Otome Game Update – Hanaoni

So this isn’t really about what game’s coming out… It’s more like the artist.

KAZUKI YONE (Hiiro no Kakera, Hakuouki) is doing the art for a new game. Not only that, the game is coming out for PSP!!

Details below:

Official Name: 華鬼 ~恋い初める刻 永久の印~

English name: Hanaoni ~The Start of Love, The Sign of Eternity~

Genre: AVG

Company: Otomate

Date of release: March, 2010

Game Official Site: http://www.otomate.jp/hanaoni/

Book Official Site (where you can read the original series / in japanese): http://s-window.moo.jp/hanaoni/top.html


Hanaoni is actually a series of books that Kazuki Yone did the art for. I’ve tried reading them online (you can find all chapters online) but I stopped mainly cause I had no time and I found them boring. Well, that must have only be me, as it was popular enough to become a movie or something (great example of how 3D can never catch up to 2D when it comes to looks). And not only one, but it’s a trilogy as the other two focus on some other girls. Oh, it also has a musical. Σ( ̄ロ ̄lll)

Plot (From what I remember):

Something about a normal girl becoming the bride of a demon…. Sorry, will update… Sometime. Well, basically, she gets taken away from her normal life and is forced to transfer schools to where demon people go to. There, it’s revealed that she is destined to become the bride of … uhh, something like the prince of demons because she has a sign/symbol on her. Well, the scent (?) of a human demons bride is too good that other demons also want her (?) and so she also has bodyguards… I apologize for not remembering. It’s basically a gakuen demon romance game! (°_°;)


Characters (descriptions direct translation from book official site) :

Asagiri Kanna (Main girl)

Bride of the Boss of Demons. Has a dark past due to getting a mark of being a demons bride.

Kitou Kaki (Main Guy … Probably)

Student council President of the demon school. Has the name of Kitou = which means boss of demons. Gave Kanna the mark.

Takatsuki Reiji

The school doctor. Is also called, ‘the beauty of the infirmary’ (that sounds stupid in eng). One of Kaki’s guardians.

Shizuma Mitsuaki

Speaks in a unique kansai accent. Tall, has circular glasses with a thin frame and always stands out more than needed. Another of Kaki’s guardians.

Hayasaki Minaha

Same class as Kanna and is slightly fake (?). Enjoys destroying things. Last of Kaki’s guardians.

Horikawa Hibiki

Targets Kaki merely because of a personal grudge and sets his eyes on Kanna as she is what should become Kaki’s weakness: his bride. Passionate Type (!?)

Tochizuka Momoko

Kanna’s friend. Although she’s also a demons bride, she is a normal girl.

Mitsugi Kuni-ichi


There are two pics of Kuniichi. Seems like Kazuki had a design change.

[Images are Kazuki Yone’s rough sketches for the book. Not certain it will be game character design]


Well, in the book Kanna obviously ends up with Kaki so I guess the main route is Kaki’s and the plot of that route will be the same as the book. Not sure whats going to happen with Hibiki ’cause he’s already coupled with Momoko and Reiji also has this other girl. Another pairing that’s popular (if you see the book sites couple ranking) is Kuniichi x Kanna or more like Kuniichi x Kanna ← Kaki. Won’t mind seeing that either.

Still, Kazuki doing a new game! Though don’t get why she’s not doing a complete original one. I mean, she already has the character designs for this….

Also, is there really a need to add the “~the start of love, the sign of eternity~” thing? I mean… Do you know how embarrassing it is to translate into english?

Book covers:

(p.s. You can find the black-white pics for the books on google but I won’t put them up as that’s spoilers)

16 Responses to “Otome Game Update – Hanaoni”

  1. ohhhhhhhhhh
    im interested XD
    but have to wait till it comes on ds DX
    ah well
    prolly gonna go for kitou kaki, Horikawa hibiki and the kid.
    whts the kids name….. *scrolls* oh yeh, Hayasaki Minaha.
    tht mitsugi guy…………. prolly a villain type, yeh?
    and the story is so kazuki yone lol
    totally XD


    i like the bunny she has DX
    i want one XD


    momoko… kinda reminds me of a certain sumone XD

  2. domshiki Says:

    plot seems totally ballz cheesy shoujo crap but lol its kazuki yone so i der many rejoice XD

    IM TOTALLY FOR KUNIICHI. ok kaki looks pretty cool but seems kinda borin, like ur standard guy but the second rough for kuniichi totally got me – im for him. hope they make a route for him >w<

  3. Jests Says:

    Seconding domshiki on this one; sounds like balls. Haha.

    Actually, Yone isn’t the one doing the sprites… it’s another artist imitating her style, I believe. There’s a not-too-vague difference between what’s been done and what’s being done for the game. :’) I remember someone someplace (MNR?) mentioning Yone quit doing illustrations for Otomate aside from Hakuouki for the time being so… yeah.

    And call me an idiot if you must but I can’t find any images for the novels using Google… I get more results for the drama instead. Little help? :s

    • really?? great… i hope it wont look like HnK 3. I admit the new series by the same artist who traced yone for HnK 3 looks awesome but compared to that HnK 3 was just disappointing. Seriously?! Yone quit? Going to look into that now.

      Well, just checked google again to see if you can’t find the images for the novels and um… they’re right there.
      Most of them are from here so you can get it that way if its easier.

  4. Oh, I saw this on my latest B’s Log issue! The main guy, smiles weirdly. Somehow totally hilarious I would suspect because he is a demon? Well, Yone-sama is such a good artist I have all the games she worked with.

    I’d better read the novel now… just for some hints when this one gets into my hands.


  6. Rita Says:


    To put it bluntly, it’s basically a Japanese version of Twilight.

    No, seriously. I mean like, later in the book, there are parts where they practically mirror each other. O_O It almost made me think one of these guys copied the other….except for, you know, the language barrier XD.

    I honestly don’t get Twilight, but really, if you had to pick a giant franchise romance novel to make into an otome game, it might as well be Twilight, so Hanaoni makes sense…

  7. Zizi Says:

    couldn’t find it. but it seems interesting so I won’t give up!
    thanks for sharing.

  8. bebupty Says:

    I wonder how they’re planning to go about Reiji’s route… what’re they gonna do about Moegi?

  9. ameanah Says:

    where did you go to read them online?

  10. Ruri Says:

    Waaaii Kazuki Yone’s artwork is always soooo pretty. I hope this game will be on par with how great Hakouki was.

  11. Where can I read this!!???

  12. […] Otome Game Update – Hanaoni – 4 Shiki | Otome and BL … – 1/11/2010 · ohhhhhhhhhh im interested XD but have to wait till it comes on ds DX ah well prolly gonna go for kitou kaki, Horikawa hibiki and the kid. whts the kids …… […]

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