Otome Game Review – Shin Hisui no Shizuku Hiiro no Kakera 2

Alternative Titles: 真・翡翠の雫

Company: Otomate

Release Date: 01.10.09

Official Site: http://www.otomate.jp/sin_hisui/

Platform: PS2, PSP, DS

Genre: Otome, romance, less teenage angst than the first

Plot Summary: The ‘upgraded’ version of Hisui no Shizuku.  Heroine Takachiho Suzu’s family is the Tamayorihimie (TM) line, but no worries for her, cuz she’s only the backup TM in case anything happens to the TM, her mom.  Of course it’d just suck balls if she remained a backstage chara so her mom and “Mao neechan”  ditch her and so, Suzu has no choice but to take on the hell of being the next TM.  As with the first, 6 hot guys at her beck and call ;D

Alrite, there are some major differences between the 2nd and the 1st Hiiro no Kakera so b4 I ramble on abt shit:

  1. The heroine is NOT A BITCH. Nope, the complete opposite: demure, very sweet and wants to do wots best for everyone.  She also knows about the TM thing so she’s pretty alrite with it.  For now.
  2. They ain’t sealing a demon sword Onikirimaru this time.   It’s a dragon god/ Ryuujin (RJ) but it’s pretty much the same, u release this bitch, he rape the whole world.
  3. None of the guardian guys have god animal blood in em.  There are no ancient long families that must protect the TM.  The guardians are all just human, chosen when they form a bond with the TM.

Shigemori Akira

The osananajimi.  At school, he acts like a Kazehaya and everyone loves him but when he’s around Suzu and co, he turns into a cold bad mouthed bastard nvm, I thought he was gonna be like Takuma but nvm, he actually turns into some romantic mushy thing XD. Is initially the only guardian Suzu has and he’s actually been crushin on her big time since they were lil kiddies but Suzu’s a big dumbass so she don’t know jack.

Prior to the story beginnin, we get this short intro abt how Mao and Suzu’s mom run off.  Mao’s the cousin of Suzu and Suzu’s mom is the TM and during the sealing ceremony, Suzu and Mao get this bad shit feeling so the two charge out to stop the sealing.  However, shit happens and before they knows it, the ceremony’s over, failed and both the TM and Mao are gone, leaving Suzu with her lil bro Riku and two twin fox slaves.  Half a year has passed and Suzu has decided to take up the role of the new TM and has been trainin hard since then but similarly with Tamaki, she don’t kno wot the sealin rite itself entails so der even bigger shit happen l8erz.

I must say DAMN AKIRA, the guy’s so fucking sweet to Suzu.  Since her parents have gone, he’s been worryin his ass off abt her cuz Suzu keeps everything to herself as to not cause trouble to anyone else and she’s always been like dat since they were kids.  Just to make her smile, he forced himself to learn a large array of magic tricks as a shota and when Suzu asks why, it’s like:

Akira: Ah that’s better, you finally got that dying look off your face.

Suzu: Eh dying look?

Akira: It’s best when you’re smiling after all.

Suzu: Smiling who why derpa derp.

Akira:  Say, have you ever looked in the mirror before?

Suzu: Yes…?

Akira: *gets up to leave* Try smiling when you do; your smile’s adorable. *walks off*


So suave ah you Akira XD  And during their childhood, Riku was attacked by a demon so Suzu protected him but wot can a loli do aite so in flies Akira to save the day and that’s when he became a guardian and got two swords.

But happy time’s over cuz the seal’s gettin weaker and weaker and abt to go kablooie anytime now.  Right on time, Suzu meets the bad guys ere and everyone goes OMFGQTFBBQHERPES when the big bad turns out to be no other than Suzu’s much loved “Mao neechan”.  Only thing nao is that part of the RJ is riding her ass and she has 4 demon cronies: Ramon, Tenko, Kei and Miroku.  Turns out when the sealing failed 6 months ago, some of the RJ was able to get out and took a nearby Mao as its host, turning Mao into the Toyotamahime (TM2.  The RJ = the sealed powers of the TM2 ).  Now the TM2 wants Suzu to release the RJ completely  but Suzu’s all “HELL NO MUTHAFUCKA” so the TM2 retreats for now.

By now, Suzu’s picked up that the TM job ain’t a cakewalk so she heads over to the Amano house (old family associated with the TM family) and asks old man Amano wot’s up.  Lol if you thought the story behind the TM in the first game was stupid, wait till you hear this one.  I get the feeling i subconsciously fucked up the story BUT DAMN that’s cuz it’s so much funnier this way:

The TM and TM2 were sisters from the gods and were bff.  TM2 ruled the seas and the TM strolled around on the land.  One day, a landlubber dropped his brudda’s  shit into the oceans so he went down to get it but met the TM2 there and he knocked her up.  A while later, he rmbs wot he’s doin ere so he retrieves this mysterious shit and goes back up.  The TM2 tries to follow him but she’s like a beached whale on land and then she suddenly goes into labour and gives birth to a *fucking sardine and ashamed, she dumps the kid and dives back into the big blue sea.  The TM sees the kid and picks it up, raising the lil sardine to be a great…sardine, everyone fussin over the lil fish and the TM2 snaps cuz it’s always been the TM with everyone and she rages across the land, giving sea enemas to anyone unfortunate enough to have asshole.  The TM then gathered up her men and played street fighters with TM2 and in the end, the TM sacrificed herself to seal TM2 into a magatama and since then, the TM line has had to sacrifice all the ladies to keep the seal going on.  Amano jii tells Suzu that her mother failed that night and died and in 2 nights time, it’s her turn to fulfill her destiny shit.  *Either that or she turned into a sardine/ <insert fish of choice>

Suzu’s pretty wtf abt the whole thing but accepts the sacrificin thing quickly cuz it’d save the world.  Her two fox slaves, Sana and Kana spout some shit to Akira abt Suzu going to confess to him and toss em out on a picnic.  Suzu’s all “NONONONONO” but Akira ain’t put off at all – “But you know what I would have said if you did confess to me?  I would have said exactly this: I have loved you ever since we were kids.”  Touched, Suzu finds herself baaawing here but doesn’t tell him abt the TM fate.

That night, Akira barges into Suzu’s shrine and drags her out.  He’s found out abt the TM shiet and god he ain’t happy.  He’s gonna take her sorry ass outta this looney bin village, fuck this place, fuck the TM,  “TO HELL WITH THE WORLD”, he’s ain’t letting her become the human meat shield for the fucked up human race.  Rite on time, TM2 appears with Romon and she’s waited long enough, they’re gonna beat the stuffing outta Akira Higurashi baseball bat style and then cut open Suzu.  Akira gets his ass kicked cuz he suddenly can’t pull out his dual blades and when it’s made clear Romon is gonna gut the guy, Suzu steps in and offers herself up.

She’s taken to the TM2 hideout where she asks why Romon is doin all this when it’s so bliddy wrong.  Romon just replies “Screw right and wrong.  Hime wants it, I will grant it. That is all.”.  The next day, hours from nightfall, Akira shows up again to get Suzu – they don’t need no sacrificin, they’ve found a way to solve shit.  Seeing that Akira’s desperate to save Suzu, Romon lets them escape and here’s where the two confess to each other.

Back at the mother base, the gang have figured that all they got to do is to kill the TM2.  That’s it really.  They haven’t been able to do that before cuz the previous TMs haven’t been able to gather up all their guardians but with Suzu, she has all her guys together so they can now run out there and rape some motherfuckin ass.

…Thing is, they’re a tad late.  Just as they finish talking, a giant storm rages across and ravages the village – yeah, the seal’s broken.  The group head over to where the RJ is sealed anyway and get into some deathmatch with the TM2.  The small part of the RJ that was in Mao rejoins with the RJ and Mao’s back to herself and Romon takes the RJ into himself and has a fistfight with Akira.


Flashback of Romon’s where it’s the 1st TM’s bday and the TM2 goes missing.  Romon finds the loli TM2 who’s irked that nobody is paying attention to her again and sulks that it don’t matter cuz it’s the TM’s bday and no one cares if she’s gone – nobody even came to look for her.  Romon replies that he’s here for her and hands her an onigiri he made, which the TM2 proceeds on to criticise while she ate it, calling it shitty china made and lumpy but ulimately “oishii T.T” and she starts cryin here, realisin dat one person’s ere for her.

End flashback and back to bloodbath.  Akira and Suzu own the RJ and Romon with the POWAH OF LOFF where Romon’s last moments are of him thanking whoever’s around that at least he was able to die with his beloved TM2.  Dawn breaks for the first time ere, everything’s over and happy end with Akira eatin ice cream with Suzu.

Mibu Katsuhiko

Giant pervert who runs his hands all over Suzu upon first meeting 18 yr old Mibu aniki.  He’s ere with his lil bro cuz they’re trying to get revenge on Tenko hu shat all over their backyard.  He’s the cold bad mouthed bastard, arrogant and thinks he’s just too sexy but that’s just his way of being honest. And he’s not really all that cold, cuz if u touch his lil brudda Kotarou… >;D


Mibu ani shows up with his lil bro finding Tenko and decide to stick with Suzu cuz she’s the TM and Tenko is after her.  During their first fight with the TM2, these two did pretty well but they’re still only human aite, so aniki pledges his loyalty to Suzu and he and Kotarou become guardians.  The TM2 don’t screw off till he bluffs that he’ll kill Suzu.

Upon findin out that the Mibu bros plan on killing to get revenge, Suzu starts stalking the guys and showing up wherever the two go.  Mibu ani is like “FUCK OFF TWAT” but they get close enough to kip in each other’s places, summin which actually irritates Katsuhiko cuz Suzu is way too defenseless so he uh ‘shows her’ wot he could do to her but lol fail for him cuz Suzu’s just like “The fuck you doing put on some clothes u slut” XD

Shortly after, he requests permission to use the his legolas bow to kill Tenko.  Suzu agrees, on the condition that she be there and they go fight Tenko.  Obviously they lose and the Mibu bros would have gotten raped had Suzu not step in and shield em.

After that, Suzu ain’t takin any more of their reckless shit unless they tell her wot’s goin on so they do.  They’re from the old Mibu clan, a line that uses seals and shikigami stuff with the gods.  The gov didn’t like em and isolated them so the Mibu clan only had themselves – betraying the family and shiet got capital punishment and family honour was all they care abt.  Tenko was originally a Mibu too, and 19 years ago, Tenko stole the family secret of body possession so Mibu daddy ran out to pursue the bastard and was last heard to have come ere.  Mibu dad knocked up Suzu’s mom ere and had Mao.  Mao wasn’t accepted in either the Takachiho family or the Mibu one, treated like some mutant freak and the RJ was able to possess her cuz of the rage and despair she had in her.  Mibu ani can’t forgive his dad for runnin out on them and leaving their mom to deal with the shit and he views it as Tenko’s fault so he’s gonna smush the bastard.

Suzu follows Mibu ani home where he reveals that he knows abt the TM sacrifice.  He tells her not to give up yet and in display of outrite OOCness, he puts a flower in her hair and tells her she’s beautiful.  He then leaves after warning her not to trust him anymore.

That night, the TM2 shows up and wants Suzu.  Big fight ensues with the Mibu bros and wtf wen Katsuhiko protects the TM2.  He says that it’s cuz the TM2 is Mao, and Mao is family so he can’t let anyone injure her.  He then returns the weapons to Suzu, unbecomes her guardian and leaves.

Right Kotarou ain’t standing for this lame pussy shit so the next night, he forces his bro out and the Mibu clan’s apparently some barbaric family that has this way old tradition of solving everything with their fists so Kotarou challenges his bro to a Shaolin Showdown fight: If aniki wins, he do wot he wants.  If otouto wins, aniki returns and they all fight together to gut the RJ.  Aniki sees how torn up his lil bro is abt this so he loses deliberately and rejoins them.  Before goin back, he hugs Suzu and apologises for all the shiet he’s done.

The gang all forgive him and force everyone outta Suzu’s house, leaving only Katsuhiko and Suzu.  Suzu’s like “the fuck is going on ere” and Mibu ani is like “THANK YOU GOD” and as an apology, he cooks dinner for Suzu and YES HE CAN COOK I LIKE HIM SO MUCH BTR NAO ALLALALAALALA.

While sleepin, Suzu has a nitemare of Mibu ani leaving her again and wakes up to him holding her hand.  She tells him she’s scared shitless and he snogs her tells her that she don’t need to be cuz “I love you.” SKDGSIDGD MY GOD COMPLETELY STRAIGHT FACE WHERE DID THAT COME FROM SKGISDYG and then he tells her again she’s beautiful and snogs her

Big battle nao and everyone charges to the island.  Suzu and Mibu ani are left to deal with TM2 cuz her cronies are holdin back the rest of the gang and Katsuhiko’s getting his ass kicked till Tenko pops up and he pushes the TM2 over the cliff – “Whoops ma hand slipped.” This releases the RJ cuz breaking the seal requires a sacrifice equivalent to that of the TM’s soul and cuz the TM2 is the sister, her soul worked just fine.  Tenko becomes some buttfugly troll but cuz u kno, love > mutilated demons, Tenko gets pulverised and all ends well.

Katsuhiko decides to live in Suzu’s village cuz he’s got it through his thick skull that Suzu is more important to him than his stupid family honour shit and he brings his mom along and they all lived happily ever after.

Mibu Kotarou

SO CUTE.  SO DAMN CUTE.  Unlike the pompous prat up there, he’s an energetic happy kid who takes a giant liking to Suzu “neechan” upon first meeting.  Worships his brother and though his bro don’t show it, his darling otouto is also his baby.  Has a complex abt his height and lol at wot he wears under his uniform.

Whereas Katsuhiko is all “FAMILY HONOUR REVENGE KILL”, Kotarou’s not really into all that Sarsgay shit and just tagged along cuz he worships his brother.  He’s happy enough just to meet Suzu cuz to him, she’s a hot sexy “neechan” lol and sleeps in her route just to uh “protect her” (yeah rite, dem horny teenage hormones got to the boy.)

So needless to say, when his bro walked out on him, this guy was pissed.  Like I said, he never understood his brother’s retarded need for revenge and bloodshed so Kotarou flips and screams at the bugger that they got nakama ere, fuck the police family but u kno, Mibu ani still ditches em.  Kotarou’s pretty hung up over the whole thing cuz he’s nvr had a fight with his bro or anything but it’s alright, cuz he’s found wot he’s gotta do and that’s protect Suzu.  Suzu glomps him and tells him “DAISUKI <3” at that ;)

Next night they get him back with the mibu clan fight thing, everyone discusses the plan to own the RJ and just prior to the fight, Kotarou gives Suzu a lil peck as thanks for sticking with him – “LOVE YA MA NEECHAN”

Blablabla, same thing happens like in Katsuhiko’s route, just that it’s Kotarou fighting and they kill the the stupid RJ.  After that, they all move to Suzu’s village and off the two go on their first date.  WTF.  I’m pretty irked with this route cuz it was EXACTLY like Katsuhiko’s.  The fuck man, the fuck =.=”

Amano Ryouji

The older guy of the game and DAMN i’m glad Kazuki Yone decided to actually make this one decent lookin.  Very…how do you say it…relaxed?  No that’s not the word eh…you kinda get the feeling that he’s stoning real bad most of the time, his head up in the clouds with that somewot airy smile dancin like an inebriated piss drunk hobo on his face.  Hard to say, he knows shiet but pretends not to and just hangs around the group like an absent minded parent or summin.  Is Mao’s fiancee. 24.

Suzu just thinks he’s your normal older brother figure but finds out that he’s actually her mom’s guardian and now he’s become hers. While everyone is desperately lookin up shit to save the TM, Ryouji actually knows everything but he’s Amano so serving his Amano jii comes first.

Shortly after telling Suzu abt the TM shiet, Amano jii takes Suzu to the sealing island and asks her whether she’s gonna do this or not.  She says she will if she must but doesn’t want to, which don’t settle good will Amano jii cuz she’s got to WANT to do this and snidely goes that there’s another reason as to why guardians exist: “So we can force the TM into obeying by snapping off all their limbs… >;D”.  Amano jii gives her till next morn to think abt it.

Next day, Amano jii goes to Suzu with the MIB but again, Suzu refuses to die without tryin a lil harder.  So out comes the TM2’s cronies and they start whipping her fox slaves – turns out Amano jii has joined hands with the TM2 and the gov so Suzu has no choice but to go with em.

She wakes up later on and finds herself locked in the Amano storehouse.  Ryouji shows up to feed her and when Suzu’s like “HELP ME”, he just goes “Do I know you?”.  TM2 walks in and reveals that Ryouji went to her and tried to stop her so TM2 erased his memories and he’s now her dog *rubs body all over Ryouji*.

Suzu goes into despair cuz FOR SOME REASON NONE OF HER OTHER GUARDIANS ARE COMING TO SAVE HER but her fox slaves bust open the door and drag her out.  TM2 orders Ryouji to rape Suzu but zomGAH he was just faking the whole mindless retard thing and broke the spell ages ago – “Now Immah gonna rape YOU bitch” and he holds em back as Suzu and co run.

Duh she ain’t gonna leave him aite so Suzu comes back later on to get Ryouji.  The guy’s *this far* away from death and has pretty much given up on life.  Fuck that shit, Suzu suddenly becomes useful and heals the guy’s wounds and they run back home.

After the battle plans and crap, everyone sends the two off to get wood for the fire or summin and Ryouji tells Suzu that the engagement with Mao was just a promise between the two to protect Suzu. The engagement was arranged so he couldn’t do anything about it but rest assured, “I only have eyes for you baby ;D” and he kisses her after asking Suzu to marry him.

Night of the fight and Miroku leads em all to the island.  He rambles on about his past and he was actually orginally human.  His village offered human sacrifices to the demons to please em and seeing this as totally sick, he tried to put a stop to it.  The ppl all agreed to stop this shit and to fight the demons the next time they came around and Miroku was all pumped to save his people but guess wot, when the demons came, nobody fought and tossed HIM to the demons.  Not one person helped him and before he knew it, Miroku went berserker mode and massacred the village.  “And when I came to, I was a demon =D”

Enough of the chitchat though cuz the TM2’s ere.  Miroku kills the TM2 lol and takes the RJ into himself cuz he’s pissed enough to wanna blow up the world but ughabgadogiygraoidfbsodyfb boss battle and all ends nicely with Suzu makin lunch for Ryouji.

Takachiho Riku

Suzu’s little bro.  Tall and quiet, his sister means the world to him in though this just comes off as a rather worrying siscon to everyone else.  Oh and everyone else did have a reason to worry abt his siscon – he’s been dying to get into Suzu’s pants since her loli days.

Rmb the thing in Akira’s route where Akira protected Suzu when they were kiddies? Yeah well, Riku’s haunted by that memory and he hates his own powerlessness whilst Akira was made a guardian way back.  In an attempt to counter his being only human, he’s been secretly trainin since then  and can beat the shit outta demons with his bare fists.  Cept the TM2 ones are crazy strong but thank lord Riku digivolved when the TM2 started snapping her fingers.  Now he can wield a…hexagonal stick.

Similarly with Akira, Riku finds out abt the sacrificing thing and totally flips.  With great timing, Tenko shows up and offers Riku the chance to save his sister, “Come to me biccc boiiiiiii ;D” and he’ll stop the TM2.  No time needed to think cuz Riku takes up the offer *snaps fingers* just like that and goes with Tenko.  Course, not without a good bye hug cuz “OH HOW MA LOINS BURN FOR YOU NEEEESAAAAAAAAAN <3”

Suzu runs after Riku and finds the TM2 hideout.  Riku’s like :( “soz neesan, can’t let you kill yourself” and it turns out that the two aren’t blood related *NO SHIT, REALLY?!  I NEVER WOULD HAVE GUESSED DERP* ;he’s born for the Mibu clan to do their body possession thing on and Tenko plans to take over Riku’s body.  Well scuse me you suicidal fuck, Suzu ain’t standin for this BALLS and drags Riku home.  Tenko is not pleased but no one cares abt him so he can STFU.

It’s abt time they go fight and all but before they go save the world, Riku’s got a confession: “Sis, I like you, and I want you.  Now we can do this the hard way, or the easy way *Boondocks style* NEESAN AISHITERUUUUUUUU ~~~~!!” and after commenting dryly on how this is like some cliche manga *AND HOW*, Suzu returns his feelings and kissy time.

Blablablabalblayakayakayaayksfab big battles is over and the sun comes up.  Riku’s so happy he starts shouting like some fool about how he’s banging his own sister and how they’re set to have a couple of little uns outta her vagina any day now and *kiss* the end.  lol Riku.  just lol.

Kamo Yasunori

Loser hetare who’s from the paranormal gov. faction.  I feel real sorry for this guy, like he tries his best to help out but ultimately, he’s still a big fat fail and is  the kicked around butt monkey of the gang.  Lol the only person who tries to be nice is Suzu but she fails too cuz her methods of consolin the poor guy are terrible and often make him feel even shittier.

Even moreso than Riku does, Kamo emoes over how he’s powerless and is barred from all the fights cuz he’d just get in the way.  So he spends all his time reading up on shit and trying to stop the ceremony from taking place.

Same as in Ryouji’s route, Amano jii comes banging on Suzu’s door with his MIB friends but instead, Kamo rushes in to stop em and ends up getting beaten up.  But no matter, cuz this’ll give Suzu time to run so he endures all the demon beatings and the one of the TM2’s cronies, Kei, jumps in to save em.

Kamo is real frustrated over how he needed someone to rescue him and he and Suzu decide that they can’t leave Kei so they run to get him.  Kei’s locked up now in the Amano storehouse and Kamo’s actually pretty strong (just that everyone else around is strongER cuz they demons and guardians) and holds back the human forces with his magic kung fu while Suzu grabs Kei.

They’re stopped by the demons and Kei suddenly reaches nirvana or some shit and rmbs that he was the first TM’s guardian but gets owned by the demons anyway.  Kamo becomes a guardian thanks to Kei and saves Suzu and runs.

Back with the gang (AGAIN WHERE THE FUCK WERE YOU ALL WHEN SUZU NEEDED YOU) and battle planninz.  Suzu thanks Kamo for taking all that beating shit for her and insert a giant hetare kiss lol.

So here I was going “OH GOD SUZU U CUD HAVE HAD GAR AKIRA OR ANYONE ELSE” and I was going Zetsubou Shita!! for her future of loser boyfriend but WOOOOOOOOOOOAH KAMO when he later on mans up and forcefully frenches Suzu.  Good on you boy!

Blablabalabla TM2 battle, they win, everything’s good.  Kamo’s route ends with Suzu making a bentou for Kamo and Kamo announcin that he’s gonna stay here in the village with her.

Mikoshiba Kei

The ‘bad guy’.  Whereas all the other followers of the TM2 have a clear reason for sticking with her, Kei don’t have a motive or nothing and doesn’t take part in any of the fights (he stops em more than joinin in).  He ain’t human but neither does he feel like a demon to Suzu.  Either way, the mysterious stoic dude.

The first half of his route was Kamo’s route so nutin big happens till Suzu returns back to the shrine one day and finds Kei standing there.  He ain’t ere to mess up her face so chill,  it’s just that the place here feels very nostalgic to him and draws him in.  Actually, Suzu gives off that nostalgia thing too and noticing that the feeling’s mutual, she asks whether they’ve met before.  Kei can’t tell her that cuz he’s got amnesia – he wakes up one day and is suddenly the TM2’s slave.

Suzu meets him again 2 nights before the sealing.  Kei finds himself telling her that she shouldn’t give up yet cuz something in him doesn’t want anything of the sort, he doesn’t know.  He leaves after telling her he’ll pray for her sake.  Amano jii comes later, takes Suzu, kicks Kamo around but Kei saves him.

Kana helps out and she’s heard from Ryouji that Kei has been captured by the TM2 and bound by one of her SM spells.  Course Suzu returns the favour so she runs off to bust the guy out who remembers himself being the 1st guardian of the 1st TM and swears to fight for her now on.  Suzu gets the fleeting impression that they used to be more than just nakama but let’s think abt dat later.

TM2’s lackeys show up to kill Kei cuz he’s betrayed the TM2 but Suzu cracks the spell on Kei and he reawakens as her guardian, fully remembering his past.  He hacks away at the bastards but Miroku decides to save the fite tomoz at the sealing and they all fuck off.

When the 4 get back, everyone’s lying half dead on the ground cuz the TM2 showed up earlier to mess em all up.  Suzu’s hell afraid now cuz she’s only got Kei to fight tomoz but he huggy time her and tells her he’s gonna be the only one she needs – He was the first guardian the TM had and unable to stand how the fight was tearing her up, he went alone to the TM2 to request her to stop but that just pissed TM2 off and she bound him to her and locked up his memories.  Everyone else had no idea wtf happened to him and he was branded a cowardly traitor but a buhmillion years later now,  “I’m going to protect you this time.”

Next day, everyone’s still lying around lifelessly so Kei and Suzu set off.  Suzu comments on how it’s a shame that Kei only sees her as the TM centuries ago and is only protecting her cuz he was the 1st TM’s guardian.  Kei admits that he might be using this is a chance to redeem himself but he don’t see her as the 1st TM, he sees her as her and he’s ere protecting her right now cuz he loves her and snoogy woogy wips ;)

The two get to the island where it’s one against 3 cronies, but fear not, not only is Kei a memetic sex god, he might as well be GOD OF WAR cuz one swing of his blade takes down all 3 of em.  TM2 ere laments how she was always alone with no one around and if Suzu won’t sacrifice herself, she will kill herself to release the RJ.  RJ busts out and one hit K.Os Kei and proceeds onto fucking up everything around but behold, crowning moment of awesome when Suzu drops that meek keigo of hers and bellows 「お前なんかのために諦めるものかあああ!!!」” at the dragon, pushing the stupid lizard back and causing Kei to go trans-am and with a “FUCKING DIE ALREADYYYYYYYYYYYY”, the dumb reptile is owned and it’s a new day.

In the end,  the Mibu bros go home, Mao neechan is saved and everyone’s happy.  Suzu’s hooked up with Kei now and the two hang on her porch, waiting for the summer festi to commence.

Afterthoughts and Conclusion

Hm…mixed feelings about this one.

This is rare, I actually liked all the characters.  I didn’t hate anyone, not the bad guys, not the good guys, nobody.  Odd innit.  Well faves are definitely Kei, Akira and Kotarou.  I would have listed Mibu ani as one of ma faves too BUT HE STOLE KOTAROU’S ROUTE AND I STILL HAVEN’T FORGIVEN HIM FOR IT.  Oh no wait, Romon prolly is the favouritetetest cuz his love and devotion for the TM2 was pretty sweet – thing is, he just never realised that he was IN love with her.  Suzu was alright a protagonist too, didn’t have me going “BITCH I KEEL U” like i did with Tamaki.

As for the music, it’s Hiiro no Kakera, soundtrack has gotta be decent and the OP and EDs were brill – Fujita Maiko ftw.  Fave voice to RIKU cuz he was fucking hilarious with his “NEEEEEEEEEEEEESAAAAAAAAN” battle cries XD

The mixed feelings part comes up ere with the story.  I was expecting something real long like HnK1 but they cut a lot in the revamped HnK2.  Problem is, too much.  HnK1 was balls long but solid and left me feeling satisfied.  This one just had me going “wtf finished”, kinda like when u eat an overly airy sponge cake and ur left feeling stuffed with air more than sustenance – still hungry.

Same with HnK 1, DAMN Kazuki Yone has improved.  Respect man, respect.

This is an alright game overall really, not outstanding but not anal fail either.  It’s got the art, characters and music but an unsatisfying story really drags it down ^^;;  Perhaps it’d be btr to play this one first so u dont have the superior first one to compare it to.

20 Responses to “Otome Game Review – Shin Hisui no Shizuku Hiiro no Kakera 2”

  1. sharakael Says:

    Thanks for reviewing this!
    I’ve been wondering whether or not it’s worth buying (and whether or not the main character’s as detestable as Tamaki…).
    Reading this, I might just have to get it for Riku and Akira :3

    Any plan to review Edel Blume? From bits and pieces I read on the net, it seems like it’s got a handful of psychotic, utterly twisted characters…

    • Not really sure about Edel Blume. We currently only have a PSP, DS and PC so will be most likely focusing on games from there.
      Edel Blume is only out for PS2. Wish we had one…

    • domshiki Says:

      my god tamaki, stupid dumb bitch.
      yeah riku’s route is hilarious, how he keeps hinting that he wants his sister in *that way* and with Suzu just going “ALLLAALALALALALA U MY WONDERFUL OTOUTO BEST OTOUTO ALWAYS FAMILYYY” XD

      prolly ain’t doin edel blume cuz no ps2 and ma pc is too shit for ps2 emus lol fail. but i so want man, it’s usuba kagero T.T

    • hairband Says:

      I heard Edel Blume sucked. Like, real bad. It didn’t suck in the way that the characters are all messed up and crazy. This game, according to what I’ve seen online, was one of the most famous “unfinished games” ever. Its premise does seem interesting but apparently almost none of the questions are answered at the end and some of the character endings didn’t even seem like proper endings. The whole “game” just turned out to be a weird mess.

  2. aww
    when is dis gonna get on ds…
    not bothered to buy a PSP
    i think im prolly for Kotarou or Akira lol
    oh opps
    and Kei
    Riku seems……… interesting XD


  3. Hi randomly stumbled upon your blog xD;;
    Didn’t know there was another otome gaming blog that was this active :D
    I’m gonna add you to my blogroll (but not on the blog in my default wordpress profile link…my otome game blog is at breadmasterlee.wordpress.com)

    It’s great to see a bunch of your PSP/PS2 reviews. I don’t have either one so I’m stuck with pornographic PC games which mostly have terrible plot lines :lol: Keep up the awesome work and thanks for keeping the otome game power alive!

  4. Julia Says:

    Is Riku her real little brother?
    o_o OMG

  5. maru Says:

    Thanks for the review. I couldn’t seem to find one anywhere for this game. @-@:

  6. DoctorFaustus Says:

    Okay, I just got into otome games a while back and I was just googling this game, looking up info about it, etc. And I came across your site. I don’t really like reading reviews before I actually play a game (spoilers and all…) but I read yours all the way through and I couldn’t stop laughing xD

    Just thought you should know you’ve gained an annoying dedicated fan of your blog now :’D <3

  7. The TM2 tries to follow him but she’s like a beached whale on land and then she suddenly goes into labour and gives birth to a *fucking sardine and ashamed, she dumps the kid and dives back into the big blue sea.

    Pardon the extremely late comment but now that I’m playing the game I read this and I was like プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ I knew the story was ridiculous but the way you put it made it even more silly than it was xDDD

    • domshiki Says:

      LOOOOL im still wondering whether i understood that wot with my shitty jap xD fucking sardines…

  8. Hi! I just got the game and I was wondering if you could help me? I’m really trying to get Kei by going through Kamo’s route but in the end I just get Kamo… What am I supposed to do? Thank you very much! :)

  9. wat is up with some people calling Tamaki a bitch? i love her she i awesome better that Suzu and Riku was annoying with his “NEE SAN ” i prefer HNK1 than HNk2 it could have been better if they made it longer and more detail {especially for Kei and Yasunori it was to short =(

  10. Cool Game:)

  11. sabrina Says:

    Is it just me, or anybody else thought that the demon guy Rei, resembles hijikata in one of the cgs, probably is just my hakuoki druged mind speaking.

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