Happy Birthday Ruka =D

July 1st, Sakurai Ruka’s bday.  Image courtesy of cuteg <3

Ruka is so cute.  He’s the first I went for and goddamnit he is cute.  Out of all the 3 princes of the tokimeki girl’s side games so far, I’d say he’s ma current fave.  It’s a nice change not having the main guy be perfect and instead be a delinquent but Ruka’s not so bad boy that he’s failing school and doesn’t have that yakuza air that his brother Kou has (actually, I like Sakurai big btr lol) so he still retains some brains and prince charm to him lol.  Happy birthday again, Ruka =D

Image spam:

i think i shat bricks when i saw dis


i srsly wish bambi looked like this and HAD A FACE.

the 2 girlfriends are cute AND potential lesbians - how awesome is that?

yeah the sakurai bros use to look like this XD

hellz yeah sakurai bl ;)


gah i love aniki <3

"huh, that's weird. why won't my husband come out durr hurr" XD

3 Responses to “Happy Birthday Ruka =D”

  1. hairband Says:

    Yay picspam! LOL the pic above the yuri one (where everybody’s in those hearts) makes it look like guy in bottom left hand corner is kicking the guy on the right.

  2. Who is the yuri one? I mean, it doesn’t look like they have the same uniform on..
    Just started the game today and so far, my fav in the girls side series would be: shiba <3, harry and then kouichi. lol. I have weird tasted don't I? The best friends in this game are so far better than the 2nd game. I mean, Miyo is so fricking cute and Kalen just makes me crack up. If anyone makes fun of bambi, she's like 'I'll kill ya!'. what a great friend. Still, I wonder what's wrong with konami. I mean, the heroines have retarded names… daisy and this time bambi (still haven't played first one yet).
    Well, nice image spam but I think you repeated the yuri one.

  3. that DS screen pictures were the best! I laughed the helloutta me of that XDD

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