Well, I’m currently enjoying playing tokimeki memorial but I’m no where near finishing it, I decided to blog again about Vocaloid. This really depends on whether you like japanese music. If you don’t, just listen it for hot voices of the people covering it! (ノ*゜▽゜*) … shame that this post is about moe. No hot voices.

Though there are loads of video’s featuring Miku, Rin, Luka etc that seems like an eroge, as usual I can’t really find things that seem like an otome game. Shows how much of Nico vids audience are male. No wait, at the live they had, most of them were fangirls and whenever there’s a guy guy duet all of the comments are from fujoshi (BL lovers). You never know I guess.

So yeah, as there are loads of different types of genre, I decided to post mainly on moe. So expect a lot of the girls (not sure how to have a moe kaito/gackpo song, maybe ren. who knows?). And I find it normally more moe when it’s got the vocaloid voices so yeah…

Rin: すすすす、すき、だあいすき [susususu, suki, daisuki]

A song about Rin who can’t tell her feelings to someone. You can change the colour of comments on nico vid and the guy who comments using light blue is for some reason extremely popular by the watchers as a ‘tsundere’ mainly ’cause he’s spending the whole video saying cold comments so yeah, nice tsundere. It makes you go moe on the comments! ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ


Rin: Be Mine!

I’m a fan of the PV creator and her version of Trick & Treat is also adorable!!

Rin + Len: Trick & Treat

Seriously, how can this person make Rin and Len and Miku look so cute.

GUMI: 恋はきっと急上昇☆ [Koi wa kitto Kyujousho]

Man, for me, GUMI is the second most used character for moe when it comes to vocaloid. I guess it’s cause she’s based on Ranka. I mean, look at Ranka and name one thing that isn’t moe. Her hair moves as if they’re her ears!

GUMI + RIN: Starry☆Rocket

The guy who made it said that the request was to make it as similar as an eroge as possible. This vid has a tag called オレオレ動画 [Ore Ore Douga] which literally means ‘Me Me Video’. Everyone who comments says something like, ‘I’m that guy’ there’ so yeah. Gettit?

Examples (as they’re hilarious):

オレだぁぁぁ [It’s Meeeeeeeeeeee!!]

何で俺いるの?[Why am I there?]

俺...だと [Its… me?]

この髪、俺だ [This hairstyle, it’s me]

俺俺うるさいぞどう考えても俺だろjk [Shut up! Stop saying me me. No matter how you think of it, that’s me! jk]

I know that a triangle relationship with Rin and GUMI would be wonderful but ya, talk about desperate…

Miku: Winter Alice

I know it’s not exactly ‘moe’ but… I FIND THE MAIN GIRL CUTE!! (≧∇≦) GOOD ENOUGH! IT BETTER BE!


I was going to add Ievan Polka but that’s not exactly Moe.

Rin: パンツ脱げるもん! [Pantsu nugerumon!]

… Maybe this isn’t moe.. Not sure now. Well, some of the comments on the vid were like ‘Moe!!’ so I guess it depends on people’s tastes. The art is brill but yeah the title – I can take my pants off, is a little odd.


Ran out of songs. Well, this is a cover of a Vocaloid song by a real person and yeah, it’s obvious she is aiming for it but still, it’s cute I guess.

Nayuta (Miku cover) : 愛言葉 [Aikotoba]

Well, you’ll see when it comes to 3:19. aiyahh. I know she’s trying to be moe and it’s a shame it’s working


copying domshiki and going for image spam.

Miku x Mikuo is the only self-cest that I really find cute. Can't stand Kyonko x Kyon orz

shota KAITO - way to make guys moe = make them young

hard to make MEIKO moe but she's cute here so who cares?

( ̄▽ ̄)ノ

Kaiko is cute but yeah. Mikuo ftw!

definitely flat

this is adorable

... no comment

…. yeah. Got tired of finding images. orz
Not really ‘moe’ but makes you laugh at least!

I'm not a fan of KaiMei but nice going Len!

One Response to “VOCALOID VIDS ② – Moe”

  1. sylubia Says:

    GUMI ftw!!!
    so cute lol
    is tht Alto in Koi wa kitto Kyujousho? or is it gackpo?
    but he has blue hair…
    ah wellz.
    dude, if Starry Rocket was a game, i:d go for Gumi.
    she has boobs, is cute and is cute.
    i heart the art in Be Mine and Trick or Treat lar
    so cute
    moe to the max!!

    awesome job


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