Nico Nico Douga 2010 NATSU DAIKAIGI -Egao no Chikara-

So… I just finished watching the Daikaigi, practically a concert for nico nico. And… IT WAS GREAT!! Although I did bother paying (1500yen) to watch it and the first 45 minutes was simply advertisements, I definetely do not regret watching it. More like it was amazing. Well, watched it on the internet. Didn’t go to Japan. Too expensive. Also if you see it live its about 5000 yen. =.=

I wasn’t even thinking of blogging it so didn’t take any screenshots until the last song so I apologize about that.

Anyway. If you do not know any nico stuff like the singers I’m not sure that you would be interested. The singers and dancers that came out today are basically otaku’s… Yeah, well, most likely otaku’s. On nico, there’s this craze about covering (or dubbing) over an orignal song that someone has created using vocaloids. And the people that came out today were a few of the popular ones. I guess the bad thing about liking covers would be that even if its a hot / nice voice online, they don’t show their faces so when its a concert like today you have to be prepared. The ones I was shocked today would simply be ‘うさ’ [Usa] and ‘clear’. I watched it with my friend who is a big fan of Usa and yeah… Well, she was one of the best today anyway. And I still love both them.

Knew practically all of them except for the girls and one guy.

The program:

1. 45 mins of advertisments.

  • Nico has this system where you can have comments on screen. Buy something and you can have comments on regular TV.
  • Theres also this thing called Namahousou where some guy has a live vid of anything (like, drawing, singing, voice acting). Well, you can actually phone the host of namahousou. But only for the people using Dwango (phone company sponser of nico)…. and only for 30 seconds.
  • New vocaloid coming out. Based on this thing that looks like its a green teddy bear or something. Not even human. Uwahhh.
  • Q and A. Where the speaker completely ignored a guy and one guy was told to blow up (by people watching on the net) as he had a pretty girlfriend.

2.  初めての恋が終わる時 [Hajimete no Koi ga Owaru Toki]  ~ ちょうちょ [Choucho]

orz. didn’t take any pics. Well, great start and whats not to like. She’s got the most popular ver of Hajimete anyway. Loads of peeps covered it.

her cover on youtube (not putting vids as that takes too much space.

3. え?あぁ、そう。[E, Ah, Sou.] ~ 蛇足 [Dasoku] + clear

Man, I was impressed by Dasoku’s appearance (sorry clear). His cover for e, ah, soh is great but I have to say his appearance was good enough for both me and my friend to start fan-girling. lol. anyway. I LOVE THE SONG!! Wait… I LOVE DASOKU!! Also, for some unknown reason, clear acted like he was high on drugs… never mind.

dasoku’s cover of E, Ah, Sou. :

E, Ah, Sou duet with my favourite nico singer 【蓮】 [Ren] (lol, simply my taste and vids funny) :

dasoclear magnet:

4. いろは唄 [Iroha Uta] ~ 蛇足 [Dasoku]

Okay, my fangirling got even crazier here. You know, I’m sure he saw the comment I made ’cause he smiled after I posted it. While everyone was going ‘wow, so good’ I was like – – ORE NO YOME!!! really! anyway. his voice is simply too damaging. lol. listen!


5. 君に捧ぐファンタジア [Kimi ni sosogu Fantasia] ~ ぽこた [Pokota]

Man, he knows how to make the croud loud. More like even the comments were going like ‘IEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE’ and stuff. And the song is also great. Have both images that were used in the original one with vocaloid. Pokota is the one who did Dancing Samurai in last years (?) one.

6. 死にたがり [Shinitagari] ~ みーちゃん  [Mii-chan]

MIICHAN!! MIICHAN!! MIICHAN!! wow. he looks exactly like he’s pictured. One eye covered. The other guy apart from dasoku that I was impressed by his appearance. Really.

MIICHAN!! And the song was good too. SHINTAGARI. um, someone whos suicidal. or who wants to die. And he was good at singing too.

7. 裏表ラバーズ [Uraomote Lovers] ~ けったろ [Kettaro]

Super speed song. But I can sing it at karaoke! lol. Anyway. I like Ren’s and Fukuwa’s cover better but no complaint at how good Kettaro was at the song. And he didn’t bite his tongue. Everything was normal. Wow, being able to sing that live is amazing.

8. 嘘つきのメリーゴーランド [Usotsuki Merry-go-round] ~ でにろう [Denirou]

No comment. His voice didn’t match appearance in a good way. One of the songs that I didn’t know but it matched his voice. Also didn’t know denirou though seen his name around.

9. StargazeR ~ 祭屋 [Saiya]

… Why, oh why did you dance. Really. Why. Well, she danced with the song and was out of breath from about half way through. And she’s a good singer. Song I didn’t know #2. Seems like it came out on DIVA. Not sure.

Saiya (couldn’t find her ver of StargazeR) Just a Game <– Love this song:

The dance (from DIVA) :

10. Spica ~ うさ [Usa]

WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU WEARING USA!! But her singing was amazing. AMAZING. And it was annoying how all the comments were commenting on how fat … chubby she was. SHE’s an amazing singer.

She did a remix ver of the song though. Original ver:

11. Starduster ~ 野宮あゆみ [Nomiya Ayumi] + のある [Noir]

HAYABUSA!! Well, this song was used as the theme song for Hayabusa, the japanese satellite that came back to earth. Man, I stayed up and watched the whole thing live. It was great. Well, this song is about how someone is trying to get their love across or something. That’s why they keep on repeatin [Ai, wo] which means, love (ai). These two are both pretty and have amazing voices. Nothing to complain about. Except I wished that Noir did more of the main part and not most of the harmony. Didn’t know both these singers.

STARDUSTER (both didn’t sing it) cover by みーむ [Mimu] :

Nomiya Ayumi:


12. 歌に形はないけれど [Uta ni Katachi wa Nai Keredo] ~ ぽこた [Pokota]

All the comments were like I don’t mind paying 1500 yen just for starduster and this. And I agree. Man, this was simply amazing. I’ve amazing too many times haven’t I? Well, no other way to describe it. It was amazing. Should have recorded it.

13. From Y to Y ~ clear

Okay. Sorry clear, I love your ‘Little traveler’ and all but I have to say, it wasn’t that special from what I was expecting. Still, I love you clear. I think the problem was that they got him to go straight after Pokota. The impact was too small in comparison.

His little traveler. wait. I’ll put vid on.

14. Bless You ~ Absorb (that, is, halyosy)

Well, these guys are pro literally. The song was good too. More like really good. Yeah. Nothing else to say. Oh ya, expected them to go first as halyosy is really popular. …

15. 女々しくて [Memeshikute] ~ ゴールデンボンバー [Golden Bomber] + Zombies (came in to dance in the middle)

Okay, I had no idea what this was. Suddenly the screen came on and said ‘Finally a Million’. ‘1,000,000’… and then… ‘The man who bowed down a million times!’. HUH?! Well, I’d never heard of Golden Bomber and only one guy sand but wow, they managed to live up the whole concert hall more than Pokota. Wow. I’d seen the Zombies before and they really took themicky (?) out of nico vid. On nico, theres this thing that happens every hour where the videos stop playing and say ‘the time now is 1.00’ or something. This happened and they freezed and soon later, they had a banner saying [Tokuhou Uzee!!] which is basically Time check is annoying but when you translate to eng, not that funny. Soon they had everybody (singers as well) running across the stage holding banners saying ‘/(^o^)/\(^o^)\/(^o^)//(^o^)/’ which seems to go with the song. Yeah, the comments were doing it too.

Golden Bomber:


16. オーディエンスを沸かす程度の能力 [Audience wo wakasu teido no Nouryoku] ~ らっぷびと [Rap.Bit] + タイツォン [Taitson] + [MINT] (the band)

So yeah, they started out with talking and yeah started the song. Man, how can they be so good at rapping. Simply awesome. lol. Nothing more to say but after Pokota’s Uta no katachi I think I enjoyed this most.

17. Dear ~ Girls うさ [Usa] + ちょうちょ [Choucho] + のある [Noir] + 祭屋 [Saiya] + 野宮あゆみ [Nomiya Ayumi]

Okay, absolutely heaven for my friend. Fav song = dear and fav singer = usa. And Usa also had a solo part as her version of the song is the 2nd most popular. Well. The girl chorus sounded really nice…. yeah. About it.

Usa Ver. :

Nico Chorus ver :

18. Fire Flower ~ Guys Absorb + clear + 蛇足 [dasoku] + みーちゃん [Mii-chan] + けったろ [Kettaro] + でにろう [Denirou] + ぽこた [Pokota]

Well, halyosy (leader of absorb) wrote the song and clear has the most popular version. So yeah. Best choice.

clear ver:

nico chorus ver:


No wait.


Encore. Smiling ~ Everyone

so yeah, everyone came back and sang smiling. This is when I started taking screen shots. Yeah. So I apologize for crap quality.

10 Responses to “Nico Nico Douga 2010 NATSU DAIKAIGI -Egao no Chikara-”

  1. damn damn damn
    i want to flucking watch it live……………

  2. Kanon Says:

    Man…. D:
    Ummm btw How does Clear look like? :> Is he a bishounen? >_______________< !!!!
    Usa, Dasoku, Clear…!!!

  3. Kanon Says:

    Umm.. How does clear look like? >__<
    and man… I so wanna watch that live D:
    I wanna seee Usa too~~

    • Well, for any rabid clear fans out there, I don’t think you should keep your hopes high on what he looks like. He’s not ugly but I would say all the other guys looked better.
      About Usa, I’m really not sure what to say. At least she was the best singer from the girls. (*´ー`)

      • Kanon Says:

        Ohh. well, I saw a pic of him just yesterday. And I’m kinda not surprised by it coz someone said that he kinda looks like a certain seiyuu and I google the seiyuu and was not surprised^^

        I sa wUsa too!! and Dasoku! She’s got a really cute outfit.
        And Dasoku looks… COOL O__O

  4. Is there any other way to watch the next live??

    • I’m planning to watch the one this weekend but I’m actually going to buy a ticket and watch it on nico properly. I think some sites (not sure which exactly) might stream them.orz

      • ah.. well I try find which site offer stream and thanks for telling anyways :D Appreciate that~

  5. doshite no iru kaoru no hate ni ibitsu kore wan Clear desu ka? (i’m lucky that i’ve got an souvenir from clear personally! i wish soon is Pico. Guys, want some souvenirs from them?) FUJIHARA RESIDENCE.

  6. last December 2011, my decision is to come back to Japan so we leave the Phil. and welcome Japan again. it’s because I wanted to see my relatives and also my idols. Through the NicoNicoDougaParty, I meet all of them and Hongkong, Ritsuka, Valshe,Clear, Pokota and Pico was the niconico member i’ve been talked with. i’m verry happy that day! I’m only a cosplayer and singer in CosplayTaku and CosplayMania. but not like them. thanks for these website!

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