Moronic Musings – Kubo Tite + BL

how awesome would this be?

I’ve followed BLEACH since god knows how long, and recently, I’ve come to the fun conclusion that Kubo should ditch trying to come up with a coherent sane plot for the series, and just start drawing gay porn.

Obviously this is not to be taken seriously, hence the title.

I don’t know about you guys, but lately, BLEACH is becoming summin of a stupid fest for me.  Don’t get me wrong, I still very much love the series – it’s the first shounen I ever really got into and I love the characters and the whole shinigami thing.


credit to the person who made this. hope u dun mind me using this but ur awesome and this sums up bleach beautifully. thank you.

It’s all Ichigo and his Big Fucking Butcher’s Knife all the time, and whenever anything happens, he saves the day.  Nope, it don’t matter that Yama jii rules the Soul Society or woteva and it don’t matter that everyone else has been training their asses off for 982347398753984538 centuries : when der big shit happen, Ichigo  come in, bust out his Vizard mask, swing his BFBK, yell “GETSUGA TENSHOUUUUUUU!!!” and problem solved.


oh god no. oh HELL NO.

TRAINING ARCS. Kubo has gotta be tired of drawing Ichigo fighting people in his zanpakuto and whatderfaces without anything really happening cept for Ichigo gaining a (as readers of random curiosity say) ‘sankai’ or ‘yonkai’- no wait scratch that, he’s prolly somewhere in the ‘hyakumankai’ – and we all know that his ‘new secret techniques’ are all really just a multifusion combination of trans am, super saiyan and digivolving.

Which leads to my titular point – why not the guy just illustrate hot men having hot gay sex?

why hello there ;)

If there’s one thing that’s really really awesome about BLEACH, it’s the art.  The art started out pretty meh, everyone having weird faces and eyes, but as the series progressed, GODDAMN.  Look at Ichigo now.  Look at Byakuya.  Look at FUCKING AIZEN AND HIS MULLET FOR FUCK’S SAKE.  Kubo sure can draw some nice guys and man does the guy like introducing even more for us – take 409 for example.  Isn’t Ichigo’s new sword host whoever a pretty little thing.

And the series itself isn’t without some subtle gayness (at least, from my POV) as I’m sure many have picked up on  We have Renji and his obsession with screwing beating Byakuya, Grimmjow’s thing for Ichigo, and like a buhmillion yaoi pairings here.  My personal fave right now is Aizen x Ichigo – Yes I’m talking about THAT *glances left*.  If that’s not a straight out GAY GAY GAY AIZEN, then god i don’t know what is anymore.  I vote that the hottest line in all shounen manga.

See, Kubo has the skill to draw hot guys, LIKES to draw hot guys and certainly seems to have a firm grasp on how to make BLEACH fujoshi fangirl to the max, intentional or not – he’s perfect BL mangaka material.

I reiterate:  Obviously not meant to be taken seriously XD

4 Responses to “Moronic Musings – Kubo Tite + BL”

  1. hairband Says:

    I agree.

    Canon Bleach needs to go bl. NOW.

    (Makes me mad that he killed Ulquiorra and STILL THE PLOT STAYS THE SAME. IF YOU WANT TO ADD DEPTH AT LEAST DO IT RIGHT KUBO!)

  2. saliva soup Says:

    the most sane thing since u’ve said since BL should be educational material…
    or did u?
    awesome shizzz

  3. domshiki Says:

    bl shud be educational material <– i say some pretyt smart things don't i XD
    he cud change the name to BL . Each lol for kicks.

  4. SilverShadow Says:

    Woo hoo 8D you think the exact same way I do. Great minds think alike. When i brought this up with a guy fan of BL-each he seemed very… scared of me and a little bit offended though.

    What would BL-each be without all the yaoi-licious fanfics though? Nothing ^-^
    ffn ftw. :3

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