Otome Game Review – D.C. Girl’s Symphony

Alternative Titles: ダ・カーポ~ ガールズシンフォニー, D.C. Girl’s Symphony Pocket (PSP ver.)


Release Date:26.09.08

Official Site:http://sanctuary.nandemo.gr.jp/work/dcgs/index.html

Platform: PC, PSP

Genre: Otome, magical sakura, romance, i can hear your thoughts

Plot Summary:

Heroine Koujou Shio meets the 4 Shinomiya bros on the DC series sakura island blablabla, pick which you want, go for him.  Oh that and she can go for her bro or a dog *sniggers*.  In short, a DC game for chicks =D

Shinomiya Ryouhei

The main guy and  younger twin bro (i think).  Excels academically, great at sports, can cook AND HE’S TSUNDERE.  Best part is, he’s voiced by Suzuki Tatsuhisa ie. Gian from Lucky Dog1 so really, Ryouhei is made of pure win.

He and Shio get off on the wrong foot, thanks to Shio being a slow idiot and Ryouhei being  a giant ball of tsun in the beginning.  However, Ryou’s always around to help Shio out and the two get close enough to piss off Ryou’s crackhead fangirls so they start bitching about Shio and break her umbrella so she’s gotta walk home soaking wet.  Ryou finds her, takes her over to his house and consoles her as Shio cries her eyes out.  He tells her to just bitchslap everyone who pisses her off and it’s ere that Shio tells him that he can’t.  She’s got this prob of people being able to read her thoughts when they touch her and whenever she’s overwhelmed by a huge flux of emotion, everyone in the vicinity can hear her so that’s why she’s gotta keep her emotions under check.  Ryou tells her that it’s alright to be herself in front of him and that she’s not ever to hide anything from him.

It finally gets through to Shio’s thick skull that she likes Ryou so her bff Narukawa Oose and the other Shinomiya bros pitch in to hook the two up cuz gad are they taking their sweet tsundere time.  Shio and Ryou get called out by everyone to enjoy some fireworks but everyone else ditches them and the two end up alone.  There, Shio confesses by holding Ryou’s hands so he’ll know how he feels and Ryou sez he loff her too.  lol their moment is ruined when everyone else shows up sniggering and say that they’ve been watching riiiiight from the start and they’re all like “eheheheheh don’t mind us, just make out already” and to everyone’s wtf, Ryou goes “if you say so” and snogs Shio rite there and then ;D

Shit happens later on when Shio wakes up one day to find that she’s getting into everyone’s heads.  Everybody looks at her all ew so she runs home sobbing and Ryou tries to get her to come out but when he grabs her arm and hears that she’s going “YADA YADA KOWAI KONAIDE”, he apologises, drops off her bday present (a chickie phone strap) and leaves his chickie strap as well which he received from his first love loli and he leaves.  Shio suddenly gets a flashback of a boy in her childhood and tries to say sorry the next day but Ryou’s shit pissed and hurt and she gets locked up in the school roof in the end by Ryou’s fan bitches but superman Ryou fires his lahzers and *shoop da woop* he busts through the door and pulls her to safety.  Something like that.

Shio tells Ryou that she’s at long last rmb her childhood with Ryou, how they were bff and stuff but he had to leave the island after his parents died.  Shio wanted to thank Ryou, wanted to tell him not to go and that she liked him and stuff but she couldn’t get it out before it was too late and the kid was gone.  So Shio ran to the sakura tree and wished that somehow her feelings would reach Ryou so that’s why she has that “touch me hear me” thing.  Ryou admits that he’s been able to hear her thoughts since the first time they met again, just that anything concerning him he’s unable to read for some reason.  Now the heart to heart crap is over now, the two have some kissy time and all ends well =D

There’s a follow up story afterwards and the first part is Shio standing outside Ryou’s at 12am on his bday so she’d be the first to give him his present – a stegosaurus plushie.  And I lmfaoed when all the other Shinomiyas started sniggering about how kiddie Ryouhei put down “Kamen Rider” as his future dream occupation XD  Second part is the two ditching Narukawa and everyone else to enjoy a Christmas, the two of them.

Shinomiya Kouhei

The younger twin.  Polar opposite of his twin bro, nice gentle guy and e too, has a giant harem of rabid fangirls.  Um…that’s about it.  It’s a shame he didn’t turn out to be crazy yandere cuz he honestly is a perfect candidate for being that unhinged, possessive, jealous character type but I guess yandere + child friendly otome game just don’t mix (lol for very good reasons).  Despite being a tad uh boring, he was actually pretty cute.

Unlike Ryouhei, this Shinomiya is real nice to Shio right off the bat and the two become fast friends and shiet.  Shio then hears that Kouehi’s digging someone so starts distancing herself from him so that his crush won’t think they’re dating.  Kouhei’s like “yo wazzap wit you brudda” and Shio hesitantly spills the beans.

After hearing why Shio’s being so cold lately he tells her that he’s gonna confess if he manages to do a 3 pointer in basketball.  However, life stinks so he fails but Shio slaps his back and orders him to man up already so he does and she’s all “WOT.DER.FUCK” when he starts confessing to her but she likes him too really, so that’s alright.

All’s fine and dandy for a while till Kouhei starts becoming a Ryouhei wannabe, acting all ‘badass’ and feeling Ryouhei’s pain.  Shio’s just confused as shit and Kouhei runs off to the god sakura tree of DC and when Shio finds him baaawing his eyes out there.

He tells her that he’s real jealous of Ryouhei;  jealous of his brother’s seemingly magical innate ability to understand Shio no matter what; jealous that Ryou was the osananajimi of Shio when they were kids, and jealous cuz he thinks that Shio prefers Ryou over him.

Obviously this ain’t the case and Shio pulls out an old paper aeroplane that she found in her stuff and Kouhei recognises it as summin he made back in his shota days, thus proving that the two had met before and that it wasn’t “all Ryouhei”.  Shio sez she likes Kouhei the way he is so “STFU AND KISS MEEE” and happy end =D

In the follow up, The two are going strong but get into an argument, summin about Kouhei asking Shio out but Shio inviting everyone else along as well so that just pissed Kouhei off and Shio doesn’t think he’s overreacting.  However, the lil spat lasts only a grand like wot, 2 minutes before both of them run to get each other and apologise >w<

Shinomiya Aoi

2nd eldest bro.  Playboy carefree guy who spends his days bunking school, getting groped by his mass legion of fangirls and of course, fucking around with Shio.  Annoying blonde bitch.

So Aoi keeps on messing with Shio’s head, joking around with stupid lies and Shio’s pretty exasperated by it all.  He goes outta his way to invite her over and stuff but then acts woteva about it and gets the twins to escort her home instead of doing it by himself.

Later on, Shio finally asks why the hell he keeps mindfucking her and after he nonchalantly replies that it’s cuz he likes her, Shio agrees to go out.  Aoi asks her out on several dates but always ends up 20349823094830 hours late and never bothers to give her any explanation, just skipping along and pretending all’s good.  Shio puts up with it till she catches him strutting around with another woman after she’s waited god knows how long for him and she runs off after that.

Still, Shio likes him and Aoi takes her to the summer festival or summin but then breaks up with her at the sakura tree and passes out.  Turns out Aoi’s got some terminal disease and cuz of it, has been unable to show up on time on the dates.  The woman he was with was actually a nurse at his hospital and he had collapsed prior to that cuz of his shitty health.  He wanted to break up as to not cause Shio any pain so “please go away already Shio” or woteva

Shio doesn’t give a shit about crap like dat and sez he’ll wait for him blablabla he comes back after his surgery.  Their afterstory thing just has the two of em studying together and checking out the stars.  Meh.

Shinomiya Kei

Hatano Wataru <3  Oldest Shinomiya who becomes Shio’s tutor.  Cold, stern and makes Shio work her ass off during his tutoring.  Remains pretty ice queen bitchy for most of his route but seeing him blush is pure win.  Likes horror and uses it to scare Shio shitless when she irritates him lol.

Though Kei’s still all stern and shit with Shio, he’s actually real nice under that asshole facade and the two start getting all friendly, with Kei awarding Shio for her hard work, going out shopping with her and inviting her over.  Shio falls for Kei and Narukawa sets the two up on a date at the amusement park.

Still Kei’s pretty slow so Shio then confesses to him.  He’s pretty -_- about it but says he’ll got out with her for a year cuz he’s gotta leave and go back to uni next year.  Shio’s overjoyed but Kei still remains all -_-, acting pissy on dates and acting as though he’s forced to do all the koibito shit. The dates are so suck that Shio cries after one and gets hit by a car while she’s depressing over how fail she is.

She wakes up to a piss worried Kei who completely flips, thinks it’s all his fault so he dumps Shio.  Shio finds his broken watch that he forgot and tries to return it but Kei’s in ice bitch mode again and tells her to bugger off.  Aoi then tells her that he blames himself cuz their parents died in a car crash he was in and to remind himself, he carries the non working watch around with him from his dad.  Shio still insists on giving him back his watch even though he claims to be sick of her already, just take the damn watch back cuz it’s yours but Kei drops his wallet as he leaves and out slips the photo of him and her when they first went to the amusement park <– *gasp* incriminating evidence that he still likes her.  Kei then sees that Shio managed to fix his watch too and breaks down sobbing cuz he’s srsly been blaming himself for everything all these years, it’s as though time stopped for him the day his parents died but now Shio shows up and it’s like she magically made his time flow again.

Happy ending, Kei decides to stay on the DC island to be be with Shio and the two finally share their first kiss in a haunted house while Shio’s shitting her pants with fear.  Afterstory is Shio taking care of Kei when he gets sick and Kei terrorising all the little kiddies during Halloween lol.

Kojou Takaaki

Shio’s adopted older brother.  Teaches at Shio’s school.  DAMN I wished he was related to Shio cuz incest is win but oh wellz.  Has been horny for Shio big time since they were kids and is itching to jump into her pants the moment she turns 18 ;)  Personality wise, he’s a total knight templar big brother, with a giant sis con and treasures Shio more than anything else in the world =D

Yeah so the two siblings are real close and Shio has never thought of liking her bro in ‘that way’ till Narukawa tells Shio that she’s into her bro and wants Shio to hook em up.  Shio tries to and all, but soon realises that she has the hots for Taka nii and hears from her bro’s friend that the feeling’s mutual.

the height difference is just lol

Shio straight out confesses to her brother right after that and Taka nii rejects her at first cuz of the “we siblings” thing but Shio grabs his dong from behind glomps him and that gets Taka nii horny so he say yes.

Whoops, forgetting Narukawa ere…Narukawa quickly figures out what’s going on and crazy pissed that Shio would ‘betray’ her like this, she spreads bitch rumours around the school about Taka nii’s incestuous lolicon obsession with Shio, almost getting the guy fired had Shio not finally step up and tell her to bugger the hell off.  Narukawa’s holds a lil mock wedding for the Kojou siblings as a way of saying sorry which has like everyone going “great way of dispelling all those rumours now herpa derp derp”.
Afterstory has the two going on some kinda honey moon over the summer holz or summin.  The two get separate rooms cuz Taka nii’s a horny beast but both get lonely at night and end up visiting each other, more mushy talk etc.


YES TRAGEDY ROUTE.  Shio finds him kipping out on a bench in beggar clothing and she soon finds out that he’s lost all his memories and knows nothing cept that Shio’s his one and only.  Extremely adorable, acts like a child and follows her around like the dumb puppy he is.
Shio takes Ryuunosuke in and he lives in her place from then on.  The two get close, like each other but Ryuunosuke then starts regaining his memories and realises that he’s gotta leave soon and that he’s here with Shio cuz he’s got summin to do.  The night before he runs off, he hugs Shio and mentions summin about the puppy she found and gave to some old man some time ago before he thanks her.
Next day, Ryuunosuke disappears and Shio runs around trying to find him and eventually does at the sakura.  There Ryuunosuke reveals that he was the puppy she took care of.  His old man owver died a couple of days ago and with no one to take care of the puppy, he wandered over to the sakura tree and died there in the frigid downpour.

However, before he kicked the can, the puppy wished that he be given the opportunity to thank Shio once and so he was reborn as Ryuunosuke ver. human.  Now that he’s thanked her, his time is up now and he tells Shio that he loves her and thanks her once more before fading away, leaving Shio with the dead, lifeless corpse of the puppy.


BUUUUT it’s not over yet thank god. Shi hears Ryuunosuke’s voice one day and she runs to the sakura tree, hoping to see him again but instead, finds a barely alive puppy.  Ryuunosuke then shows up, a hot older version of his former kiddy self and says that he hopes Shio can help the puppy the same way she did him.  Shio begs him not to leave ber but Ryuunosuke says that he’s always with her, just that she don’t know it, and that he’ll always be waiting for the day he can be with her again cuz he’s “good at waiting” or summin.  D’aaaaw >w<

Afterthoughts and Conclusion

Huh?  I’ve finished this game already? Man that was short XD
Fave definitely is Ryouhei, with Ryuunosuke and Kei both coming in next.  Ryouhei cuz he was Gian and his dere side was just adorable.  Ryuunosuke cuz dogs are awesome and the line he kept saying “SHIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO <3!!!!!!!!” “” was pretty bittersweet.  I just really wish Kouhei was made yandere but he’s still cute the way he is.  And fuck off, Aoi.  Shio was your standard otome main, just a tad meeker and I know a lotta ppl had Narukawa on their “to kill list” but I actually liked her.  True, what she did in Taka nii’s route was pretty assholey but she was a good friend in every other route.  And really, I enjoyed that bitchiness of hers – was real refreshing.

I rmb thinking “hm nice music” but I can’t rmb anything lol.  Ryouhei for best voice cuz I’m biased and same for Kei.  I found Kouhei’s voice kinda odd cuz he sounded even younger than Ryuunosuke but woteva *shrugs*.

Art was cute but faces and eyes looked a tad off in some pics.  Ryouhei for nicest looking (OKAY I KNOW I’M BIASED STFU XD) and Narukawa’s design was just terrible.  Oversized head, stupid fringe and the same goes for her little brother.  Didn’t help how she was constantly described as a stunning bishoujo cuz that just had me going “hot chick? where? you? yeah rite”.  That and Shio srsly looks like a fucking 10 year old in every pic, and is an entire head shorter than everyone (dude Taka nii’s cg man).

High school otome thing so the game doesn’t have some twisty plot with big boss battles and crap. The paths all had cute stories cept for Aoi cuz he just irked me and they were short so it didn’t have me going “oh god wen dis over”.  Fave story goes to Ryuunosuke cuz he dies lol.

Overall this was pretty fun.  Short and quick, nice art and likable characters so I’d say, go for it =D

17 Responses to “Otome Game Review – D.C. Girl’s Symphony”

  1. Happy!! Says:

    I went fan-girly on this. This is so cute!!

  2. Koori Says:

    Ah, D.C
    Have to agree by the Ryouhei (*is biased aswell*) and Kei love, as even their promo vids where fun. Takaaki’s only real interesting point was probably hearing Ivan’s VA Hirakawa Daisuke do a role like that…again?

    The added scenes for them by the port, sound interesting.

  3. hairband Says:

    I’m fighting the urge to read this because I’M SO GONNA PLAY THIS GAME ONCE I GET THAT DS EMU GOING.

    So laters!

    • hairband Says:

      DS, I mean. (<–fail = =)

      • hairband Says:

        finally started playing this (MUAHAHA GOT A PSP YESSS) and yeahh realized that even my correction is wrong. I mean psp. PSP.

        gonna go after aoi’s route first to clear away the meh. xD

  4. crystalhikari Says:

    i am also planning to play this game in PSP after finishing starry sky so i really did not read the reviews for he route. just the conclusion part since it would definitely help me choose which guy to save for last since i like playing the guys i don’t like first so i won’t lose the drive to play and finish all the routes.

  5. I must know – what is this “follow up” @@ that you have for every guy’s route? This wasn’t in the original game I played T_T Is this PSP only? Щ(・`ω´・Щ)

    • domshiki Says:

      Yeah I think it’s psp only – it’s just like a lil afterstory of Shio and her chosen man. But no worries, u ain’t missin out on anything too big cuz only Ryouhei’s and Ryuunosuke’s ‘afterstories’ were worth squeeeing over; lol in fact, Aoi’s one will just make you hate him more cuz he’s balls annoying (mb dats just me though XD)

  6. hairband Says:

    lol after finally going through the whole game… fave is DEFINITELY ryo homggg like woww you can totally tell they were so biased. and i really don’t think it’s you cuz honestly his cg’s were the best and his story was the most complete and least…haphazard i guess (i’m looking at kouhei’s route >.>).

    i also really liked narukawa. she’s interesting and spunky (unlike the heroine whom i totally raged at more than once… >.>) and that random old man in ryo’s route made me lol. like wth? so random.

  7. hairband Says:

    oh hey is it alright for me to link your blog to a blog post of mine?

    • hairband Says:

      it’s a review of this game and… i don’t have the cg’s on my comp so i’d like to reference people to your blog if they want to see the pics =P

      • domshiki Says:

        haha sure i’d be honoured ;)
        would love to read ur review on this game too <3

  8. awesome thanks!
    “…I decided to play this guy first cuz after reading 4 Shiki’s review…so you’ll just have to go check on say 4 Shiki’s blog for the actual picture…”

  9. buontrans Says:

    Can I translate your own reviews to Vietnamese? Thanks

    • domshiki Says:

      It would be an honour. just rmb to credit so no one will flame you for my half-assed writing ;p thank you!

      • buon169buontrans Says:

        Thanks. Of course I’ll credit u with your website. :)) When I’m done a review I will give the link to check ;)

  10. This game is in english or not? Sorry if im rude..

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