Just an Excuse to Post Pretty Pictures – #1

Exactly what it says on the tin. Goddamn Usuba Kagerou.  Just GODDAMNIT, I LYSFM.

13 Responses to “Just an Excuse to Post Pretty Pictures – #1”

  1. hairband Says:

    Fave char? (Or just for prettiness…?)

  2. amysteriousgal Says:

    What did you link to TVtropes for? Most of the ‘net now agrees that it’s bad protocol to link TVtropes without a warning attached to it somewhere visible.

    [saves pretty picture]

    • hairband Says:

      Wait why can’t we link to tvtropes without mentioning?

    • domshiki Says:

      exactly wot it says on the tin. the link works though don’t it? WAIT WHY DO I CARE THE MAIN POINT IS THE FUCKING PICTURE NOT TVTROPES XDXD

      • amysteriousgal Says:

        See? That’s the problem. If you put a TVtropes link there, especially if it goes before the image itself, it’ll overshadow the rest of the post.

        [Googles Usuba Kagerou] Why is Wikipedia at the top of the list even though it has nothing to do with what I’m looking for?

  3. hairband Says:

    Ohhh that’s crazy! But maybe tvtropes wouldn’t have become the subject if you didn’t mention it being potentially dangerous in terms of overshadowing the whole post.

    But wait. Maybe it IS dangerous in that way because somebody will post about how tvtropes is totally gonna overshadow the whole post!

    OMG BRAIN IMPLODE (this is what James Joyce meant by epiphany eh.)

    • amysteriousgal Says:

      Looks like TVtropes does spark off a stream of meta-commentary and meta-meta-commentary, and thus derail the subject entirely.

      So, let’s talk about the picture.
      This pretty picture is pretty; in fact, it’s as pretty as a pretty pretty picture, which must itself be pretty pretty. At this point, pretty much all of you should pretty much be experiencing pretty bad semantic satiation over the pretty over-the-top overuse of the word “pretty”, until the word “pretty” begins to feel pretty strange and pretty meaningless, also pretty possibly making you wonder if I’m spelling “pretty” correctly. (I’m pretty sure that “pretty” is spelt as “pretty”.) But I’m pretty hopeful the pretty picture above which is pretty pretty with help you recover from your pretty bad headache.

  4. Gruff Guano Says:

    It is a pretty picture.

    A bit strange that tears seem to be running down the girl’s cheek. In what looks like an underwater environment ?

  5. Miaro Says:

    She’s like oh sh@t I cant breath, —- stop hugging me even more —-

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