Let’s show our love for Mario!!

Well, everybody knows Mario right? The fat italian plumber (well I think he is) who is made to save princess Peach from Bowser (or Kuppa in Jap). I’ve completed the game loads of times and I think at least anyone who’s played it knows that it’s a good game to play. Maybe a little boring but let’s ignore that fact.

So, as some people felt it was boring what would be better than to make a harder level. Only problem is that they made it way too hard.

Nothing to do with otome games and stuff but it’s interesting anyway. This is part one and you can find the rest on youtube.


The title of the video is -友人のいない自作改造マリオ- which means -Playing my own modified version of Mario as I have no friends-. No wonder this guy says that he has no friends. Well, the vid has a tag called ‘Number of views=Number of friends’. Some of the comments point out that he has a split personality of being both masochist and sadist. … Interesting.

In one video, part 6 second half, I think about 350 mario’s died. To make things worse, this guy has to die on purpose for the audience even when he knows that it’s a trap. I would throw the gaming console out of the window once I died about 15 times. No wait, maybe 10 times.

My Personal Favourite:

Listen to the BGM to understand some of it!



First text box: かいぞうまりおのせかいへようこそ

-welcome to the world of modified mario-

Second text box: すてーじのはじまりってやりどころだよね

-the start of the stage is always great, right?-


Hmm. Not much to write about. So going to post video’s on Mario.

Mario is everyone’s favourite old man right?


Ever heard of the Western show? Well this guy on nico nico called ヒャダイン [Hyadain] (coincidently also a magic spell from the RPG dragon quest) added lyrics to the BGM of Mario. And that’s called the Western Show. There are loads of parodies online for loads of anime’s, games, etc. The most famous PV for the song:

well… ENJOY!!

2 Responses to “Let’s show our love for Mario!!”

  1. sylubia Says:

    The crazy high level mode was retarded enuf.
    Then comes retarded mario.
    tsundere peach.
    oh god
    my kiddo game is ruined.
    it is no longer pure.

    try read tht.


  2. i watched almost all of the parodies of western show and its the first time i realized that it was indeed the BGM of supermario. GDI!!! I was so shocked after realizing it… hehe.

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