Sigh, I was always planning to have a halloween post but shame for me that I spent the whole day half asleep playing my ds.


Well, I know it’s late… Too bad!!

So I’m guessing everyone actually did something for halloween and not spend the time being a hikki and playing games. Sigh, I hope I’m not wasting my time doing this. I don’t really have any good memories on Halloween but that’s normal considering that I’ve been egged myself and my house got egged as well. Sucks.


There is a good thing about Halloween! Everyone posts things to do with it! So basically this is a post devoted to all the fan made things that have to do with Halloween!



um, uhh… about Halloween I guess.

First off NICO singers!!


Dream Meltic Halloween

(roles + singer: Miku = こめる [Komeru]  Kaito = H+ero Meiko = わたあめ [Wata Ame]  Rin = グリリ [Guriri] Ren = 栗プリン [Kuripurin]  Luka = 柿チョコ [Kakichoco] Gackpo = そらる [Soraru]
Sigh, why does it take 5 minutes just to type that? Anyway. Over half of the singers aren’t japansese. I think they’re korean or something. w(°o°)w


Mrs Pumpkins Comical Dream

(from Left: clear ぽこた [Pokota] あにま [Anima] ベェェェェジュ [Beeeeige] 蛇足 [Dasoku])

Man, I love every one of these guys!!

-trick and treat-

(amu りせは [Riseha])

Shown this vid before but not with the singers.

Same song… Though this person sings it freely… ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ

(96猫 [Kuroneko])


Oh ya, if Im right I saw a reborn ver of trick and treat on youtube!



… Don’t expect anything tidy here, Okay?

THANK YOU (though it is a bit late…)

You know, when it comes to Halloween isn’t this the basic idea? At least more than getting sweets.

6 Responses to “IT IS… I MEAN, IT WAS HALLOWEEN!!!”

  1. Happy!! Says:

    Happy (late) Halloween to you too. Went trick-or-treating dressed as a random Ninja from the sand village. (I only had the headband).
    …I’m getting too old for trick-or-treating. -.- and my friend told me that they are making a law that you have to be below 13 to trick-or-treat so perfect timing for me, I guess, but not for my little brother.

  2. Cloudy Says:

    I also wish you a happy (late) Halloween! Also the TMGS3 comic was pretty full of lulz. I think Bambi had the best costume.

  3. akani Says:

    Happy belated Halloween. I’m surprised you didn’t put any Halloween Accel/LO pics up since there were quite a few cute ones up on Pixiv.

    Went trick or treating as a mudkip. I’ve never actually seen a house get egged, though…

  4. LOL
    toldja XD
    this just proves (again) how awesum pixiv and nico are XD
    another reason to love em over a trillion times, aint?
    kuroneko XD

  5. hairband Says:


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