Okay, I was surfing nico nico as usual when I came across ISHIDA AKIRA!! Man, he is definetely in my top 5 male seiyuu’s. Well, this is him acting out 7 roles (normal guy, mother, lil bro, lil sis, grandad, grandma, father)

and others that aren’t pro…


Well, if its multiple voices and nico, first thing I think of would be magnet which is basically a song with Luka x Miku. Yup. Both girls so its a lesbian song. =.=


Another duet by these two except this time they both used deep voice + shota voice so sounds like there are 4 people!

So more about the person who did Miku’s role in magnet. (Don’t know the other one)

ひと里 : Hitori


also! Hitobashira Alice (Human Sacrifice Alice)

Oh yeah, Hitori copied Ishida Akira and tried her own ver of 7 roles. (not on youtube so yeah…)


Another version of magnet. Most likely copied the one above.

ピコ (Piko) x 赤飯 (Sekihan)

Live Version at the nico nico concert thing. Um, enjoy fujoshi!


Although she’s not as amazing (in voice that is) as Hitori but  I still have to mention Valshe as I’m her fan! (ノ*゜▽゜*)

バルシェ : Valshe

Symmetric Target. Using both her Luka Voice and Len one. Well, the original isn’t even a duet…

Boss Death. This time the girl part is Rin so she sounds younger…


Okay, although the peeps until now are definetely one person, what about this.

I think its a guy as its impossible to have a girl with such a low voice but its as unlikely to have a guy with such a high voice. Wait, maybe it’s just that it’s multiple people…

染香 : Senka


Not really japanese but if its having a weird chin voice, this guy is also popular on nico.

No idea who he is… well wait for 1:00.


Okay, just decided that this is a post on amazing voices. Nothing to do with singing.

This guy did every single part of the song using his voice including harmony, main song and well, um, whatever you call the rest.


Final Fantasy VII 更に闘う者達

Roshinyuukai Meltdown (Kagamine Rin)

Collaboration with Re:

Also: Perfume『ポリリズム』全部俺の声【オレリズム】


Well that’s about it. Sorry for the long break. Was in Japan for hols and I still haven’t finished all the routes in the game I’m playing. Well, will come soon. … I hope. Well, video’s are easy to post about so yeah. o(^-^ )o( ^-^)o

4 Responses to “HOW DO THEY DO THIS!? – Voice”

  1. syl syl Says:

    Im currently in lovvvvvve with meltdown :D
    all cuz of this post lol
    I thought ur the one hu sed ‘OI ONLY GAME POSTS’
    and now UR the one hu runs off doing hot voice post… not tht i mind ;P

    I got labelled as fujoshin (partly cuz of domshiki’s BL) because of u…
    ur next post better be good ;P

  2. Happy!! Says:

    The first time I ever heard Hitori and Che:Sakurai (The other one singing) was in YumeKotori. I (and a lot of people) fell for it, thinking OMG their voices are so hot.
    Got me again when I heard Hitori’s siGrE.

  3. akira ishida…. are you a god??? kidding. But i just can’t believe he can voice females… and perfectly…

  4. Dawn Says:

    The dude singing in the 11th vid is Nick Pitera. You should hear his other disney renditions. They’re crazy good also. btw I also agree that Akira Ishida is AMAZING ^_^

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