BL Game Update – Omerta

Alternative Titles:オメルタ Omerta ~沈黙の掟~

Company: 花梨シャノアール オメガ

Release Date: 2010 Winter

Official Site:

Platform: PC

Genre: 18+, BL, AVG, mafia hitmen dark shit

Plot: Debut game of Karin Entertainment’s branch company (name of which I cannot romanise lol – Karin Sharnoir Omega? Dunno) =D BL game I’m most looking forward cuz the art’s smexy (reminds me a tad of Sweet Pool <3)and KE hasn’t disappointed me with their Zettai Meikyuu Grimm and Animamundi games.  That and the guys ere are all hitmen lol.  Follows the story of our main hitman JJ, his life in his sleazy hooker, druggie, mafia filled part of town and all his other hot bad guy friends.


An elite hitman who’s wanted by many underground organisations but refuses to tie himself down to one group.  Badmouthed, cold and unsocial, this guy doesn’t really have any qualms about mass shooting people and believes only in himself and money.  In truth, he’s actually pretty lonely a guy, a quality that naturally draws other people to him and wants a place he can call home. 25 and 175cm tall.

Toano Azusa

AZUNYAN!!!  lol this guy even looks like he has kitty ears.  He’s sworn to take revenge on JJ cuz the guy murdered his parents right in front of his eyes so he becomes his disciple or summin to get closer to him, poisons his food and tries to attack JJ in his sleep, only to have our hitman protagonist foil his every attempt.  I guess JJ kinda treats him like how you would treat the neighbourhood brat and though Azunyan never forgives JJ, as he spends more time with the guy, he starts to lose track of what he initially set out to do. 20, 167 cm tall.


Crime lord and boss of the Mafia group “King Shiza”.  Normally very serene and calm but will make you shit your pants 100 times and over if you piss him off and due to the contrast between his normal self and rage mode self, he’s called “the sleepin lion”.  Highly values his suboordinates and his mafia honour codes (u kno, the titular code itself im guessin).  33, 192 cm tall and half Italian.


Chinese boss of the mafia group “Dragonhead”.  Extremely ruthless and sadistic, he’s a lil shitprick who sees his men as nothing more than disposable one-use tools – “You are my underlings, therefore it’s perfectly alright for you cunts to die anytime for me.  No?”  He’s been obsessed with JJ after hiring him once and is fervently searching for the guy.

Tachibana Youji

Hitman.  Unlike JJ, he’s outgoing, has a bright personality and god knows what goes on in his mind.  Really, this guy don’t give shit bout nutin cept for JJ cuz he feels this certain closeness with our protagonist.  JJ being the only thing he’s interested in, he pursues the guy relentlessly, points his gun at JJ just to get his attention and he and Azunyan hold a mutual dislike for each other, both seeing the other as a giant piece of shitfilled bother.  23 and 185cm tall.

Scuse the shitty scans _(_ _)_

11 Responses to “BL Game Update – Omerta”

  1. hairband Says:

    …Why can’t sexy men be in otome games instead. All-ages otome games.


    On a side note. I LOVE YOU GUYS’ BANNER!! I totally LOL-ed when I realized that it was POKEMON. (Even though I hate Ash, still. Pokemon FTW.)

    • Happy!! Says:

      At least they’re still hot. There are some of them, in otome games. Like Da Capo.
      The reason why Otome games have girly men, is ‘cuz bishounen are popular to the girls.

      Side Note: Red so beats Ash’s ass.

      • domshiki Says:

        eh you can’t blame otome companies for getting it all ‘wrong’ – apparently, the definition of “hot” these days is Justin Bidoof: 16 year old shota thing that looks and sings like a little girl (not to say i hate him – i love his voice lol)

        YES RED SO BEATS ASH. but wtf was he doing up on the freezing mountain in the heart gold soul silver games?

  2. Happy!! Says:

    So much hate on that boy. Funny how those haters ends up adding more views, thus ends up supporting him. Even with those dislikes. (I don’t hate him, cuz I don’t know him that much.)

    What’s more wtf is Red’s wearing short sleeves.

  3. hairband Says:

    I lol at him but still love him at the same time cuz HE’S CANADIAN!!


  4. What the hell! Why are the comments about pokemon now? Well I love Matsuba on the same level as red and green!

  5. hairband Says:

    Btw these men sure have thin eyebrows. Just sayin.

  6. bobbobin Says:

    Why can’t i save a game? It’s asking for something, what should i type?

    • domshiki Says:

      i heard the quicksave function doesn’t work even with the patch that’s out right now, not sure i haven’t played the game yet haha xD

    • domshiki Says:

      i heard the quicksave function doesn’t work even with the patch that’s out right now, not sure i haven’t played the game yet haha xD

    • bobbobin Says:

      No need for help anymore. I just thought I don’t have to switch to japanese mode cause’ I manage to install it w/o doing so.

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