Otome Game Review – Zettai Meikyuu Grimm

Alternative Titles:绝对迷宫格林童, 絶対迷宮 グリム 七つの鍵と楽園の乙女

Company: Karin Entertainment

Release Date: 28.04.10

Official Site:http://grimm.karin-e.jp/index_02.htm

Platform: PSP, PC

Genre: Otome, fantasy, romance, big boss battle, Maou

Plot Summary: Heroine this time is an airheaded loli called Henrietta Grimm who lives her life out as a spoilt princess with her cousins, the 3 Grimm brothers who all have special powers cuz it’s in the blood. One night she hears a voice callin her from outside, and naturally like any other smart person, she walks out into the woods alone and searches for the owner of the voice.  However, the lil idiot gets lost, doesn’t know wot to do and meets a guy called Muma and when the youngest Grimm brother (Rui) shows up to save Henrietta, Muma pops em both sleeping pills.  The two finally wake up later on, but to their wtfuckery, 5 years have passed and their town has been nuked.  On top of that, the other two brothers have gone and from their research logs, they find out that they’ve been trying to get them to wake up but don’t know anything more cuz the next pages are gone.  Rui then finds a key on him and he and Henrietta hop off to find the Grimm brothers, encountering several ppl with the same key.

Ludwig Rui Grimm

The youngest Grimm bro and Henrietta’s osananajimi.  Paints on a magical canvas that makes things become real, given that they aren’t alive anyway.  Sarcastic and cynical, this guy is burdened with the responsibility of taking care of our idiot heroine but cares about her a hell lot – you touch Henrietta, you screwed.  Has a very cute dere side to him >w<

In order, Henrietta and Rui meet the other characters like this:

  1. Muma
  2. Hameln
  3. Akazukin
  4. Rapunzel
  5. Frog Prince
  6. Ibara Hime and Ibara Ouji

And throughout the game, the gang go through a series of fairytales and stuff, Muma keeps trying to pull Henrietta over to the dream world but he fails (unless one picks the bad end), and they meet the retard 3some bad guys, consisting of the witch Majo summin, the fox and the wolf.  The game either goes through the ‘Majo route’ where there’s no mention of there being a Maou or it goes down the Maou route and is centered on raping the Maou.

First one after gaining a full party is Cinderella.  Henrietta decides that it’d be fun to take a break and attend the ball but whoopsy, the prince accidentally falls for her instead of falling for Cinderella (who turns out to be a funny bitch here) and the gang run away lol.

Henrietta then walks off into the woods and finds Hansel and Gretel’s candy shop.  Hansel’s a candy maker who’s actually real lonely cuz the witch took his sis and ran off so he invites Henrietta in to eat with him and they become friends.  Rui gets jealous and Hansel’s like “NO HENRIETTA IS MAI IMOUTO NAO” but promptly forgets about her when Gretel comes back (lol she ran away cuz Hansel’s siscon creeped her out or summin).

Finally we get to the real plot now when they reach a town with a statue of the goddess, Megami whatsherface and find out that a Maou has been raping the land.  The statue speaks to Henrietta and tells her that she’s the ‘Rakuen Otome’ and needs to gather all 7 keys to be able to seal the Maou.

Rui and Henri meet Jacob and Wilhelm (the other two Grimm brothers).  Jacob now has the Maou riding his ass and he wants Henrietta cuz she’s the RO, and to everybody’s WTF, Rui betrays Henrietta and dances over to the ‘dark side’.  He hands her over and the Maou captures the nakama.

Henrietta is held captive along with the gang and the Maou reveals that he has the 7th key and took em all here so that Henrietta won’t be able to summon the legendary gold dragon and seal him – that and he wants the megami herself too and he’s gonna change the world cuz humans are ungrateful little buggers who have forgotten about the gods which has made him into a maou.

Henrietta tries to run but Rui prevents her from doing so and stand guard outside her room.  Henrietta then tells Rui that he’s always been there for her no matter what, and that it hurts that he’s not by her side anymore.  Rui then rushes in, hugs her and tells her that it’s cruel how she has him wrapped around her finger and that he sold his heart to the Maou in order to protect her and kisses Henrietta.   The two decide to bust everyone out and run.

man Rui is hot when he grows up

Next night, Henrietta goes down to the dungeons and takes everyone to the sea where there’s a boat waiting while Rui distracts the Maou.  However, it’s way past the meeting time and still Rui hasn’t shown up.  Henrietta then gets that Rui ain’t gonna show up cuz he’s gonna face the Maou himself so the gang head back to the place and finds Rui and the Maou in some deathmatch.

Everyone pitches in to help but Maou’s a Maou so he owns everybody and tells Henrietta to just become his already.  Henrietta rejects him and the Maou suddenly starts sounding pretty emo and goes “…why do you always reject me” before sayin summin about how he loved the megami but she kept rejecting him and blar.

Rui gets up to protect Henrietta and messes up his right hand in the process before the Maou downs a wine of glass that Wilhelm poisoned.  The Maou starts having some epileptic fit from the poison and Jacob is able to take control of the body for a couple of secs and hands Henrietta the 7th key.  Henrietta then hurriedly draws out the megami’s powers, summons the Gold Dragon who opens some black hole and Wilhelm drags the Maou in with him.

Now the shit’s all blown over, the gang go their separate ways and Rui lives with Henrietta in some art town.  She visits the graves of Jacob and Wilhelm and there, starts breaking down crying cuz on top of killing the two Grimm bros, she also took away Rui’s ability to draw.  Rui hugs her from behind and says it’s nothing if he was able to protect her.

He then takes her to a pretty little field where he confesses to her there and reveals that his hands been getting btr and he’s been able to sell his art to buy this for her *pulls out amethyst ring*.  He promises never to betray or leave her again and happy end =D


Lil red riding hood shota of the game.  Totally adorable, clueless, bright and energetic.  Uses his fists to fight and is prolly the strongest outta the group physically, along with a sharp sense of smell.  Though he’s normally cheery and happy, he goes into berserker mode when he’s pissed – kinda like Naruto if you will, just 928337 times cuter.

Akazukin invites the trio over to his place with his gran cuz he’s a nice lil boy.  Most of the ppl in the village have been killed off by wolves so it’s nice to have some company.  The trio leave soon after and seeing how happy Akazukin was to have some people his age around him, his gran tells him to join the 3 on their journey.

The trio then get lost in the woods and encounter a wolf.  Akazukin shows up cuz he smelt the pong of wolf but then smells another wolf, the one that killed his parents heading for his village.  By the time they get back to his house, the interior is splattered with blood and his gran is nowhere to be seen.  Unable to find the wolf who killed his entire family now, Akazukin joins the trio after Rui makes him swear not to be another Sasuke.

Along the journey, they meet a goat who begs for Akazukin’s help cuz some wolf wants to eat him.  Akazukin’s like “WOLF WHERE WOLF GONNA FUCKEN KILL” so he helps the guy but the goat turns out to be bringing in him and Henrietta as food for the wolf.  Still, Akazukin helps by trapping and pretending to be a yummy loli.  Wolf comes and tries to eat Akazukin but Akazukin beats up the bastard and the wolf runs away.  Henrietta then gives Akazukin a hug as a reward for helping the goat and being able to control himself and not go nuts when he saw the wolf.

Later on, the two get kidnapped by ‘Drom’, the wolf who raped Akazukin’s village.  Drom plans to make loli stew outta Henrietta and starts kicking her around after saying summin about Akazukin’s “awakening”.  Akazukin gets piss mad and suddenly gets wolf ears and a wolf tail.  He and Henrietta are like “WOT.THE.FOCK” but Drom ain’t surprised and says that’s what he meant Akazukin’s awakening – the kid’s actually got wolf blood in him.  There’s an old legend that a woman bitten by a wolf during a full moon will get wolf powers and his mom got bitten then when she was pregnant.  Drom goads Akazukin some more by relaying how he ripped apart his gran and Akazukin goes into kyuubi mode and starts killing Drom cuz now that he’s realised he’s a wolf, he can’t go back to the gang anymore so he might as well become Sasuke #2.  Henrietta tells him to stop being a fucking blowjob and that she’ll accept him no matter what so Akazukin lets Drom go.

Muma takes Henrietta into his world cuz he sez he wants the power within her.  Akazukin shows up to save Henrietta and when Muma gets rejected by Henrietta, he tries to seal the two into his world forever.  Henrietta however, manages to level up and summon the Golden Dragon which busts her and Akazukin out and back into reality.

There, everyone’s exasperated that she and Akazukin haven’t gotten together yet so Hameln starts hitting on Henrietta to get a reaction outta Akazukin – he gets pissed and finally manages to confess.

Everyone splits up and does whatever.Akazukin lives with Henrietta near the capital or summin and gets hired as a royal guard.  Happy end.


Yay Pied Piper of Hamlin +Terashima Takuma >w<  Hameln’s a sneaky bastard who’s a gold digger and demands payment for everything he does.  He treats everyone in the group as a kid cuz he’s older than em all, summin that irks Henrietta to no end cuz he won’t take er seriously.  Says some pretty funny shit when he’s drunk.

Every time the group stop at a village, Hameln struts off, claiming that he has business to do.  Henrietta asks wth he’s doing and he then tells her that he’s actually just out chatting up chicks in bars but Henrietta gets suspicious and tails him.  Turns out he really is just going to a bar and she ends up having to be saved by Hameln from some lecherous drunk, and he gets scouted by some really shitty band.

He listens to them play their shit and Henrietta then thanks him for saving her from the bar creep.  However, Hameln just gets pissed and mouths off at her for being a stupid gaki and that no sane loli would step into a bar alone.  Henrietta bitches back and sez it’s cuz Hameln’s always running off and not tellin em anything and the argument escalates into a bitch fight, with Hameln using his pied piper skills to make Henrietta do some retard dance and Henrietta then retaliating by summoning a fully fledged tornado.  The two make up anyway cuz Hameln’s impressed that she had enough guts to pick a fight with him.

From then on, Henrietta starts falling in love with Hameln but keeps it in cuz he won’t take her seriously.  He gets piss drunk several times and hits on her but to his surprise and my delight, Henrietta flirts right back and Hameln ends up being the one embarrassed silly.  The two end up getting pretty close but Hameln’s got some past shit that he won’t tell anyone so he remains guarded a hell lot.  One night, Henrietta jokingly asks whether she can stay the night in his room but irritated, Hameln gets serious and pushes her down onto his bed in a very rapist manner.  He then calls for Rui to save Henrietta and Rui gets crazy pissed when he sees Hameln on top of his osananajimi.  He tosses Hameln some money and tells him to GTFO.

Hameln leaves the party and everyone’s all SHOKKU at what he’s done.  When they reach his village, they realise that he’s actually pretty infamous and known as some Black demon or summin for massacring the kids of Hameln with his flute.  Hameln appears and kidnaps Henrietta when the villagers hear that the gang know Hameln.  Henrietta sees through Hameln’s bad guy act and giving in, he tells her what happened.  Mutant demon rats invaded the village so he got rid of all em.  However, the kids of the place all started going high and trippy cuz they were bitten by the rats so the village head got Hameln to kill the kids.  It was either that or let the kids become mutant vermin so he did that and became the scapegoat for the entire thing.  Since then, he’s hated his power of being able to control living things with his flute.

The majo then shows up and reveals that she’s the one who dropped the shit bombs on the village.  Hameln sings and it turns out that the source of his magic came not from the flute but from him, and the gang manage to own the witch and liberate the dead children.  The village finally get wot happened and forgive Hameln.

Muma takes Henrietta and Hameln and says he wants the power within her like in Akazukin’s route.  BLablabla, Henrietta summons the Gold Dragon and gets out with Hameln.

In the epilogue, Hameln and Henrietta continue their journey and go back to Hameln’s hometown.  He shows her his old home and tells him how he lost his parents in a war as a kid so he followed some flute maker to his home and became the guy’s disciple.  Some stuff happens and the guy dies but Hameln finds a letter form him, gets over the stuff, confesses to Henrietta and kisses her.  Live happily ever after den =)


Gotta love that there’s potential lezbo paths man.  Rapunzel is awesome, and unlike her fairytale counterpart, she doesn’t want to get out of her tower and would rather spend her entire life sitting in that tall shack gaming her life away.  Otaku medic shipper on deck win.

The 4some find the tower and climb up to rescue Rapunzel.  However, they find her happily gaming and refuses to leave with em till the Majo shows up and says that Rapunzel’s aunt sold her to her so now Rapunzel’s a maid.  The group take Rapunzel and run.

Rapunzel and Henri become best buds real quick and Rapunzel tells Henri that she resembles the heroine she likes in one of her games and that she’s the first friend she ever made.  Most of the route just has the 2 being bff girlfriends.

The group then hear that they’ve spotted Rapunzel’s aunt  somewhere so Rapunzel and Henri hop onto a broomstick and fly over.  There, Rapunzel asks whether or not she really sold her off to Majo and her aunt’s like “wtf i was just going to some witches conference and wen i came back, YOU were gone”.  Majo shows up and pissed, Rapunzel kicks all dem asses after having a lol rpg fantasy moment.

Rapunzel chooses to stay with Henrietta and after resolving some stuff with her real parents, she undergoes training with Majo and her aunt and yeah friendship.

Frog Prince

Exactly what it says on the tin – the frog prince.  It’s pretty funny how he keeps saying he’s a bliddy prince but nobody believes him till he makes out with a princess.  Personality wise, he’s very princely, a feminist and nice to all chicks.

So he’s looking for the Maou cuz the bastard turned him into a frog.  Along the way, they meet the ibara hime (sleeping beauty) and he kisses her to wake her up.  Poof! he turns into a bishie and everyone’s like “hu der hell r you?” and ibara hime’s infatuated with him but he turns back into a frog and well, ibara hime refuses to accept he’s her prince so she joins the party to find her prince again.

They then meet Sadist Snow White and her Seven Masochist Dwarves who made me shat bricks laughing cuz the dwarves kept going “STEP ON ME HIT ME HURT ME PREASH!!” cuz it’s like “kaikan” to them lol.  So Snow White’s an S here and she’s actually a hell lot more streetwise and assholey than the original one and knows her mom’s tryna kill her but doesn’t really care as long as she continues funding her living lol.  The gang solve her problem of a crazy psycho murdering mother and head on to Frog Prince’s country.

there's gotta be at least 10 things wrong with this XD

Frog Prince’s place is completely fucked up when they reach there cuz the king has joined hands with the Maou.  That, and they’ve currently lost their prince.  FP tries to tell ppl he’s the prince but everyone’s like “wtf get outta here” and Henrietta manages to slip inside the palace by claiming FP is food. They find the king plans on giving Henrietta to the Maou but FP’s like “Wottafucka this is madness!” and manages to convince the king that he’s his son breaking out into his human form and after the king sees that he knows about how he gave up his own son to the Maou to protect the country (which is why FP is a FP).  The king finds his lost marbles, directs the gang to the Maou, FP announces that he’s gonna marry Henrietta and the group leave after Hameln nicks the entire country’s tax money XD

The group find the Maou and FP proposes to Henrietta there even though he promised to leave that stuff till after the battle.  He sez he can’t wait that long and they go off to rape the Maou.  Obviously they win.

Henrietta goes back to FP’s country.  The citizens aren’t too happy about the now normal human prince marrying a village girl and Henrietta’s pretty down cuz of that, but Prince tells her not to worry cuz he’ll be with her and the 2 get married.

Ibara Hime

Sleeping Beauty.  Has been sleeping for a hundred years cuz her parents didn’t invite this 13th magician to her birth so the magician got pissy.  Extremely rude, arrogant and proud but you know, tsundere >w<

The group hear about how a certain country’s princess has been asleep for 100 years and can only be woken up by the kiss of a prince.  Everybody’s failed so far cuz the castle is surrounded by man eating thorns but Henrietta burns em all down and they find the princess.  Lmfao when the thorns grab onto Henrietta in a very tentacle rape esque fashion and she’s like “KYAA KIMOCHI WARUI SAVE ME!!” and all the guys are just looking away, blushing their asses off XD

In the end, the FP kisses the princess and the thorns vanish.  She wakes up and is revealed to be a wagamama bitch and the group notice that there’s actually also an Ibara PRINCE.  IH demands to know where her prince is but by this time, the FP has reverted to being a frog and she refuses to accept that that’s her prince.  Now that the spell is broken, everyone wakes up and the king explains what happens.  The 13th magician cast a spell that on the princess’s 17th bday, she’d get killed but the Ibara no Ouji begs the 12th magician to make it possible so that he could swap his own prince life for his lil sis.  The 12th magician then changes the spell so instead of dying, the princess would instead sleep for 100 years.  The Ibara no Ouji is unable to wake up cuz he swapped himself for the IH so the spell has a stronger hold on him, but he’s able to do that outta body thing and the IH is able to summon his soul.

IH joins the party and nothing really happens for a lotta her path cept for happy girlfriend stuff till the Maou thing.  The night before they challenge the Maou, IH admits that she wants to meet her prince again and confess to him.  Henrietta calls the FP and kisses him to make him human for a tad.  However, he rebuffs her confession and says that it isn’t him that she likes, it’s HENRIETTA.  Woah the les yay here is a hell lot more prominent than Rapunzel’s route eh?  The 13th magician then shows up, seals IH into a mirror and holds her captive – want her back?  Get ur ass over to the Maou’s castle den, Henrietta.

Henrietta goes and dives inside the mirror to rescue the IH.  However, the IH thinks that the FP rejected he and Henrietta have been gettin it on behind her back so she tells Henri to leave her the hell alone but Henrietta uh pretty much professes her love for the IH in a sense, and the IH hugs her, says that she was actually jealous of the FP and says that Henrietta belongs to her.

Alright, big boss battle, they win and the two have their bff/lesbian end like in rapunzel’s path.

Ibara no Ouji

Ibara Hime’s brother, the prince of thorns.  He’s been sleepin for a hundred years too, and like sister like brother, has that holier than thou attitude and does whatever he wants, when he wants.  Enjoys torturing people and making them squirm just for kicks.

His route follows Ibara hime’s route closely, just that he shows up to save Henrietta instead of IH whenever Muma attacks.  However, after everytime he saves her, he has to go back cuz he can’t hold onto his form.  IH comments on how her bro must have fallen for Henrietta cuz he’s never come out to save anyone before so he calls IO up so Henrietta can thank IO.

The 13th magician who cursed IH and IO shows up and seals IH into a mirror, demanding that Henrietta go to the Maou’s palace if she wants to get IH back.  IO shows up to save his sis but fail cuz he gets sealed as well and taken away.

Henrietta then jumps inside the mirror and finds the IO.  He’s starin at a portrait of this hot chick who was his hoe 100 yrs ago and when Henrietta tries to get him out, he’s all “ah woteva.  mite as well die.” but Henrietta tells him to grow a pair already and takes him out.

Blablabla, big boss battle and place starts crumbling.  The IO’s unable to get away cuz he’s too weak from being away from his briar patch for too long and after telling Henrietta that he wanted to stay a lil longer with her, he literally wilts and dies.

The 13th magician tells Henrietta that the only way to save IO is to grab him rfom the underworld.  Henrietta does just that, kisses IO to wake him up and Hades allows the IO to be judged to see whether he’s worthy of a second life.  The witnesses are all like “he tortures his lil sis”, “tortures the ppl who tortured his lil sis”, “is a bad son” and Henrietta goes “HE A NICE GUY.  PROTECT HIS LIL SIS AND OWNED THE MAOU!!” but the IO cuts in and goes “OBJECTION!!” Phoenix Wright style  “hellz no.  I’m a sadistic buttfuck, i onli protected my lil sis CUZ IM THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN TORTURE HER and I only decided to seal the Maou cuz it hurt my eyes to look at him” lololol.  Haha, in the end, the jury are all like “okay, GTFO.  You’re a threat to the underworld” so the IO gets out.

Henrietta promptly collapses when she gets back to the normal world cuz of the strain of going down dea.  She wakes up a month later to find IO sleeping on her and she starts thanking him, and all dat mushy crap embarrasses the IO so he tells her to STFU and hugs her.  lol He then proposes to her in an awfully offhand way – “Here *hands ring to Henrietta*.  Now we’re married.” “Huh wait what-” “SO DON’T YOU GO FALLING FOR SOME OTHER PEON NOW OKAY. =)”

At the wedding, Henrietta trips and the IO immediately goes bonkers, demanding that whoever tripped his loli wife-to-be get his ass out right now, and when nobody moves, he takes out his thorn whip and tries to whip everybody at the wedding lol.  He then pretends to fall asleep so everybody wud eff off and leave the two alone to dance >w<

Jacob Grimm

Oldest Grimm, 28 yrs old.  Mature, collected and kind, but doesn’t overly spoil Henrietta like Wilhelm.  Left Henrietta and Rui cuz the Maou took control of him and then started wreaking havoc on the world.  Totally a Big Damn Hero.

Henrietta finds Jacob but doesn’t realise that it’s actually the Maou till the Maou starts getting too cuddly and she demands to know who the hell is riding her brother’s ass.  The Maou gets ticked off cuz he sees Henri as the megami herself, and doesn’t understand why she’s rejecting him again.

Wilhelm appears in the nick of time along with the gang and big boss battle again.  This time, Henri refuses to attack the Maou cuz it’d kill Jacob and only summons the Gold Dragon after Jacob takes the steering wheel for a couple of secs and tells her to bloody seal him already.

The place starts caving in and everybody’s runnin but Henrietta stays with Jacob cuz life stinks without him.  She blacks out, and hears Jacob talking to her in her head, asking whether she remembers the promise they made 5 years ago, and flashback time.  10 year old Henri gets into a fight with Rui and runs off into the woods when he refuses to forgive her.  Jacob finds her and she thinks he’s gonna take her home but he just says it’s her choice, go if she wants, not his prob.  Henrietta starts bawwwing cuz she’s scared RUi’s still pissed and Jacob makes her promise him that no matter what, she won’t give up hope and will continue barreling along in life at a breakneck speed.  She agrees and all’s good.

Henrietta sees Rui big along with Wilhelm and Jacob.  They all think she’s high when she starts rambling on about the Maou and she realises that this is the future that could have been – one big happy family.

Everybody’s in despair cuz the place is all rubble now and there’s no way the 2 could have survived, but a light breaks through the clouds and Jacob materialises, embracing Henrietta.  Henrietta opens her eyes and thanks Jacob for everything, who protected her in his last moments and has consequently died.

Wilhelm Grimm

The second Grimm brother.  Totally spoils Henrietta, to the extent that even she knows she’s being spoilt way too much.  Gentle, intelligent and somewot tennen, he’s an awesome cook and is also a lolicon.

Instead of getting forcefully taken to the Maou, Henrietta meets Wilhelm and agrees to go with him after Wilhelm explains what the hell is going on.  However, the Maou is able to suppress Jacob and when he returns to the castle, he’s captured Henrietta’s pals and tries to take her too.  Wilhelm betrays the Maou to protect loli Grimm and starts flippin when the Maou threatens to tell Henrietta what Wilhelm is really like inside.

Henrietta’s like “Loff u no matter wot” so Wilhelm then confesses that he’s always liked her more than a lil sis and is actually dying to ravage her.  Henrietta tells Wilhelm that she like him too, everything’s good, and they do the Gold Dragon thing again.

In the epilogue, Wilhelm and Henrietta crash together are some out on some field.  The Majo comes over and starts hitting on WIlhelm and makes Henrietta piss jealous by saying that the two of them have been playing some ‘very fun games at night’ but Wilhelm’s completely clueless as to what Majo is implying and just smiles and goes “yup, card games like trump and go fish” XD  Wilhelm then announces that Henrietta’s his hamayome so too bad Majo.  No matter cuz Rui shows up and she starts hitting on him lol.

Wilhelm then takes Henrietta to another flower field to have a uh tea party with her.  She asks whether he really meant what he said back then and Wilhelm’s like “…OH MA GAD.  DID I JUST PROPOSE TO YOU?!? EEEEEEE” and Henrietta puts a ring of flowers on his head and agrees to marry him.


He’s actually a shape shifting dream demon who lives by eating the dreams of pretty young girls and he keeps trying to drag Henrietta off to his dream world.  Acts like a total jerkass Loki most of the time but dang, is he cute.  And sorta a woobie character later on.

His route’s kinda the same as Rui’s route till after the goddess talks to Henrietta.  A black cat pops into Henrietta’s room at night and steals her magic book so she runs after the cat but the cat is really Muma and he takes her to his world.  Henrietta’s like “wtf y you doin dis” and Muma just smirks and goes “cuz I like you”.  Henrietta gets annoyed but that turns to worry when she sees Muma bleedin from the chest or summin and after telling Muma to STFU and show her the wound, he does and sees a bliddy gaping hole in his chest inflicted by the Maou.

Muma then stops being a Loki for a mo and asks whether she remembers him or not.  Henrietta’s like “yeah u were the dick who took 5 years of my life” and Muma says “NOT THAT.  WAY BACKERERERER”.  Henrietta doesn’t get so he tells her.  He died before as a cat cuz nobody would feed him, but then he became a muma and has then lived the rest of his life eating dreams.  One day, while prowling the streets as a cat for innocent lolis, he meets Henrietta and decides to target her cuz she’s pure and blar.  But then Henrietta goes “liddle puddy tat hungwy?  I feed you” even though Muma’s cat form then was a huge healthy cat and he wavers cuz she’s the only person to realise he was ever hungry so he follows her into the Grimm house.  There, she feeds him, takes good care of him and tells him that he’s family now, so Muma finally feels at peace cuz he’s never had a home or anyone who cared about him.  So he decides to stay as a cat, Aru, and stay with Henrietta forever even though he’s starving from not eating dreams, cuz having someone who cares about him was more than he could ever ask for.  He pretty much resolves himself to die from starvation as long as he can be with Henrietta but cuz he ain’t eating, he loses his powers and he’s unable to hold onto his cat form.  Jacob comes him and tells him GTFO for lying to Henrietta, and guilt ridden he does and swears to not see her again.  Seeing her desperately trying to find him though, changes his mind and since then he’s been stalking protecting her and he says he’ll fight the Maou in her place cuz nobody would give a shit if he died.

Henrietta’s like “OH.MA.GAD” and Muma’s pretty darn sure she hates him now but she hugs him and says that they’re family so what the hell.  Happy moment ruined when Jacob invades the place, realises Muma betrayed him and demands he hand over Henrietta.  The two flee to the other dreams of people and find Rapunzel’s witch aunt.  She hands them a vial of some legendary sleeping stuff that makes the user unable to ever leave the dream world again (there’s a fairy tale where a princess was afraid of sleeping cuz she was attacked by a demon or summin and a prince used that sleeping stuff to get inside her head and save her etc) and when Jacob appears again, Muma forces Henrietta to wake up and he’ll deal with Jacob – “I wanna be at least somewot like a prince  for you”.

Henrietta awakens to her nakama and they find Jacob sleeping.  Henrietta realises that Muma’s used the sleeping stuff and this was the plan from the start between him and Wilhelm so they’d be able to nick the last key and seal the Maou.  Henrietta don’t wanna do it cuz Muma’s still inside Jacob’s dream but does it anyway and starts crying cuz she won’t ever see Muma again.  He shows up though, inside her dream once more to say good bye, and thanks her for everything and hopes that he was able to become her prince in the end.  Henrietta baaws some more, kisses Muma and he thanks her again before disappearing.  Henrietta’s about to do some more weeping but notices there’s an extra page in her magic book, opens it and finds Muma there.  THE END.  ARGH.

In the sad end, Muma fights the Maou and completely dies and doesn’t tell Henri abt him being Aru.  Instead prior to his death, he just shares his past encounter with the megami.  He was told to infiltrate her condo and take on the Maou’s form by the Maou himself but she sees past his disguise and asks him to show her his true form.  Muma hesitates cuz he says he’s just a scrawny ugly little thing but the megami tells him he’s beautiful.

Afterthoughts and Conclusion

"HAMELN!!! PUT ON SOME FUCKING CLOTHES!!" "Who cares, no interest in kids =P" - Henri and Ham XD

Whew that was tiring.   But fun =D

First the charas.  Congrats to KE for being able to make such a likable cast of characters.  There wasn’t anyone I disliked in the playable characters – all good.  Fave definitely goes to Muma – gad the guy needs a good hug.  Henrietta was pretty irritating in the beginning cuz of her stupidity and bigmouth but keeping in mind that she’s actually a 10 year old kid mentally, she handled things real well and grew on me.

Music was nothing special  – OP was meh too.  Woah cast of seiyuu, what can I say. Top goes to Hameln cuz he’s Terashima Takuma but really, everyone was awesome.

Art was good.  Very cutesy style but was dark enough at certain parts to fit the story.  Best chara design hm…Muma, IO and Jacob.

Story was decent to0.  More like there was actually a plot instead of stupid unnecessary highschool drama everywhere so kudos to KE for that as well.  I dun really get why megami disappeared and sealed her powers in keys in the first place but woteva.  I liked Muma and Jacob’s routes the most cuz they were pretty sad and had no real happy ending – like I sed, big damn heroes.  I din’t play the true endings for Ham, Aka and Rap cuz it required a full replaythrough and u kno, it’s just another happy end so woteva.

In short, pretty damn awesome a game.  It was pretty funny the whole way through, with a wide range of cute characters and good art as well.  I found it pretty amusing how Jacob and Wilhelm were total lolicons – they liked Henri since she was 10, they were 23 and 18 respectively prolly, so uh…XDXD  Oh and the timer thing was pretty annoying along with the real crappy skip function but oh wellz.  MUMA FTW

13 Responses to “Otome Game Review – Zettai Meikyuu Grimm”

  1. sylubia Says:

    Akazukin looks cute lolzz
    Hameln reminds me of Kanda in some of the pics… or is it just me?
    Rapunzel is uberrrrrrr cute.
    shame, no GL pairing with her lolzz
    y cant IH kiss the stupid loli.
    guy with white hair + sadistic bastard = awesomeness
    Muma Muma Muma
    want him in MA dreams…
    pull me 2 ur world~~~
    sounded like a total retard.
    thts me :D

  2. crystalhikari Says:

    i really liked this game a lot and i liked MUMA’s story the best as well. feeling so sad for him.
    and the fact that it really has a story is really good. the art also did fit well to the story.

    and your review is good as well.

  3. Beldarius Says:

    Wow, thanks for writing all of this. o_o; I’ve always wanted to know a bit more about this game… too bad it has no English version. -_-;

    I’d probably play all other endings first and leave Jacob and Wilhelm as the last (because I always leave the good things for last, lol). Wilhelm has my top-second favorite seiyuu and Jacob is NariKen. NariKen is always awesome (not to mention I want to hear how he changes between kind!Jacob and evil!Maou voices).

  4. my god! what a butt! XDD That was effing funny!!!

  5. I just finished all of the characters. I seriously cried during Muma’s route even though I can’t understand about 90% of what they’re saying.

    But like, Henrietta summons stuff from her book and Muma’s in her book now. So does it mean Henrietta is going to summon him or something?

    KE should seriously stop making sad endings.
    In the Grand Finale, Jacob’s alive, but Muma’s totally forgotten. Haha.
    I was searching for him but he never showed up.

    Thanks for the summary. Now I understand what the hell happened.

    • domshiki Says:

      argh muma T.T yeah i was kinda confused by him appearing in her book – ur prolly rite, means she can summon him out i guess so least he isn’t completely dead or anything eh?

  6. Bah Hameln seems like MY TYPE LMFAO
    (Makes me think of the Violinist of Hameln manga lol)
    why is this game PSP only OTL (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ 彡┻━┻

    • … You know I have the same to say about ps2 games. I could always use emu but too confusing for me and it’s slow.
      I want to play kaeru batake fandisk. CHIGIRA~!! nice review btw :)

  7. can u please tell me how to get Ludwig’s true end??
    i mean what should i choose to get it??
    thank you…

  8. lollipopwolf Says:

    well sorry in english where you play this in psp or jcsp because i cant save this D:

  9. Just playing Akazukin’s route alone, I feel pretty dissapointed by the outcome of this game. The development put into this game is REALLY nice, like the menues and the art and the music are all really really great, but on the other hand, the story is rather too childish for me. It’s set up into chapters and most of the chapters are centered around pointless bull crap that really doesn’t focus on any rennai aspects. And, what rennai aspects that were encountered were pretty sudden. It goes something like this: Suddenly she likes Akazukin, and suddenly Akazukin likes her. All the while I’m wondering… what do they see in eachother? Also, why does she want the wolves to live so badly? They’re killing poor defensless ikemen yagiosans and she’s all like, just let ’em go! You’re better than that! Sure, if that’s how she sees it. Murder and you’re a murderer. But in my eyes miss shujinkou is the murderer here, for releasing the murderer who came back and ate the goat people. Where’s Yuri Lowell when we need him? He’ll rid the world of scum when nobody else will. Okay, I should stop taking all my rage out on fictional characters…

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