Cuz Pixiv is Awesome – 黒衛門

Cuz 黒衛門 is awesome.  Just look at dat:

黒衛門  mostly does Izaya x Shizuo and Tom x Shizuo stuff, more fluff than hot gay sex but oh wellz XD  This guy draws a pretty cute dere Shizuo which is total win cuz I’m totally for Shizuo as the uke with Tom and Izaya (though Shizuo topping Izaya is good too) and that blush reaaaallly works heheh.  IMAGE SPAM:

dude, total rapebait.

heiwajima bl = win.

shizuo, if u spread ur legs like that... >;)

shizuo is so cute

Psychedelic Izaya >w<


3 Responses to “Cuz Pixiv is Awesome – 黒衛門”

  1. sylubia Says:

    if only kamina:s alive when simon goes all manly.
    then there could b an awesome manly pairing…
    ah wellz
    there’s still viral… heh

    shizuo is awesome :S

  2. Happy!! Says:

    Gotta love BL. Though, I’m still not ready to see what down there. >.<

  3. Hnng, Shizaya. Says:

    Finally, someone that ships Tom x Shizuo. ; u ; //no longer forever alone

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