Interesting what people believe in..

Tako Luka - Octopus Luka (VOCALOID)

As a rabid football fan myself – GO GERMANY!! I found this ridiculous video on Youtube as I was surfing it. When people are desperate, what would they believe in.

As any footy fan would know, today Germany and England are going to play each other. It’s quite obvious that germany will win but you never know. So here comes Paul the octopus. By seeing which box he decides to go in to get food, you will know the victor of the match. AND the amazing thing is, up to now, he has been 100% correct. Great.

Okay, negative points…

  • Why the hell did anybody even think of using an octopus as a way to find the winner
  • I bet the octopus doesn’t even know what it’s doing – it only wants food
  • Why are there people with country flags in an aquarium? Shouldn’t they just go to a pub to watch the match?
  • Are the Germans crazy? (… nothing to do with me even if I’m german)
  • Why are the english even thinking that they have a chance to win? 2-0? No way!
  • So what if the octopus decided really quickly? It could’ve been that it was hungry.
  • What kind of naming sense is Paul, it’s almost as bad as domshiki’s. I mean, sounds like a name for a old man that can be found anywhere (no offense to Paul’s out there – actually be honored that there’s an octopus with the same name)
  • Why is this even on TV?
  • Why did I even bother writing a post on it in a blog that’s meant to be about otome gaming?

2 Responses to “Interesting what people believe in..”

  1. But the octopus was right again, wasn’t it? Germany did win the game.

    It seems that octopus are more intelligent than usually given credit for…they can learn to free themselves from a closed jar.

  2. sylubia Says:

    woah, it was actually correct lol
    (and i:d rather listen to an octopus than screaming retards @ a game)
    thts just me though, eh?

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