I absolutely love genderbend. Really. Though if its really different from the normal character maybe not. Still.

Kyon ⇒ Kyonko

(Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu)


Nagato Yuki ⇒ Nagato Yuuki

(Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu)


Miku ⇒ Mikuo



Orihara Izaya ⇒ ?? … Kanra-chan?



Nami ⇒ Namizou



Katsura Kotaro ⇒ Zurako


Does this count?


Okita Sougo ⇒ First Design Okita



Aegis ⇒ Aegis ♂

(Persona 3)


C.C. ⇒ … C.C. ?

(Code Geass)

Lol (^▽^笑)


Japan (Kiku) ⇒ Japan (Sakura)

(AP Hetalia)


China ♂ ⇒ China ♀

(AP Hetalia)

Seriously! How can China be so pretty! I mean, I thought his guy form was a girl at first. Wow.


Russia ♂ ⇒ Russia ♀

(AP Hetalia)


Thats it for now as I need to go to bed. Sigh. Thought I had a lot but didn’t actually. Spent 30 mins looking for Ed genderbend but he’s always with someone else (namely Mustang =.=) Might have another post if I can think of more people.

6 Responses to “GENDERBEND KTKR!!”

  1. Cloudy Says:

    Whoa! Man Aigis (or should I call him Guygis?) is so pretty! Why couldn’t that happen? ;A; I hope you put up more gender bending pictures since I’m a sucker for them. xD

  2. hairband Says:

    YES TO NAMIZOU. (One Piece needs more good looking men LOL.)

  3. Heinsia Says:

    Mikuo is hot, I wish someone would draw his version of append and world is mine >_<

    And please make an about page, I was glad to find a blog with otome games review but was confused because I'm not sure what this blog is about :P

    • Wow, just realised. Thanks.
      Hmmm, okay I will go and search for a Mikuo append. I think i saw it somewhere.
      When you’re talking about Mikuo world is mine, do you where Mikuo is the guy for Miku or what?

      • Heinsia Says:

        Yeah I mean Mikuo, since Miku’s pose in world is mine is sexy in a lady way, it’d be cool to see someone draw Mikuo sexy in a gentleman way xD

      • okay… ive got the mikuo append in the other post.
        lets see, mikuo world is mine pose. thats hard. Ive seen some guys in that pose (like Prussia in APH) but not sure about Mikuo. Maybe Kaito.
        Will look for it but don’t think you should keep your hopes high.

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