Otome Game Review – Starry Sky in Spring Portable

Alternative Titles: Starry☆Sky ~in Spring ~ Portable

Company: honeybee

Release Date: 24.06.10

Official Site: http://www.honeybee-cd.com/spring-p/

Platform: PC, PSP

Genre: Otome game, romance, stars, happy 4some

Plot Summary: Heroine Tsukiko is the only girl in a recently turned co-ed all boys school that has astronomy as it’s main curriculum.  The poor bitch would have gotten raped the minute she set foot in the school had it not been for her two bff osananajimi, Kanata n Suzuya.  These guys are the golden trio and like it that way but one day, a new transfer student called Tomoe shows up and threatens the happy 3some by getting all cosy with Tsukiko.  Oh god this sounds so generic and stupid, I’d btr stop the summary here.

Tomoe Yoh

The half french weirdo.  Before I played this, it was instant strike for me when I saw him cuz he has ma bday AND was voiced by Midorikawa Hikaru, but then again, MH’s voice only works for me if he’s doing rapist / Shiki characters.  Tomoe’s kinda emotionless and cold cept when it comes to Tsukiko cuz he has a creepy thing for her.  In short, a clingy lil weirdo.

So Tomoe came over as a transfer student just to meet Tsukiko and immediately starts snuggling up to our less than amused heroine.  Kanata and Suzuya obviously don’t like him but for Tsukiko’s sake they try to befriend the guy and after some bitchfights btwn Tomoe and Kanata, the group manage to smooth out most of the major kinks and become a happy 4some.

However, shit happens and Tomoe suddenly announces after like 2 months that he’s gotta run home back to France now so he’s all “so long and thanks for all the fish everything”.  Everyone’s like “wtf bitch last minute much?” but Tomoe says that right from the start, he had to go back after 2 months or summin so it’s not really last minute, just that he didn’t tell anyone durr hurr.

Tsukiko says she don’t want Tomoe to leave and Tomoe tells her it’s alright cuz he came here to see her so he’s good with it.  Tsukiko goes “aiya stop with the ‘suki shit’ that you always give me” but Tomoe’s tells her that he was serious from the start, just that Tsukiko never took him seriously.  He asks for an answer in two days and the two leave it at that.

So two days later, after Tsukiko mopes about ‘not understanding her own feelings’, she comes to conclusion that she likes Tomoe too so good for them.  Tomoe says he’s always liked her since the time they met as little kiddies cuz whereas everyone was incredibly racist and saw him as a girly half caste freak, Tsukiko was the only one who found him pretty and stuff.

Still, after becoming gf and bf, Tomoe still has to go and he leaves after saying that he’ll come back to get Tsukiko.  So several years later, he comes back, proposes to Tsukiko and hubby wife ending.

Nanami Kanata

SO CUTE.  The tsundere crybaby who hates Tomoe’s guts and spends much of the game fighting with him for Tsukiko  and he has liked her since forever (…like everyone else here…).  He’s always bunking school and off fighting other delinquents which makes Tsukiko shit her pants with worry cuz he also suffers from a weak constitution and is liable to topple over anytime, anywhere.

Yeah so when Tomoe shows up, Kanata gets piss jealous and spends all his time bickering with the guy for Tsukiko’s attention till they become bff and that tones down…slightly. He’s also crazy protective and doesn’t let other guys even talk to her and ends up getting into a buhmillion more fights cuz of that which consequently fucks up his body even more and he ends up collapsing and wheezing on the ground several times.  Everyone’s shit worried but that just pisses Kanata off cuz he doesn’t wanna look weak in front of anyone or thing.

In the end, Tomoe has to get his french ass back to France so he tells Kanata spit out his feelings for dumb Tsukiko already, but when he does, Tsukiko’s a stupid lil labia who just goes “durr hurr i’m just gonna run away now” and does just that.

Kanata’s real bummed  so he tells her that he’ll forget about it after a hug but after a while, Tsukiko finally grows a brain and realises she like him big time too so they make up and have a lil hand holding session >w<

Kanata and Tsukiko become an item and the other two accept their relationship, Tomoe goes back to France, and a couple years later, Kanata and Tsukiko get hitched.  The end.

Touzuki Suzuya

The only person who appears to be half sane in the happy 4some.  The peace keeper in the group, Suzuya’s mature, calm and knows how to cook like a god (YES GUYS WHO CAN COOK >w<).  He’s always there to comfort Tsukiko when she’s being a stupid girl but really, when I said “appears to be half sane”, I really did mean “APPEARS TO BE” – CUZ HE’S A YANDERE SUNNAVA BITCH.  Okay no, but if Starry Sky was made 18+, he’d totally be the smiley jealous rapist.

He’s the only one who doesn’t OUTWARDLY take part in the stupid childish conquest for Tsukiko’s feelings so Tsukiko relies on him for a lotta things and sees him as a mom lol.  Which irks him to no end cuz…HE’S IN LOVE WITH HER AS WELL.  Oh god no.  In fact, this guy’s just been keeping in his feelings for her so it wouldn’t fuck things up in their happy 3some but now that Tomoe’s come and already messed things up pretty bad, Suzuya figures that he might as well just let it all loose.

Which he does when he finally can’t take it anymore after some more of Tsukiko’s “we are osananajimi/u ma mutha” BS.  He’s like “look at me  AS. A .MAN.”

…and then Tsukiko pulls her stupid ‘last minute diarrhea’ act again like in Kanata’s route and runs off.  Suzuya’s all SHOKKU and hurt and things remain shit btwn dem for the next few days.

Then Tsukiko goes and retards some more when she trips and suddenly goes “WHERE MA SUZUYA COME SAVE ME BIG BOY”  and out comes Suzuya to pick up her sorry little ass.  There does she then get that she’s a complete loser without Suzuya so she tells him she likes him too and happy happy dea.

Unlike Kanata, Suzuya’s actually pretty damn scary, gets jealous over everything like srsly, and whenever either of the other two get near Tsukiko, Suzuya gets the tranquil fury thing on and warns em not to touch Tsukiko or else he’ll anally rape both of them.  Blablabla the two of them get married and live happily ever after.

Afterthoughts and Conclusion

lol some pretty trippy stuff Tomoe's on eh?

This was boring.  Like seriously, this game was pretty damn boring.  More about that later though.

The characters were pretty cute, ma faves are Suzuya and Kanata cuz the former is a smiling jealous potential rapist god of cooking and the latter was just adorable cuz tsundere x nakimushi = win.  Tomoe was alright.  Tsukiko = standard useless shoujo heroine.  Meh.

Music was ok, can’t rmb any of the tracks really but 3948573984/10 cuz the ed is by my GOD ITOU KANAKO and I loved the song Star Crossed.  Suzuya = Itsuki and Kanata didn’t really sound like Kyon, just sounded like ur average tough guy.  Tomoe’s voice was o.O;; – Midorikawa Hikaru should stick to rapist/Shiki characters.  Oh and it totally didn’t help that I kept thinking “ZENYA ZENYA ZENYA” whenever Tomoe spoke lol so I could only see Tomoe as a little rapist schmuck instead of that ‘french bishie’ air he was evidently supposed to give off.

Artstyle was brill, I quite like Kazuaki’s stuff.  Her colouring is a plus and ma fave chara design is definitely Kanata – gotta love that hair.  That and they actually gave Tsukiko eyes in the psp version.

Story was totally meh.  Nothing special, didn’t bring out anything new and was ____ the whole way through- flat, uneventful, dead.  Just a bunch of high school students looking at stars and the unnecessary drama that occurs between the 4 of them (e.g If Tsukiko wasn’t born with only 2 brain cells, if everybody would just stop with the “I didn’t confess cuz it’d just cause trouble for you Tsukiko” etc).

I guess this game was alright in the end.  Totally sucked that it lacked an interesting plot but I’d give it a pass cuz of Kanata and Suzuya – those two were cute.  It’s also pretty short and the skip function worked like a god so the agony of having to plow through tedious text wasn’t prolonged and was kept to a minimum.  Another thing was that the system was actually pretty snazzy so that won me over somewhat lol.

7 Responses to “Otome Game Review – Starry Sky in Spring Portable”

  1. Was the game short or something? I mean, the descriptions are so short for every route or is it just that you couldn’t be bothered to write much about it?
    Although you say that Tsukiko having eyes is a good thing, I find that it looks quite forced mainly as the original doesn’t have eyes.
    Well, I guess Tsukiko is another annoying otome game heroine. Sigh, I miss Chizuru. :)

  2. Happy!! Says:

    Wow that was short. I thought it would be longer when I saw Starry sky being translated by Dreamingirl.
    I like Chizuru too. Too bad the anime portrayed her useless, I still like her when she is not in a battle.

  3. domshiki Says:

    Well there was some other stuff like the school trip to whodemwhere, more stupid fights btwn the group but dat stuff was just kinda there to make the game seem longer n i dint really like this game so i figured, woteva.
    lol chizuru is totally useless in the anime but she’s cute so that’s alrite XD

    • Happy!! Says:

      Heh. In the game she has to be trouble one guy, but in the anime, as they put all the routes into one, she has to juggle 5 (6?)(whatever) at the same time. So I don’t blame her for that.

  4. Liddell Says:

    I remember someone telling me Starry Sky wasn’t supposed to be a game initially since it was just a lot of character/voice cds from Honey Bee, then they had the brill idea of making a game with something of a plot for the sake of getting more money out of the fandom. Which then explains why there’s only one girl during ALL the first two years of school since they made the school co-ed and why there’s Starry Sky Danna that’s been coming out this year and then the upcoming Starry Sky After (season-of-the-month) games or cds being produced.

    I still haven’t touched Spring, but I’m glad to at least be reading a review for it. I wasn’t really keen on playing it to begin with, so this gives me an idea of how much time/effort I should invest in it. ^^; Much prefer Autumn after reading this. I find it the ‘plot’ more acceptable with the older guys than with the other students.

    • domshiki Says:

      lol yeah the starry sky series kinda showcases tsukiko as a dumb harem hungry hoe XD i wonder that happens to all the other guys after each season (or does it go into some AU shiet). yeah this game was pretty -_- the whole way through for me though the other seasons i’ll prolly still check out regardless.

  5. What’s with the eyes? I thought Tsukiko remained an eyeless eroge-like heroine all along. owO I guess it’s good that they changed that, though, and also added some new CGs / scenes. Too bad I have the PC version, orz.

    I kind of liked Tsukiko until she turned down Kanata and Suzu (I couldn’t care less for Yoh, even if MidoHika is his seiyuu), and then I started realizing her long list of flaws, lol.

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