Moronic Musings – Kubo Tite + BL #2


FUCK MAN FUCK.  Damn Ichigo looks fucking awesome.  My god Kubo PLEASE JUST START SOME BL MANGA I DONT CARE.

As of this chapter, I JUST DON’T CARE ANYMORE.  BLEACH is just getting fucking stupid.  What is this “Become Getsuga” crap??  AND WTF HIGHER DIMENSION.  ICHIGO IS NOW SOME EVEN MORE SUPER POWERED BUHMILLIONZILLION DIMENSION BEING.  Aah now that explains why no one can kick his ass durr hurr.

*Ahem* but that’s not the point of this pointless retarded post (hence the name, Moronic Musings).  ICHIGO’S ZANPAKUTO IS GAY FOR HIM.  SHIROSAKI TOO.  BOOYAH.  PLEASE READ BELOW (or the whole chapter ere).





I swear Kubo loves BL.  I swear goddamn.  First Aizen with his “I can touch your heart baby <3” and NOW THIS?!?!  You know wot, screw the plot.  Just screw it.  I’m reading BLEACH for my weekly gay shounen dose.

I love you Kubo.

11 Responses to “Moronic Musings – Kubo Tite + BL #2”

  1. Ash Crimson Says:

    Ahahahaha, and I think I was the only one who think in that way (I think it was Gunji’s and Shiki’s fault, for changing my mind) when I read it yesterday.

  2. hairband Says:



  3. domshiki Says:

    lol the first thing i thought was “WHAT THE FUCKA WHAT?!?!?!” like srsly kubo, HOW GAY ARE YOU?!?! XDXD

  4. What is this conversation about!?
    More like, what’s this post supposed to be?

    • domshiki Says:

      i think the title should be pretty obvious yo: moronic musings – kubo tite + bl

      u kno, how kubo is TOTALLY a bl fanboy and how flippin GAY bleach is lol. but please note it’s called MORONIC musings XD

  5. Doublebend Says:

    hihi <3
    this is the person u ditched for america and was so heartbroken i clung onto u until the last wrenching moment of our parting, and yet did not tell even the closest of my ppl when i left them for japan.
    i recently started watching/reading bleach (in the summer, actually…while i was spending my holzz at my grandma's house) when i turned on the tv and Hitsugaya Toushiro was THERE and i was like, holy crap i so have to watch this. then i found Ichimaru Gin and put the two of them together which pretty much started this new ship of mine. Then i realised that since gin seems essentially the bad guy and, even if he wasn't, he was the sort of chara that would die in the end so i was kinda scared of liking him too much, but then i heard that he was doing it all for Rangiku (damn, sorta) and, well, that's okay and all but he's still dying.
    …and Hitsugaya's hair and voice kinda put me off a little but i got used to that. Basically he was the first shota chara i could latch onto at first sight and so far the only surviving one (phew) and that is how it should be.
    unfortunately i havent gotten up to this chapter but Grimmjaw was hot, he and Ichigo could have gotten together. and now Nnoitora is up on my hate list for various reasons.
    (haahhh the best guys in bleach are so hawwt)
    this is what u call a first class rambling, where i tell u everything and nothing at the same time. being a spam, as usual.

  6. Man, for BL in a shounen manga, you should see Katekyo Hitman Reborn. I swear it’s full of questionable contents. XP
    But Bleach is just… Kubo should really make BL (if that’s not what he’s doing)

  7. MaPikachu Says:

    I’m just gonna write a letter demanding That Kubo write me sum BL. Fuckin sexy Shirosaki, now a Sexy Mugestsu? I WANTSA 3SOME! Oh well, at least I have Trippleberry Au Lait ( Best fuckin doujin ever!!)

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