Otome Game Review – Hiiro no Kakera

Alternative Titles: 緋色の欠片, 緋色之欠片, 绯色的碎片

Company: Idea Factory

Release Date: 06.07.06

Official Site:



Platform: PS2, DS, PSP

Genre: Otome game, romance, teenage angst, bitchy heroine

Plot Summary: Heroine Tamaki goes back to her old village cuz her parents ditched her for a job, and there, she gets attacked by sludge monsters.  Her gran then tells her that she’s the Tamayorihime, meaning that she has to guard some sword called Onikirimaru.  If she fails, world go kablooie, but on the plus side, she gets 6 hot guys to protect her.

Onizaki Takuma

Main guy who thought it’d be funny to molest Tamaki from behind as a way of saying his first hello lol.  For the most part, Takuma treats Tamaki as though she’s an annoying pest which totally pisses her off, making her even BITCHIER thus Takuma gets more assholey and  – it’s a vicious cycle alright.  After Tamaki matures, Takuma warms up to her and Tamaki sees that he’s a nice guy inside, hotblooded and just too “bukiyou” to outwardly express his kindness.  His story revolves around his fear of being consumed by the demon within himself and that he’s gonna lose control and nuke the world. Has a  hobby of doing crossword puzzles, likes Taiyaki and is the strongest one outta the bunch.

Tamaki’s gran tells Tamaki dat she’s the Tamayorihime (TM) who’s gotta guard the Onikirimaru (OM) cuz if said sword got unsealed, the boundary separating the human world and the kami spirit world will break and the earth becomes a scene right outta Berserk ie hell.  There’s 5 other artefacts  sealed and used to amplify the TM’s power.  Since the TM  is basically useless for the most part till her blood awakens or shiet like that, she needs guardians so Tamaki has 5 (the 6th guy shows up only in his own route so he’s nonexistent for now).  She also meets 3 other characters: Ashiya, a suspicious oyaji salaryman, Mitsuru, a branch family of the TM who works as a servant for Tamaki’s gran, and Kiyono, her crack sniffing classmate.

Tamaki then meets all the 5 dudes and they become friends.  All’s fine and dandy till Tamaki feels a sudden pain in her head and realizes that someone’s jacking the seals.  She and Takuma rush to one of the sealed artefacts and some guys messing around with their stuff – Zwei, Eins, Drei and Vier –  past of an organization called Logos.  They have a short tussle but Tamaki mans up and tells the two to eff off her guys and a loli called Aria, the leader, shows up and they retreat.

From then on, 4 of their 5 artefacts get stolen by the same guys, and every time, Tamaki and her guys get defeated cuz Logos owns ass.  Not getting why they keep losing when every one of her bishies have god blood in them, she decides to do some research and breaks into her gran’s storehouse of old texts.

There she reads up on the mythology behind the TM:

1. The first god to ever grace earth with his holy presence decides to turn himself into a sword just for kicks.

2. All the other gods start raping each with the sword.

3. Some half sane deities step up and decide that no one’s gonna get the sword.

4. They push all their problems onto an innocent bystander lady – the TM.

5. She seals the sword with her own blood and makes a contract with 5 guys to protect OM with her.

Takuma and Mahiro meanwhile find out about Logos.  They’ve been attacking the TM for decades but the TM have been able to handle them – it’s just Tamaki’s generation that’s failing cuz the OM seal has been weakening and Logos has been using steroids so now they’re able to beat Tamaki’s group.  Oh right, and Tamaki’s USELESS.

When Tamaki tells em of her findings Takuma and Mahiro go into despair cuz Tamaki is weak shit and there’s no way they can win Logos.  See, this works a tad like Pokemon: strong TM = strong protectors and the more love Tamaki gives to them, the more powerful they get.  She goes on about how everything’s gonna be alright which pisses Takuma off cuz she doesn’t know wot the hell she’s going on about.  Sadly, before he can proceed onto raping her, Mahiro steps in and stops him.

Things between the trio worsen so the three are  to live under the same roof to patch things up.  Gad I swear Tamaki is awesome here cuz she hears Mahiro going “Wait wait, no-SHIT THAT HURTS!!” inside the bathroom, busts inside, sees Mahiro and Takuma inside and immediately thinks hot gay sex XD  Mitsuru comes in and Tamaki goes “no we mustn’t interrupt their time together!!” and THEN Mahiro got what she’s getting at and well, absolute lol.

Tamaki starts getting cosy with Takuma but things get effed again when Tamaki finally reads up on Takuma’s roots.  The gods took away everything the first Onizaki loved in the past, making him piss mad, and wanting the power to smush the gods’ heads in, he seduced the TM and persuaded her to give him the OM. He randomly swung his sword around, killing the god’s and mussing up the face of earth.  The TM tried to stop him but couldn’t cuz the guy went drunk on power so she sacrificed herself to the seal the sword again.  Just before she died, the guy apologizes and swears to be one of the protectors.    Tamaki then realizes that what she’s been seeing in a recurring dream of hers is the final moments of the first TM with the same guy and here, Tamaki realises that there ain’t no demon in Takuma, just a lot of pent up piss and rage.

Her gran forbids the two from seeing each other cuz Tamaki is making Takuma lose control and this is conveniently proven when he goes into rage mode when fighting with Eins to protect the last seal – Logos takes the seal and the OM is now vulnerable.  Ashiya is revealed to be working for paranormal faction of the government corps and chips in to help.

Right, obviously, being separated doesn’t sit too well with our couple so Takuma busts Tamaki out (who was put under house arrest), takes the OM and runs away.  Now that all the seals have been broken, the kami are able to pop over to human world and he collapses after using the OM to protect Tamaki.

Next morn, Takuma is completely fine and they find out where Logos’s condo is thanks to Ashiya.  They head over there and Takuma uses the OM against Eins – not very good cuz the OM stirs the sleeping crap in Takuma and he goes trans-am demon and grabs Tamaki’s puny neck in his now demon claw hand.

Tamaki knows she can’t do anything else but sacrifice herself to calm Takuma down.  She recalls her dream and now understands what the TM was trying to tell the first Onizaki before she died – “I love you”.  She tells Takuma exactly that, kisses him and blacks out.  She thinks for a mo that she’s dead now but she wakes up to a non crazy Takuma.  The two leave and go back to Tamaki’s gran cuz they really need to sort things out with the old woman.

The gran apologizes that she’s had to keep so many things secret but says that’s cuz it’s all for the world.  She tells Tamaki that the only way to stop the apocalypse is to sacrifice herself to seal the OM – that way, both humanity and Takuma can be saved.  Tamaki refuses and Mitsuru screams at her that it’s not fair how Tamaki can be so selfish and live relatively happily whereas she herself, a branch family of the TM, has had to do all the dirty work for the TM – turns out the seal has been weakening for years and unlucky villagers have had to be killed to keep the OM in check, and Mitsuru has been the one soiling her hands.

Tamaki  agrees.  However, unbeknownst to her, her gran has also told Takuma the same thing – sacrifice yourself to save the one you love.  And neither of the two have the intention of telling the other that they’re gonna sac themselves.  They meet once more in the woods and there, Takuma confesses to Tamaki and the two have a nice long make out session.

Night falls and Tamaki gets ready to seal the OM again.  However, just as the ritual is about to begin Mitsuru breaks down crying and tells Tamaki that Takuma is on the other side of the barrier or something, and if she completes the ritual, she’ll kill Takuma.

Thankfully, Eins comes to gatecrash the party cuz he’s got a creepy obsession with obtaining the OM and Takuma’s power.  Eins kills Tamaki’s gran who apologizes to her, and Takuma gets into a brawl with Eins.  Eins takes the sword, becomes some badass looking digimon but Takuma goes into seed mode and mauls the guy with his awesome carnage arm.

Before Eins dies, we get a quick look at his past: Eins failed to protect the woman he loved cuz he was too weak, so he craves power so that the same thing won’t ever happen again.  Tamaki and Takuma manage to reseal the sword with  and all ends there.

In the epilogue, Tamaki returns home to her parents.  She goes back to the village though after she persuades her parents and meets Takuma in the forest. Reminiscing her their first encounter, she waits for him and Takuma greets her by re enacting what he did the first time he met her – surprise glomp =D

Tragic end: Tamaki seals Takuma along with Eins.

Atori Mahiro

Goddamned Tamaki’s first meeting with this guy was hilarious.  Mahiro’s a total midget so Tamaki mistook him for a primary school student and went “ah wot a little boy doing in a high school ar?” and he goes “WTF IM NO 6 YEAR OLD” and she goes “Ah middle school then.  My bad.  Some other  middleschool kids haven’t hit puberty either so no worries kid *smiles*” XD  In reality, Mahiro’s 18, a year older than Tamaki so he was pretty pissed off that Tamaki was talking to him as though he was a preschooler.  Totally oresama, has a ‘holier than thou’ attitude and screams all his words in a “GIGAAA DRIIIILL BREEEAAAKEEEERRR!!!” TTGL fashion, but takes good care of his kouhai and has a pretty cute dere side.  Ancestor was a crow and controls wind.

The first half of his path is pretty similar to Takuma’s cuz they’re bff in this so things don’t really branch off till Tamaki starts researching the TM past.  Unlike Takuma, Mahiro is totally against doing anything even remotely violent to girls so when Tamaki’s ignorant blathering irks him, he hugs her to make her STFU instead.

Though he’ always acts so high and mighty, Tamaki realizes that much of it’s just an act to hide his troubles.  But when she asks him about his stuff, he laughs it off but tells her a bit about his past – he wanted to be a spaceman when he was kid xD

She reads up on his past and finds out that whereas 2 of the 3 original animal guardians (snake and fox) died fighting the demon, the crow one got out alive.  Guilt-ridden, he makes a pact with the TM that when the times comes, he’ll give up his own life to seal the OM back again.

Tamaki catches wind that the ritual is to take place that night and tries to get him to run away with her.  However, Mahiro’s just “hey it’s like being a hero =D” but says he’ll rape anyone who touches Tamaki when the other guardians try to stop em.  When asked why he’d go so far for her, he kisses Tamaki and says that it’s cuz he likes her duh, and after busting out his badass wings and tatts, he grabs Tamaki and flies away with her.

Tamaki’s glad that he’s gone with her but knows that he’s prolly gonna go through with the ritual anyway.  He doesn’t lie about that either but puts her shoulder onto his and kip together.  Next day, Vier comes to them for help to save Aria cuz there are traitors within Logos – Zwei and Drei.  Vier and Eins both get killed by Zwei but Tamaki’s gran intervenes and drag Mahiro and Tamaki back.

lolololol midget.

Mahiro agrees to go through with the ritual cuz it’s either him sealing or Tamaki sealing.  Tamaki goes to talk to Mahiro before the ritual but finds that Atori the 1st is inside his head.  Atori the 1st says he’s gotta do this because it’s to repent but Tamaki tells him to STFU and that there’s nothing wrong with living and Atori the 1st finally gets over his survivor’s guilt.  Mahiro comes back, tells Tamaki that he wants a reply and the two snog.

Just as the ritual is about to commence, Mahiro tells the gran that he ain’t going through with this shit.  However, Tamaki’s gran is willing to play the villain ere and threatens to kill Tamaki – Zwei appears cuz he’s looking for Aria and stabs the gran.  He then kidnaps Tamaki, saying that she can substitute Aria’s powers, brings her to the OM site and forces her to release the OM. Yeah Mahiro comes in to save the day.


Mahiro fights Zwei, who’s a shinigami and wants Mahiro’s soul cuz he can hear the voice screaming to let it live.  Mahiro owns Zwei, who in his last moments, realizes that he was just a host who got taken over by a death god or summin, and that the cries of help he keeps hearing in his head came not from the victims that he reaped, but was actually his own soul crying for liberation.  He dies and Tamaki and Mahiro properly seal the sword with their love.

Epilogue: Tamaki comes back to the village, finds Mahiro NOT waiting for her even though he said he was gonna, and instead, finds him napping in the forest.  She thanks him for being with her and says that they’re gonna be together from now on, and he wakes up and tells her “Okaeri”.

Tragic End: Mahiro seals himself to destroy the OM but Tamaki steps in as well, so the both of them die together.

Komura Yuuichi

HE’S SO PRETTY.  DAMN PRETTY.  Every time Tamaki sees him, she thinks the same thing too so I know it’s not just me lol.  He seems detached and emotionless for the most part though it’s really just cuz he’s socially retarded and keeps nodding off – his special skill is that he can take a kip anytime, anywhere.  Personality wise, he’s calm and somewot of an airhead, breaking outta his dreamy trance only to crack some jokes that are so lame, they’re actually funny.  He’s totally a nice guy and puts up with Tamaki’s bitching unlike Takuma or Mahiro who snap and bitch back .  From a fox youkai who uses fire and genjitsu.

When the first Onizaki went on his crazy rampage, the crow, the fox and the snake ran to the TM for help to save the world.  The TM granted them the powers of god, given that they agree to forever guard the OM with her and are willing to sacrifice themselves when the time calls.  The 3 defeat the Onizaki and become bound to the TM.  That’s the base story behind Yuuichi’s path.

Like I said above, he and Shinji are totally different from Takuma and Mahiro and not once do the two actually scream at her any time.  They decide to move in with Tamaki of their accord because they want to protect her from Drei, who’s the main antagonist ere and wants to use the OM for himself.

His bathing scene with Shinji is awesome and goes like this:

Yuuchi: Calm down, it’ll be alright.

Shinji: Yuuichi sempai…hur-hurry up…ah, it hurts!

Yuuichi: Sorry for being to rough.  Relax, just leave it to me.

Shinji: …Se-sempai!  I can’t do it anymore!

Yuuichi: There’s no need to be afraid, Shinji.  Just relax and it’ll be ok.

*Tamaki barges in cuz the fujoshi in her is too strong for her to resist*

Yuuichi:…What, you want to join in?  Yes, Shinji’s too scared so he can’t do it.  Perhaps you’ll be better…


Haha and it turns out the two were just giving her pet fox a bath XD

*ahem* back to the plot…

So deciding to steal back the artefacts Logos took, Shinji, Yuuichi and Tamaki head over to said organization’s condo, only to be greeted with a hostile Drei who instant KOs everyone and betrays Aria.  Shinji also turns out to be on Drei’s side cuz Drei promised that he’d free all the protectors of the TM fate and he knocks Tamaki out.  Tamaki wakes up and finds herself trapped in the mansion along with Vier and Aria.  The two join forces to get the hell out and Yuuichi comes to the rescue, hugging Tamaki from behind out of worry and totally doesn’t get why she’s blushing afterwards lol.

Round about here, Tamaki realizes that she’s in love with Yuuichi and confesses to him.  However, Yuuichi has a perpetual fear of human beings cuz the government corps used to take in his kind to investigate on him, and states that they are from two different worlds, and that a monster like him doesn’t deserve to be with her, before collapsing due to fatigue.

Next time around, Yuuichi fights Drei again to get the artefacts back.  However, Drei’s just way too overpowered and Yuuichi gets his ass kicked.  Tamaki runs over, asks whether or not he swears to be by her side and protect her forever as she is the TM, and with Yuuichi saying yes, she kisses him and Yuuichi evolves.  Ayashi appears, gives Drei the last two artefacts cuz he’s a dick and Drei disappears.

Back at home, Tamaki confronts Yuuichi again and states that he hasn’t given her a proper reply.  This time, Yuuichi tells her that he never cared about her in the sense that she did for her, and that he protected her just because she was the TM.  Tamaki’s gran then tells her that they’re going to hold the sealing ritual tonight and that Tamaki is to sacrifice herself to do so as her duty.  Kinda emo at this point, Tamaki agrees.

But of course, Yuuichi ain’t gonna let that happen and drags her off at night.  He tells her to flippin run but Tamaki tells him to STFU – she’s only the TM to him so he should bugger off and leave er alone.  Finally, Yuuichi confesses that he actually wants to be with her, but just believed that he wasn’t good enough because he’s an ayakashi.  Tamaki suddenly sees a quick scene of the first Komura, how he hated human beings because they found him repulsive, and how the TM was the only one to accept him for who he was.  It was more than enough for him to just be able to be at her side and protect her.  Yuuichi then apologizes for the tardiness of his confession and kisses her.

They return home to find Drei attacking the place.  He’s taken in the power from the OM and begins trashing the place just cuz he can.  Yuuichi grows out his fox tails and together with everyone, seals the old magician bastard, effectively ending everything.

After all that shit, Yuuichi and Tamaki are now living with Vier and Aria ish.  The 4 leave the village and set off for Aria’s hometown, who’s in Logos because she actually wants to use the OM to meet her dead mother again but doesn’t care anymore.  The 4 live happily ever after.

Tragic End: Aria and Yuuichi both die to seal Drei and the OM.

Inukai Shinji

The weakest out of the 5 who had to go on a “discovering who I really am” journey to find his powers which is kinda like Harry Potter where they go like ‘wingardium leviosa” or summin and the thing they’re targeting levitates.  Not my kind of character really – girly, nice guy and an all round wussy.  I dunno, I guess his saving grace is that he’d make a great uke, he looks cute and that he can cook (WIN) but that’s about it.

Shinji ain’t the only traitor in this route – Mitsuru is as well.  Shinji explains that it’s cuz Drei promised to free everybody from their stupid TM duties if he got him all the artefacts, but had no idea that Mitsuru would go so far to be with him (she has this really creepy obsessive possessive love for him) and join sides too.  Tamaki  calls him a gullible turd cuz who the hell places their trust in the ENEMY, but stays with Shinji for a while more in the Logos mansion cuz he’s like a dumb little brother than she can’t take her eyes off.

In the end, Shinji finally comes to his senses when Drei goes “whoops guess wot, I don’t give a rats ass about you bitches” and fights the old bastard.  Duh Drei owns and SHinji and Tamaki can only bring Aria and Vier and run away.  Tamaki attempts to get Mitsuru to run as well, but she snaps and screams that she hates Tamaki cuz Shinji keeps looking at her and doesn’t look at her (Mitsuru) anymore like the old days.

Shinji then tells Tamaki how he made a contract with Logos a decade ago when he was…5.  In return for being freed from his TM duties, he’d serve Aria and the ‘Black Bible’ (lololol Bible Black) book that Logos follows – it’s apparently the word of god or shit like that.  Then they find out that Aria ain’t really some ‘blessed god girl’ – she’s just a failed experiment, an attempt to create a god which is why she can repel all magical spells or shit.  He wants to find a way to own Drei’s ass so once again, he and Tamaki go into the magical storehouse of answers and there, Shinji finds out that *gasp* he isn’t Inukai!  15 yrs ago, it seemed as though the Inukai family wasn’t going to make any babies and right at the same time, the TM branch family, Kotokura, had twins, one a boy, and conveniently, male twin kids were viewed as a bad omen so the Inukai took the boy in – no wonder Shinji so suck.

Once again, Tamaki tries to go back and get Mitsuru back.  Too bad she’s the same unhinged lovesick doofus as yesterday, and this time, actually tries to kill Tamaki by using the Kotokura power of Avada Kedrava – wot an awesome bitch.  However, Shinji pops up to protect Tamaki so he dies.  Whooooooops.  Betcha didn’t see that one coming eh Mitsuru.


Now that Shinji’s a useless corpse, Tamaki is screwed over and does the one other thing she can do besides bitching – give the dead body the Kiss of Life.  Up Shinji gets, back on his feet, having grown some balls and leveled up, and Tamaki suddenly remembers why male kids were seen as a bad sign; male Kotokuras are overpowered and are at a risk of losing control so nobody wants em. Mitsuru gets knocked out, the gang grab her unconscious body and run away.

When Mitsuru wakes up, she’s lost all her memories of Tamaki and acts like a lovestruck otome.  She thinks that Shinji’s in love with her but the poor guy’s tired of being stalked by his own sister so he tells her that she’s only a sibling to him and cue in kissy confession scene with Tamaki.

The shock from being rejected by Shinji brings Mitsuru’s memories back, and she calls Tamaki out at night.  She tells Tamaki that she’s gonna go back to Drei cuz he promised that he’d give her Shinji if she helped him, and Mitsuru uses Crucio on Tamaki just to see her writhe on the ground in pain.  Drei then appears cuz he needs either Aria’s or Tamaki’s blood to unseal the OM, but Shinji pops up and tells him to eff off.

Drei uses Mitsuru and asks who’s more important, Tamaki or Mitsuru, and after saying that Tamaki is der most important woman in his life, he goes super saiyan and kamehamehas Drei.  Tamaki does the whole “ur still ma friend and i love you no matter how fucked up you get” to Mitsuru and the latter finally accepts her and all is well.

A week after that, Tamaki does her TM initiation ceremony with Shinji and the two have their happy ending.

Tragic End: Shinji and Mitsuru die to seal Drei and the OM.

Oomi Suguru

The oldest in the group, 25.  Gentle , mature and nice.  Yeah…not my kind either cuz nice guys are boring unless they’re yandere.  Controls water and earth and is from a snake (shame, he didn’t even turn into a snake when he digivolved).

Yeah I didn’t really pay attention to his route cuz I played his last, and frankly, playing the same game 6 times over gets a tad boring so I’ll just skim through this.

His angsty emo past is that his mom (who was apparently an extremely hot milf) was used as a sacrifice for the OM.  Suguru is pretty pissed with that so he follows in Shinji’s footsteps and joins sides with Drei in order to destroy the OM and prevent the sword from ever nuking anyone again.

Blablabla, majority of the route spent on convincing the guy to come back, he does, Suguru owns Ashiya’s ass (cuz he’s the baddie ere and wants the OM to create a new world) and he and Tamaki live happily ever after.

Tragic End: Tamaki seals Suguru with the OM.

Kutani Ryou

HAWT.  YES. Gad I hate that he doesn’t show up in any route save for his own.  If Tamaki chooses not to tell anyone when the first seal is getting faffed around with, she stumbles along, trying to get to said seal and meets Ryou who takes a liking to her scent and ‘smells her up’ lol.  A horny dog that takes joy in sniffing Tamaki and messing around with her, he’s pretty cold and uncaring, refers to Tamaki as “woman”, but opens up to her and gets pretty damn possessive ;)

He keeps showing up in front of Tamaki whenever she’s in trouble but always disappears right after.  Tamaki sees that he’s strong enough to hold his own against Logos and questions whether or not he’s actually a protector.  Ryou denies this every time and tells Tamaki not to ever get close to him but has an inexplicable obligation to continue protecting her every time shit happens.

In the end, the protectors retrieve all the artefacts, he crashes with Tamaki to keep an eye on her because Takuma is taken down, Suguru joins Drei, and Shinji is too weak to do anything.  Wanting to find out about Ryou’s routes cuz he doesn’t seem ta know either, she goes into the storehouse to look things up but her gran shows up and makes things easier for her by directly telling them the truth.  They find out that Ryou is actually an Inukai along with the whole Shinji shnitz.  Ryou’s mom, born Kutani (close relatives of Inukai) but married into the Inukai family or something, had a baby but concealed this fact and that’s Ryou.  Ryou still refuses to be a protector cuz he says he wasn’t born to be just a tool of war, and hates that the TM and branch family have been sacrificing people to keep the seal going.

Tamaki’s gran hands Aria over to Drei and Suguru to stop them from attacking the protectors, but really, she’s gonna take Aria back and use her for the seal.  Tamaki’s desperate to save Aria and runs off with Mitsuru and Kiyono.  Kiyono turns out to be working for the the government corps as well and is actually 23 but helps Tamaki anyway.

Ryou shows up and confesses that he actually envies Takuma and co. cuz they all have nakama and he’s always been wandering around all by himself.  Tamaki says that she can be his first friend if he wants, and Ryou hugs her and says he’ll become HER protector, not the TM’s protector.

Next day, they fight the bad guys and it turns out that Ashiya is the big boss ere and he takes mindrapes the Logos people, making them his slaves.  Mitsuru refuses to accept Ryou as  a protector till he has fulfilled the contract – he’s gotta kiss Tamaki.  Which he does and makes Tamaki flip out completely but nobody cares about her so moving on lol.  Ryou digivolves, gets dog ears and a nice fluffy tail and Ashiya runs off to break out the OM.

Ashiya turns into a buttfugly monster and smashes everybody to a pulp, killing Kiyono in the process who proclaims her undying love for the guy and happiness to have been slaughtered by the one she loves (dude, ew. Ashiya is ew).  Ryou busts a move, kills Ashiya and reseals the OM with Tamaki.

In the epilogue, Ryou’s napping on Tamaki’s lap.  The school bell rings and she tries to get him to go to school but he’s intent on bunking to stay with her cuz the other 5 guardians get in the way of their alone time.

Tragic End:Tamaki seals Ryou with the OM.

Afterthoughts and Conclusion.

cuz hes damn gorgeous

First off, good job to Kazuki Yone.  I never realised how much her art improved in Hakuouki till I went back and saw the art for this, which admittedly still is pretty damn awesome, though not Hakuouki awesome.

Ryou and Yuuichi are ma faves.  Ryou cuz he was damn sexy and Yuuichi cuz he was damn adorable.  Suguru was like “wtf is this tranny doing hitting on a minor” for me the whole path, Shinji was just a great BL pairing with Yuuichi, Takuma = cute but standard otome main, and Mahiro made me lmfao too much to really take him seriously (but he’s right after Yuuichi and Ryou on ma fave list).  Ok, Tamaki.  Gotta be the bitchiest heroine I’ve ever had the misfortune to play.  Well she turned out pretty brill later on cuz she was willing to sacrifice herself for everyone, knew how to take the initiative, and all her bitchin actually made for some pretty funny convos esp. with Mahiro XD

All the Hiiro games had fab OPs and EDs by Fujita Maiko – same for this one. Best voice to Mahiro cuz his screaming makes my day.

Storywise, it was a tad long for my liking but it’s pretty solid a plot  n I liked how it wasn’t all fun and games with all the sacrifices and shiet.  The ‘BL bath scenes’ were hilarious and one gripe is that Ryou only showed up in his own path so =3=”

A good game if anyone’s looking for a hell lot of teenage angst, drama and good art.  Oh and one more thing: Why didn’t any of the protector guys want the OM for themselves?  I was thinking that at least ONE of them would have the mindset of a normal human being – god knows that when we’re presented with a shitload of power we’d take it up and use it to our liking, but none of these guys ever did that.  I was pretty disappointed with that cuz world domination endings are badass but alright, makes sense that no girl would want a guy who’d rape the world with darkness (ok not true, I’d want a guy like that lol) XD

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  1. Otsukare~

    …hat’s off to you for having finished the whole thing… I tried to play HnK, and only managed an hour or so and gave up since I couldn’t stand Tamaki anymore…

  2. Congratulations on finishing it. In the end, you actually did the bad ends? Seem all the same to me.
    Well, I only ended up playing Takuma, Mahiro and Ryou and the rest was on fast-forward just to collect the CG..
    The 3rd is out on PSP and the 2nd one is coming!
    Hopefully its worthwhile…

  3. domshiki Says:

    ugh this game killed me. I wanted to go play ma peace walker but I forced myself to finish this first. i so want the 2nd one – no more tamaki.

  4. MaiL Says:

    Nice explanation of Takuma’s tsundereness.
    I only did the Takuma, Yuuichi <3, and Ryou paths. It really is just so much easier to just get the CGs after that… since there's a lot of repetition. I didn't want to do Mahiro because, well, his voice makes me cringe… I HAVE to skip any dialogue with him…

    Yeah, having played this before Hakuouki… style change.

  5. ashcrimson Says:

    It’s a nice game, but I prefer Hakuouki. In these game there are too many girls, and only 3 guys really SEXYS (the others are shota or too old, I really don’t like shota). But, I really really love sexy-Ryou X3!!!! He’s is like “tsss, hooo~t”

    • domshiki Says:


      • ashcrimson Says:

        Yes, definitely sexy. Today (10th of July) is his Birthday, isn’t it?
        Feliz Cumpleaños, amado mio T-T, como me gustas~!!!!

  6. […] readin this, I suggest  you guys go check out the post I did on the first game (or google for one that’s actually decent XD) cuz a lotta shit aint gonna make no sense if […]

  7. ameanah Says:

    is there a part two?

    • domshiki Says:

      yeah there’s 3 more games after this + a fandisk ;) i wrote shitty reviews abt 2 of em too so check it out if u want to read some crappy rushed writing xD

  8. Whoa. Your post is so thorough there’s no need for me to play the game. I started Hiiro no Kakera DS a while ago, but Tamaki was being so incredibly bitchy I had to put it away for a while. I always meant to go back and see what the mystery was all about (and why it’s so popular), but you’ve told me everything I need to know. Thanks a lot! Keep on blogging!

  9. […] advise u read a summary of the first game beforehand or the Tamayorihime (TM) stuff mite be a bit confusing but i’ll try to make it […]

  10. sbud Says:

    wow loved this it sounds great and nicce~ i wanna play
    soo did u played with the japanese version?

    is there an english version?? :(

    • I dont think there’s an english version, at least not that I know of.
      To tell the truth, there are very FEW english otome games so yea…

    • domshiki Says:

      yup i played this in jap, im pretty sure there’s no english version but there is a chinese patch for it out

  11. sbud Says:

    thanks for replying
    too bad i really liked this game based on u’r review

    ok then can u give me names of some otome games that r in english

    i’ll really appreciate it


  12. I re-read your summary since I played most of the game and because it dragged on so fucking much the entire onikirimaru/tamayorihime history plot went in 1 ear and out the other. it’s amazing how fucking draggy they made it that I stopped giving a shit even to the point that I started missing actual important story details sigh. I shouldve played Takuma’s route first not 5th orz.

  13. […] I think I missed the whole deal with the stupid sword and the Tamayorihime and you can checkout domshiki’s post on it since she actually paid attention. Let’s see, they fight the same bad guy 20 times and […]

  14. It looks interesting, I love the art and the story is nice. Too bad I can’t read Japanese. Anyway, great review~!

  15. Happy!! Says:

    Went to Tvtropes Spring 2012 page was looking at the list, action/fanservice, moe, Eureka 7 sequel, Fate/zero, ecchi, HIIRO NO KAKERA IS GETTING ADAPTED!!!!
    Yay another otome adaption! What studio? Is it DEEN who’s doing the adaption? It would make sense since they did adapt Hakuouki.

    • domshiki Says:

      oh god i dont kno whether to feel elated or feel an impending sense of doom for HnK – i found the hakuouki aanime adaption to be pretty meh and nothing rly happened romancewise; will the same happen to hnk? lol oddly enough wot im most excited abt is seeing tamaki haha gotta love her refreshing bitchiness xD

      yeah turns out DEEN is adapting HnK and Miyake Marie is voicing Tamaki. no idea who she is cept that she voiced Ringo in penguindrum <3

      • Happy!! Says:

        They’ll probably do better, maybe because of the reaction fans felt how Hakuouki ended. And they have a different director (The guy who did Hetalia and Gravitation. LOL) Still the same writer though.
        I’m glad they animated zuisouroku since I don’t have access to the game.

  16. Michayla Says:

    I’m freaking out… lol. So this game can ONLY be played in Japanese?! Then how did you even begin to understand the dialogue? I only speak English. But.. by the looks of this game and my love for this anime… I really want to know what I could possibly do to play this and understand it at the same time… PLEASE help? :c

    • domshiki Says:

      yeah as far as I know, HnK is only out in japanese and chinese. The only option is to learn japanese sorry D: or see if there is a translation project out for it atm.

  17. Jazmin Says:

    Damn. Suguru’s review was so deep.

    LMFAO, I laughed at how short it was compared to the other guys’ xDDD

  18. OMG the whole anime is so slow. Glad to know what the heck is happening. This was much better than waiting for it to churn it out. No happy ends? :( That sucked.

  19. sakura Says:


  20. Reblogged this on torndiary.

  21. it would be nice to get pregnant and to give birth to a baby hiiro no kakera

  22. Hi, after reading this remarkable paragraph i
    am as well delighted to share my experience here with mates.

  23. Norwegia
    Spolka to pomyslowy wynalazek, zwykle sklada sie jak kubistyczny obrazek, dla zapewnienia sobie indywidualnych zyskow i unikniecia odpowiedzialnosci, przez co urzad skarbowy ogarnia furia zlosci… :-) jAK NIE PLACIĆ Podatkow ? look this >> Raje Podatk…

  24. eto…. ano…. do you know how to save the CG from this game? like i am trying to save the CG into my psp like other games such as brothers conflict…. but somehow it just wouldn’t save it, it only replays……

    • domshiki Says:

      I think only the newer games give you that option to save CG etc but there`s a PSP hack you can do that allows you to basically take a screenshot anytime by pressing the musical note button. I can`t remember the details but if you google something like “how to take a screenshot on the PSP” etc you’ll probably find it. This will require hacking your PSP though I think

      • Oh! thank you very much XD I really wanted to save it and i will try to do something about it! Arigatou gozaimashita!

  25. MarHeart Says:

    any walktrough?

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