VOCALOID2 Lily on sale from today!!

Well, as the title says, there’s a new vocaloid coming out today!

Name: Lily

Gender: Female

… Anything else you need to know?

Oh yeah, KEI did the art for her.

Vocaloid is a voice synthesiser application made by Krypton. If it was a simple application it wouldn’t sell, so to match the japanese population they got the a character to be the ‘voice’. Well it worked, and with the help of nico nico douga, Hatsune Miku (the most popular one) and co managaed to sell loads.

So Krypton (the company who made it) have used seiyuu’s as the voice base and for Lily, the voice is from Yuri (the voice for the character of music group ‘m.o.v.e’ who does the vocal – also called Lily). Well, honestly. I’ve never heard of her.

Sounds a little like Miki but I guess it depends on how you edit it. Wait, it sounds like a mix between Teto and Rin. … Well, I don’t really like it that much. Still, only my opinion.


CD cover for the 'original' Lily.

So, yeah. Looking forward to any Lily songs on nico. …

Whats her mascot item going to be, I wonder.

13 Responses to “VOCALOID2 Lily on sale from today!!”

  1. ashcrimson Says:

    Mmm… she really doesn’t sound like M.O.V.E.’s female voice, the original Lily sounds better (specially in Initial D 4 Stage’s Endings). But… maybe it’s the song, or the fact that I always heard the orginal Lily singing with the guy from M.O.V.E.

  2. StarryDays Says:

    She has Megurine Luka’s Hair >:C
    Gahhhhh. i guess Lily is okay ;c

  3. Happy!! Says:

    Eh? I thought it was Internet Co. who made Lily. I must have gotten it mixed up.
    I want to complain that the gender ratio is way off, and her outfit is too revealing in the fan pictures.

    • domshiki Says:

      TOO TRUE TOO TRUE. need more guy vocaloids. we have like wot, 3 was it? well i guess lily’s pretty hot so i ain’t complaining though there isn’t anything really “distinct’ abt her character design – kinda boring.

      • You know, there’s already a yuri pairing of her with GUMI. wow. so fast. Having seen her with any guys though… Most likely Gackpo or something as they are both made by Internet. co. great company name right?
        … syl wants Lily to have a triangle relationship with Rin and Len. As they are all blond or something. Yeah, right.
        Hopefully not. =.=

      • domshiki Says:

        lolwut. no. triangle with rin and len dont want. yeah have her with gumi cuz she seems lonely whereas everyone else has somebody already (ish) – yuri ftw XD

    • Yeah, its Internet co that made Lily. Sorry. Didn’t know that.
      Actually, compared to Append, I dont think its that bad… Well. Lily has so many other models to go against. She needs some charm to compete against them. So they gave her boobs. right?

  4. …wow…she does sound like a mix between Teto and Rin…

    …I find her voice annoying OTL x’DD

    …and I agree with the above comment; there needs to be another male vocaloid or something…plus, with that hello kitty (Rio? was it?) coming out as well; there should be another guy. lol

    anyway, thanks for the info! I hope the amazing people on Nico produce awesome music so I can change my mind about Lily.

  5. hairband Says:

    …Boobage. All I see is the boobage. @-@


  7. akani Says:

    For some epic songs done by Lily, I’d recommend you check out +REVERSE and -ERROR. She’s a great Vocaloid if people can use her range correctly.

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