Otome Game Review – Nise no Chigiri

Alternative Titles: 二世の契り, 二世之约

Company: Otomate

Release Date: 26.08.10

Official Site: http://www.otomate.jp/nise/

Platform: PSP

Genre:AVG, otome, historical, romance, the girl who leapt through time l

Plot Summary: PUT ON YOUR GUNS CUZ HELLZ YEAH BITCHES IT’S SENGOKU FUCKING BASARAAAA!!  Okay it ain’t, not even close cept for the Sengoku part of “Sengoku Basara” (AND NOT ONCE DOES MY DATE SHOW UP T.T) but Sengoku sounds badass enough so let’s just settle for that lol XD.  In short, our heroine Mana takes a page outta Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo’s book and time leaps all the back to the Sengoku period.

Alright before anyone bitches about my historical accuracy or lack of it thereof, just let me say, I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THE SENGOKU PERIOD.  My knowledge of the Sengoku Jidai is limited to what I’ve seen on Sengoku BASARA ie practically nonexistent cuz u kno, motorcycle horses are TOTALLY REAL ;) This’ll be dumbed down to the max without the finer factual details so my bad if anyone’s looking for a detailed historical account of this game – you’re best off playing the game yourself

where can i get a horned ferret?

So at the start of the game, Mana’s just your average high school girl, at sweet 16 n chilling with her bitches.  She gets an odd dream of the Sengoku period but thinks nothing of it.  Whilst going home, she gets a call from her sis who tells her that their neighbourhood brat, “Maakun” has gone missing so Mana goes off to look for the kid.  But you kno, shit happens and hearing a cry for help, she follows it, falling into a nearby lake and that’s when she sees this spirit looking child called Minawa (or Migawa…I can’t rmb) who tells her to “SAVE HIM” and all goes black.

To the Sengoku period now.  We have Uesugi Masatora, a God of War and his ninja slaves fighting against the cronies of Takeda Shingen, his arch nemesis.  Masatora’s about to be hacked down but a giant portal of light flashes into existence and out pops our Mana.  Shingen’s men totally flip and retreat so Masatora’s grateful to Mana and after hearin her time skippin story, he decides to take her in and assigns his ninjas to protect her till his big Sengoku battle with Shingen.


Ninja #1.  Unlike everybody’s who’s nice and respectful to Mana,  he finds Mana a giant bother and can’t see why he fucking has to protect some dumb high school girl while there’s a bloody war going on.  Makes sense.  But he warms up pretty fast once he finds out that Mana isn’t some pushover doormat and that she has some pretty funny bitchbacks when he starts throwing one of his tsundere fits.  Warning before we all get excited, he has a fair amount of emofagging in his route

Lol you totally gotta love how Mana messes with the poor guy ere.  She pretends to cry just to see him flustered, tells him “NO DON’T NEED XD” deliberately when he tries to be nice for once and always ends up cracking up whenever Akatsuki does his best to praise her for anything – ah the poor guy.  Akatsuki soon sees that she ain’t entirely a dumb airhead so the two become good buds and he stops trashtalking her 24/7 and teaches her to use a Sengoku bow

Mana notices how Akatsuki totally flipped when his facial features and hair were commented on and asks him about it.  He tells her it’s because he’s part white and hates it because it got him kicked around a lot when he was younger till Masatora made him a ninja – now nobody dares insult his hair lol but he still hates the colour.  Mana tells him she thinks it’s beautiful and after a lotta tsundere “THE FUT U SAYING B-BAAAAKA”, Akatsuki mumbles a thanks cuz it’s the first time anyone has ever said summin nice about his hair.

Then we got the emoing part of the route.  Akatsuki gets a fever one night and Mana finds out through his nightmares that something happened in the past with his bff Suien.  Akatsuki reveals that because of him, Suien got captured once when they were on a mission and to give time for Akatsuki to run, Suien let the enemies take him and the enemies fucked up his legs for good before Akatsuki was able to get reinforcements.  Now, Suien’s got messed legs, walking hurts and his pain has been getting worse and worse.  Akatsuki’s been killing himself for it and Mana hugs him from behind to stop him from retard punching a tree.

Several nights from the big battle, Mana gets a visit from Minawa and finds out that he wants to save Masatora because the guy loved the lake and treasured it so he wants to protect him no matter wot as thanks.  Minawa warns her to beware the person with “two hearts” and whilst returning to base, she witnesses Suien killing his own men and realises that he’s the one with “two hearts”.

Akatsuki goes fucking nuts when he finds out and hunts for Suien the next night.  Instead, he’s attacked by Shingen’s cronies and he goes trans am and rapes everyone, Mana desperately screaming for him to stop but he doesn’t until Suien shows up and takes a stab.  Before Sui dies, he apologises for betraying him and says that he couldn’t go through with it because Akatsuki’s his bff and tells him of Shingen’s battle plans before dying in Akatsuki’s arms.

Though torn by Sui’s death, Akatsuki stays calm for the battle and finds out that Sui told the truth and Masatora’s troops are able to quickly own Shingen’s ass.  A possible bad end here if Mana gets in the way and results in Akatsuki taking a blow for her and dying after he tells her that he loves her.

Now that Masatora’s life is no longer in danger from either Sui or Shingen, Minawa tells Mana she’s able to go home but she asks for several more days with Akatsuki.  The latter however, acts like a tsundere brat the entire time, snapping at her to GTFOutta here already and to leave him alone.  On the day that she’s to leave, Mana gets pissed that the guy don’t get shit and shouts to the whole world “I LOVE YOU BAKA AKATSUKI!!!!!! :@:@:@”.

She turns around to leave, irritated and ending #1 has Akatsuki FINALLY being able to spit out wot he ‘s really been wanting to say and he grabs Mana, tells her that he was acting like a bitch because he didn’t want her to leave and kisses her.  Mana decides to stay behind with him.

Ending #2, Mana leaves before Akatsuki can get anything out and she returns to the 21st century.  She’s been gone for 4 months apparently and telling everyone that she can’t rmb wot’s happened (cept for her sis), her life returns to normal.  Months later, she’s up in a tree for some reason and the branch she’s on starts breaking.  Suddenly, she hears  a familiar voice and sees Akatsuki, in modern garb and it turns out he jumped into the portal after her but was warped to a different area.  He’s been trying to hunt her down all this time and finally having found her, he says the 3 words that he was unable to back then and all ends well: “…I love you.  Now hop down from that branch you dumb bitch before you hurt yourself.  Don’t worry, I’ll catch you :)”


Akatsuki’s bff ninja #2.  The foil of Akatsuki, Suien’s serene, polite and kind to Mana so the nice guy type.  I know i’ve sed this 398472398478392 times before but really, i DON’T like nice guys.  In 3D yeah they’d make a good hubby or dad woteva but ere, they honestly don’t make for very interesting stories.  Thankfully as revealed in Akatsuki’s route, Suien has some balls going down in his life so at least I have summin to motivate me to play his path.  That and he’s pretty XD


As mentioned in Akatsuki’s route, Sui’s got fucked legs and has been suffering from the agony, just that he keeps it under wraps and doesn’t whine about it.  However, this leads to him getting a fever and in the end, he tells Mana about the mission crap so she starts helping out with his work.

Soon leh, she falls for him cuz he’s pretty but it’s quickly made evident that he only sees her as a lil sis.  She throws a fit at this and runs off but Akatsuki sez that Sui’s like that, he prolly does like her just that he’s slow and realising that she’s been a dumb bitch, she runs back to Sui and apologises for having that lil epileptic seizure.

To the part where Mana finds out Sui is a baddie.  He tries to kill Mana but finds that he can’t and reveals to her why he’s doing this.  He had a lil sis long ago, they got separated and he was told she got killed but then Shingen tells him that he’s got his lil sis and if he wants her back, he’d btr work for him by infiltrating Masatora’s place and spying on the guy.  So really, right from the start Sui’s been working for Shingen.

Well NO SHIT his sister ain’t alive, don’t be a retard Sui and upon finding out, Sui blows Shingen’s plans and the guy gets owned.  However, Sui gets fatally wounded in the battle himself protecting Mana and kicks the bucket after he tells her that he loved her.

Mana returns brokenhearted back to the future but this is an otome game so no fucking way the good end is gonna be tragic aite, so one day she bumps into Sui’s rebirth and with both of em feeling summin from the past, they hook up and become a happy 3some along with Sui’s loli sis.


FUCK FUCK FUCK SO CUTE SO FUCKING CUTE.  First thing i thought when I saw him was “huh Saitou from Hakuouki” and he kinda is at the beginning but Shuuya just makes me lmfao with how adorably retarded he can be cuz he’s socially retarded and goes dere so easily –  all thanks to how spontaneous and straightforward Mana is.

To thank everyone for protecting her and shiet, Mana decides to bake some cookies for everyone and all the people are like “HORRRY SHIT WOT THIS GOD FOOD” and plan to use em for war food and shiet.

lololololol when Shuuya catches scent of the cookies, charges into the kitchen and starts going on a retard rampage, stuffing himself silly with cookies:

Mana: Uh…Shuuya…you’re eating all my cookies…


Needless to say, after that lil incident, Mana no longer sees him as a cool stoic ninja and starts sticking around with him cuz HE’S DAMN CUTE.  She helps out with his lil clinic of sorts (cuz he’s the resident doctor as well) but gets bitten by some poisonous bug and gets a huge fever.  Shuuya spends the nights by her side and when she saysthat she’s cold, he sleeps with her (SLEEP NOT SEX U PERVES XD) to keep her warm

Mana gets btr after and Shuuya starts getting jealous when she hangs with Suien.  She comes back and goes on about Suien and how she wants to know about him so Shuuya gets all pissy and tells her to go to Suien if he’s that much fun to hang with.  Mana doesn’t get shit ere and runs off with a “SHUUYA NO BAAAAAAAAAAAAKA” and Shuuya’s all “the fuck is wrong with me” and spends the next few days asking everyone wtf is up with him.

Thank fuck Mana forgives fast and goes over to Shuuya’s the same next day.  Shuuya tells her that she shouldn’t get so near him cuz he mite have some mysterious infectious disease – sometimes, all of a sudden, his face gets hot, his heart goes nuts and his chest hurts like a bitch.  Mana’s all “wtf man get outta here XD” and to apologise for being a weirdo, Shuuya makes lil fireworks for her on Tanabata.

The two start getting cosier and Shuuya takes Mana out to his lil sanctuary of fireflies and they watch em together.  Here, he fiiinnnaaaaryyy realises that he only gets all those symptoms when he’s around Mana and he has a moment of “…Oh fuck.  I’m in love with this person” but doesn’t say anything cuz he’s a ninja and frankly, they got bigger shit on their hands.

Big battle start and Mana is captured by Shingen’s men but it’s okay cuz our big boy Shuuya comes barreling through the doors and runs off with Mana but at the price of several of his own men.

Ere, Mana confesses to Shuuya who is obviously overjoyed but forces himself to reject her cuz he’s a ninja ie no point having love in his life, and what was the other thing again?


HERPA DERPA DERP MANA.  But she doesn’t give up, SCREW THE INAPPROPRIATE TIMING AND CIRCUMSTANCES SURROUNDING THEM, “I LOVE YOU BIC BOIIIIIIIIIIIII <3<3<3” and so, Shuuya kisses her and for a mo, she thinks he’s accepted her confession but really, he’s just slipping her some meds so she’d STFU and let him concentrate on fucking saving their lives.

Mana wakes up, finds herself alone and the battles over.  She thinks Shuuya’s dead and starts flipping out but Shuuya comes back, apologises and tells her that he likes her big time too but they can’t  be together cuz she from da future T.T  We all kno that Mana ain’t letting that happen so :”Hellz no, I told you that I loved you big boy so I ain’t fucking leaving this place, I’m not going anywhere; I’m staying – right here by your side =D”

Sooooooooooooo…Mana stays in the Sengoku period with Shuuya.  Shuuya unbecomes a ninja and lives out the rest of his days with Mana, running his lil clinic with her happily ever after.


Have you all figured out who Masato really is?  No? Fear not, giant spoilers below lol.  25, he’s the adopted son of sorts of Tougi jii, a vetran ninja, and is pretty cold to Mana (but he has a reason for that and we’ll all see later on ;)) Personalitywise, he’s serious and very no nonsense about everything, sensible and antisocial but becomes Mana’s Aloof Big Brother later on and in fact is really ******!! haha read on to find out.

Mana immediately thinks she’s hated by Masato cuz the guy’s always real curt and snappy with her so he’s put as “least fave ninja” on her list.  That changes the night when she tries to get home at night by screaming at Minawa to come out cuz Masato comes out to get her and when Mana goes “what do you care bitch you fucking hate me”, he says that he doesn’t so “…try not to hate me either”.  Aaaaw.

It’s pretty hot over ere so Mana decides to take a dip in a nearby river but out charges Papa Wolf Masato who wraps Mana up and barks at her for…for DARING TO WEAR SUCH REVEALING CLOTHES!!!  Why, she might get fucking raped out here wearing that harlot clothing, how could she?? XD  Mana is not pleased.

One day, Mana’s cleaning the place aite and she knocks over Masato’s stuff and HOORRYYYY SHIIIT WHAT IS A PAINTING OF HIGHSCHOOL HER DOING HERE?!?!  In comes Masato’s surrogate father, Old Man Tougi and Mana immediately asks how he found him.  Tougi jii found Masato when he was 10 near the lake. Shota Masato claimed not so rmb anything cept his name and age but Tougi jii immedaitely picked up that he was from the future the minute Mana came cuz they were both wearing “odd future clothes”.  There are some footsteps outside the room and Mana runs out to find Masato who had heard everything right from the start.

Mana chases after Masato cuz she’s worked out who he is – “Maakun?”.  Masato can’t hide it any longer and reveals that he is the lil neighbourhood brat she knew but he didn’t tell her cuz he didn’t want Mana to find out that he’s now a ninja, a fucking killer.  The day he went missing, he went to the lake in hopes that he’d meet Mana there but instead, he heard Minawa’s voice and saw Mana falling into the lake.  Without thinking, he charged into the lake after her and before he knew it, he’s in the Sengoku period, 15 years before Mana came ere.  Mana sez that he’s who he is, he ain’t Maakun anymore and she can accept that and Masato hugs her, saying that he’s glad that she’s alright but he tells her to not get close to him anymore cuz he’s a ninja, he’s got killinz work to do.

Like in Shuuya’s route, Mana gets captured during the battle but in flies superman Masato and he blows up all the enemies and gets her out – at the price of Tougi jii’s death.  He laments that he was never able to thank Tougi “oyaji” for all he did for him and Mana glomps the guy as he mourns his death

Day after, Minawa shows up in front of Masato n Mana.  He tells him that Masato wasn’t brought ere for nutin, Minawa needed someone to protect Mana while she saves Masatora and great timing, in dove Maakun, desperate to save Mana but he was only 10 so he was chucked back 15 yrs to digivolve into a good shinobi.  Mana confesses ere to Masato who just blushes his ass off and grudgingly admits that when he was Maakun, he was always pissed that he was born after Mana and was always trying to catch up to her in age and height so being tossed back 15 years and meeting her again, he’s damn thankful for it cuz now HE’S A MAN.

Battle end and nao Mana’s gotta go back.  Masato tells Mana he loves her, kisses her but  says he isn’t returning cuz this is now his time and he isn’t going to ask Mana to stay cuz he wants her to be happy, so go now Mana.  “FUCKBALLSHIT NOOOO” sez Mana and she hops back cuz her happiness is all with Masato =D

Epilogue has Masato quitting his shinobi job and becoming an artist.  The two now spend their time trekking all over jp and yayaya happy couple end.  Damn Masato is cute XD

Kojima Hideo Yatarou

The oyaji character.  Giant pervert who feels up Mana in the “teehee I TOUCHED YOUR TITTAAAAAYZZZ XDXD” way but is a nice uncle guy, cheery, laidback and takes good care of out protagonist.  Has been around Masatora since the latter was a kid and he looked to be 20ish back then so uh…I’m guessing he’s near his 40s *squick* (38 to be exact).  There’s pretty much nutin btwn him and Mana in his route ^^;;

Mana’s pretty curious about Kojima’s past with Masatora and finds out that the former was the latter’s bitch samurai or summin.  Masatora was pretty bratty as a kid and did woteva he wanted cuz “I’M FUCKING MASATORA BITCH” so he kept running around by himself and never coming home.  Once, our lil shota ran across a bear in the woods and was about to be done in but Kojima to the rescue and that’s how our pervert uncle got that X shaped scar on his face.  Masatora thanks Kojima and orders the guy to call him “Tora” – “Be honoured, you’re the only one who can call me this”

Mana gets injured in an attempt to protect Rurinmaru (shota ninja boy) from enemy ninjas one day and Kojima starts totally freaking out and smothering her like an overprotective parent from then on.  Mana is kinda weirded out and finds out from his sis that it’s cuz he used to have a wife 20 yrs ago and she died from having a weak body so now he gets overly worried whenever anyone gets sick/hurt.  Mana starts getting jealous ere and figures that she’s got the hots for Kojima.

Blablablablabla big battle shit woteva.  Kojima brings Mana back to the lake and Mana professes her love for him here.  Kojima doesn’t take her seriously cuz “YO I’M OLD ENOUGH TO BE YOUR FUCKING DAD” so Mana plants a kiss on him and he realises that she’s serious and he admits that he loff her too.  Like where the fuck did all this come from? =.=”

Tougi Kanehisa

Yatarou not old for all you geezer loving fangirls?  Well rejoice all of you, cuz WE HAVE A REAL OLD MAN, TOUGI JIIIIIIIIIIII XDXD  Like wtf when I saw him listed as a playable character but I read his route isn’t really *that* kinda sex love otome kind and is apparently pretty sweet so I wasn’t all “WTF” o.O;; when I was playing him.  Very traditional, straightfaced and proper but u kno, old people are generally pretty nice.

Um nvm abt the “no romance thing” cuz Mana FALLS IN LOVE WITH TOUGI JII *cringes slightly*.  His route was very…boring.  I’m not being biased towards old men routes or anything (though admittedly I don’t get what’s so attractive about bushy white beards, wrinkly skin and arthritis no offense yo) but nothing really happened ere.  It was just old man Tougi being nice to Mana and the only mildly interesting thing that happened was how he’s bad with animals because he admits he’s afraid of hurting them in his murdering shinobi hands.

So fast forward to the endings then.  The battle’s over and Tougi jii takes Mana to the lake to get her back.  Mana doesn’t want to leave and confesses to Tougi jii (gotta be the biggest moment of “dear lord” for me in this game) and says that she wants to stay with him.  Tougi jii flat out rejects her CUZ HE’S A GOOD OLD MAN AND DOESN’T TOUCH MINORS but admits that her coming here was prolly the best thing that’s ever happened to him. Ending one has Mana ignoring the old man’s protests and forcing herself onto him so he takes her in and the two live together in the end.

Ending 2 has Mana respecting Touji jii’s wishes and heading back to her time.  Some time passes and Mana’s sis digs up a family tree in which to Mana’s WTF, shows that she’s Rurinmaru’s descendant.  Underneath, she sees a small wooden carving of a girl, exactly like her and engraved on the bottom is “Tougi Kanehisa”.  The end.

Yamamoto Kansuke

YES SAKURAI TAKAHIRO <3  Kinda like the Kazama of the game, stalks Mana, is a smug sexy bastard and u kno, isn’t really a big bad, just uh…doesn’t know how to approach our protagonist in a tactful NORMAL manner of courtship.  Is Shingen’s genius strategist but doesn’t feel any loyalty towards jack, just does wot he wants wen he wants.  Oh AND HE CAN COOK >w<

Kansuke hears about how this future girl’s with Masatora and decides to pay Mana a visit outta sheer curiosity.  However, that all changes when he sees her face and he throws up he gets all srs and demands to know whether they’ve met or before.  Amused, Mana just asks whether he’s hitting on her or not before her ninjas tell Kansuke to bugger off.

Mana thinks nothing more of our nanpa weirdo till she gets a dream that night of a long haired Kansuke calling someone “Kanade”.  She dreams of him again the next night and realises that he’s calling HER Kanade – “like wtf?”

Couple of days after, she gets homesick, can’t take this Sengoku shit and runs out to the lake at night and screams at it to bring her back, she don’t wanna be here anymore.  Kansuke shows up and goes “Don’t want to be here?  In that case, come with me then.” *snogs* but Masatora cockblocks here and Mana goes back.

Of course Kansuke ain’t giving up so he comes again later and successfully captures her.  Mana finds herself locked in a room and asks why he’s calling her Kanade.  Kansuke just smirks in response and asks Mana to tell him about herself so over the next few days, he stays with her and finds out about her time.  He asks her why she’s so desperate to save Masatora and why she can’t just stay by his side.  Mana’s just like “wtf u saying bitch” and so Kansuke decides to give her back to Masatora.  Before he leaves, Mana asks just who he is and he admits that he doesn’t know – “I don’t know my real name, I have no parents, I don’t know when or why I was born.  All I know is that I am who I am, you are Kanade, and you are mine” *snogs again and disappears*

Back with Masatora, Mana tells em all wot went down and hears rumours about Kansuke, that he’s a monster, he mass slaughtered 2947293472934 ppl and that he’s actually immortal, having been alive over 600 years ago.  Mana has another dream, this time of burning to death because she betrayed her village for someone.

Nearing the big boss battle now.  At night, Mana encounters Kansuke and asks wot happened with this Kanade cuz she’s figured out that Kanade was her past life.  Kansuke tells her nothing cept that they met a long time ago, but their time was short and he lost her and since then, he’s been walking this earth alone, only able to see her in his dreams and now that he’s finally found her again, he ain’t gonna let go again.  Mana can’t help but cry here and Kansuke sadly jokes at how the mere prospect of being with him brought her to tears and he tells her not to cry, kisses her cheek and leaves.

Another dream again.  Kansuke asks her name but Mana’s past self doesn’t have one cuz she’s shitty low status so he graces her with the name Kanade and promises that he’ll take her out of this hellhole with him after he’s done *something*.  But he fails and is sentenced to death.  Kanade nicks the keys, frees him but refuses to go with him cuz they won’t be able to make it out the two of em without being noticed, so he thanks her and swears he won’t forget her.  Kanade is captured shortly after and burnt to death.

Mana meets Kansuke again and seeing that she’s remembered, he tells her that he was a ninja sent to steal the secrets of the village but met her and fell in love with her.  He asks again whether she’ll come with him now and though Mana wants to, she says that she must save Masatora so desperate to have her no matter wot, Kansuke goes to Masatora and relays Shingen’s battle plans to the guy.

Masatora wins the fight and after the battle, Kansuke comes for Mana who hugs the cry crying and he asks for the 3rd time whether she’ll come with him or not.

HAHAHAHAHA totally lmfao ending with Mana if chooses to go with the guy.  She’s like “YES I LOVE YOU BABY” but then all of a sudden, he sticks her and she’s all “??!^*^^*@!^#*!@^*#!^@” dying on the ground and Kansuke’s like “Wait for me baby, I’ll join you real quick, then we’ll be together forever” *stabs himself* LOLWOT XDXD

For the sane ending, Mana rejects Kansuke on the grounds that he sees her as “Kanade” and not herself so she won’t go with him.  She tells him that she loved the “Now Kansuke” before stepping into the portal but last minute, Kansuke pulls her back, snogs her and calling her “Mana” tells her he’ll catch up to her, just wait for him (i ain’t puttin up the kiss cg cuz Kansuke looks like he’s sucking shit outta a hippo’s asshole, just take my word for it)

Back in the present Mana’s at the lake with her sis.  Her sis sees someone stalking Mana and walks off to give em some alone time and the lil creep reveals himself to be Kansuke.  He’s been living all this time and finally, after 45x years, he’s caught up to Mana’s time and he asks for the last time, “Come with me, Mana”

Several years later, the two are married and living together.  Kansuke looks at his hand and notices that OMFG he’s actually getting old.  He rmbs wot Kojima’s lil sis told him, that to grow old is proof that one is living, that one is human, so he smiles and sez to himself that growing old together with Mana ain’t bad at all.

Afterthoughts and Conclusion


Masatora is damn fine ;D

Totally Kansuke, Shuuya and Masato for faves man, they were just too adorable.  Oh and of course, MASATORAAAAAAA *rages that he wasn’t made a playable character*.  The other characters were cute too but their routes felt devoid of anything and that really detracted from their characters as well.  Mana was pretty funny a heroine too, a lotta spunk, assertive and straightforward but she seemed to have this odd tendency to confess at the most inappropriate times e.g DURING A FUCKING WAR. Like yo DO THIS L8ERZ.

The minute I got to the start page, i was like “DAMN this is gonna have fab music” and I wasn’t disappointed.  It wasn’t brilliant like Sweet Pool’s but it fit the setting well and the OPs and EDs weren’t half bad.  Kansuke for fave voice CUZ HE’S SAKURAI TAKAHIRO. Masato and Suien too cuz well, I just liked their voices lol.

Like I said, I don’t know the Sengoku period but it was a pretty nice change to have an otome game on it.  I didn’t really care for the battle plans and shiet cuz I had no fucking idea wot they were going on about but u kno, I like war and fighting stories so that’s good.  Kansuke and Masato’s routes were ma faves cuz they were different and for the former, I’ve always had a thing for rebirth stuff so that was a treat.  RAAAAAAAGE at Masatora and Rurinmaru not having a real route :@:@:@  That and the epilogues sucked BALLS.

Art was pretty.  Loved the style and colouring and was pretty smooth the whole way cept for a couple of inconsistencies in style but they weren’t bad, just different.  Kansuke, Shuuya and Akatsuki get mah vote for smexiest ;D


srsly man, not fucking enough.  As a whole, the game was pretty damn good u kno, great music, great art, cute characters and a solid story but WHY IS THERE NOT ENOUGH IN EACH ROUTE?!?!  Like for half the charas (ESP. KOJIMA), there was almost no romance till the last chapter and a good portion of the last chapter was devoted to FIGHTING so WOT. DER. FAAAACK.  *sigh* Bitches had btr make a fandisk for this =.=”

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  1. SYLSYL Says:

    OLD MAN….. WOTTT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?
    i c appeal with kojima (not reli) but….. god
    japanese ppl *wink wink*
    totally 4 shuuya, akatsuki and masatou :D:D:D:D:D

    *oink oink*

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    Yay old man. No comment.

    But YES! I was hoping that you’d cap this game cuz I don’t plan on playing it but I still wanted to knowww~~ (And see them pretty CG’s. Too lazy to look for em myself LOL)

    Btw LOL@ “but u kno, old people are usually pretty nice.” I wish that they kept his route at ending 2. Bittersweet yeah~~

    And lol @ Kojima’s route. It could’ve been good, man, it could’ve (if Otomate wasn’t so bent on making their games incomplete on way or another. Srsly it’s like if it’s not incomplete IT’S NOT SUITABLE FOR SALE.)

  3. domshiki Says:

    yeah seriously, OLD MAN. like wtf? all was goin smoothly till Mana suddenly went “FUCK ME OLD MAN” and JESUS FUCKING CHRIST WTF?!?!

    oh lawd. but biggest suck goes to Kojima. Rubbish route man. *sigh* least i got ma Kansuke, Shuuya and Masato XD

    • hairband Says:

      Kansuke’s ryouki end was really random though. Cero B… Ah well I guess they already surpassed level of happy happy by splattering blood all over the place and having chars die (and get reborn LOL) so I probably shouldn’t be complaining. Not that I am. (BLOOD FTW EXCEPT FOR THE GURO KIND!!) <–no not really. that wasn't actually what I meant… hmm…

      • domshiki Says:

        lol yeah wtf kansuke man XD though too true, i kinda like how it’s not all happy sugary ballsacks and has some dying in it (u want blood and guts, FUCKING BERSERK HELLZ YEAH)

  4. joey Says:

    help! i’ve got the game and i finished it first with akatsuki, then shuuya, and now i really want kansuke’s route.

    PS. in my new playthrough, I’m with rurinmaru!!!

    • For Kansuke’s route I suggest you follow this.
      The website has all the routes as well.
      If you want to complete the whole game there’s a normal route as well and for the ??? (old man route), you have to finish Masato’s route.
      Hope it helps.

      • joey Says:

        Thank you so much! :DDD kansuke here i comeeeeee. lol. Hmm… do you also know if the OST is available for download? Thanks again! -bows-

  5. Micol Says:

    I am very hot on older men eventhough i am still 17
    That why i like Masatou, Kojima and Tougi.
    I hope I can have them in real life.

  6. I finished Shuuya’s route but it seems different from whats written here =\ either i missed something or made some wrong choices but shuuya didn’t really reject her and give her the im a ninjia D= talk, in the end she went look for him, and saw the hotaru and then shuuya showed me. he just said we together, always, and she said, call me by my name. after he said mana the game was over O_O;;

  7. It seems so :( I also missed a cg for masato even though my gallery for him shows up as completed D:…yet i missed the kiss cg T_T. I will go through it again, thanks for the link!

  8. I really liked this game, even if it was more fighting than romance, and the CGs were sorta random. Like, wth is with Yatarou’s CG of him bending a medal bar with lighting all around? lol.

    Anyway, I just finished Suien’s route, and missed a CG. It showed it in his ending credits, one where he’s dying? He’s lying down with blood around his mouth and neck, and Mana is next to him. The guide I followed only told me how to get his “Happy End”. Do you know how to get the one I’m talking about?


  9. Rellea Says:

    “sucking shit outta a hippo’s asshole”… >>”
    I read the first chapter of the manga (that was just scanlated) and was expecting some Masatora loving. Durn, but oh well. The old man ones cracked me up. Aside from the… explicit descriptions, I like your style of writing. Tis funny.^^

  10. guest Says:

    Your review and TAKAHIRO SAKURAI really got me to this game.xD

    Did you get the fandisk of the game too?It was quite nice,especially for Shuuya and Kansuke.The latter has too much flirt situation *24/7 nosebleed*

    • domshiki Says:

      haha thanks, i have the FD and I’ve gone through akatsuki and shuuya’s route atm – it’s pretty good das for sure ;)

  11. nanazuki Says:

    I’m at lost!!!! I tried replaying and replaying the game but I can’t find Kansuke’s route!!! TTATT
    can someone help me?

  12. AleX Says:

    Holy fuckin nipples those guys r rapeable!!!!! <3 oh well i guess i might not buy it though since theres not enough smexiness

  13. Demure Says:


    Haha, anyway I wanna play this game sooo badly D: *Cannotz reads the Nippon Language* But seeing it here, with hilarious added commentary, made me squeel! OMG MASATOU Y U SO SEXY?! Haha the old geezer routes made me cringe though xD BUT LOL I wanna see the random stab route so badly xD The man be CrayCray.

  14. Tanumaru Says:

    Ur story-telling style is very amusing :D

  15. Natsu Says:

    Dayummmmmmm, fabulous descriptions. I got to fangirl at pretty men and crack up at the same time. Anyways, y’know that they’ve made a manga out of this? Pfft, it’s obviously going along the Akatsuki route, seriously.

  16. Kyaaa~ Says:

    I really wanna play the game nao…


    *in love*

  17. Kyaaa~ Says:


  18. Really fun reading!

  19. TemarasWiltingFan Says:

    LOL instead of giving two [BS] old geezer routes they could have given us routes for Masatora and Rurinmaru instead. What were they thinking?! Or perhaps they weren’t thinking at all and getting high on bongs XD Afraid to know that there is an old man fetish somewhere in Japan lol

  20. KuroMuffin Says:

    LOL why do people always gotta make an otome game based on war, fantasy, and other crammed in crazy story BS? Let there be normal romance for once. Can happen in ye olden times without war too you know XD Now they gotta add in an OLD MAN for variety! Hooray!

    • domshiki Says:

      rofl ikr thought I notice it’s mostly Otomate who does the whole 99% story content thing with their historical/fantasy games. I love me my history and fantasy but jesus it’s like the games are written by historians sometimes lol, like Otomate forgets they’re doing romance games, not bloody RISK or some shit. The old man in this game was just for pure lulz i swear

  21. Kinotori Says:

    Who is the artist of the game?

  22. I’m kind of sad that they didn’t have a good end where Mana returns to the future (in any route.) And she gets with the reincarnation because of a “special feeling” or whatever bullshit that is.

    I want Shuuya as a modern medical student. I love Shuuya. Give me Shuuya. :(

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