuka asks the guy outright and Kiryuu says it’s cuz…HE’S A COP.  He’s been stationed here to observe Manuspica cuz really, they do look and are  awfully suspicious with their stealing art crap but Kiryuu’s been linking the Gregory Hawk shiet together and becomes Asuka’s partner to get more info cuz of Hawk’s interest in him.

So in Joedaideea, Kiryuu meets up with some FBI/international police guys and they’ve located Hawk’s path to the tomb.  Asuka wants to join as well, and seeing the guy’s determination, Kiryuu goes “sure suck ma cock” but ditches Asuka anyway after the BJ.

Asuka can’t do anything but continue on with Team Griff on their original mission, but soon he sees the international cops again who ask for him help.  However, those cops are actually with Hawk so he gets taken down to the tomb and forced to open the door.  The place starts collapsing however, when some idiot throws a grenade or sum shit and Asuka would have been crushed to death had Kiryuu not appeared and covered him.  There, Asuka confesses to the guy and Kiryuu calls him retarded but tells him to stay by his side anyway before screwing him from the back.

The good guy international police secure the place and invite Kiryuu to join em but Kiryuu rejects the offer cuz he’s got Asuka to stay with =D  So Asuka lives out the rest of his life as Kiryuu’s whore.  Ma lawd was Asuka a slut XD

Ending no.2: Kiryuu goes back to his police thing.  Asuka becomes a pro Manuspica and believes that the sex games are over with Kiryuu, but several years later, he bumps into him and he realises that he’s bound to Kiryuu already.

Ending no.3: Asuka chooses to get locked up in Kiryuu’s mansion, living only to get fucked by the guy.

Nikaido Ryouichi

The big brother of Team Griff, he’s the strategist and also the leader.  Ideal nice aniki, mature, gentle and takes care of everyone, he’s always trying to keep things peaceful and if it ain’t for him, Team Griff = WWIII.  Eeeh…kinda boring apart form dat cuz he’s not yandere and not really a looker, just nice, and the creepy thing is, Asuka keeps seeing his dad in him and you know, having sex with your own dad really is a cause for concern and intensive therapy.

People then start telling Asuka that Ryouichi is only in the team to observe them and pass info back to the higher ups so really, Ryouchi doesn’t give a shit about them.  Ryouichi admits that as a team leader, it is his responsibility to do so but he trusts them all so it doesn’t matter and tells Asuka about the base myth of Fuitona.

In Fuitona, there was a boy who had True Eyes.  Being the only one to be ‘blessed’ with such a power, he was made into something like the god, worshiped and imprisoned so he could tell the people stuff.  The only person who didn’t get caught up in all the madness was the prince, and soon the two became friends and the prince one day ran away with the boy to the outside world.  However, the boy suddenly sees that Fuitona is gonna be consumed by a huge flood and goes back to tell the people.  By this time though, the people just saw him as a traitorous little bugger, payed no heed to his warning and held him prisoner again along with the prince.  Then the flood came and everyone died.  The end.  I’m pretty sure I got some things wrong but that’s the gist of things.  Asuka starts crying cuz he says the boy could’ve lived withe the prince happily ever after had he not gone back but Ryouichi says that life sucks the boy just told the truth and all and after apologising for ‘lying’ to Asuka and kisses his forehead.

Asuka and Ryouichi get to the tomb later on and Hawk appears as well.  Asuka’s forced to open the door and when they get in, Hawk tries to kill him but the place suddenly floods with water and everyone goes bonkers with panic.  Asuka starts to drown, gets a quick flashback of the boy and the prince before waking up in Ryouichi’s arms.

Now that the shit’s all blown over, Ryouichi finally mans up and tells Asuka that he likes him.  Asuka thinks it’s in the daddy sense at first but realises that he’s horny for him so Asuka says he like him big time too, and sexy time.  Their sex is like…o.O;;.  I thought Kei’s teehee scenes were mushy but my GOD Ryouichi…complete with the holding hands and shit and GBTAWEI7HO85UATBIIV 876T9A

In the morn, Asuka wakes up and admires daddy’s Ryouichi’s sleeping face.  He recalls that his dad is Manuspica etc, Ryouichi wakes, they have some sickeningly sweet lovey dovey crooning and the end.  Thank fuck, all this mush is seriously killing me.

Ending no.2 光差す先へ: Asuka concludes that he likes Ryouichi as a dad.

Ending no.3 伝えたい想い: Asuka is unable to tell Ryouichi how he feels and after the Jadeido mission, Ryouichi is promoted to being a real Manuspica member.

Nakagawa Matori

The supernaturalish one ere.  Expert lock picker and good at reading people.  Personality wise, he’s unpredictable, sly and has a habit of screwing around with Asuka.  He seems pretty carefree and woteva prankster Loki, but is the only one who has like 3 death endings.

He’s um very good with his hands and not just with locks.  He invites Asuka over for massages and at first, his intentions seem clean enough but he then does acupuncture on out protagonist and well, after making the guy unable to move…teehee.  Asuka’s butt mortified and Matori says it’s cuz he has a fascination with opening anything that’s locked – Asuka included.  Before Asuka can get pissed and punch the guy after, Matori tells him to go to him if he wants to be stronger, effectively turning Asuka’s anger into curiosity.

Asuka soon finds himself wanting to find out about Matori and asks him to be his partner for the last mission.  Matori asks him whether he knows what this means he’s gonna do to Asuka but Asuka says it doesn’t matter cuz he wants to find out about more about Matori.  Well, cue in Matori sucking Asuka’s dong which just has the guy thinking “how is this supposed to make me stronger??” but hey, you know you liked it Asuka ;)

Asuka goes to find Matori but upon seeing him, suddenly involuntarily activates his true eyes and sees Matori in different clothes and somewhere else.  Matori just winks and says those are his memories before the mission starts.

They go over to the Jadoodi land.  There Matori tells Asuka that he’s gonna show him summin real cool and that no matter what, he’s to trust him.  Asuka agrees cuz it concerns the Fuitona so they go to the tomb.  There, Matori tells him about Fuitona, how it was a small but powerful land ages ago, but a sudden flood drowned the entire city and that nothing remains but the treasure trove ere.

Matori then asks Asuka to do as Hawk says when he comes, and to let him prick him with a needle.  Asuka agrees, and when Hawk appears, he shows Asuka 3 keys and tells him to pick the right one.  The founder of Manuspica, Aibis, found the loot of Fuitona, hid his own stash inside as well, then made 3 keys or summin, two being fake thus only someone with True Eyes like him could open the door, else the place blows up and Asuka opens the door.

Matori announces that he is the true owner of all the treasure here.  He motions at Asuka to hit a button in the room and after he does so, the sound of running water suddenly sounds throughout the place.  A mist comes in and Hawk and in men are all knocked out.  Matori explains that it was knock out gas along with some stuff to make the guys hallucinate and shit their pants.  The stuff had no effect on Asuka cuz Matori’s massages were actually magical antibiotics and the needle he pricked Asuka with had an antidote or summin.

Matori finally tells Asuka about how he’s actually…the prince of Fuitona x)  Everyone and everything drowned cept for the royal family cuz they’re pretty “hardy” and in order to protect the remains of Fuitona, they forced themselves in live on and Matori now lives on as an ‘illusion’, having to remember the history of Fuitona and bound to the place so that Fuitona won’t be forgotten.  20 years ago, when Aibis found the tomb and made keys so that only True Eyes dudes could open the place, and around then, Matori was born so he enrolled in Manuspica to find someone who could open the door.

He and Asuka then open the coffin of the last living Fuitona king cuz Matori believes that the secret of FUitona and TE lies inside.  Asuka sees the form of the last king for a split second but that’s it.  Inside, all they find is some gibberish and Matori gets pretty pissed cuz nothing’s been solved and he still has to bear the burden of living on just for Fuitona, but Asuka tells him that he felt that the king had wanted to meet a True Eyes for ages and thus sealed himself ere so when the coffin was opened, he could meet the TE.  However, that pisses Matori off even more cuz he’s been livin just for the king’s selfish wish to meet a TE.

The tomb then starts shuddering again and he tells Asuka to run cuz he’s got nothing more to live for and that meeting Asuka was enough for him.  Asuka says he likes him and if Matori’s got no reason to live, then he’ll become his reason to live on.  He snogs Matori and the two run.

Back at the hotel, Asuka barges into Matori’s room, forced into some arabian hoe clothes and tells Matori about what happened to Hawk after they got out.  Then they get into sexy mood and Asuka wants to service Matori as well but doesn’t know how to do it and Matori tells him he can lick him, bite him, touch him and even hit him lol XD

Best Ending 再生: In the end, Matori  breaks up with his fiancee, giving the reason that he has someone he has to spend the rest of his life with so he can’t possibly get married to her.  It then turns out that Matori’s been passing in all his tests blank and bunking school so that he can flunk his last year and stay with Asuka for longer

Ending no.2虚構王国の滅亡: Asuka doesn’t understand his feelings for Matori and instead of choosing to live on, chooses to die with Matori cuz he knows the pain of being alone.

Ending no.3 幻のひと: Asuka doesn’t allow Matori to prick him with the needle and becomes affected by the knockout gas.  Before he can help Matori open the coffin or anything, he becomes unconscious.  When he wakes up, Matori’s gone and when they look him up in Manuspica files, he’s completely wiped – he never existed.

Ending no.4 疑念の報い: Asuka picks the wrong key on purpose and they all get blown up.

Kusumoto Hajime

Guy who can make replicas of anything and only he can tell which are his fakes.  Till Asuka strolled in anyway.  3rd year and has  to pause a lot when speaking to think of the next word.  Quiet, rather laconic a character and brimming with self confidence when it comes to arts.

He’s got summin for a painting which he calls “toriotoko”.  Asuka checks it with his TE and though he sees that the original artist was Hajime, it’s registered under another painter.  Hajime’s desperate to get it back but the guys are on a mission and are unable to take it along.

Asuka wants to ask about the painting and looks for Hajime, but upon entering Hajime’s room, he finds he guy holding a knife cutting his art up.  Asuka tries to stop Hajime but Hajime says he can always draw the same things again so woteva.  Asuka manages to distract the guy when he suggests that the two draw together.  Afterwards, Hajime says he doesn’t want to destroy the painting he did with Asuka, asks whether he cast a spell on him, and replying no, Asuka agrees that he feels the same too.

Hajime admits that art pisses him off cuz he keeps seeing numbers, such as the paint numbers so he destroys his art pieces so that he can’t see the stupid numbers again.  Asuka glomps Hajime here cuz he feels for the guy and Hajime says that being with Asuka prevents the numbers from coming.  But he still wants to destroy all the things he painted cuz he hates em all and talks about his past, how the toriotoko was the first thing he copied or summin and that pissed off his gramps for some reason and now he wants to be the best painter in the world but seeing the toriotoko again, which was supposed to have been trashed, brought up his messed childhood again (totally din’t get Hajime’s story soz).

In Jadeijoo, Hajime nearly gets taken by some MIB and Asuka gets knocked out trying to save him.  When he wakes up, he’s in Hajime’s arms and the guy starts molesting Asuka.

Next day, Hawk takes Asuka but actually wants Hajime cuz he can make perfect copies of shit and dat’s gonna be good for business.  Hajime says sure, he’ll join Hawk as long as Hawk lets Asuka go.  Hawk’s a greedy cunt who says he’ll have both of em so Hajime threatens to slash his own wrist and commit suicide.  Course, Team Griff shows up and saves the day.

Back at their Jodaygee hotel, Hajime says he’s alright with his painting crap past and that all he needs is Asuka to be with him.  Hajime shows Asuka an origami crane he made which was supposed to be summin sweet but I forgot why it’s meant to be squeeeworthy.  Hajime den kisses Asuka and more sexing.

Best Ending ふたつの魔法: The guys return to Manuspica where all’s good and Asuka and Hajime are together.  Hajime goes on about his dad or woteva while Asuka’s learning to fold origami and then Hajime suddenly gets horny again so weeheehee.

Ending no.2 A delightful holiday:Asuka and Hajime remain friends.

Ending no.3: Hajime joins Hawk.

Uesato Hiro

The girly looking seme.  Dad’s a make up artist so the guy’s into it as well and handles costumes and disguises for the group.  Straightforward and blunt to the point that it’s painfully embarrassing for Asuka, if he likes something, he’ll shift his whole attention onto it, and if he hates something, he’ll be dicking towards it. Can cook as well, and in short, he’s kinda like an awesome ‘girlfriend’ (i say ‘girlfriend’ cuz he’s actually pretty man).

DANG EVERYTHING HAPPENS SO FAST WITH HIM.  Most characters take half their route to realise that they want to get in “Asuka-chin”‘s pants, but Hiro’s already pushing the guy down on his bed and confessing like 5 minutes into his path.  And he does it without batting an eyelid, just “Asuka ga suki.”.  Asuka’s like “…?!?!  O///.///O”  and Hiro just tells him that he’s the kind of person who confesses right away to the person he likes.

On their failed mission, Asuka sees Hiro staring at a guy with a butterfly brooch, mad as hell.  However,  Hiro just tells Asuka that it’s all in his head and then they fail their mission.

Asuka finally works up the courage to ask Hiro about it.  Hiro totally turns the tables and starts asking Asuka why he’s so desperate to find out – doesn’t that mean Asuka likes him?  Poor dense sloooow Asuka’s just confused and wondering “how the fuck did this become about me??” and he answers that he doesn’t know but it doesn’t matter cuz this is about Hiro.  Hiro gets pissed and says that he hates that Asuka can’t spit things out and their argument quickly escalates into a bitchfight.  They stop bitchslapping each other when Asuka finally snaps back and then Hiro’s good again and kisses Asuka before skipping off.

Next day though, Hiro gives Asuka the cold shoulder and avoids him.  Asuka goes up to Hiro and is finally able to confess that though he still doesn’t know whether he likes him or not, all he know is that he wants to help Hiro and find out more about him.  That’s enough for Hiro who wasn’t really ticked off, just wanted to test Asuka and he tells about the butterfly brooch, summin that was totally boring and I didn’t get – when he was a kid, Hiro wanted the butterfly brooch bad but the maker said that it was for his wife so it’s one thing he can’t give Hiro.  Hiro says it’s alright but the guy who’s currently holding the butterfly brooch (Kisaki) had a tussle with the maker for the brooch which ended up snapped in half and he killed the maker when he wouldn’t give it to him so Hiro now wants to get the brooch back.  Apparently, talking about brooches made the guys horny so they hop into bed and suck each other off.

They go to Doodeigee and Hiro and Asuka go on board some casino boat where the Kisaki guy is.  Kisaki remembers Hiro and Hiro proposes that they play a gay of roulette and if he wins, Kisaki hands the brooch over.  If Hiro loses, he gives his half of the brooch over and as much money as Kisaki wants.  Hiro owns the guy’s ass and they return back with…a butterfly brooch.

The real mission goes on after and Hiro and Asuka dress like arabian hoes again to dance to distract everyone so the other team members can get to Hawk.  Shit happens when Kisaki then shows up and takes Asuka to his condo.  Kisaki calls Hawk over, they bring Asuka to the tomb but before Asuka can open it, Hiro shows up to save Asuka’s ass.  It was part of the plan to get Asuka kidnapped so they’d find out where the tomb was and the two then have bath sex.

Best Ending 夢を叶える翼: Hiro went to give the now repaired brooch back to the maker’s wife, but the wife said he could keep it so that’s that.  He then breaks the butterfly into two again and hands one half to Hiro so they’d be connected and shiet =D

Ending no. 2 Like or …?: Asuka likes Hiro but can’t fully accept him so no smex.

Ending no. 3 別々の道: The two don’t make up and Hiro leaves to NY and becomes a fashion designer.

Richiya Taiyou

His name is a fucking lie – I was expecting a bright happy guy BUT WHY GOD WHY?!?!  HE’S JUST A FUCKING ANNOYING TWAT.  Imagine, I dunno, NARUTO x 327489 +  a stupidity level surpassing that of 24634 Homer Simpsons.  He won’t ever STFU, japfucks all his words, and is SO FUCKING STUPID.  The only thing he can do right is drive.  And that’s it.  Reckless, brainless, and annoying <– the three qualities I hate most in anybody.

You know, Taiyou was pretty badass here you know, kinda saving the day with his superior driving skills….but then he just had to open his mouth.  And bitch.  *sigh* I’ll cut him some slack here cuz I guess it does kind of suck for him that he ain’t on the front line and is always waiting for the other team members to come back, not knowing whether they’re safe or not and unable to do  anything quick if they got captured.

After they fail a mission, respect for Team Griff drops and the other teams start targeting Asuka.  Taiyou explodes when the guys won’t shut up about how useless Asuka is so he beats em all up and doesn’t stop till Dio arrives.  Dio calls him a fucking retard which hurts Taiyou cuz Dio is his ‘aniki’ so he runs off.  Asuka manages to catch up with the dumb twat and the two go for a drive to clear the idiot’s head.

When they get back, sudden confession from Taiyou who says everybody ridiculed him cuz he didn’t have a brain but only Asuka supported him and that Taiyou really admires the guy.  Asuka just thinks the guy’s being his normal stupid self so just tells him thanks.

The two partner up for the last mission and all seems good till Taiyou starts screaming like a stupid brat about how he ain’t gonna just sit around waiting during the mission.  Everybody’s pissed at Taiyou for being a spoilt dick and the guy drives off again.  Asuka waits for him to come back and Taiyou says he didn’t want to stay back cuz Asuka could get shot any time on the front lines and he wouldn’t know shit.  Asuka says it’s ok cuz he’s gonna be alright and be with Taiyou, resulting in happy Taiyou who pounces on Asuka and proceeds to ravage our poor protagonist.

Asuka sees his daddy in Dojaydee and finds out he’s Manuspica.  Asuka’s pretty confused as to why his dad didn’t tell him and Taiyou sez it’s cuz he wanted to protect him and cuz like him, loves Asuka.  Asuka’s like “wot you like me??” and Taiyou’s all “wtf no shit i thought you liked me too” but Asuka’s too busy tryna wrap his head around Taiyou liking him to figure out his own feelings.

Asuka gets taken by his dad to Hawk and then to the tomb.  Taiyou steps in to protect Asuka from Hawk, saying shit like “i dun understand english so you can’t threaten me herp derp derp” & “your mom’s belly button’s an outie!!” =.=” oh god Taiyou please stop.  In the end, he proves useless and it’s Asuka’s dad who takes down Hawk and shiet.

Back in Taiyou’s car/van/limo thing, Asuka’s finally able to spit out that he likes Taiyou.  They pinky promise to always be together and they have sex in his car/van/limo thing.

After all the Jadeedo stuff, the two become a happy couple, Taiyou (though still very much the insufferable idiot he was the entire route) having become somewot less annoying and he has a picnic with Asuka in the fields.

Ending no.2 ベストコンビ: BFF

Ending no.3 ただ独りのミッション: Asuka’s dad goes missing and nutin happens btwn Taiyou and Asuka.

Afterthoughts and Conclusion

“Hawk!  ur just a mouldy expired hamburger lololololol” <–WHY TAIYOU WHY.

Seriously man, the only major gripe I had was Taiyou.  Why is he so fucking stupid??  Like I thought about why Spray would wanna make such a butt annoying character, and really, the only thing I could come up with was that Taiyou’s existence served only to make the other characters look better.

Now that’s outta the way, on with the other guys.  Characters were a mixed bag really, some good and some pretty meh FUCKING TAIYOU. Faves were Dio, just cuz he was a sexy bastard; Matori cuz mysterious molesters are hot; and Hiro cuz his straightforwardness was refreshing and served as a good foil for Asuka.  Don’t rly care about anyone else.  Asuka was pretty cute a protagonist, always dere, a total slut in bed and tolerant, but his denseness caused a lot of unnecessary drama ^^;;

Music was fab, catchy BGM and awesome opening.  Hottest voice goes to Dio – like I said, everything sounded like “let me fuck you nao” lol.

Art was pretty good, not brill but nice.  The faces looked kinda odd in some scenes  but it’s all good.  Fave chara design goes to Matori cuz white long hair = win.

Plot was ok, nothing special.  Hiro and Hajime’s story was like “lolwt wtf?” and Kei just had his own foot up his ass his whole emo route so screw that.  Mahiro’s path was ma fave cuz I love death endings lol.  Minor irk:  WHAT HAPPENS TO ASUKA AND DIO AFTER ASUKA WIPES HIS MEMORIES?!?!  That had me going “argh poor bastards” cuz Asuka was trying real hard to remember but could only cry and cry some more ><

A pretty decent game in short.  8 characters, relatively short paths, catchy OP and enough sex to keep you satisfied XD  One of the btr BL games out there and I would have liked it so much better had TAIYOU FUCKED OFF AND LEFT US ALL ALONE :@:@:@.

39 Responses to “BL Game Review – STEAL!”

  1. Kaykenner54 Says:

    I hope you don’t mind me asking this question ,but where exactly do you buy/order these Otome and BL games?

    I have went on numerous websites trying to find certain games (like Steal for example), but the websites either didn’t ship outside of Japan; were almost $200 for just one game; or were out of stock.

    >>I hope I am not asking you a personal question (If I am, feel free to ignore or delete this post).

    • domshiki Says:

      oh we dont need any shippin cuz we can get it from shops in our area – hk ^^;;

      yeah it kinda sucks if u live outside the place cuz shippins a bitch and the prices srsly are sky high pretty much anywhere.

      lol or u kno, theres always the alternative of torrenting everythin XD

      • Kaykenner54 Says:

        You guys are lucky. :(

        I live in the US so it’s hard to get anything out of Japan, and I don’t really like torrents and downloads because they take to long and are very confusing (I have to download about a million things just for something to play right).

        Thanks for replying though.

        1 question though:
        Where do you live?

      • domshiki Says:

        yeah sucks dont it eh? stupid shipping, i understand, can’t get anythin anymore now dat i’ve moved to canada – used to live in hong kong and u cud get pretty much anythin there <3

        other half of this blogs a lucky bitch and is still in hk though lol.

      • Hello, I’d like to know which shop in Hong Kong you buy your games from. How are the prices? Are they overpriced?

      • Ah never mind, I just saw sandeian’s comment below.

  2. bobbobin Says:

    Aren’t you missing an ending or two? There are supposed to be 29 endings but there are only 27 listed.

    I think One of them is a ryuichi ending but i can’t unlock it >.<

  3. […] Review: Think Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne x National Treasure x Nijuu Mensou no Musume for this. Ish. Okay, not really. *ahem* So protagonist Kobayashi Asuka enrolls into Manuspica, a sleezy school that is self proclaimed to protect all beauty and art but really, teaches its kids to run amok and steal priceless art pieces from museums and auctions just for kicks. Whereas everybody on his team has some normal human specialty like hacking and driving, Asuka’s one lil freak who has magical eyes… Read More […]

  4. cenga Says:

    orz.. i lowered taiyou’s voice during all playthroughs so he wasn’t screaming at me.. it was better ? >.>

    i think out of all playthroughs i liked his the most.. the only thing that got me was how hes screaming all the time and the only time he’s not that loud is during xxx?! ||| but I liked the puppy aspect of him i guess.. :’D

    great review though, it sums up pretty much everything.. ahaha it was fun reading XD

  5. ozzuotome Says:

    I just played this game, and RIGHT FROM THE START, I’m dying to kill Taiyou! D:< I love goofy guys but not stupid/idiot/foolish/dense/stupid and stupid and stupid. D:< He is the worst, I've seen in my BL gaming life! xD

    Btw, this post made me bought the game *thumbs up* :D

  6. May i know where to get this kind of game or maybe otome game in hongkong?

    • If its in HK, i think the best place to get otome games would be SIno Centre in Mong Kok. There’s a game shop on the bottom floor where I’ve seen PC games like Bloody Call and Under the Moon. I think there are BL/18+ as well. The only problem (? – for me at least) is that most of them are chinese. If you’re talking about non-pc otome games I’m quite sure that you can find them on the bottom floor as well. There’s a pretty big playstation console game shop there as well. Seen most games for both PS2 and PSP. Fandisks and Limited Edition ones as well. They should be in japanese though. Hope it helps.

      • Luliii Says:

        I really want to play this game but i don’t now where to buy it or where to download it. can you please help me to download it ?
        If u want to help me this is my
        E-mail :
        Please i want ur help  please

      • Depends on where you live. In my case, there’s a shop in HK that sells Jap games.
        Easiest thing would be to google it.

        There’s a trial ver. that you can download on the official site:

        (we do not offer links for full downloads – any comments related to that will simply be deleted)

  7. mahlenneth Says:

    Do you now how can I release the Voice Collection?
    I love your blog XD
    Even though I like the games and some characters all you say is the funny truth about them XD

    • domshiki Says:

      thanks <3
      mb by completing one of the routes? i actually have nooo idea i played this game too long ago sorry xD

  8. Says:

    I was just searching for this info for some time. After 6 hours of continuous Googleing, finally I got it in your website. I wonder what is the lack of Google strategy that don’t rank this kind of informative web sites in top of the list. Normally the top web sites are full of garbage.

  9. where the hell do i find this anime

    • its not an anime~!
      It’s a PC game :)
      The only game adaptation (BL) that I know is for Togainu no Chi (and that didn’t work out that well…)

  10. katkat Says:

    i came here looking for a summary or script of watever was goin on in the game coz i dont understand japanese at all, but instead i find myself laughing at what it was i was supposed to be using as a reference. gawd, seriously, i couldnt stop cracking up at all ur comments xD im just glad im alone right now otheriwise i’d have been sent to a mental institution as soon as i started reading this.
    anyway, great review. just wanted to ask if you’ll be planning to release a script or something similar for the game? coz though i pretty much got the ghist of the entire thing, im still curious as to what goes on word for word. or if not, do u have any idea of where i can find one?
    thnx :)

  11. paulo Says:

    Podem me dar todos os passos para baixar esse jogo é que eu não consigo faer-lo.

  12. chen Says:

    I don’t want to be bother really, but you seem to know a lot and I have a question:
    first, like u said about Kei that he’s all acting like a shit face and all, is it true that it take a real long time until he makes a move on Asuka?
    i’ve been playing (not even knowing what I am pushing cause I coulden find the game with Eng sub) and I try’d to get as much as close to Kei but even after the 3rd mission he didn’t say anything almost (well, he does’nt say much at all but In my game in the end of mission 3rd kei didn’t gave Akuka the CPR…:<)
    so, if u could tell me about and when are the first scene between Kei and asuka one after another. it could just really help me a lot.
    there r no fucking guide about this game or anything so it's fuckign hard to play like that.
    ur my last hope on this, I hope u will replay soon.:)
    and BTW thx for this great review! it really helped <33
    it's so hard to find help online especially when it's yaoi\shonen ai games that they all not translate.
    thank u so much and hope you'll replay <3

    • domshiki Says:

      rofl im so sorry I played this game ages ago so I can’t rmb anything anymore cept that yes, Kei was a shitface and I hated his emoass guts. He gets really clingy and possessive later on that’s abt all I can rmb. I’ve got a huge backlog of other games to go through so I won’t have time to replay this sry.

      ^walkthrough. we do have links to walkthroughs on the righthand side of our site just saying haha. gl!

  13. Ningyo Says:

    I really wanna play this game! T_T

  14. i need understandable walkthrough of this game. can u help me please? TAT

  15. zarycu Says:

    can i ask u sumthing? r u chinese? and how come u can understand japanese?

    • domshiki Says:

      no i come from rivendell and have travelled the world for many centuries so i can also speak dragon rider, sindarin and high valyrian among many others

  16. HUHU WHY can’t I get the extras??? :(

  17. Tae-Woo Says:

    Omg when you said for Kiryuu’s path ‘sure suck ma dick’ I BUSTED UP!!! OMG STILL LAUGHING. did you ever consider translating everything? I’m too annoyed to read through all the Japanese (since it takes me longer to read than English) and I just want to get to the smut, but they talk so much omfgJGNLVBD.

    • domshiki Says:

      glad it made u laugh ;)

      lol sry but i gta say, i defs can’t translate everything – I don’t have a gd enough grasp of the japanese language (i stopped taking formal classes almost 3 yrs ago) plus I don’t have the patience or time (thanks uni). I know what u mean about all that talking though haha

  18. tart Says:

    Man, Hiro seemed like such campy diva. It’s hard for me to believe he was a seme LOL

    • domshiki Says:

      LOOOOOOL rest assured I thought the same thing too but if you play his route, you’ll see that he’s obviously gna be the seme cuz Asuka’s such a clueless, bumbling uke

  19. there is a mangas or an anime for steal plz i want watch it

  20. CherrieBerry Says:

    ermm..can i this game uncensored or no?

  21. Mimasaka Says:

    OHMYGOD. I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU!! FUCKING TAIYOU! D: D: The first time I heard him speak, I know I’m gonna hate him with all my heart. Well, not really “hate”, but you get the idea, right? XD He’s just plain annoying and useless and ugh– *I would like to apologize to all Taiyou fans (if there were any),* but he’s just so… meh. No likey. X(

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