Today, Tokimeki Memorial girl’s side 3rd story is released in Japan. Man, how long have I waited for this game. It’s taken too long. I feel like I will die (not really, just shows how much I waited for the game) if I don’t play this.


Cast: (from image)

8 days = Fujiyama Arashi [The judo dude] CV: Miyashita Eiji <— I think

7 days = Shitara Seiji [The celebrity] CV: Tachibana Shinosuke (also Haruto in Arcobaleno, Shin in Real Rode, Soma in Kuroshitsuji)

6 days = Niina Junpei [The cheerful (?) one, also younger than main chara] CV: Kisaichi Atsushi (also Timka in Angelique)

5 days = Konno Tamao [The brain type] + some other guy CV: Chiba Susumu (also Kondou in Gintama x), Welkin in Senjou no Valkyrie, Ichijou Takuma in Vampire Knight)

4 days = Oosaku Chikara [Nobita The teacher] CV: Ichiki Mitsuhiro (never heard of him)

3 days = Left. Ugajin Miyo [Friend A] CV: Gotou Saori (Inko-chan in Toradora, Bara Suishou from Rosen Maiden) + Right. Hanatsubaki Kalen [Friend B] CV: Koshimizu Ami (Horo in Spice and Wolf, Kallen in Code Geass)

2 days = Sakurai Kouichi [Older Brother, Main Guy # 2] CV: Suwabe Junnichi (Goku in S.Y.K., Grimmjow in BLEACH)

1 day = Sakurai Ryuka [Younger Brother, Main Guy #1] CV: Sugita Tomokazu {Kyon in Suzumiya Haruhi, Sakata Gintoki in Gintama, Yuuichi in 2nd Kanon Anime)

Last = Heroine!!


First route I’m playing? Definitely the older bro! Least fav, almost all except the brothers. Well, we’ll see. (looks like the teacher who looks like Nobita from Doraemon will be a bonus character. I prefer Wakaouji from the second game)


So I now have something to do during the summer. Oh yeah, I’m going to Japan this year as well and hopefully will end up buying loads of 2D related goods. I can buy most of them where I live but it should be cheaper in Japan I guess!


  1. domshiki Says:

    u forget like uta prince, starry sky spring n DC yo =P gonna be one helluva summer eh? oh and it’s already dumped – on fuck annoying otomedream that is, whith their stupid zeny system and shiet T.T

  2. kameimori Says:

    The music is Sakanaction?!!

  3. This game is awesome! I´m playing it right now…
    Live2D system is great!! Moreover, there are more CGs, more Kou! xD Really, I adore this game!

    • Oh! yea, we’re both playing it right now!
      Have you seen Kou’s new CG where they get soaked in the rain? Both the CG and the ADV just make Kou even more adorable~ XD

      • yeah! OMG, the CG where they get soaked….I was like *O* when appeard, seriously, that hairstyle looks good in him too! In other words, makes him more sexy xDDD

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