Sandeian: Ore no YOME~! (♂)

Okay, this is a post dedicated to my ‘yome’ or bride. Or if I just say it in basic terms – my favourite character!

And!!! MY YOME IS!!!



You know, my love for KAITO is a little… odd. Mainly as he’s a vocaloid he doesn’t really have an official depiction but …

I LOVE EVERY SINGLE ONE!!! (though i do like ikemen Kaito more than the oniisan Kaito)


Image spam:

Sorry, as long as its Kaito I like!

looks like Hibari..


left: Kaito middle: Ren (crossdressing) right: Gackpo

left: Taito (yandere form or something) middle: AKAITO (a red Kaito) right: Kaito

I really like all three of them. but Kaito is still my fav.

Something like - You ate my icecream.


OKAY!! ONTO – MANLY KAITO!! q(≧∇≦*)(*≧∇≦)p

right... um, not really sure about this one.


… changing background

its amazing what significance backgrounds have….


or … something domshiki sent me.

what the hell?

Sigh, I think I have too many pics so bringing to an end. Let’s see. Hmm….




Anyway, my top 10 ranking in ♂ characters:

[does not have any guys from otome games. will post another post for them… maybe]

1. KAITO (vocaloid)


2. Mikuo (vocaloid genderbend)

3. GIN-SAN!! (Gintama)

4. Romano + Prussia + Hong Kong + Japan + China (Basically the Hetalia cast – sorry like everyone)

lol orz

5. Kamui (Gintama)

6. Matsuba (Pokemon – lol)

7. Hibari Kyouya (Reborn!)

8. Minato (Male main chara of P3)

9.  Red (Pokemon again)

10. too many to name. Sorry, lets just make this an open spot…


Uhh, Im going to Japan for holiday so don’t think I will be blogging much for a while… Everything depends on domshiki then! …




13 Responses to “Sandeian: Ore no YOME~! (♂)”

  1. Cloudy Says:

    That Mikuo and Kaito one made me lol.

    Nice favorite list, I thought I was the only one who fangirled over Matsuba ( a whole bunch of MatsubaxKotone really got me into that).

    • RIGHT!! same for me, i went crazy looking for matsuba x kotone pics on pixiv. Used to hate kotone for looking like mario but…. MATSUxKOTO is AWESOME~!

  2. domshiki Says:


    excuse me WOT i'm takin a flippin break ere man, needa finish ma god eater, peace walker and ghost recon yo so i ain't gettin anythin out till laterz =P *sigh* guess i'll make a start on Hiiro no kakera 3 n 4 and starry shit in summer. wof'll have to wait cuz im tired ==

    • take your time. all you have is pressure. and are you gonna do an ‘ore no yome’ post aswell?
      wasnt sure so made the title – sandeian: ore no yome.
      planning to have ♀ore no yome but can only think of yuki and kyonko. seriously. dont remember fangirling (?) over any other one… and not counting games so sorry chizuru.

      • domshiki Says:

        all i have is pressure eh lol. yeah i’ll do one sometime l8erz, both genders. mb u shud split it into like game and animga u get wot i mean. one specifically for anime shitz and the other from ur gamin crap. i dunno.

      • right… little too late considering i put in minato, matsuba and red…

  3. hairband Says:

    Actually the one that you said looks like Hibari looks a little like Zetsubou sensei to me. xD

  4. read this in ipse when there was no teacher and everyone was saying HUH THT’S UR GAY PORN?!?!?!?!?!
    and i go….

    thinks : my gay porn is not as… mild.

    Kaito ftw… KAMUI XD gotta love tht pic XD

  5. shimato Says:

    I like that Black Rock Kaito XD

    Have a good trip!

    • thank you~!
      … out of curiosity, which black rock kaito do you like?
      the sensible one or the … other one?

      • shimato Says:

        The… the red (sensible?) one XD; The other one did make me laugh, though.

  6. amysteriousgal Says:

    Thank you for doubling the number of images in my Kaito folder.
    Most of my favourite characters, for whatever reason, are girls.
    Furude Rika. Bernkastel. Asagami Fujino. Stocking.
    Wait a minute, I think I see a pattern…

  7. Elly Says:

    does any one know where the kaito pic with the blue bird came from? the one thats rated number 1 of top 10 i only ask because i need refrence pics im mkaing the outfit.

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