Otome Game Review – Starry Sky in Summer

Alternative Titles: Starry☆Sky ~in Summer~

Company: honeybee

Release Date: 26.06.09

Official Site: http://www.honeybee-cd.com/summer/index.html

Platform: PC, PSP

Genre:AVG, otome,  romance, archery, moar happy 4some

Plot Summary: Hoorayz it’s more stupid Tsukiko!! =.=”  Now she’s gone and ditched her previous osananajimi to go whore with 3 other new guys in the archery club – good on you bitch.  Much like the first one, she’s originally in a happy3some with 2 archery guys but a new kid comes in and starts fucking things up by hitting on Tsukiko 24/7.  OH NOEZ WHAT SHOULD TSUKIKO DO??

Kanakubo Homare

The prez of the archery club.  Kinda like Suzuya from the first game, he’s the papa peace keeper in the group, gentle and serene but piss him off and YOU SCREWED BITCH.  Though he’s pro at archery, he keeps trippin up in tournaments cuz for some jack annoying reason, he keeps getting last minute diarrhoea and shits his pants.  You know, stagefright, summin like dat.

We all think that Homare ain’t gonna be part of the stupid fight for Tsukiko aite?  Well like Starry Sky in Spring, with how Suzuya was just suppressing his feelings, Homare’s kinda doing the same too, only he’s a devious bastard and pulls Tsukiko away from the others – just cuz he can.  Normally nice too but when the new kid starts fucking around too much, he blows his top and warns the guy that he’d better start fucking taking shit seriously or he’s gonna ass rape him right here in front of everybody.

So wot I sed earlier abt his untimely diarrhoea problem.  He’s really bad when he’s gotta perform well and can’t take all the “NO PRESSURE” shit and this ultimately led to them losin the finals last year.  He wanted to give up but Tsukiko was there to support him now he’s the prez but still cursed with this rather annoying affliction.

It’s pretty obvious that he likes Tsukiko cuz he keeps making some not so subtle hints but as with the Spring game, Tsukiko’s a giant dumbass and doesn’t get anything he says…or realise that she’s falling in love with him too.  She catches him in a phone call with another girl and thinking that it’s his gf, starts avoiding him for the next couple of days till Homare’s like “dude that was my LIL SIS.” XD

He tells her that he’s gonna confess to the chick he likes if they win the competition and writes summin on her hand and tells her not to look at it till they win it tomoz.  Tsukiko does the same to him and wen they win, they meet up on the roof and Tsukiko checks out her hand and realises that SHE’S THE GIRL HE LIKES ZOMG LIKE NO WAY!!!  She likes him big time too so they start making out.

The next day, Tsukiko’s all alone in the dojo training or summin but then there’s a giant thunderstorm and then a blackout.  She starts freakin, calls Homare’s name and BEHOOOOLD in comes in her superman Homare cuddles her until she’s calmed down and shiet.

Cuz Homare’s a 3rd year, he’s graudatin and leavin em all this year and before he goes, he asks Tsukiko to call him by his first name and they promise that they’ll never be apart, some mushy shit like that ^^;;  In the end, the two are together checking out churches in which to get married in.  The end.

Miyaji Ryuunosuke

HELLZ YEAH IT’S KAMIYA HIROSHI >w<  Vice prez of the archery club, stoic, serious and oh so adorable i swear.  He’s called “ONIIIIII” all the time by everyone else but that’s just cuz he’s got some Gurren Lagann level passion and MAN GAR for archery.  Really, he’s this giant bukiyou nice guy who just can’t spit anything out honestly cuz it’d fuck up his pride n embarrass him so much that his testicles would shrivel up and rot off.  Has a giant sweet tooth.

you gonna get raped by the baka trio, Miyaji >;D

Much like Kanata from the first game, Miyaji immediately hates the newcomer, Azunyan’s, guts and said contempt is so not helped by the guy rubbing himself all over Tsukiko.  Cuz u kno, Miyaji’s apparently always harboured some mild interest in the girl but is too busy fappin over his archery to take that up a notch.  That is, till Azunyan comes.  These two spend all their time bitchin at each other and shiet till Azunyan finally gets a lil more serious and till Miyaji grudgingly accepts that the former ain’t really just messin up or shit.  Tsukiko is now happy.

Tsukiko hangs with Miyaji a lot cuz they’re from the same class and he’s the reliable guy aite, and through their many encounters, the two start gettin all cosy, just that they don’t realise it cuz guess wot, BOTH of them are GIANT.SLOW.FUCKING.RETARDS.  Like when they go to the summer festi and Miyaji offers Tsukiko a bite of his cotton candy which takes a chomp directly from in her usual tennen fashion while Miyaji’s all “OMFGWTFBBQ INDIRECT KISS EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE” but they think nothing of it later on lol.  Same thing with Miyaji givin Tsukiko some of his cake and Tsukiko eats directly from his used fork.  Aiyaaaaa ~

Ok fastforward.  Everyone owns the tournament and all is good.  But then a girl from another school hands Tsukiko a love letter to give to Miyaji so Tsukiko calls Miyaji out to the roof.  Obviously Miyaji’s real delighted and shiet cuz he thinks the letter’s from her but he’s crushed wen she goes “the fuck dumb bitch it’s not from me” and snaps at her to bin it cuz it won’t change “his feelings” *MAJOR HINT ERE TSUKIKO*.  He saunters off after in a huff cuz he’s irritated that she can hand him a love letter from someone without getting all jealous or anything – “..?!! *gasp* Wait a tick…doesn’t that mean that I’m in love with Tsukiko then?!?! UIRTW8CVTNAEWICTGRABISURGS”

The next day, Miyaji gets some hair in his face so Tsukiko helps him pin it up with some clips but HORRRY SHIT WOT DIS Miyaji gets all horny and unable to contain his primal man urges, he starts snogging Tsukiko who’s all “WTF IS THIS SHIT” and after a hasty apology, Miyaji makes a mad dash for the exit and runs off.

For the next couple of days, Miyaji avoids Tsukiko like she’s got some highly evolved “infect on contact” AIDS and when she does finally get him to talk, he just tells her to forget abt the kiss cuz it don’t mean jack shit.  Thank fuck Tsukiko ain’t as useless as the first game and she tells him that HE can forget abt it but she won’t – it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to her.

In the morn, Tsukiko meets Azunyan in the dojo where she can’t take it anymore and start baaawing. In busts Miyaji and Azunyan starts spouting shit abt how Tsukiko’s his nao so Miyaji gets jealous and drags Tsukiko outside.  Here, he confesses to her but was a wuss and afraid of gettin hurt so he rejected her till Azunyan called him the night before and told him how he’s gonna take his Tsukiko – “I don’t give a shit whether you’re going out with Azusa now or not, I just wanted to tell you that I like you BIG TIME so-” “DUMB BITCH I LOVE YOU TOO.” *make out fest*.  There we go ;)

So now they become der gf bf, Tsukiko wants to go home with Miyaji the next day and calls him over.  However, unbeknownst to her, her bf is extremely sexually frustrated and a mere tap on the shoulder results on the guy feeling her up and wot not.  Ok not really but something of the like.  While he’s blushing his balls off, not knowing wot to do, everyone else is outside giggling ad watching him blunder like some giant brain damaged troll till he realises and throws a “DETTE IKEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE” fit.  Ah Miyaji.  In the end, the two go to uni and promise to marry each other once they’re done.

Kinose Azusa

Azunyaaaaaaaaaan ~  Yeah fucking right Azunyan is 2983472938479238749283 times cuter than this ugly shit.  Like wtf is up with his retard hairdo, like he lawn mowed his fringe off and used them as extensions for the back of his buttfugly bald head.  Do not want.  Dumbass hair aside, he’s kinda like Tomoe from the Spring game, shows up outta nowhere and won’t fucking stop trying to sex Tsukiko up. He even has the same rivalry love hate thing with Miyaji.  Not very creative, are you honeybee -.-

His route was a pain to plow through.  Didn’t like him at all, he was like this giant stupid floozy who kept making silly passes at Tsukiko and THEN HE WENT EMO.  Dude like yo wot?!  I don’t fucking need this wangst shit screw off!  Apparently, he’s some prodigy archer and everyone’s always tellin him he’s god and shit but he knows his archery lacks this certain druggie high feeling to it that Tsukiko’s archery has so he starts wangsting about how he’s not good enough and more bs like that till Tsukiko slaps him around and tells him to “MAN THE FUCK UP BITCH.” so he stfus and starts hitting on her again.  Gah.

After that he starts really asking her out and they win the archery thing and the two start going steady.  Azunyan, with his usual air of douchyness starts gloating about how he got der onli chick in school, pissing everyone and me off so thank fuck when the game ends with just him wanting to make out with Tsukiko etc woteva.

On a separate note, if you choose not to go for any of the main 3, Tsukiko can get a friendship ending with the one of the Baka Trio (the 3 other idiot archery members) but nutin really happens with em so I won’t write abt it unless someone wants it bad.

Afterthoughts and Conclusion

Okay fine.  It was waaaaaaaaay better than the first one.  BUT THAT STILL DOESN’T MEAN IT WAS GOOD.

Fucking Miyaji all the way for fave character.  Bliddy adorable I say, bliddy adorable.  Azunyan was meh and Homare was alright, nutin groundbreaking.  The 3 subcharacters, the baka trio, were pretty funny and spent all their time cockblocking just for kicks.  Huge improvement on Tsukiko man, found some of her lost brain cells and I admit, I actually LIKED her as a heroine cuz she was pretty cute with how she was so fucking tennen.

Full marks for music JUST CUZ ITOU KANAKO SANG THE ED.  Yes i’m a biased lil shit i know.  Definitely Miyaji for fave voice cuz he’s Kamiya Hiroshi.  Homare’s voice got on my nerves and I don’t like Fukuyama Jun’s voice cept for when he’s going all Lelouch on us.

FUCKING LOVE THE ART.  i really like Kazuaki’s soft colours, onli that I hated Azunyan’s character design.  Like EW.

As I said with the first Starry Sky, the plot was ballz.  Like it was just ur high school romance game so yeah but the scenes were pretty boring and i got tired of how everyone kept going “TSUKIKO MY GOD” shit cuz wtf man, it was like some retarded paparazzi turd yo.  On the plus side, it was waaaaaaaaaay btr than the Spring game cuz Tsukiko din’t wangst over how suck it was to have a guy like her and actually did summin in the routes.

So in the end?  SHITLOADS better than Starry Sky in Spring, but like I said, that don’t mean this game was outstanding, oh hell no it wasn’t.  Boring, unimaginative plot, only one cute guy to go after (apart from the Baka Trio cuz they were hilarious), and doesn’t leave you wowed or anything.  Havin sed that though, they really did improve on it, the art was fab and Tsukiko found her lost marbles ere so good for them.  Oh and damn i love the system.  So really, don’t get too excited over this cuz it’s nutin big, a game that merits a “pass” mark but still tops the first one by a good 9283749823794 miles.  imao anyway.

21 Responses to “Otome Game Review – Starry Sky in Summer”

  1. ‘FUCKING LOVE THE ART. i really like Kazuaki’s soft colours, onli that I hated Azunyan’s character design. Like EW.’


    i like the baka trio, shame u cant go for them XD

  2. The information is useful. Thanks for sharing the article and knowledge.

  3. gah I loved starry sky in summer. I just got the PSP version of this and I plan to play it next xDDD Seeing CGs added for all those scenes in the PC game that DESPERATELY NEEDED A CG is fking awesome \( ^o^)/

    • nevermind couldn’t get emulator to work OTL…. will have to just settle on the PC fandisk instead I guess T_T

      • domshiki Says:

        too true, though im not too impressed with the starry sky franchise so far, i kinda wanna check out the after season stories too XD

  4. Jest Says:

    I really lol when I read your reviews. Fuck proper prose, I’d rather read something like this instead!

    I didn’t even bother with Azusa; I was already UP TO HERE with Jun’s voice way before I found out he was in this so I ignored him altogether (fuck yeah auto-skip!). His design didn’t help either. Seriously, lol. No offense to anyone who likes him… just my opinion. :s

    Additionally, there’s another ending for him… when he’s taller……. and still retains that stupid haircut. I lol’d hard when I saw it. (If it wasn’t for Kazuaki….)

    Homare’s cool and all but Miyaji & the other three are the best things in this game. :’)

    tl;dr Azusa is small-time; everyone else is aiiight. ;)

    • domshiki Says:

      thanks, a nice thought u kno that someone appreciates all my random cussing and bs xD

      UGH SO TRUE WOTS WITH AZUNYAN MAN HIS STUPID CHOB DERP HAIR. lmao wen he gets taller, like that really makes a difference

      MIYAJI <3

      • Jest Says:

        Probably because some of the storylines I come across for otome games are co contrived, I just want to read someone review them in the way it should be (like this post and Hinano’s). ;)

  5. Stunning images! I appreciate the post so much! ;)

  6. riuriu Says:

    L-LOL the heroine has eyes in her CGs now. *u*;;

    I’ve only played the PC version and I’m just stung by the sheer amount of extra content the portable version has. Curse youuuu Honeybeeeeee.

  7. Alifa Says:

    i like STARRY SKY aku suka nonton videonya kaulah terpopuler!!!
    I <3 <3 <3 U STARRY SKY IN SUMMER,,,,terutama MIYAJI,,,,, I <3 <3 <3 U MIYAJI!!!!

  8. Jessica Chan Says:

    Are u gonna do starry sky after summer when it comes out

  9. momo Says:

    Hey~ lol, I sort of played the PC version (till it crashed haha) and I kinda want to get the PSP version~ Was wondering if it was mostly voiced? (kind of like the PC version) ~.~ I want to hear Miyaji’s voice :D

    • domshiki Says:

      yup it’s all voiced cept for tsukiko ;)

      • momo Says:

        Thanks for the reply~~
        Haha, I thought as much.
        *___* man, i just want this game for Miyaji and to hear Kamiyan’s sexy voice lols <3

  10. Azure Says:

    QUIIICK question!

    Well first off, I found this review hilarious. I really liked it. I admit I tried to avoid some parts because I’m trying to avoid spoilers, but what I read, I liked. *thumbs up* XD
    “Miyaji blushing his balls off” i can’t agree more XD

    ANYWAYS! my question is…
    In Spring portable, you get 3 endings per character. GF/BF ending, proposal ending and WEDDING ending. So far, no matter how much I save/reload because I’m that bored, I’ve only been going around 2 endings-> one without a CG and one with a CG. (Note: haven’t finished Azusa’s story yet… because it’s Azusa… Reading most of the comments, I think almost everyone knows what I’m talking about…)

    ANYWAYS I was wondering if there is a third miraculous ending in this game or am I really just done with 2? Seeing as there’s no extra CG slot, I don’t think I’m getting a wedding ending in Summer XD;

    Anyway, sorry and thanks a lot in advanced. sorry if you already answered this somewhere in the review, and thanks a lot!

    Side note: i also kept getting “BAD ENDING” where Azusa stays forever emo and you go- fuck. well we lost. END. I never did manage to get the CG for the shit ending ): was taht cause I never actually got a good ending first?

    • domshiki Says:

      LOOL i am so sorry i totally forgot this was ages ago xD


      well according do dat ^ walkthrough, there are indeed 3 endings? i cant really rly rmb but good luck getting through emofag azusa’s route =P

      • Azure Says:

        thank you VERY MUCH!

        Curse you starry skyyyy!

        emofag Azusa annoys me more than sticky-glue Yoh D: oh my….

  11. Yes! Walkthrough!!! Thank you for the link. I’m such a lazy @ss
    Btw, love your potty mouth.

  12. Does the PSP have more CGs than the PC version or something? Because I’ve played all the games and there are CGs here that I don’t ever remember seeing.

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