Otome Game Review – S.Y.K ~ Shinsetsu Saiyuki ~

Alternative Titles: S.Y.K ~新説西遊記~

Company: Otomate

Release Date:20.08.09

Official Site: http://www.otomate.jp/syk/

Platform: PSP, PS2

Genre: AVG, otome, romance, historical, fantasy

Plot Summary: An otome spin on  Journey to the West – fucktastic XD  21 yr old protagonist Genjou = Wuzang and she’s just a monk orphan at an orphanage, livin out her life normally till a deity called Kannon comes knockin at her door.  He tells her that she’s the chosen one, and the lotus birthmark on her hand proves that it’s her destiny to go to the chamber of tenjiku and release the kyouten (sutra) inside in order to save mankind.  She gets 4 followers to help er so GO GO GO BIIIITCH.


Sun Wukong/ Monkey King, bff with deity Youzen.  Instead of being near omnipotent and all energetic cocky ass like the original, he’s now an anaemic piece of shit lol; completely useless for the most part, thinking only about sleeping and generally does just that.  That’s cuz the heavens sealed most of his power.  Personalitywise, he’s pretty darudere, just not fucked to care about anything but will move that nice ass of his when he has to XD

Genjou finds Gokuu kinda the same way Xuanzang finds Sun Wukong – bound to some rock thing but instead, Gokuu doesn’t want to leave cuz the place he’s imprisoned in makes for a nice bed so Genjou has to force his ass out.  She asks him wot his name is, he says “Seiten Taisei” (Great Sage, title given to Sun Wukong in the original series) and Genjou changes his name to “Gokuu” cuz Seiten Taisei takes forever to say lol.  Now Genjou has one pokemon.

After Genjou gets all her slaves, the game gets SHIT BORING, I repeat, SHIT BORING. Genjou has this really annoying obsession with helping every fucking thing she sees so the first 5, 6 chapters just revolve around her draggin all her exasperated nakama around to nose about in other peoples’ businesses.  Totally doesn’t help that she’s apparently too useless to actually help them herself, so she’s like  “hey sir, what’s the prob?  oh whoops  i’m sorry, i’m a lazy lil cuntnugget so i’ll just order one of ma 4 slaves to do your work.  GO GOKUU!!”

*sigh* that aside, after an hour or so of skippin shit, we finally get some substance in the game and the ‘antagonists’ are introduced – Ranfuan and his two cronies, Kinkaku and Ginkaku.  They kidnap Genjou and try to get her to do their bidding with the kyouten but of course, her loyal pokemon come and save her ass (lol i found it hilarious how everyone was busting out these cool moves and ‘secret techniques’ shit to rescue Genjou but all Gokuu did was stand in the back and take a nap or summin XD).

Now for the ‘real antagonists’, Red Boy and the Bull Demon King. These two plan on using the kyouten to break the seal cast by the heavens that’s rendering BDK powerless so they pop up everywhere to try to grab Genjou too.  Nvm, they’re not really the bad guys in this route.

When Genjou and co reach the tenjiku thing and release the kyouten, all are magically knocked out.  Genjou is plunged back into her past life of being Konzenshi 500 yrs ago, a deity back then.  The heavens and the meikai were busy raping each others’ asses, draggin the mortal world into their silly lil wars and Konzenshi was the only one who tried to figure out summin to help.  Whilst doing so, she meets the meikai ruler outside the tenjiku and over time, the two become summin of friends till she finally asks the Meiou for his assistance on stoppin this senseless squabble.  The Meiou wants to chip in and help really, but as a ruler, he’s gotta listen to wot his people wants so he can’t help Zenshi but tells her to go on tryin cuz she’s doing the right thing.  She asks him wot his real name is and when he says he’s forgotten, she graces him with the name “Gokuu”.

Zenshi heads over to her master Shaka Nyorai,  who’s some invincible being that transcends the gods.  She requests that he do summin to stop the war but he refuses cuz it’ll destroy this balance thing shit and come back to bite em all in the ass someday.  Still, Zenshi wants to save the world so she steals her master’s power and drains the heavens and the meikai of their power with it, Kannon taking Nyorai into his body.    Meanwhile, the Meiou has beaten Monkey King and absorbed his soul, and is intent on taking the kyouten from Zenshi to power up his meikai.  The two meet once more to try and compromise but that don’t work so Zenshi takes up a sword, kills the Meiou and seals the kyouten into the tenjiku by sacrificing herself.

I really like Youzen's smile - totally screams slasher yandere XD

Now the war’s over but by using the kyouten, the balance of the world is fucked and the only thing anyone can do is to wait for Zenshi to be reborn as Genjou and wait for her to return the kyouten, thus restoring the balance.  Problem is, one of her 4 destined followers (Seiten Taisen) is in the Meiou right nao and killing the Meiou would result in the loss of Taisen’s soul so the heavens decide to use the Meiou as a substitute for Taisen 500 yrs later.  Flashback ends there and Genjou breaks through the genjutsu placed on her and back to reality.  There, she finds Gokuu in the form of the Meiou who’s finally rmb who he really is.  Youzen shows up and reveals that actually, he’s the REAL bad guy in this route; he’s come to get revenge on the Meiou cuz he killed his bff Taisen.  Youzen placed Taisen’s memories into the Meiou, convincing the later that he really is Taisen and Youzen plans on posing as the guy’s bff and then killing him to crush the Meiou.  But not yet.  He’s gonna take his time.  And make him suffer a lil more.  So Youzen leaves for now.

The gang get out safely after and Genjou has a chat with Gokuu.  The two talk about the memories of the past and Gokuu tells Genjou to run the fuck away from him cuz Youzen’s gonna use her to extract revenge on him.  He goes into this little emo bout till Genjou bitchslaps him and tells him to stop being such a cocksucker but it isn’t until she tells him that she loves him that Gokuu becomes a man again.  He goes all fumbly blushy before kissin her and tellin her that he love her too =D

Back to the tenjiku again to face Youzen, who now plans on using the stolen kyouten to nuke the meikai and create a war like 500 years ago.  He and Gokuu get into a fistfight and don’t stop till Nyorai appears and tells Youzen to fucking go home already and stop causing shit on the mortal world.  Youzen sees that he was being a lil blowjob and though he still hates the Meiou he gives up and gets his ass back up to the clouds.  Nyorai then takes Gokuu’s power to allow him to live as simply normal Gokuu and Genjou returns the kyouten’s power to her original master.

Everyone’s united, the rest of the gang having dealt with the DBK and RB.  Everyone goes their separate ways, leaving Gokuu with Genjou, the former suggesting that they go back to Genjou’s orphanage and leech off em there cuz he’s too lazy to work lol.  This does not sit well with Genjou.  In the end, the two go back to the orphanage, Genjou taking care of the place and Gokuu kinda being the kids’ um ‘sleeping playmate’ of sorts.  And dey live happily ever after.


Heeeh...Genjou cleans up nicely doesn't she? ;)

Zhu Bajie or “Pigsy/Piggy”, whatever the english speaking countries call him.  Much like the original, he’s a frivolous, flirty bugger who spends much of his time trying to get laid by anything with a hole vagina, much to Genjou’s chagrin but ain’t wot he really seems.

While everyone else in the group has either given a legit, reasonable reason for helping Genjou, Hakkai’s the only one who’s given the rather fishy one of “CUZ IT DER MANY FUN”.  Obviously this ain’t the case and shit begins to surface when Genjou catches him huddled in a corner with some other guy.  Before she’s able to interrogate Hakkai though, she has a fever, collapses and life goes on.

Things are lookin good after Genjou successfully gets the Kyouten but Hakkai then suddenly hugs and apologises to her before knocking her out after she gets the kyouten.  She wakes up, barred in a room and yeah, turns out Hakkai’s been playin for the other team all along and has betrayed her.  He’s actually a prince of this random country and an ex-deity-now-turned-demon called Nataku (the guy he was with in the back alley a couple of chapters ago) has managed to convince the king that nicking the kyouten’s gonna save the country so Hakkai’s been ordered to do just that.

Obviously Genjou’s real pissed and starts baaawin a lil but Hakkai just takes her to Nataku.  Nataku plans on killin Genjou to release the kyouten’s power and Hakkai starts flippin and going “WOTTAFUCKA THIS WASN’T PART OF DER PLAN” and Youzen ends up showin up to save the day.

Hakkai grabs Genjou and they GTFO.  Hakkai then snogs Genjou who’s shit surprised and finally realises that she’s into Hakkai.  Lol Hakkai tries to laugh it off n tells her that he did it to force feed her some antidote for the sedatives or summin they put her under but Genjou forces the real reason out – “Cuz I love you baby” XD

That night, they run off and kip in the woods.  When Genjou wakes up though, there’s the rest of her team but Hakkai’s run off.  Genjou and co go to Hakkai’s condo where he’s engaged in some death match with Nataku.

Alright…Nataku was sent down into the meikai way back durin the war to go undercover FBI or summin for the heavens but later on, the heavens betrayed him and showcased him as a double crossin traitor and banished him from the skies.  He’s hellbent on gettin revenge on  the skies but his sky brudda Kisa stops him with his brotherly love blablabla, Genjou retrieves the kyouten, fight ends, that kinda crap.

Now’s the time for everyone to say bye and there, Hakkai proposes to Genjou and they live together in his giant richass castle.  Epilogue shows the two of em waking up together and gettin married.  The end.  Meh.


Sha Wujing/”Sandy”.  Has sworn himself to a cause and is straightfaced and serious most of the time, appearing to be pretty reliable but is actually a giant dense retard under all that.  Extremely loyal to Genjou and often bitchfights with Hakkai.

He appears to be the most normal one but he then lets slip that he’s actually on this journey to redeem himself when he’s alone with Genjou.  He says no more however and gets himself piss drunk, consequently turning into some murderous shitprick and runs off.  Everyone runs off to find him, Genjou getting molested by more drunkards but Gojou comes to save the day and then makes Genjou lol when he then goes “HOW I GET DER WOMAN’S LOVE?!?!” XD

After Genjou grabs the kyouten, the group get attacked by Red Child but Kannon shows up to save the day.  The group are like “yeah bitches, angels come save our ass” but Kannon then tells em that the Meikai are going berserk and if she’s gonna stop em, she’d better  rap out the spell to release the kyouten’s power NAO.  However, she don’t rmb it so Kannon orders Gojou to kill Genjou – her death will automatically bring about the release of the kyouten’s power so there we go, prob solved.  Genjou’s resigned to die but Gojou’s like “THIS IS MADNESS” and refuses to do it.  However, Kannon goes “MADNESS?  THIS.IS.SPARTAAAA!! I gave you another chance at life, this is your duty.  You owe me at least this much” – turns out Gojou contracted a deadly, highly infectious disease when he was a shota and was gonna die but Kannon showed up and told him that he could let him live: all he had to do was go on this journey and sacrifice another human being.

Gojou agreed and several days later, on the day he was supposed to die, he got better and his older sis died instead and this was what he meant by redemption.  Genjou closes her eyes, tells Gojou that he’s strong and has gotta live on but instead of cutting her up, Gojou cuts off his own hair instead and tells Kannon he can KISS.HIS.ASS before he grabs Genjou and gtfos.

Youzen tells Genjou that Kannon’s gonna stop at nutin to blow her brains out and though he rejects his methods, he can see what the kid’s gettin at and advises her to give herself up to the heavens if she doesn’t want anyone else to get hurt.  Genjou meets up with Gojou that night to tell him that she’s headin upstairs but Gojou suddenly professes his love for her before grabbing her from behind and saying that he ain’t gonna let  her die.

Choosing to stay with Gojou, Genjou returns to the tenjiku to try to force Zenshi’s memories up to rmb the spell but Kannon shows up again to wreak havoc.  Thankfully, Genjou’s rmb by now and releases the kyouten but Kannon really has ulterior motives – he wants the kyouten to stir up another war btwn the meikai and the heavens and also to transcend the gods and to become higher than anything else cuz he’s tired of all this earth/demon/god shit, he wants to be even better.  Genjou’s like “YOU WHACK MAN” and Kannon orders Kisa to kick Gojou around and is about to mass rape everyone till Nyorai takes over Kannon’s body and seals the kid within himself to stop all this.  With Kannon outta the way,  the balance of the world is successfully restored with the Kyouten and all ends well.


The night after calls for celebrations and a farewell.  Everyone’s decided on where to go cept for Genjou and Gojou cuz the latter hasn’t said anything to Genjou about what they’re gonna do together.  The group get totally wasted and then Gojou takes Genjou out to some shady back alley for some “alone time” eheh. There he asks her to live with him together and that he’s been thinking real hard about this since god knows when and Genjou’s all delighted and shiz before Gojou pushes her against a wall and makes out with her.

The two go back to Gojou’s hometown or summin where he starts working again as an imperial guard cop thing.  That night, the two take a stroll and after telling her he loff her big time, Gojou proposes to Genjou cuz he wanna be her MAAAAN


Genjou’s horse dragon prince guy.  Is cold and aloof towards everyone cept Genjou – he loves her to no end and does wotever she says. Gah in fact, if it weren’t for her, he’d have become some mass killer on the loose cuz pulverisation is apparently the only way he can come up with to deal with anything that irks him in the slightest (yeah so much for me thinking he was the half sane one lol).  Can do pretty tricks with his waterbending and is the strongest outta the group.

Yeah so cuz everyone else acts retarded, Genjou takes comfort in knowing that Gyokuryuu  won’t do stupid shit.  While Gojou’s on his drunk escapade, she finds Ryuu messin with some kitties and there does she find out that Ryuu’s not human.  Not a demon either.  And not a deity.  Lol Genjou doesn’t consider the possibility that he’s an animal.  Ryuu doesn’t say anything further and just leaves it at that.

After a tad, Genjou gets irked with the guy’s obsession with calling her “oshishousama” or summin and quickly works out that Ryuu is referrin to someone he knew 5 centuries ago.  She tells Ryuu to quit it with the dumb shit and that he’s mistaking her for someone else which confuses the shiet outta Ryuu cuz his shishou actually is kinda Genjou and he starts thinking that Genjou don’t want him no more and don’t kno wot to do.

Genjou realises her lack of tact and squeezes everything outta Ryuu: he tells her that his shishou 500 yrs ago was Konzenshi.  He was this real weak dragon prince and he broke this jewel thing (look up the original story) and was sent to help Zenshi as punishment.  Ryuu had always been with his Zenshi but unlike now, had been real useless so all he could do was watch as she gave herself up to save the world.  After she died, he released the dragon inside him and digivolved into the waterbender he is nao.  The guilt of his powerlessness has been killin him all these years so all he was able to do was wait for his shishou to come back and this time protect her.  Finally, 500 yrs later, Zenshi is reborn as Genjou so back to where we are.  Genjou hugs Ryuu and tells him that it’s alright for him to call her “oshishousama” and to continue being with her.

The group are separated when they’re attacked by Red Child’s minions and only Genjou and Ryuu make it to the sutra.  Genjou breaks the seal but Red Child shows up to take it and Ryuu takes a stab from Kinkaku.  Genjou’s like “daYUM we screwed” but Ginkaku n Kinkaku then create a diversion and tells Genjou to grab Ryuu and gtfo.  Once away, Genjou sees that Ryuu’s dead and starts flippin but his body’s encased in some light and a couple secs later, Ryuu opens his eyes.  It turns out that after Zenshi killed herself, he started baaawing in the room with the kyouten and unconsciously wished to become stronger.  The kyouten granted his wish by giving him an immortal body so that’s why he’s still alive and kicking.

However, the day after, Ryuu’s wounds still haven’t healed and he knows that summin fuck wrong.  No time to contemplate that though cuz they needa bust out Ranfuan so Hakkai and co set out to do that n Ryuu and Genjou set out to retrieve the sutra.  Red Child shows up again to take Genjou cuz the sutras are apparently useless without her and sets Ryuu on fire, who’s unable to fight back cuz he’s had a long standing fear of fire since he watched his loved ones burn down to nothing in the past and was once again unable to anything but watch cuz he didn’t have his waterbending.  Genjou to the rescue and she uses the sutra Red Child is holding to suck out his mojo and Ryuu’s able to feebly get up and waterbend Red Child’s ass.

After winnin and shit, Ryuu suddenly collapses again, having reopened his wounds but this time, no magic light heals him and he dies on the ground.  Genjou mass freaks till Nyorai comes and tells Genjou that Ryuu’s a goner – he never was immortal, just had some rapid cellular regeneration shiet that made him heal real fast, but he’s ‘died’ too many times already and his body can no longer take the strain so the end.  However, Genjou can use the power of the the kyouten to bring him back as a human being this time and allow him to move along with the nirvana shiz so Genjou does.

Genjou wakes up and finds herself in a forest alone.  She runs around like mad till she finds the lake she first met Ryuu in and there, standing there is her daahhhling waterbender.  Ryuu’s all weirded out and Genjou explains that he’s reborn as a human now so all’s good and they can be together nao.  Ryuu starts baaawing and promises to protect Genjou and be with her forever and huggy time >w<

Epilogue has the two wandering the world being good samaritans and helping people out.  Gokuu’s gone back up to the skies, Gojou’s a royal guard thing again and Hakkai’s off sexing up some ladies.  Route ends with Ryuu falling asleep on Genjou’s lap.  Happy end =D


Ah yes, who can forget the hidden character, old lesbian Ranfuan.  He’s some okama trap who has two demon cronies (Kinkaku and Ginkaku) and he keeps trying to get Genjou on his side so he can use the kyouten to get wot he wants.  Outgoing and seems like he’s messing around with woteva he does.

In every route, he kidnaps Genjou once and then kinda disappears cuz he’s apparently not every important.  Ere, he shows up again to take Genjou again but they somehow get holed up in a cave together and kip there.

Next morn, Genjou wakes up in the same prison cell she was held in during the first abduction.  She’s all “Damn Ranfuan” and speak of the devil, Ranfuan shows up.  Obviously, they can’t have him looking like an old lesbian the entire game so here he’s taken off that drag queen garb and his ‘gay trapper’ look has now mellowed down to ‘campy pansy’ lol.  Ranfuan’s really called Suou and he crossdresses for a disguise and kinda likes it cuz it reminds him of his old human job of acting female roles.

He takes her to the BDK and RB who tell her abt the whole past wars stuff and that the kyouten ain’t just for restoring the balance, one can use it to dominate the 3 worlds.  The BDK plans to use the kyouten to go all trans-am and take revenge on the heavens for killin the previous Maou. Oh and Suou’s past life was the bff nakama of Zenshi which is why Suou has the same lotus mark on his left hand – it can’t be used to release the kyouten or find the tenjiku but can be used to find Genjou.

Suou gives Genjou his room and the two chat abt his past.  He used to be an actor in the human world and that was all great till the demons forced him into the Meikai cuz he’s got the lotus mark and is able to locate Genjou.  Kin and Gin were assigned to protect him and they’ve been together since forever now.  Genjou baaaws a lil later on from being away from her nakama so Suou shows up and puts on like 10 layers of makeup on her cuz she’s that ugly lol.  She asks why they can’t work together and why he’s so nice and shiet, but Suou just says he’s nice cuz it’s Genjou, and that it’d be easier on her if she didn’t start thinking of him as nakama too.

Next day, the two set out with Gin and Kin to the tenjiku.  Suou’s been acting pretty weird since then so Genjou acts wtf is wrong and Suou takes her cloud viewing to clear his head.  He says he’s starting to have doubts about this whole thing and the reason he wants the kyouten is to protect the Meikai.  Since the battle 5 centuries ago, the meikai’s been in ruins and the lower demons have been going berserk, losin their control due to their desire for powah.  He didn’t rly give a shit abt the meikai but spending yrs with the demons changed him.  That and his past self = demon representative with Konzenshi so it’s kinda in him to care abt the demons.  Talkin with Genjou’s made him feel btr so the journey goes on.

They reach the tenjiku and grab the kyouten.  Genjou tries again to get Suou to work with her to save the entire world, but Suou apologises again and says they’re both to walk diff paths.  Genjou’s nakama show up to get er back but Suou puts a knife to her neck and they flee to the meikai.

Genjou’s locked up again and awaits her death, thinking that Suou’s still on the BDK’s side but Suou has a fit when the BDK plans on killin Genjou after all cuz it’s a hell lot faster.  Suou attempt to convince the BDK and RB that this is all a stupid childish revenge but the BDK is nuts and RB is steadfastly loyal to the BDK and they chuck Suou into a cell.

Hearin that Suou’s taken captive, Gin and Kin break out with Genjou and with the help of several other demons, bust into Suou’s cell to save him.  Suou’s like “wtf GTFO” but Genjoutells him she wants to be with him even if they’re enemies and Suou admits he feels the same and they run.  However, Nataku manages to steal the kyouten from Genjou so the 4 make it out without it.

The 4 rejoin with Genjou’s nakama and they team up to stop the BDK.  Suou tries to get Genjou to stay in the human world cuz she’s useless but that just pisses Genjou off cuz Suou sed they’d be together and she starts baaawing and confessing to him.  Cue in a nice makeout session before Gin and Kin come around to start cockblocking for the heck of it.

The gang go back to the meikai and I was just like “WOT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT” wen the DBK just suddenly went “oh guess wot, I suddenly feel like giving up after 500 yrs for no coherent reason so I’m gonna fuck off and leave you all alone nao bye” and that was the uh ‘climax’.  wtf.  Nyorai pops up and takes the kyouten back.

Suou is made the vice prez of the meikai and with the DBK now takin a break or summin, he’s gotta stay down there and take care of the place.  Neither he or Genjou are too happy with being apart but Suou tells her that he won’t say that they’ll meet again cuz that sounds cheap so he just says “love you baby.  Only you”.

A couple of months later, Genjou visit Gojou hu sees that Genjou looks like shit.  She starts weepin ere cuz she misses Suou too much and lo and behold, out pops Suou outta nowhere and they have this mushy reunion with Gojou standing in the background going “dear lord…*blushes like mad*” XD  They go into Genjou’s room where Suou tells Genjou he’s up ere cuz he’s doing negotiations with the heavens and shiet so from now on, he can show up ere sometimes to see her.  Teehee when he tells Genjou that he’s been horny for her long time and wanted to “push her down” but they were in public just then – nutin stops him nao so down Genjou goes >;D


Alright I’m in a good mood so I’m doin a couple extras of the game – the SDs are just waaay to cute to not put up >w<  Eh scuse the retarded shitty translations ie don’t take em srsly:





















Afterthoughts and Conclusion

Haaaaaaah ~ I’m finaaarryyyy done =D  Damn was this long.

Faves = Gokuu, Gyokuryuu and Suou cuz they were totally adorable.  Oh and Red Boy cuz he made me lmfao when he went all ky on everyone (which was like uh 99.999% of the time).  Hakkai was just boring.  Gojou was cute but SO CHEEZY.  Drowning in fluff goddamnit cut the cheese yo XD  And damn I wish Youzen was a playable character but then again he’s gay for Seiten Taisen so yeah.  I actually liked the heroine this time round – true, her “save everyone” thing got on ma nerves but she was down to earth and tried hard so good for her.

Music was pretty rubbish, destroyed the mood more than built it.  OP pissed me off too cuz they kept using it between every chapter so, 12 chaps x 5 chara = 60 times it was played (and wen i started the game) and it sounded crap too.  I’m biased for Gokuu’s voice cuz he’s Suwabe Junichi >w<

Art was nice.  Gokuu, Ryuu and Ranfuan for fave chara designs (OBVIOUSLY BIASED).  Damn Gokuu was sexy ;)  Dem noses looked a tad odd in some shots and WTF IS UP WITH GENJOU’S CHIN.  That and Genjou looked and dressed like my grandma.

Nice that this actually had some kinda plot.  I’m a sucker for historical shit and myth, legend related stories so this came as a treat for me.  Cept that the first 6 chapters were kinda pointless and fillerish so to hell with them.  And I was a lil irked with how Gyokuryuu’s route was void of any romance but it still worked cuz his devotion to Genjou was pretty sweet.

In short, I liked this game.  It had a story, cute characters and good art which are the main things I look for in a game.  Would’ve been nice if the music didn’t suck but everything else was strong enough so I overlooked that, and it had a lotta extras at the end so hey, wot the hell ;D

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  1. Iheartyou Says:

    u made me lol so much XD Thx soo much,I was searching the entire net trying to find some sort of plot explanation in ENGRISH =v=

  2. hairband Says:

    Wait did they have SYK in PC platform???

    I thought it was only PSP and PS2! o.O

    • Sorry, my mistake. Corrected it. Yeah, it’s only out on PSP and PS2. Not the PC. =.=

      • hairband Says:

        LoL ok. Haha was excited for a moment. xD

      • Orenji Says:

        I was hoping it’s for PC…
        Too much otoge that I really want to play, yet most of them are for PSP, or PS2… :/
        Even if there are some for PC, it’s in Japanese FTW!

  3. norbert Says:

    omg. i lol’d so much reading this. “digivolved” LOL. i internally combusted then. xDDDD epic writing >3

  4. Twosouls.onebody Says:

    Is this game only in japanese?

  5. You know, the clock zero game where everyone is a primary school kid is the same artist as this?
    Just realised…


  6. Twosouls.Onebody Says:

    What is the game play like? Is it turn based?

    • domshiki Says:

      it’s not fiting rpg turn based if that’s wot ur askin – it’s just ur regular otome game, visual novel, clicking through text and choosin decisions to get ur guy.

  7. twosouls.onebody Says:

    awww, I thought it’s a game where you can fight. I guess it’s just a regular anime dating sim game.

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  9. fafa Says:

    I have trouble getting Goku route right =w=…
    I always get the end no.7 wonder what I did wrong
    (I play without guide)

  10. Hey! Wanna ask something, how can you get the CGs from PSP? I am

  11. michelle Says:

    tthey doesn´t look like the characters from saiyuki, is other history right?

  12. Jennifer Says:

    Since this game is a Japan only release, is there some sort of english patch to it?
    Unfortunate that I never got off my lazy butt to learn Japanese.

  13. hanno Says:

    anime S.Y.K very fantastic

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