Cuz Pixiv is Awesome – アス

Cuz アス is awesome. Just look at dat.

Ah gad Izaya, words cannot express how awesome hilarious you are.

Okay there isn’t anything eye-openingly striking about the style of the art itself, but hey, アス draws enough Durarara gay shit and it’s thanks to this guy that I’ve kinda come to appreciate the sheer cute of Izaya x Mikado and Shizuo x Mikado (despite the obvious uke’s…dorkiness and the fact that IZAYA X SHIZUO STILL MA OTP).  Having said that the stuff ain’t anything really “WOWWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW”, it’s still pretty damn fab in ma book and hot too =D  Image spam:


double dere ;)

ho shit Shizuo is cute.

Shizuo: 1 Izaya: FAIL

rare display of tenderness >w<

lol his feet

omgah Mikado's poor left eye

gotta love dat rapist look XD

something about this is really awesome but what exactly...?

2 Responses to “Cuz Pixiv is Awesome – アス”

  1. sylubia Says:

    ‘something about this is really awesome but what exactly…?’
    the fact his head is sooo close to his crotch?
    the fact they both look so helpless (heheheheheeeee)?
    yeh, thts prolly it.

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